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Usopus vs Esopus Unnamed Durham (Greene County) Cemetery  1839 Greene Co Church Hill/Olmsted Family Bible

Cocksakie, Albany County, New York (Now Green County ) Eleventh Regiment Militia

OBIT of Dr. Nelson Fanning   OBIT of Carrie Nellie Hill   MOE Obit


GEORGE D. NEWELL  Greene Cemetery - Old Sellars Farm

WINNE Family Burial Ground


Bush Family,Shandaken,New York

Thanks a million. I posted a querie on your site and as a result I have been contacted by a cousin in USA that I never knew that I had, and she has been able to advance me in my search for my heritage. Coming from the UK , I never thought that I would ever find my American roots. Fantasic !!. I cannot believe that at long last I have traced a living relative.

If any one that uses your Site wants a specific searches done in Northamptonshire,England, I will be more than happy to do them, at no cost, provided the dates are clearly specified to within a year. Keep up the great work. Larry Bush




I have an 1878-9 city directory for Kingston, (Ulster County) New York and am willing to do lookups for anyone wishing one. Kathy


Research assistance offered in: Mr Beverly PENNY of Ellenville, Harvey G DENMAN of Marlboro, Oliver DENMAN of Greenfield, Geo. Washington SWARTWOUT of Greenfield,  Charlotte Babicki

Dominic Bruno invites all those interested in the Surnames below to visit http://www.IlonaCo.com
(his website) because he wants to share his information with you.

, ., ADAMS, ADELALDE, AElflaeda, AEthelhelm, Adaltrude, Adelaide, Ansegisel, Appleton, Appulton, Apulton,
Arnulf, Arthemia, BRIDGES, Bagnall, Baguley, Baker, Baldwin, Ballett, Begga, Bellett, Bernhard, Bertha, Bertrada_II, Bigelow, Biglo, Bliss, Blysse, Boardman, Bodigisel_II, Brink, Brooke, Brown, Bruno, Bullock, Burdick, CARRINGTON, CHARLES_3rd, CHARLES_THE_BALD, Carey, Carloman, Carney, Chamberlin, Chapin, Chappell, Charlemagne, Charles, Charles_III, Charles_of_Mainz, Chester, Childebert, Chrotrud, Clark, Cloderic, Clovis, Cobb, Cole, Collier, Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Count_of_Caen, Crandall, Crane, Curtis, DAGGOTT, Danby, Day, De_Baguley, De_la_pole, Deming, Desidera, Deyo, Dickensen, Dickenson, Dickensonne, Dickinson, Doda, Dorr, Doty, Drake, Drogo, DuBois, Dudley, Durkin, Dykensonne, Dykonson, EADGIFU, Edgifu, Edward_the_Elder, Elswitha, Engeltrude, Ermentrude, Everard, Eysteinson, Fastrada, Feiss, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Flagg, Foote, Foote,_Esq., Frear, Frederuna, Freer, GILLETTE, Gates, Gendolfus, Geoffrey, Gerberge, Gerold, Gersvind, Gisela, Gisele, Glumra, Godfrey, Groa, Gudrodsson, Gull, Harold, Harry_Atwood, Hartnid, Heffernan, Heilwig, Henshaw, Herbert, Heribert, Hilda, Hildegard, Hill, Hiltrude, Himiltude, Hopkins, Horvey, Hosvurd, Hrolfsdottir, Hubbard, Hugh, Huilbein, Hurd, IRONSIDE, ISHAM, Ingraham, Irmengard, Isaack, Ivar, James, Jasmin, John, Judith, Juliana, Keator, Kellogg, Kenyon, King, Kinge, Kingsmill, Knowles, Kungigunda, Lambert, Lanbert,
Langton, Leehive, Longsword, Lothar, Lothar_I, Louis, Louis_I, Louis_II, Luitgard, Lumbert, Madelgard, Maken,
Malahule, Manifred, Marshall, Martel, Mayo, Mc_Andrews, Meyers, Moraton, Mowntney, Munderic, Nefia, Newberry,
Nithard, Norris, Oda_de_Savoy, Paine, Parker, Pepin, Pepin_I, Pepin_II, Peppin_III, Pickering, Pippin, Plectrude, Poole, Prence, Pulver, Ragnvaldsottir, Ragnvaldsson, Ramsdell, Reed, Regina, Ringart, Robbins, Rockwell, Rogenwald, Rognvaldsson, Roland, Rollo, Rorico, Rotrud, Rotrude, Rowland, Ruothild, Scanlon, Seigneur, Senlis, Sexton, Sigisbert,
Sigurdsdottir, Smith, Snow, Stacey, Stillman, Stuler, Sulkey, Sulky, Summer, Swillington, THURSTON, Theodrada,
Thorer, UBBI, Van_Wagenen, Vodon_of_Orleans, Walker, Warren, Welf_of_Alemanni, Wellinge, Wheldon,
Whetman, White, Whitehead, Whitehead,_Jr., Whitney, Wignall, Wild, William, Witherall, Woden, Wolcott, Wright,
Zates, _RUSTIGAN, de_Conteville, de_Valois, egnar, kandeffer, malchier


Over 10 years ago I came across an unnamed cemetery located in the Town of Durham, near the community of East Durham.  At that time I transcribed the readable gravestones thinking maybe I could pass this information to someone who could make this information available to the public.  Having found the NYGENWeb I was hoping that you could add this cemetery listing to the Greene County site in case anyone is searching for these ancestors.


The gravestones contained the following information:


              Mary Chesbron               Died - April 1849             25 yrs.                 Wife of Seth Pierce


              Patience Pierce                Died - Feb 2, 1858           98 yrs.                 Wife of Sylvester


              Alexander Simpson        Jan. 17, 1834                    35 yrs.


              Sylvester Pierce               Nov 22, 1829                    82 yrs.


              Silence Pierce                  Died – Jan. 24, 1832       20 yrs.


              Elijah Pierce                     Died – Jul 3, 1854            Age 4 yrs., 4 mo.,12 days              Son of Amory & Elizabeth


The cemetery is located at the top of a 543’ heavily wooded hill on the east side of the Catskill Creek, slightly to the southeast of the intersection of County Road 67 and County 67A.  It is almost directly above the second house on the right when traveling southwest.  The approximate GPS coordinates are 42⁰22’23.5 N, 74⁰04’37.71 W.


The cemetery was in terrible condition at the time I transcribed the gravestones, and is probably worse now, with several large trees growing among the gravestones.



Thank you,


Jim Thompson


In going through the microfilm of St. Patrick, R.C. Quebec City, I think this may belong on your list.
Sheila, Mississauga, ON. Canada
St. Patrick's, Quebec City
June 24, 1885 - M10
Patrick Dillon, son of age of dec. Patrick Dillon and of dec. Bridget Reilly, of "Roundout", New York, United States, wid. of the late Julia Hurlely: TO: Eliza Rankin, daughter of Alexander Rankin and of Margaret Cashan, of Quebec. 
Wit: Joseph Rankin and Annie Rankin.

Winne Family Cemetery, Ulster County New York



Latitude 42.02670 degrees north

Longitude 74.26856 degrees west

North of the town of Boiceville, about half a mile north of the intersection of State Road 28 and Winne Road, turn east from SR 28 into the rest area. Go to the southern-most part of the rest-area loop and walk into the woods south of the loop. Along a path and surrounded by trees, a split-rail fence surrounds four engraved headstones and three small stones (footstones?) engraved with initials. The headstones lean at different angles; the footstones may have been moved from their original locations. Outside the fence, among the trees, there are numerous field stones turned on end, probably marking other graves.

The engraved stones were read May 1, 2008 by David and Louise Jones. David is the great-grandson of Laney Winne Jones, daughter of Cornelius Winne Jr. and Eve Bush Winne.

Standing at the opening in the fence and looking east, the head/footstones are positioned approximately as listed below, with Hannah’s headstone in the opening.


L. I. B. (or L. L. B)





H. W.



died Feb. 9, 1860

aged 23 yrs. 1 mo.

& 16 ds.


Jesus love of my soul

Let me to thy bosom fly


Henry Winne

Feb 13, 1856

Aged 42 yrs 4 mos

23 days


He died ere his expanding soul

Had ever burnt with wrong desire

Had ever spurn’d at heaven’s controll

Or over quench’d its sacred fire


C. W.







Jan. 14, 1859

Aged 60 yrs.


This day I go the way of

all the earth.



Daughter of

Cornelius and

Eve Winne


March 1, 1851

Aged 16 yrs. 2 mos

13 da.


GREENE CO Cemetery  contributed by Carol Voigt

    Location: Old Sellars Farm, 38 Deans Mill Rd near junction with State Rte 51, on high ground by old stone wall behind house (heavy underbrush).
Three inscriptions:
* In memory of Mary, wife of William Alexander, who died June 17, 1844 aged 24 yrs 2 mos 2 days
* Robert McN. (McNeil) Alexander, died Jun 22, 1844 aged 10 days
* Mary Ann, daughter of William & Mary Alexander, departed this life Mar 18,1838 aged 1 year & 9 months.
This was followed by the inscription, "Suffer little children Forbid them not to come Unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven" "Matthew XIX, 11"
    This farm was the location of a Tannery, Shop and House owned by my great-great grandfather William Alexander from about 1836 until 1844, when he sold it and moved first to Saugerties, then to Aldenville, Pennsylvania where he was a tannery boss. He died near Waymart, Pa in 1867.


GEORGE D. NEWELL is a farmer residing in Flushing, Genesee County. His fine and arable tract of land derives additional value from the fact that it immediately adjoins the corporate limits of the village. His tract comprises fifty acres that are located on an elevated piece of land. He here has a beautiful home and everything to make rural life delightful. Mr. Newell was born in Wyoming County N.Y., May 4, 1829. He is a son of John and Chloe (Haskins) Newell, natives of Greene County, N.Y., and Vermont, respectively. Mr. Newell, Sr., was a large farmer and also proprietor of an hotel in Wyoming county, where he and his wife ended their days. He is interred on his home place. Our subject's father was one of the first settlers in Wyoming county, N.Y. He was the head of a family which comprised four children, only two of whom are now living: Eunice, Mrs. Paine, and George D. Our subject's paternal grandsire was Josiah Newell, a native of the Nutmeg State and of Scotch-Irish ancestry.

The original of this sketch was educated in Genesee County, N.Y. He was reared a mechanic and commenced the trade of a blacksmith for himself when seventeen years of age. He served an apprenticeship of three years in Greene county, N.Y., and was employed in his trade in his native State until 1875, when he sold out his property there and came to Flushing, working for a time at his trade as a journeyman. Late he purchased a blacksmith shop of which he was proprietor until 1885, when he sold out his interest and purchased the property upon which he resides at the present time. Mr. Newell has already sold four lots from his place which are being rapidly improved by a good class of dwellings. He has held various offices in the village, having been Trustee, etc. He was married on November 8, 1851, to Miss Louisa Phelps, of Genesee County, N.Y., a daughter of Cyrus and Sarah (Bailey) Phelps, natives of Connecticut. Mrs. Newell is one of nine children, six of whom are now living. Mr. and Mrs. Newell are the parents of five children. They are Eva, Alida, Minor, Cyrus, and Clara. Our subject is a Republican in politics and always taken a prominent position in the local and municipal interests of the place. 

From the History of Lapeer, Genesee, and Tuscola Counties in Michigan. contributed by myscolleen@hotmail.com 


Found in Kane Co. Illinois Biographical Record, 1898 - complete entry available on request - Isaac T. BEVIER was born in 1818 at Leurenkill, Ulster Co., NY, the son of Johannis and Elizabeth (LEACHOUT) BEVIER, both natives of NY. In March 1841, he married Miss Sarah BRADNER, dau of William and Frances Emily (WOOD) BRADNER, of Goshen, NY. In 1848, Isaac and his family moved to Kane Co., Ill. nelcyn@foxvalley.net



Some LDS CDs refer to an area called Usopus - where is it? "Usopus" should have been spelled "Esopus". First documented in 1616 on a map. That's the original name of Kingston in Ulster Co., NY. When the Dutch established the local courts, Esopus was then called "Wildwyck or Wiltwyck" in 1661 by Director General Peter Stuyvesant. The name went back to "Kingston" in Sept 1669 except for a brief time during the second period of Dutch rule, 1673-1674, when it was temporarily called "Swaenenburgh".

The neighboring town of Hurley (cross a street and you are there) founded in 1662 was originally called Nieuwe Dorp which means New Village since it was established after Kingston. On 7 June 1663, both Nieuwe Dorp (Hurley) and Esopus (Kingston) were burned by the Indians in what was termed the "Esopus Massacre of 1663." The New Village wasn't substantially rebuilt and resettled until 1669 and shortly after received the name "Hurley".

Basically, after 1669 Esopus was called Kingston and Nieuwe Dorp was called Hurley. Once you get the *jist* of it and become familiar with the name changes it becomes easier and less confusing. Thank you Cynthia



My search is never ending but I have some info to contribute on family name VanBramer, who's gravestones are located in the Woodstock cemetery. William H. VanBramer ( Billy ) 1839- 12/13/01 died at home in West Hurley, NY. Mr. VanBramer was a civil war veteran and received a couple medals of Honor (one for bravery), and was a member of Company E, 120th N.Y.V.

William married Jane Robinson ( date unknown ), these were my great great grandparents.
Children were Elizabeth ( Lizzie ) VanBramer 1879-1952 died in East Kingston,NY. ( my great grandmother ), she married John Peck of England,and the following children were bore.
Marian Peck 1899-1900 died of cholera and phantom ( phantom? )
Ida Peck dates unknown so far
Bessie Peck ( my grandmother ) 7/17/05- 3/19/98
Reta Peck dates unknown
Kenneth Peck died in 1972
Elizabeth VanBramer had two brothers that I know of that are located in the Woodstock cemetery.
William VanBramer 1865-1929 married Lizzie Ellsworth 1869-1949
Abram VanBramer 1862-1922 married Harriet Braby 1868-1939
There is more information on the family I have to gather upon contact with the older members still alive.

R.M. Feldmann


PALEN -- Richard, please feel free to forward this to any genealogy site or person who may be able to use this information. It was compiled by a man named Sterling Potter back in 1902. I believe my great grandmother paid him to do this.  Thanks again for your help.
Sincerely, Caryn Brown

    Brandt Peelen, Van Nieuwkerk, was the first of the name in this country so far as can be found.
    He came to Fort Orange in 1630. His second (?) wife was Marite Pieterse, widow of Class Sybrantse of New Amsterdam, (now New York) whose daughter Aaltie Claese married Class Calff.
    Brandt Peelen died in 1644, leaving at least three children : Lysbet (Elizabeth), Gerritje (Gertrude) - wife of Goosen Gerritse Van Schaick, deceased in 1657, and Cornelius Barentse Van Nieuwkerk. His descendants in Albany county are said to pass by the name of Brandt.
    Paulus Pauluszen, (Paelon) was the ancestor of the Palen family of Ulster County, New York and vicinity. He was at Kingston, N.Y. as early as 1665, and perhaps before this date for on August 23, 1665 his first child was baptized at the Reformed Dutch Church in Kingston.
    It is not known exactly how many children he had but there are six of his children whose names appear in the baptismal register of the church.
    The date and place of his marriage were not found but his wife was Lysbet (Elizabeth) Hendricks.
    Children all baptized at the Reformed Dutch Church are as follows. The
numbers at the right indicate the page of the church register from which
the items were found.
    1 - Poules, -------------- baptized 23rd August
1665 page 5
2 - Aeltje, ---------------- "
20th November 1667 page 6
3 - Pieter, ---------------- "
3rd November 1673 page 8
4 - Aeltje, ---------------- "
22nd September 1678 page 10
5 - Luytie, --------------- "
4th June 1682 page 16
    6 - Gysbert, ------------- " 31st August
1684 page 22
    Gysbert Peele (youngest child of Paulus Pauluszen Paelon and Lysbet Hendricks), baptized at the Reformed Dutch Church at Kingston on August 31, 1684, was married on May 3, 1712 to Hilletje VanVliet. At the time of their marriage, he and his wife both resided under the jurisdiction of Kingston (Kingston R.D.C. record, page 526)
    Gysbert Peele and his wife had the following children. They were baptized at Kingston on the dates below.
1 - Paulus, ----------------- baptized
25th January 1713 page 101
2 - Petrus, ----------------- "
28th October 1716 page 116
3 - Anderies, -------------- "
15th February 1719 page 125
4 - Anna, ------------------ "
28th April 1723 page 146
5 - Elisabet, --------------- "
13th October 1728 page 177
6 - Catrina, ---------------- "
30th July 1732 page 190
Later, Gysbert and his wife moved to Poughkeepsie, N.Y. On June 8, 1742, he was elected a deacon of the Poughkeepsie Reformed Dutch Church and was elected an Elder at the same church on January 11, 1747. He was installed in that position on February 8, 1747. (Poughkeepsie R.D.C. records, page 188)
    Gysbert Peele's will, written in Dutch, was dated March 17, 1755. By it he gave all of his real estate to his three sons Anderies, Benjamin, and Henry. A clause in the will provided that his wife, Hilletje should reside in his rear building called   "de winkel" (the shop or store) as long as she remained his widow and the "de winkel" to be equipped with certain furnishings. The three sons were supposed to take care of a milk cow for their mother, summer and winter.
In 1762, the sons sold this property to Zephaniah Platt and there is a clear title from that date at least up until an owner by the name of Frank DeGarmo circa 1902.
Paulus Peele, son of Gysbert and Hilletje (Van Vliet) Peele, baptized on January 15, 1713 at Kingston, married there on October 8, 1737 to Sara Turk or Dircks. They had the following children.
    1 - Gysbert, ------------------- baptized 23rd August
1738 page 234
2 - Johannes, ----------------- "
20th April 1740 page 245
3 - Petrus, --------------------- "
21st March 1742 page 259
4 - Jannet jen, --------------- "
22nd April 1744 page 271
    Paulus Peele, widower, married again at Kingston to Catherine Swart, widow, whose maiden name was Ploeg. Both resided in Ulster County, N.Y. at the time of the marriage. They were married on June 20, 1747 (Kingston R.D.C. records - page 593). They had the following children in Kingston.
5 - Dirk, -------------------------
baptized 8th April 1748 page 294
6 - Handrik, -------------------- "
29th October 1749 page 310
7 - Pouwelus, ----------------- "
14th April 1751 page 308
8 - Sara, ------------------------ "
22nd July 1753 page 31?
Petrus Peele, son of Paulus and Sara Peele, baptized at Kingston on March 21, 1742, married at New Hackensack, Dutchess County, N.Y. on November 15, 1771 to Hilletje Middag, a young woman born in Poughkeepsie.
    This Petrus Peele was later listed in Revolutionary War records as Peter Palen. He served in the Revolutionary War as one of the enlisted men in the 2nd Regiment of the Dutchess County militia under Colonel Abraham Brinkerhoff. (Ref. page 137 of N.Y. in the Revolution, 2nd edition 1898)
    Petrus Peele and his wife Hilletje had the following children.
1 - Joris (George), born December 22, 1772
2 - Paulus, born April 7, 1775
3 - Aart (Arthur), born October 8, 1780
4 - Saram (Sarah), born October 8, 1780
5 - Elizabeth, born April 4, 1783
6 - Jannet je (Jane), baptized November 30,
1785 - no birth date found
7 - Zachariah, baptized August 11, 1788 -
no birth date found
8 - Abraham, born October 23, 1791
9 - Helenah (Helen), baptized February 17,
1795 at Marbletown Reformed Church, Ulster County, N.Y.
    It would appear that Petrus Palen must have moved with some of his children to Marbletown, N.Y. some time between 1791 and 1795 from the fact that his last child was baptized there in 1795.
Zachariah Palen, son of Petrus Peele (Peter Palen) and Hilletje (Middag) married and had the following children.
1 - David, born circa 1809
2 - Elisha, born circa May 16, 1813
3 - Jerry, died in Rifton. Birthdate
4 - Silas, went west and died in Iowa.
Birthdate unknown.
    Zachariah Palen served in the War of 1812, in the infantry under Captain Louis Bevier from the Town of Marbletown.
    Elisha Palen, son of Zachariah Palen, married Mrs. Mary Eckert on November 30, 1837. They had the following children.
1 - Francis, born December 22, 1838
2 - Silas, born November 30, 1840
3 - John H., born March 19, 1843
4 - Elisabeth, born June 18, 1845
5 - Isaac, born November 12, 1847
6 - Jeremiah, born June 22, 1850
7 - Howard, born October 4, 1851 (?)
8 - Mary Alice, born April 10, 1854
9 - Luther, born March 6, 1857
10 - Granville, born May 30, 1858
11- Louisa, born January 30, 1862
12 - Laura, born September 9, 1864

John H. Palen, son of Elisha and Mary (Eckert) Palen, born on March 19, 1843, married Sarah Emily Hogan on April 28, 1865 and they had the following children.
1 - George Elmer, born July 21, 1867
2 - Lovina, born March 26, 1869
3 - Lizzie, born October 24, 1870
4 - Mary, born July 15, 1872
5 - Francis Elisha, born June 17, 1874
6 - Minnie, born May 27, 1877
7 - Willie, born August 8, 1879
8 - Louisa, born June 13, 1881
9 - Howard, born April 11, 1884
10 - Harley, born July 7, 1885
11 - Carrie, born June 5, 1887
12 - Gussie, born August 18, 1889
13 - Grace, born July 28, 1893
14 - Alice, born October 18, 1894

The preceding information was compiled by Sterling Potter, Library clerk of the Holland Society of New York, 1902

Gussie Palen, daughter of John H. and Sarah Emily (Hogan) Palen, born August 18, 1889, married Bert (Albert) Kurtz, son of Carl Kurtz on July 5, 1911 at St. James Church, Kingston, N.Y. Bert was born April 10, 1885. He died February 26, 1949.
They had two children: Evelyn Lucille, born August 28, 1914 and Robert Elwood Kurtz, born July 31, 1919.
Evelyn Lucille Kurtz, daughter of Gussie and Bert Kurtz married LeRoy Francis Evans, son of George and Lillian (Swift) Evans on September 4, 1936. LeRoy was born on August 4, 1909. They had one child, Robert, born November 3, 1938. Evelyn died on January 18, 1981. LeRoy died on August 14, 1995. Robert Evans is still living. He has 4 children and 5 grandchildren.


Dolores Vasilow Dvasilow@worldnet.att.net

Someone was kind to me & found this obituary for my husband's great aunt. Family stories said she died in a snow slide in Montana. Daily Missoulian Monday February 8 1897

A SAD DEATH  -- Mrs Seymour Howe,an Actress,Passes Away in Missoula One of the saddest deaths in Missoula for a long time was that of Mrs Seymour Howe,who died at the Florence hotel on Saturday evening and was buried Woody and Hayes undertaking rooms yesterday noon.Although many miles away from kindred & friends,her husband felt the kindness of many of the people of Missoula who are ever ready to render assistance during time of affliction & sorrow. Mrs Howe was an actress with the "McSorley's Twins" company and reached Missoula two days ahead of the troupe. She put up at the Florence hotel,where Dr. Hillmantel attended her,treating her for a complication of cancer of the stomach and cold, (?illegible)which resulted in death Saturday evening. During her last illness, her husband who is also an actor with the same company, was constantly at her bedside. She was 32 years of age. Her maiden name was Carrie N Hill, a native of Catskill NY where her parents reside. Her stage name was Bessie Seymour of the team of Howe & Seymour. Her remains were removed to Woody and Hayes undertaking rooms, where funeral services were held, Rev J J McAllister officiating.. The funeral was well attended by the Masonic fraternity of which Mr Howe is a member and many others. The services were short & Mr McAllister took occasion to thank those who were present. Interment was made in the Missoula Valley cemetery & Mr Howe left on the afternoon train for the west,where he will join the troupe
at Seattle.Before taking the train he asked a Missoulian reporter to thank the Missoula people for their kindness.
Carrie Nellie Hill(Caroline) was born in Catskill 1860, d/o George Nelson Hill & Rosalia Olmsted. Her sister Alice Mackey Hill m Frederick DeWald.They moved to Hudson had Frederick,Harold Lamont & Ethel Alice who married James Vasilow. Vasilow's Ice cream & candy store was in business on Warren St for over 40 years with his brother Louis. A cousin John Vasilow m Margaret Conine of Catskill. He had a store in Catskill.


Cocksakie, Albany County, New York (Now Green County ) Eleventh Regiment Militia
American Revolutionary War - Continental Forces Cocksakie, Albany County, New York (Now Green County ) Eleventh Regiment Militia Land Bounty Rights F-Z contributed by  Diana Tolladay

Feero, Voluntine
Fiero, John
Finehout, Peter
Fitzgerald, Pattin
Gansfield, Arnold
Garratt, Isaac
Garratt, John
Garratt, Simeon
Goes, Ephraim
Goes, John
Goes, Matthew
Goetschiss, Jacob
Grant, Alexander
Grant, Daniel
Grant, Peter
Grantt, James
Graogd, John
Griffis, Jemes
Groom, Edward
Groom, Joseph
Halenbeck, G. P. Jan
Hallenbeek, William
Hallenbeck, Caspar
Hallenbeck, Isaac
Hallenbeck, Jacob
Hallenbeck, Philip
Hallenbeek , Jacob
Hallenbeek, John
Hallenbeek, Martin
Haughton, Stephen
Hoese, Aront
Hoese, Matthew
Hoghteling, Andrew
Hoghteling, Henry
Hoghteling, Koenradt
Hoghteling, Richard
Hoghteling, Thomas
Hollinghbaker, William
Hooghteling, Conradt
Hoos, Nicholas
Huyck, John
Johnson, James
Kiersted, Luke
Lampman, Nicholas
Lasher, Adam
Leaman, George
Leaman, Jacob
Leaman, Matthew
Lehman, Willm
Leman, Jacob
Liemann, Clement
Loadman, Sam
McDonal, John
Mck-----, William
Marsh, William
Marten, Friederick
Mathes, James
Mathes, Petrus
Merkle, Lau
Meynder, Hendrick
Moll, Jacobus
Mott, Samuel
Muscer, Thomas
Mushier, George
Mushier, Thomas
Newkerk, Jacob
Overbaugh, Abraham
Overbaugh, Isaac
Overbaugh, Jeremiah
Overbaugh, Johannes
Overbaugh, John Jr.
Overbaugh, Peter J.
Overpoch, Jeremiah
Ovrbaugh, Petrus
Paller, Jacob
Pallier, Joseph
Palmer, David
Palmer, Johnathan
Palmer, Noah
Palmer, Solomon
Parce, Niholaes
Parre, Caspar
Parre, John
Patterson, Robert
Persen, Garrit
Persen, John
Perzen, John Jr.
Pinkerton, James
Plank, Jury
Plantz, Jury
Rronk, Ephraim
Richtmyer, Frederick
Richtmyer, Peter
Rosa, Henry
Rous, John Jr.
Rouse, John
Row, Willhalmous
Row, William Jr.
Rows, Johannes
Rusho, Samuel
Rushony, Thomis
Sacks, Jacob
Salusbury, Wessell
Sax, Johannis
Schermerhorn, Cornelius
Schermerhorn, Hendrick
Schermerhorn, Jacob
Schermerhorn, Johannis
Schermerhorn, John
Schmid, Friederich
Scholefield, Arnel
Schoomaker, Michael
Schram, Frederick
Schram, Frederick Jr.
Schram, Jurry
Schram, William
Schur, Martin G.
Scutt, William
Seloever, Andw
Smith, Jeramia
Smith, Nicholas
Smith, Peter
Spar, Johannis J.
Spoor, Abraham
Spoor, Dirk
Spoor, Isaac
Spoor, John
Springsteed, Jeremiah
Springsteed, Joseph
Stanton, Nathan
Stroop, Jacob
Stuard, James
Tallyday, Henry *
Ten Broeck, John
Ten Eyck, Coenradt
Ten Eyck, Peter
Thorn, Ebenezer
Thorn, Edward
Totton, Samuel
Trumpbohr, Nicholaus
Van Antwerp, Daniel G.
Van Atton, Peter
Van Bargen, Garrit
Van Bergen, Marten G.
Van Buskerk, Lawerence B.
Van Dalfsen, John
Vandenberck, John
Van Den Berck, Matthew
Van Den Berck, Peter
Van Den Berck, Rupert
Vandenberck, Wilhelmus
Van Den Berck, William Jr.
Van Den Berk, John
Van Den Berk, Matthias
Vandenberk, Mattise
Van Den Berk, Richard
Van Denberk, Robert
Van Dyck, Arent
Van Dyck, Dirick
Van Dyck, Stephen
Van Hoesen, John Caspersa
Van Loan, Albertus
Van Loon, Abraham
Van Loon, Albert Jr.
Van Loon, Evert
Van Loon, Jacob Ja
Van Loon, John
Van Loon, John M.
Van Loon, Jurie
Van Loon, Matthias
Van Orden, Benjamin
Van Orden, Hezekiah
Van Orden, John
Van Orden, John Jr.
Van Orden, Peter
Van Orden, William
Van Orden, William Jr.
Van Schaack, Abert
Van Schaack, Aront
Van Schaack, John Jr.
Van Schaack, Nicholas
Van Schaick, S. Jr.
Van Stinebergh, Jeremia
Van Vaulkenburgh, Derick
Van Vechten, Jacob
Van Vechten, Sam
Van Veghten, Theannij S. I.
Van Vehten, Thennys
Van Velkinburgh, Isaac
Van Wagenen T.
Van Wormer, Cornelius
Wabber, Henry
Waldron, James
Weekes, Joshua
Welch, Philip
Wells, Edward
Wells, James Jr.
Wells, Nicholas
Wells, William
Witte, James
Youmans, Eliab
Zimmerman, Nicholas

Source Title : New York in the Revolution as Colony and State, Vol. I - Extracts Publisher : J. B. Lyon Co. Albany, NY, 1904 Page : 233


February 28, 1896 Unknown Newspaper
Nelson Fanning dies Friday morning after a brief illness--close of an interesting career.

Dr. Nelson FANNING died at his residence on Prospect Avenue yesteday morning at 7 o'clock. For sisty-six
years this good physician has practised medicine in the State of New York, having graduated with honors at
Berkshire Medical College, Pittsfield, MA in 1830. Dr. Fanning was born at Bristol (now Gilboa) Schoharie
County, New York on February 14, 1808 making his age 88 years and 14 days. He was probably the oldest
practicing physician in the state, one half the time in Gilboa which included his service during the war as
regimental and brigade surgeon in the 11th Army Corps of the Potomac. He occupied the Chancellorsville
church as hospital headmaster during the battle. He rode to the field of battle by the side of Gen. HOOKER
and was at his side on the retreat. The last professional call made by Dr. Fanning was on Wednesday,
February 26th on the daughter of Edgar BARINGER at Catskill. Last Sunday, Mrs. Clark WHITE asked the
doctor if he would not like to go down to dinner with them. He answered "I have taken my last dinner", thus
the doctor knew his own case well! On Wednesday afternoon he showed signs of failing, and Thursday night
apparently knew those present, and his mind was perfectly clear until the break of day, when he became
comatose and in the early morning hours his gentle spirit passed away. The family desired to have the
funeral services at his home, but in compliance with the urgent request of many old friends of the doctor, the
last rites will take place at the Presbyterian Church on Monday afternoon, March 2, 1896 at 3 o'clock.

W.V. L. (Walter VanLOAN)

This was sent to me to forward to Greene County Website by Mark VanHOESEN (mlm1@ix.netcom.com). It
was taped to the inside of his gggg grandmothers Bible and has been passed down thru the generations.
Retyped by Annette Campbell


Hill/Olmsted Family Bible

Richard, have a Family Bible from George N Hill & Rosalia Olmsted. of Catskill,Greene Co. obit clippings found in the Bible. A lengthly wedding description. Apparently 1894 unknown newspaper: 
Mackey-At Brooklyn,Aug 2, Dr E R Mackey,of this village, aged 76 years.(Funeral from his late residence,at 2pm. to-day.)
Howell-In this village, July 30,Wellington Howell, aged 77 years & 7 months. 
Wayne-In this village, July 31,Peter E., son of Mr.& Mrs Eugene Wayne, aged 5 months.
West-At Big Hollow, July 28,Helen Ruland, wife of Wm .West, aged 30 years.
Ware-At Hunter, July 25, Milton J Ware, aged 21 years.
Salisbury-At Cairo, July 27, Wessel Salisbury, aged 80 years.
DuBois-At Agenda, Kansas, July 24, Miss Maria DuBois, formerly of this village, aged 78 years, 3 mos, 27 days.
Olmstead-In this village, July 29, Mrs Sarah J. Olmstead, aged 84 years.
Erskine-At Hunter, July26 Michael Erskine, aged 83 years.
Kellerhouse-In this village, July 31, Flora, wife of Frank Kellerhouse, aged 20 years, 2 months and 16 days.
Rickerson-At Cairo,July 25, Mrs C. G. Rickerson,aged 77 years. there must have been a longer obit as well. The remains were interred in the family plot in the Cairo cemetery. Two children survive her, Messrs.Charles L and Martin L Rickerson of New York. Mrs Rickerson had been a subscriber for this paper for more than forty years.
Mrs Sarah J, Olmstead, mother of Mrs.G.N.Hill, of this village, was found dead in her bed yesterday morning. She retired Saturday night about 10 o'clock,apparently in good health.The cause of her death is supposed to be a paralytic shock she having previously had two or three shocks of that estate. She was in her 84th year.The funeral will take place
Wednesday at 2 p.m.from the house of G N Hill,on Summit Avenue.Interment at Cairo. She was the daughter of William Morrison of Kiskatom. She was born at Acra and after her marriage to Israel Olmsted resided at Durham. Her husband died about twenty years ago. Five children survive her, John G and Ira residing at Pine Hill Ulster Co.; Margaret Lasher, residing near Big Indian, Ulster Co.; Helen Saxe, of Kiskatom; and Rosalie Hill, of this village.
Sarah J Olmstead was my husband's great great grandmother Dolores R Vasilow


Egnatius VAN ORDEN -- We have information from old bibles and old papers with family names and lineages, placed in Catskill, Green Co., NY.

One bible belonged to Egnatius VAN ORDEN, dated 10 Oct. 1845; a paper
states he was born 16 Nov 1769, son of
Enatius VAN ORDEN and Anaatje OSTERHOUDT, died 2 Dec 1848; brother of
William, 1765-1840 (drowned).
William married Catherine TEN BROECK.

In letter dated 25 Dec 1876 to Catherine VAN ORDEN,Catskill, Green Co., NY:
Margret HOBER(?HORER/HOSER) born 14 Feb 1805, died 10 May 1831, wife of
Benjamen SAX, born 18 Dec 1794,
died 6 June 1876.
These are parents of Catherine VAN ORDEN
(These are probably Great Grandparents of Grace Rogers Phillips- note dated

Eliza Ann, born 17 Feb 1824
Letter written by Aunt, Maria DeWITT
Catherine, born 16 Apr 1826

Jacob BURGET, died 7 may 1885, age 70
Catherine Smith(?), his wife, died 22 Jan 1851 age 25

Ibon TRUMBOUR, b 20 mar 1789, d 28 Jul 1868
Gertrude M. TRUMBOUR, b. 5 Jan 1850, d. 8 Oct 1871

Miss John OVERBAUGH, Hurtland, Waukesha Co., WI

Jacob Ten Broeck VAN ORDEN, born 4 Nov 1822, died 14 Sept 1911; married Catherine SAX Nov 1844
Catherine Sax, b. Apr 1827

Henry VAN ORDEN, b. 4 Sept 1790
T(can't read) DeWITT, b. 29 Apr 1800
Jacob T.B. VAN ORDEN, b. 4 Nov 1822 (there is a picture)
Thomas D.W. VAN ORDEN, b, 12 Mar 1824
Samuel VAN ORDEN, b. 22 Aug 1828
Catherine Christina VAN ORDEN, b. 13 Mar 1836

Diane Sumrall



MOE Obit Unidentified Newsclipping - 1886

Joel MOE was born in 1815, and died September 8, 1886. He was converted when 29 under the labors of Rev. John CHASE, a Local Preacher in Hunter, Greene County, New York. Brother MOE was a model man, a thorough Methodist, a Christian in the truest sense. His sickness was short, and during the conflict with pain he evinced the sweet Christ-like spirit which had characterized his entire life. His funeral was held at Olive Branch Methodist Church, and was attended by a large circle of relatives and friends. Brother MOE lived in Ulster County, New York for about 46 years. His devoted wife and three sons survive him. Obituary written by Rev. Varner D. MATTICE 
Obituary submitted by Mary Jane Haight-Eckert - mjhaighte@aol.com


Catholic church in Hunter, Greene County

List of the 1839 subscribers to build the Catholic church in Hunter, Greene County, NY. The list includes people from around the area, including Hunter, Platte Clove, Westkill, Shandaken, and Bristol.Contributed by Peggy Dolan

John BURNS, Peter CARR, Michael DOLAN, William GILLESPIE,
Thomas GEOGHAM, Cornelius MCGUIRE
Michael ASKIN, John BRANNON, James BURNS, Patrick BURNS,
Michael DOUGHERTY, Condy FAGAN, William HOPKINS,
George KELLY, Edward KILDAY, John KILDAY, Martin KILROY,
Patrick LANE, Richard LYNCH, John MOLLOY, Patrick NORTON,
Dennis DUNN
William BURNS, William LAWLER
Lawrence NORTON

The land was purchased from Robert KERR. Before the church could be
completed, the first burial in the churchyard was the 2-year-old
daughter of Michael LACKEY & Mary Ann GLENNON.



(Bible published by T. Caileton and J. Porter of New York, no date)
Cover inscribed: Mr. and Mr. Jared Matthews
(The original Bible was donated to the Greene County Historical Society-Vedder Memorial Library, Greene County, NY in 1986 and is in their possession at this time. This file contains the family records found in the Bible, copied and sorted
by generations as they appear to be by birth and by surnames. Relationships, except for marriages, aren’t specified. I am
not directly related to this Matthews family and have no information other than what is offered here about them.)
M. Matthews, Newport, OR

1.Moses MATTHEWS, b. 4 Jun 1757, Southington, (CT), d. 8 Mar 1834, Southington, m. 25 Dec 1781, East Haven,
(CT), Amy MALLORY, b. 27 Sep 1758, East Haven, d. 4 Dec 1830, Southington.
1.(Probably Huldah HEMINGWAY’s parents, see next listing.) Abend (?) HEMINGWAY, b. 5 Mar 1772, East Haven, CT, d. 15 May 1843, Southington, (CT), m. 3 Dec 1795, East Haven, Huldah PARDEE, b. 31 Oct 1775, East Haven, d. 18 Dec 1834, Southington.
2.Jared MATTHEWS, b. 21 Aug 1796, Southington, (CT), d. 30 Nov 1865, Windham, NY, m. 27 Dec 1826, Cheshire, (CT), Huldah HEMINGWAY, b. 24 Jul 1801, Southington, d. 26 Feb 1879, Windham, NY

The following appear to be the children of Jared and Huldah (HEMINGWAY) MATTHEWS.
3.Lewis MATTHEWS, b. 6 Nov 1827, Windham, CT; Oct 1849 (Not clear if this is date of marriage or date of death.)
3.Levi MATTHEWS, b. 8 Jun 1835, Windham, NY, m. (1) 15 Mar 1871, Katherine COLE, d. 18 Jun 1873; and (2) 25 Dec 1883, Rosalie Elvina REYNOLDS, b. 11 Feb 1853. (See REYNOLDS listings.)

The following appears to be the child of Levi and Katherine (COLE) MATTHEWS:
4.Lizzie MATTHEWS, b. 16 Apr 1872, m. 11 Jun 1901, Wm. H. ALBRIGHT.

The following appear to be the children of Levi and Rosalie (REYNOLDS) MATTHEWS:
4.Jared Smith MATTHEWS, b. 15 Aug 1885.
4.Nellie Mae MATTHEWS, b. 17 Feb 1890.
4.Winifred Romaine MATTHEWS, b. 25 Jul 1891.

1.Samuel REYNOLDS, b. 15 Nov 1778, d. 1 May 1843, m. Apr 1808, Lydia SMITH, b. 5 Jan 1784, dau. of Ephraim and Miriam (THURSTON) SMITH, d. 6 Apr 1846.
2.Sally REYNOLDS, b. 5 Dec 1808, d. 7 Aug 1851, m. 10 Jan 1828, Joseph BELL, b. 21 Apr 1805.
2.Caroline REYNOLDS, b. 19 Sep 1811, d. 2 Feb 1838
2.Lydia Ann REYNOLDS, b. 24 Aug 1813, d. 24 Dec 1844, m. 15 Jun 1843, Sylvester STIMPSON.
2.Smith E. REYNOLDS, b. 5 Jan 1816, d. 24 May 1895, m. 3 Mar 1847, Laura A. PARSONS, b. 21 Apr 1828, d. 12 Jul 1888. (See PARSONS listings)
2.Miriam R. REYNOLDS, b. 24 May 1818, d. 22 Jun 1852, m. 28 Apr 1845, Schuyler IVES, b. 11 Dec 1814.
2.Samuel W. REYNOLDS, b. 3 Aug 1820, d. 19 Aug 1871, m. 10 Mar 1852, Elizabeth OSBORN.
2.Elias J. REYNOLDS, b. 11 Aug 1822, d. 5 May 1854, m. 10 Oct 1830, Sarah SWEET, b. 6 Jun 1830.

The following appear to be the children of Smith E. & Laura A. (PARSONS) REYNOLDS.
3.Miriam Lucetta REYNOLDS, b. 2 Apr 1848, m. 2 May 1872, Ransom MATTOON, d. 8 Sep 1900..
3.Albert Parsons REYNOLDS, b. 26 Mar 1850, m. 11 Mar 1883, Addie L. RUSK.
3.Rosalie Elvira REYNOLDS, b. 11 Feb 1853, m. 25 Dec 1882, Levi MATTHEWS (see MATTHEWS listings).
3.Ida Mae REYNOLDS, b. 24 Aug 1857, d. 1 May 1814 (1914?), m. 24 Oct 1877, William J. RUSK, d. 29 May 1896.
3.Romaine Judson REYNOLDS, b. 7 Oct 1861.

1.Albert PARSONS, b. 12 Dec 1795, d. 18 Aug 1861, (m.?) 1 Apr 186- (?), Clarissa JUDSON, b. 18 Aug 179-(?).

The following appear to be the children of Albert and Clarissa (JUDSON) PARSONS:
2.Eli J. PARSONS, b. 18 Oct 1818, d. 31 May 1861, m. 1 Jul 1842, Elizabeth Ann GRANT, b. 22 Jul 1815.
2.Laura Adelia PARSONS, b. 21 Apr 182- (?), (See Smith E. REYNOLDS)
2.Leander Romayne PARSONS, b. 28 May 1831.
2.Huldah Lucretia PARSONS, b. 15 Oct 1833, d. 26 May 1876, m. 27 Dec 1854, Edwin BROCKETT.

2.Romaine L. PARSONS, m. 10 May 1855, Susan B. WHITE. (Possibly the same as Leander Romayne PARSONS? See PARSONS listings.)

The following appears to be the child of Ransom and Miriam (REYNOLDS) MATTOON. (See REYNOLDS listings):
4.Roma Ransom MATTOON, b. 12 Feb 1877, m. 26 Jun 1901, Eleanor HOLLENBECK.

Not clear who the parents of the following children are:
4.Albert J. RUSK, b. 29 May 1883.
4.Hazel RUSK, b. 12 Mar 1883.
4.Laura RUSK, b. 22 Feb 1890
4."Little Mother Nellie", d. 28 Feb 1893. (Nellie Matthews? See MATTHEWS listing.)


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