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    FRISBIE 2/3/97

    GGG Mother Sarah born ? in EastKill. Married 182? Any info on children? Richard Frisbie 252 Main Street Saugerties NY 12477

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      Greene County, New York
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      BURGAN - father of Harvey Morse. Farmer. Lived and died in Greene, Co. 9 children: William, George, Reuben, Joshua, Harvey, Caroline, Elizabeth, Temperance, and Maria. Harvey born 1811. Paula Burgan, 9960 Lone Tree Drive, Anchorage, AK 99507

      BURHITE, WATERMAN - Looking for the parents of Andrew Burhite, born June 1799, and married to Laura Waterman. Andrew is buried in Lime Springs, Iowa. Laura's death date and place unknown. Also need Laura's parents. Linda Faber 

      CHAMBERLAIN - I am trying to find a gravesite of Carl Leroy Chamberlain also known as Alexander McFarland. Born 1846 died 1911 in Greene County New York. He left the state of Kentucky in 1887 after being accused of murdering another man. He had a residence in Brooklyn New York but stayed in a rooming house in Norton Hill before his death. Rick Stephens 

      CORNWELL HOWARD RUSSEAU ROUSSEAUX RUSSEAUX - 4th gr-grandfather, Samuel Cornwell (1774-1836), probably son of Richard Cornwell; probable sisters, Hannah and Margaret, as noted in old paper notes left by a great-aunt. In notes: Hannah (Cornwell) = Hannah Russeau; Margaret (Cornwell) = Hannah Howard. Chance that Hannah (Cornwell) married Peter Snyder, both moving to Iowa. But was there a Russeau before Snyder? No little or nothing about Margaret (Cornwell) Howard. Thanks. Douglas W. Cornwell  P.O. Box 541011, Greenacres, FL 33454-1011

      COX - George, Am trying to determine if George born 1775 in Ulster is father of IsaacCox born 1803. Also would like to know Isaacs other ancestors. Thanks Roger Cox 

      DAY - Jessie Frances (Shaffer) Day or Samuel P Day - They lived in coxsackie, ny. My grandmother died 8/17/1931 and my grandfather June 9th, 1945. I am looking for info on both grandparents. Doris Coffee
      DECKER - Seeking biographical data on Ward C. Decker, Freehold, Greene County, NY, 1900 period. Rod Leith 

      DUNBAR / TOMPKINS - Trying to confirm the marriage date abt 1840) of John Dunbar and Margaret Tompkins also the births of their first two daughters: Charlotte (abt 1841) and Naomi (abt 1842). In the 1840 census John and Margaret were in Southern, Greene: one each male/female. (Roll 288, page 158) with no children. Bruce Dunbar 

      Elizabeth, Temperance, and Maria. Harvey born 1811. Paula Burgan, 9960 Lone Tree Drive, Anchorage, AK 99507 

      FAULKNER - I am searching for information on Faulkner families that lived in Greene Township between years 1780 and 1810. First names were Aaron, Nicholas, Joseph and William. If anyone has information on any of these names please contact me. I am especially interested in Joseph Faulkner born 1870-1880 and Aaron born about 1806. Thanks. Reply

      GREEN - I am looking for Lewis Green Sr. and his son Lewis Green Jr. Jr was born 1797, I think in Greene county  Dan Greene

      HAINOR - I’ve been trying to track down a possible descendant who may have lived in Greene County, NY, according to the 1840 U.S. Census. This census lists an Isaac Hainor, born between 1760-70 in the 1840 Census, living in Southern, Green County, NY. On the top of every other census page, it says “Southern District.” Looking at various early maps of Greene County, there is no designation of a Southern or Southern District in Greene County and current maps don’t show a city or township by the name of Southern or Southern District in Greene County. Does anyone have any information where the Southern District of Greene County, New York was, in the 1840 U.S. Census? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
      Ed Haynor  Newaygo, MI

      HERRICK - 3rd Great Grandfather Henry W. Herrick born in Green County, NY on 11/09/1817? Any information on parents? Any information on siblings? Married Mariah Peek in Greene County?  Clint VanRoekel 1521 Green Mountain Dr. Wake Forest, NC 27587

      HICKS - GGGrandfather Abner Hicks born 1814 in Greene. Died after 1900 in VA. Wife Phoebe Ann. Looking for his parents. Abner Jr born 1855 in Madison, NY. They lived in Oneida too. thank you. Reply

      MANDIGO / GIBSON / GOETSCHIUS - Frances GIBSON ELLER ALDRICH was born 15 Dec 1860 in Freehold, Greene, NY to John GIBSON and Helen MANDIGO. 
      Helen died in a fire 11 Oct 1862 - seeking information about this. John was away fighting in the Civil War and the children were farmed out until John returned. My great grandmother Frances GIBSON ELLER ALDRICH lived with Peter Martin GOETSCHIUS and wife Sarah BECKER. Brother Clarence Edgar aka Edward GIBSON lived with Nathan FINCH and wife Esther A. GOETSCHIUS. Seeking connection to the GOETSCHIUS family....any tips or hints greatly appreciated. thank you. Kathy Champagne-Ainsworth - new address as of November 2013 4484 E. Charles Road Ionia, MI 48846 

      REYNOLDS - Am looking for information of Samuel Reynolds and wife Abigail Belden(Belding) who had a son Samuel born 1803 in Greenfield,Greene County, New York Ruth lovstad 

      SMITH - Johannes Nicholas Schmidt Smith & Anatje Catharina Rau and Catherine May, William May and Esther Janssen = I'm a Canadian descendant of the above couple, whom I believe were born in Germany in the early 1700's and came to the NJ/PA/NY area as part of the Palatine emigration. One of their children, Nicholas Schmidt Smith (5 Nov 1755 - 18 Mar 1843), was a United Empire Loyalist and emigrated to the Niagara region in Canada after the Revolution. Nicholas (my great great great great grandfather) was born in Reformed Church, Gallatin, Columbia, New York. Trying to get information about Johannes and Anatje (birthplace, years, where buried). Nicholas was married to Catherine May (21 Apr 1772 - 2 Feb 1817) who was born in Coxsackie, Greene, New York. Her parents were William May (17 Apr 1739 - 1827) born in Albany County, New York and Esther Lena Janssen (17 Jun 1741 - 1815) born in Athens, Greene, New York. Any information on the Mays or Janssen would also be appreciated! You can reach me at MARNI. Many thanks! 

      VAN SCHAICK (altern: V. Schaick/Van Schaack?Schoick/etc) - I am looking for information regarding reasons behind the desolation (death/divorce) of my Great Great Maternal Grandparents Albert and Sarah Amelia (Van Woert) Van Schaick of Coxsackie, NY who wed in 1850 & bore four sons Charles Bois (b) 1851, Peter (b) 1853, Nicholas (b) 1853-1855 & George (b) 1858. Advise after the census of 1860 there is no mention of Sarah, however, per the 1865 census Albert is now married to Marietta & still resides in Coxsackie with his two youngest sons Nicholas and George, the two eldest sons Charles & Peter were indentured out to a farm in area & eventually found their way to NYC where they worked on tugboats, Nicholas eventually followed & these three are the only ones family has info on. Seeking information as to what became of the remaining family members (mother) Sarah Amelia, (father) Albert or George, do not know what/where/how they lived and or died? Any help would be appreciated. Reply 

      WICKES - Sela cira 1840-50 Doing history of our property on Gedney Hill Rd on the Greene & Albany County line. Have some info but would love to find out more detailed info. Ana and Rod 

      WILLIAMS - James Williams b. Lexington, May 1st, 1813. Married Roxina Dunham. Son Henry b. 1835. Looking for parents, grandparents of, etc. 
       (John) Reply

      WILSON - Looking for information of James D. Wilson b.1842 (approx), Coeymans/Albany, NY. He married into the Bacheller family of Royalston, Mass, Coeymans then Albany, NY. He may have had 2-3 children named Dwight and Catherine. Dwight Bacheller, children's grandfather, became guardian in 1868. Reply

      WOOD - Hi I'm researching a William Woodruff Miller born in Athens, Green county about 1832. I would love to go further back in my family tree to find out who his parents were. He married a Susan Brady aroubd 1851. Al Pontillo 

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    1. ABBOTT - 1/10/10 -- I am seeking birth/christening information on William Seymour Abbott, supposedly born Oct. 6 , 1824 in Hunter, Greene, N.Y. My late father, who at one time had a family Bible had his parents as Sarah Seymour and Fred Abbott, which makes sense. I can find no trace of them. Internet lists parents as John Abbott and Clarissa Sizer, the later a changed spelling from an Azores ancestor. I would like to resolve this. Thanks for help or suggestions. Joan
    2. ABRAMS - 11/20/06 -- Arthur and Elizabeth Abrams (Dau of Henry and Anna Bush ABRAMS) are listed in 1900 & 1910 NY Greene Co, Durham Census. I'm researching the ABRAMS family any one with any information on this couple? Thanks for your time
    3. Abrams - 4/10/07 -- Israel 'Henry' (1790-1855) m. Lake, Martha (1796-1880) ?married in Greenville c 1820. Children: Mary Ann (1822 in Greenville), Hannah (1826 Greeenville), Eliza Anna (1828 Greenville), John (1830 Greenville), Lovina (1833 Greenville), Joseph (1835 Greenville). 6 of 9 children. I would appreciate any leads on the parents of Israel Abrams or Martha Lake.. Thanks... bj
    4. ACKLEY - 7/25/08 -- Searching for Benjamin Ackley b. 4/5/1758 in NYS lived in Coxsackie Albany NY. Census has Ben there between 1790 -1800,
    5. . . ADOPTED - 09/08/03 -- I am an adopted female born in October of 1967 in Green County and adopted to a family in Ulster County. I am searching for my biological family. Birth mother was apparently from Green County, 20, unmarried and putting 2 brothers through school. Please e-mail at
    6. __ ADOPTED - 3/05/05 -- I am looking for information on a woman who owned a resort in Greene County. I was born in 1976 and named Mary. She had already given birth to my sibling 10 years earlier. I think she may have graduated around 1958 and attended 4 years of college. I would like to find her and my sibling. She was 36 when she had me at Greene County Memorial Hospital. Contact Shirley Wagoner with any information at all. 413 Crommie Road Apt, 1 Cobleskill, NY 12043
    7. ALANSON - 6/01/06 -- Searching for ALANSON (ALLANSON, ALLENSON, ALANSEN). My Grandfather was Alanson Woodworth Kirk (b. 1900) of East Jewett, NY. Am trying to locate the Alanson connection(s). Lynell Nelson
    8. ALBERTI ("a","y") - 3/05/02 -- Wish to share info on all Alberti families -Germany>PA>Greene Co.,NY. Julia Hazel (Alberta) Greene was my g.mother; her father was Samuel ;g.father was Henry; g.g. grandfather was Peter; g.g.g.grandfather was Casimir Alberti came by way of Rotterdam into Philladelphia with his 2 older brothers in 1767. contact at Cheryl Flansburg
    9. ALL - 07/21/06 -- We are looking for information on the following persons believed to be buried in the Prattsville area. Lambert All born 9/26/1838 died 1950; wife Agnes (Merwin) born 1867 died 1940 Lambert was of German origin and his surname was quite long, it was shortened to ALL . As you know the word 'all' will not search.Any help would be appreciated and reciprocated if possible. email info to
    10. ALLEN - 1/15/2002 - I would like to know who my great grandfathers parents were. His name is Albert Chandler ALLEN born in Greeneville, Greene Co. New York. in 1839 or 1840. His Mother name was Mary CHANDLER. I donot know who his father was. His obit states that he came from New York at the age of 12 with his mother. I beleave he had two brothers, James Born 1842, George Born 1844, and a sister Frances Born ?. Can you help me in finding out who his father was and what he did for a living. Thank you. Barb (ALLEN) Wolfe. Barb Wolfe 1317 Wyllys St. Midland MI. 48642
    11. ALLEN - 7/12/02 -- Looking for parents of Jacob H. Allen, b. Mar. 17, 1826 at Catskill, Greene Co., NY. Lived in Tioga Co., PA, m. Sarah Howland Donald Stanton 2955 Round Lake Hwy, Manitou Beach, MI 49253
    12. ALLENDORPH - 2/17/07 -- Request info on 5th G-Grandfather Henrich Anthony Allendorph/Ahlendorf b. abt 1735 Athens, Green Co, NY m. Elisabetha Becker b. 14 Dec 1738 Athens, Green Co, NY. Any info would be appreciated, C Ottinger
    13. ALLERTON - 02/06/07 -- Seek parentage of Jane Ann Allerton, of Greeneville: She was b. N.Y. 1820 m. Wm. Allerton, children: Ransom, Leonard, Germain, Caroline, Adaline, Myron, and Ira Meade. Possible daughter of Caroline Webber. Thanks for any help
    14. ALSDORF - 1/10/10 -- Grandfather Howard ALSDORF had 7 brothers and sisters (John. b. 1868, Rachel b. 1870, Sarah b. 1871, Egburt b.1878, Jacob b. ?, Josephus b. 1888, Hatti b. 1899), looking for there descendants? Mike ALSDORF, 288 rue Joseph et Humbert Richard, LA MOTTE SERVOLEX, FRANCE
    15. ANDERSON - 07/05/03 -- GGGG Grandfather, John Anderson, owned land in Green Co, prior to American Revolution, John was killed in New Rochelle abt 1779, served under Delancey's Brigade, his son Jeremiah, also fought in same brigade. I would like to know where their land was prior to the Amercian Revolution as well as where John may have been burried. Jeremiah, his son went to Canada as a Loyalist. Lori Mifsud UE
    16. ANDERSON - 8/30/06 -- Hamilton ANDERSON, born in Ireland abt 1780. Immigrated with father James ANDERSON around 1800. Married Leah MCCORD in Ulster Co. in 1811. Moved to Greene Co., PA and appears on Whitely Twp. 1810 census. Later moved west and died in Benton Co., IA abt 1880. Any information would be helpful. Susan. in Seattle.
    17. ANDREWS - 1/30/03 -- Trying to find any information about an Icabod Andrews. Only relevence found is census of 1810. 9 years old in town of Windham. Virginia
    18. ANDRUS - 7/16/05 -- looking for gg Gad Andrus and Sarah ann Dutcher Married 1856 in Durham Gad died 1859 and believed buried there. Also sarah ann married again cannot find record of such
    19. ANTHONY - 3/05/05 -- Please help me find my Anthony descendant of New York. There was a John Anthony listed there in Green county NY in 1830, in the town of Dunham. He would have been born ca 1790-or-+. Gladys
    20. ARFMAN OR ARFMANN - 9/26/08 -- Looking for any information regarding John, Emmi, Herman, Evelyn Arfman who lived in Durham Greene county NY area and are buried at the Cairo Cemetery. They are part of my family and I have very little information regarding their life. Also if there is anyone who could take a picture of the headstone or headstones for the mentioned people. I can be contacted at Joyce Thank you in advance for your assitance.
    21. ARNOLD - 8/23/09 -- e continue our search for any information concerning EDWARD SEYMOUR ARNOLD, born Dutchess County, NY about 1759; died Lexington, Greene Co, NY, and his wife Elizabeth Sunderlin. They had two sons of record, probably others: Dennis Arnold, born 15 Sep 1793; died 26 Sep 1864 in Cayuga County, NY; and Seymour Arnold (no other info regarding Seymour). The name(s) Seymour and Dennis occur throughout successive generations in central and western New York. Harold Spencer Yorkshire, NY
    22. ASHLEY - 9/26/08 -- GGGGfather John Hale Ashley b 1777 NYstate wife Elizabeth Lived in Catskill approx. 1808-1837 Any info on parents of John Hale?? Naomi Johnson 20327 Springfiled Center Road Grabill, IN 46741
    23. ASKAN - 1/07/05 -- Looking for descendants of William H. Askan and Anna Hollywood. Married January 12, 1891 in Town of Catskill, NY. Sometime later moved to Long Island. DAYTON@TELEPHONICS.COM John Dayton 410 7th Street, E.Northport, NY 11731
    24. AUGUSTUS - 1/30/06 -- Looking for information on the family of THOMAS AUGUSTUS, who was in Athens, Greene County in 1810-1820; or any other white Augustus in the 1800-1850 period. Mike Day
    25. AUSTIN - 09/09/10 -- I am searching information regarding Jeremiah Austin of Greene, N.Y. born 1783 - specifically his parents names ( any other information would be good as well ) Thank you for your timely response, Sincerely, Matt Austin
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    27. BACHELLER - 3/27/09 -- Hon.Dwight Bacheller relocated in Coeymans, NY from Royalston, Mass, Wife was Eleanor Armstrong,. They had 12 children: Mary Lavina, Benjamin, Dwight Jr, Martin Armstrong, Theodore, Thomas, Catherine, Charles, William, Frank, James and Willard. Births were 1834 through 1862. Do you have any Info on this family? Carol Hallenbeck 39 Red Fox Dr., Albany, NY 12204
    28. BACHMAN/BACKMAN - 03/30/06 -- I am interested in this early family . Jacob Bachman died in Village of Melrose 1824 (Rensselair Co). I am looking for the church: St. John’s Evangical Lutheran My email address is
    29. BAERENA PARK - 8/26/04 -- I am wondering if any one has heard on *Baerena Park.* I have a couple of tin type pictures of my Petit family and in the background is a sign for Baerena Park. Thank you cindy
    30. BAKER - 5/29/03 -- Wish to receive information on the following: Henry Baker and Nellie A. Beale, his wife and daughter, Mary. Charles Baker and Helen Costine , his wife and daughter, Ann. These Bakers were of Catskill, ny. Thank you,
    31. BAKER - 07/21/06 -- I have a record that a SILAS BAKER and CATHERINA BUNGIER were married 2 Apr 1835 in Greene Co., NY. Their first child, Sophia was born 18 Feb 1816 in Schoharie, Schoharie Co., NY. Need parentage of Silas especially. Kay Brownell Reed,
    32. BAKER - 5/26/2008 -- I am looking for information on my great-great grandfather, or family members, Henry Baker Born in 1820 Died 08 Feb 1896 in Catskill, NY. He was married to Harriet Adams. Children were Julia, Ella, Flora, Emma, Frank, Samuel ( Great Grandfather ), and Harriet. Any information would be great. I am looking for any information on the Baker family that seems to have been in Catskill for 3 generations. I am looking for a connection, any connections. Thank you in advance for any help. Cynthia (Baker) Borges 348 Queen Street Boscawen, NH 03303
    33. BALDWIN - 5/26/08 -- GG Mother Margaret born Greene Co. 1839. Married 186? Died Durham, Greene Co.,NY 1900-1910. Any info on husband, children, or burial? Walter Audubon89-15 238 Street, Bellerose, NY 11426
    34. BALL - 5/30/04 -- Great Grandfather Berne Ball, Born 1842 in NYS; wife Sarah, children Frank, Ella, Anna, Jennie, Mable, Dora, and Raymond. They were on 1880 Census. Would like death record for Berne. Or cemetery record. . Barbara
    35. BALL - 7/19/04 -- Looking for information on Great-grandfather, Berne Budd Ball. Latest information I have is US Census Coxsackie, New York, Green County 1880. He may have died shortly after that. Thanks.
    36. BARBER - 4/05/05 -- Joshua, listed in 1855 Schoharie census as born Greene Co. 1795--Parents'names? S. Allan
    37. 149 Indian Hill Rd., Boalsburg, PA 16827
    38. BARLOW - 11/03/04 -- GGF Albert Addison Barlow. Obituary says born November 10, 1833. Looking for parents. Email: Donald W. McDaniel
    39. Barnum - 1/31/02 -- Looking for information on my birth mother Edna Barnum. Married Leroy Haines and later Myron Williams. I was born Donald Leroy Morrow on 7-5-48. I would like to know my 1/2 brothers and sisters and other family members after all this time. Thank you in advance for any information. Regards, James Arleo
    40. BARTLETT - 02/23/06 -- Looking for the BARTLETT family line of Louisa Bartlett b. 1850 in Stillwater, Saratoga, NY. She married Willard Moore Whitney (1851- Dec 1896). They lived in Athens, Greene, NY. Louisa died between Feb 1896 (the date she is mentioned at her youngest daughter's baptism in the Athens Reformed Church) and 1900, as her 2 youngest daughters were living with other people in the 1900 census. One was living with an aunt, and the other was listed as an orphan living with another family (Failey). I have descendent informatin to share. Please write to me at
    41. BARTLETT - 8/30/06 -- Anna Maria Bartlett was born in the Catskills in 1818. She married Phillip Morehouse Pierce/Pearce on 13 October 1839 at St. Paul's Episcopal Lutheran Church in Oak Hill, Greene County. Any information on her parents? Willing to share. Madrice Wolbert Madrice Wolbert 66 Welshire Court Delaware OH 43015
    42. BATES - 9/28/02 -- Does anyone have information on the family of: WARREN H. & ANGELINA(MONROE) BATES? Lived in the Catskill/Cairo areas. Their children were: George W Bates.; Mary Elizabeth (Bates) Gager; Harriett C (Bates) Hanford; Georgianna (Bates) Lake; Josephen Bates and Louis Bates. Myrtle Ellis, 1500 Radisson Rd., Crookston, MN 56716
    43. BATES - 3/11/08 -- Looking for information about and or descendants of ROSWELL and MARY BATES of Catskill. My gg grandfather was WILLIAM FRANCIS BATES born 22nd February 1811 he came to Australia in 1830's. John B Howe, PO Box 307, Moama, NSW 2731, Australia.
    44. BATTERSBY - 8/02/03 -- Battersby: Rev. John H. wife: Mary M. Haynes Sons: John H.,Charles, Henry, Alfred Lyons. John and Mary immigrated to the US from Ireland/England in the early 1800's. Family residents of Cornwallville. Mary died in 1865 and Rev. John in 1874. Children moved to Brooklyn and Gravesend, NY. Hope to find family members. Meg
    45. BEACH - 01/18/02 -- Looking for information about Elias Beach who lived in Greenville NY. He married Laura Collins. They had two children: Eugene and Elias. Elias died 1842. Thank you.
    46. BEAR/ COMBS - 7/16/05 -- I am looking for information on Herman Bear and/or Mary Combs, parents of Ira Bear (Beare) christened Sept 1810 at the Dutch Reformed Church in Oak Hill, Durham, Greene, New York. I would like Herman's and Mary's parents if possible. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Aleta Lawson Zobeck
    47. BEDELL - 5/21/02 -- Have Bedell info to share. Would like to hear from anyone with info on Jacob C Bedell 1797-1838 and family. He lived in Greene Co entire life. Jim Sabin
    48. BELL - 03/03/03 -- Looking for info on Chauncey BELL. Believed born in Greenville between 1800-1810. Any info on this family is greatly appreciated. Believe father might have been Jesse BELL.
    49. BELL - 9/09/10 -- Looking for information from Greenville area about Bell family. Jesse Bell lived there in 1810 census. His household had 4 persons in it. Wondering if this Jesse was born 1780 and a son of Jesse Bell from CT. Looking for more info on this family due to belief that my ancestor Chauncey was a son of the younger Jesse.
    50. BENDER - 8/25/05 -- I am seeking descendants of Fred and Catherine Bender, both from Brooklyn ( born c. 1909-14). They owned a business in W. Coxsackie, NY. Catherine Bender was the daughter of Adolph and Julia Zimmer. I am descended through Catherine's older brother August Adolph Zimmer. Any help would be appreciated. Carol Race Kirksville, Missouri
    51. BENNETT - 9/24/06 -- Looking For infromation on the Bennett famity and any connection to them from Coxsackie, NYarea. Thank you for your time in this matter. My EMail address is
    52. BENNETT - 12/21/06 -- Jasper Newton Bennett born 1831 in Cairo, NY, married to Rebecca Barlow. Seeking information on his parents and ancestors. Will share information on his descendants. Thanks for your help.
    53. BENNETT - 3/11/08 -- Given name Louis C; born 1868, died 1933; wife Ethel; owned Arrow Rest Tea House in Hensonville Bill Van Sickle, 600 Hyder St. NE, Palm Bay, FL 32907
    54. BENNETT - 5/20/09 -- LOUIS CLARENCE buried in Windham Cemetery on July 6, 1933, lived in nearby Hensonville I am interested in seeing who he is buried with {supposedly his wife} and her name and dates. Thank you Rafer aka
    55. BERRY - 1/10/10 -- I have been looking for information about Thomas Berry, born around 1785. He had a son Norman K. Berry, born 1818 in Green Co. NY. Keith Johnson
    56. BEULEN Bullen, Bullin - 12/30/2003 -- Any info on Beulen family, with various spellings. Circa 1810. contact Tim Beulen
    57. BETTS - 10 APR 2011 -- Looking for parents of Martha Betts, b: 1794 Ashland, Greene Co. d: 1873 Greene Co. Married John Brandow (1790-1854). Both are buried in Sutton Hollow Cemetery (along with many other members of Brandow family).
    58. BINGHAM - 07/21/06 -- Am seeking information on the Bingham family living in Greene Co. NY ca 1810. Thubal Bingham is listed in Catskill in the 1810 Census. Did he have a son named Augustus? Any info on this family most welcome. Gail Huisheere N3439 Hwy 14, Darien, WI 53114
    59. BLANCHARD - 03/11/08 -- GGMother Catherine born Oct 2 1818 Green Co. Married Charles Lee March 30 1837. Lived Newark NJ later Sycamore IL. Parent/sibling info? R Niemann 8160 77th St So Cottage Grove MN 55016
    60. BLOODOUGH - 12/20/04 -- In researching my wife's family history, I once came across a reference to a Christian Bloodough in the Town of Athens in the 1760's. My wife's ggg grandfather is Peter Bloodough who was born in Herkimer County in 1788. I'm trying to find info on Christian, thinking he may be Peter's father.
    61. BLUMBERG - 11/26/05 -- I am seeking information about the family of Johann Georg Blumberg (b. 1751; d. 29 Jan 1835) and his wife Critje Margaret Whealer, who are buried in the Upper Cemetery; Huggans - Lutz Cemetery, Prattsville, Greene County, New York. I am especially interested in information concerning the family of his son Michael Blumberg (b. 27 Feb 1792; d. 27 Dec 1882) and his wife Mary Ellsworth (b. 17 Apr 1792; d. 28 May 1837). I will be happy to exchange information that I have. Clark L. Risley 2411 Glenview Avenue Royal Oak MI 48073-3866 248.288.5417
    62. BOGARDUS - 11/04/02 -- Trying to sort out a Nanning Bogardus's daughter Angeline b 1818 and another Nanning Bogardus's granddaughter, b 1820, daughter of son Jacob and a Angeline Bogardus b 1819 m 1842 to Thomas Chandler Loveland II. Carol Golden
    63. BONE - 12/31/07 -- Was there a home for unwed mothers in Coxsackie in 1868? Looking for birth of Emelie Bone Oct. 27, 1868. Father John Bone, mother Malvina Gregoire. p&
    64. BONE - 05/26/08 Looking for marriage of John Bone, and Malvina Gregoire, between 1865 and 1868. Their daughter Emelie was born Oct 27, 1868 in Coxsackie, New York. Guessing marriage was there as well. Thanks for any help
    65. BOTSFORD - 8/21/04 -- Seeking info, Lois (or Louisa) B. Botsford and Mary L (or Merah L.) Botsford, believed to have origins in Greene County, NY. Lois b. abt 1814, married Charles B. Hatch, 1840 and had large family in Ottawa County, Michigan. Mary L. (Merah L.), a physician, b. abt 1829, also removed to Michigan, probably unmarried. Both died in Michigan. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Will exchange. Robert K. Salin 7412 Spring Village Dr, Apt. T-07, Springfield, VA 22150-4493
    66. BOTTOMLEY - 3/18/05 -- Looking for the birth place of *Watson Charles Bottomley* b. 1827 ish England settled in Durham & Catskill and married Lydia Timmerman marriage date and place not known. *Watson Charles* seems to have been known as *Charles* died April 30, 1903, but this is not confirmed. Lydia died June 26, 1913 and burried New Jefferson Rural Cemetery, Off Jefferson Heights Rd., Catskill I have a fairly full tree of the Bottomley's after Watson. Son Charles Watson came to Ottawa, Ontario and died there. I have most dates of the family here and am willing to share.
    67. BOWERS - 12/05/02 -- Does anyone have information of the first bowers to arrive in New York and how they branched out? I am researching my ggg grandfather John Bowers Born abt 1760 in Virginia. Four sons were born in Virginia , then in the 1790's the family came to Hanging Rock in Lancaster South Carolina. Robert Bowers
    68. BOYLES - 10/15/11 -- William C. - b. 1860 in Athens, NY. Spouse: Sarah H. (Maiden?) My GGGFather. Would like to know: Date of birth, parents names, siblings names. Dan
    69. BRANAUGH - 7/23/02 -- Looking for any information on Thomas Branaugh family - he was b 1826 Ireland d 25 May 1907 Greene County NY, wife was Angeline b 1826 NY. Children: Henry b 1851 NY m Clara and they had at least one child b 1880 probably Windham, Greene, NY; Josephine b 1861 d 7 Apr 1926 Greene County NY. Believe there was another child but not sure what his name was - is listed on 1920 census with Josephine as brother but can't read the name, maybe Bert or Burtall Branaugh, age 39, was married, but no wife listed here. Thanks for any help at all. Please contact me at or mailing address: 704 Fillmore Dr - Whitewood SD 57793.
    71. BRANNIGAN - 9/09/10 -- GG Philip Brannigan born 18?? in Plattsville. Died 1897. One of earliest settlers of Greene County. Married Sarah Dempsey of Plattsville. 2 known children James and Agnes. James settled in Newburgh NY. 4 children. Any info on Philip? He or ancestors came from Londonderry, Ireland. Also trying to track down current Brannigan family in Ireland. ktlarson48
    72. BRANDOW - 8/25/05 -- I am looking for something on Hannah Brandow. She married Peter Perry. Peter Perry died then she moved to Michigan married James Beach. James Beach is also from Greene County New York. I am just trying to find out if she is related to Johannes (John) Brandow. Thanks
    73. BRANDOW - 02/23/06 -- Searching for parent's names of Aaron Brandow born 1817 died 1900 in Athens. Aaron's children were: Henry, Fred, Ethan & Andrew. I am a descendent of Ethan (my great, great grandfather) born in Athens. I believe he was a son of Johann Wilhelm Brandow arrived in West Camp 1709/10. Please reply to
    74. BRANDOW - 5/08/06 -- Henry (b.1812)mar.Margaret A.(b.1828):children=Lucy,Olive,Esther,Jay,Eliza,Allie,Addie,Jessie C.,Alrainor,Ethan,Sanford ;e-mail Janet Lopez
    75. BRANNIGAN - 05/26/07 -- Does anyone have information on St. Joseph’s Church and the Brannigan family in Ashland New York. Thank you in advance for any information that can be offered.
    76. BREWER - 02/06/07 -- I am searching for Richard Brewer.b 1783 .I believe he was born in Greenbush NY.I know he had a brother Peter.He would be my G G Grandfather. Thank you Carol Brewer Calkins
    77. BREWSTER/DECKER - 10/17/03 -- A searching for parents of Hepsibeth Brewster and William Decker married 1805 in Greene County, N.Y. Bonnie (McLean) Weese
    78. BRIGGS - 10/09/04 -- I am looking for a Rober Briggs or anyone who knew hime .He served in Northern Ireland during ww2 around 1943/44. I believe he was in the miltary police during that period. Anyone with any information please contact me. Many thanks My e-mail address is : Madeline Fusco
    79. KNIGHT BRIGGS - 3/30/06 -- Seeking info. on KNIGHT who died September 14, 1803 in Catskill, NY. Married to an UNKNOWN WARD, three sons Issac, George and Thomas (killed by Cowboys in Rev. War) Three daughters Catherine, Cornelia and Polly. This family also had connections to Westchester County. . Thank you Doris Crispell
    80. BRINE - 12/05/09 -- I am searching for information on Edward Brine wh0 lived in Wndham about 1800-1808. His children were enrolled in a school there. He had a brother John who also lived in Windham. Carol Gingrich
    81. BRIZZEE - 07/21/06 -- I am looking for information on Henry Brizzee b. 1799 in Catskill, Greene Co., NY. died in 1864, Shutesbury, Franklin Co., MA. Any information on him and/or his parents would be appreciated. JP Olafson
    82. BROCKETT - 1/19/07 -- Albert Brockett was born abt 1755 and he died about 1840 or 1841 in Windham, Greene County, New York. He had a son Warren Brockett, but he may have also had a son, Munson Brockett. We don't know what his wife's name was. And we don't know where he is buried. We need this info. I am wondering if you have probate records or deeds that might be helpful. The name was sometimes spelled Brackett or Brocket on the Census records. Albert was the son of Ebenezer Brockett and Esther Hoadley, according to the Brockett Genealogy by Edward J. Brockett. Please write Zoe Tom if you have information.
    83. BROOKS - 8/22/02 -- I am looking for a list of who is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Athens NY Across the street form Athens Rural cemetery. I am looking for John C Brooks who died January 11, 1925 and is buried in Athens.
    84. BROWN - 9/10/02 -- Family info needed. #1 - Richard M. BROWN b. 1799 d. 11 August 1849. Married Rachel M. Unknown. Would like to identify parents and siblings. #2 - John D. BROWN b. 1838 m. Comfort SPOOR. bur at Mount Hope Cemetery, Athens. John D. Brown b. 1827 d. 1900 Comfort Spoor Brown b. 1831 d. 1909 wife of John D. Brown Would like to identify the parents of John D. BROWN. #3 - William H. BROWN b. November 1868 d. 1950. m. Mary Unknown b. March 1871 d. 1939. Issues: Frank E. b. 1892 Florence J. b. 1900 Janice Brown
    85. BROWN - 6/06/05 -- I am looking for any information on Zaddock (Zadock) BROWN, b. 30 July 1774 in Westchester Co., found in Hunter, Greene Co. in 1820 and his wife, Sarah (Sally) MONROE BROWN and three children, two sons (between 16 and 26 and one daughter between 10 and 16), names unknown. Any information on Browns in this area in 1820 would be welcome. Thank you. Justine Brown Miller
    86. BROWN - 4/03/10 -- I’m searching for information on my grandfather Lester Brown who was born 6/9/1879 in Coxsackie and more importantly for information on his father William Brown. I can’t go any farther back than William and I have very little information about him…….Thank You, Shelley Brown
    87. BRUNK - 2/09/02 -- I need information on the Brunks, not Bronks, while in the area of Coxsackie during 1812 War. I was told my forebearer,Nicholas,served. Any other information appreciated. Bob
    88. BROWN - 3/11/08 -- Ezra and son, Willard, are engaged in keeping summer boarders (1884)l. Mr. Brown is a native of Schoharie county, although the family formerly lived in Coxsackie town. He is very active for a man born in the last century, and retains his mental faculties remarkably. He reared a family of nine children, four of whom reside in Durham.’ I am looking for the name of the father of Ezra Brown. Dorothy Swank
    89. BROWNELL - 3/27/09 -- MOSES b 1792 d 1844 or his son ALFRED BROWNELL b c 1815 d Apr 18 1849 Both are said to have lived in Coxsackie, Greene Co., NY on a DAR application. Any assistance appreciated Kay Brownell Reed Potter Co. Genealogist Potter Co. Historical Society
    90. BRUNK - 12/20/02 -- I am seeking information on John Hendrik Brunck, son of Mathys, who, with a sister Christina (John's), who came to NY in the 6th party of Palatines in 1710. John was about 15 and his sister about 21. Mathys re-wed but drowned in 1915. I would like to connect with someone who is from John or Christina, or has data on them (census, etc). Bob Brunk , Alton, IL
    91. BUGASCH 2/17/12 -- 5/01/07 -- I am trying to locate any information on family farm on what was old albany post road now 9W Coxsackie, New York from 1920-1928. land had farm on both sides of road, one side had farm house with porch the other side gas station/general store. It was purchased by Albert Bugasch . James Brinkerhoff may have been on the deed.
    92. BULLOCK - 6/20/03 -- GGG father Stephen Bullock was born April 03, 1809 in Green County, New York, and died February 21, 1879 in Moultrie County, Illinois. He married Lovina Huyck 1829 in Tompkins Twp. Delaware County, New York, daughter of Peter Huyck and Cornelia. She was born July 18, 1809 in Delaware County, New York, and died December 22, 1879 in Moultrie County, IL. Looking for information on parents of Stephen Bullock. Any information would be most appreciated. Thank you. doreen garten
    93. BURHITE/ WATERMAN - 8/30/06 -- Searching for the parents of ANDREW BURHITE (b. 9 Jun 1799, and died 1880) and wife LAURA WATERMAN (b. about 1810, d. unknown). Burhite may have been a name change.
    94. BURNETT - 1/03/02 -- Isaac Burnett born 1802. Parents: Josiah W Burnett and Sarah Clark Young. Known siblings: John, Maria and Josiah W. I believe the family later moved to Dutchess County and Isaac even later to Ulster County. Any information and anyone in this family greatly appreciated. Thankyou. Abby Jones
    95. BURNETT - 08/02/06 -- I’d like to find the family of Malone Burnett who married Fannie Lowesa Parsons. They had one child, my grandmother, Inez Parsons Burnett (my grandmother) born on May 13, 1887. Fannie Lowesa Parsons died June 17, 1887 shortly after giving birth. Malone was a Methodist Minister in Norton Hill, NY and died of Typhoid on September 24, 1888 leaving my grandmother, Inez, an orphan just over 1 year old. I want to find Malone’s descendants in the Jefferson, NY area and find out where Malone & Fannie lived in Norton Hill area around 1885, 1886 & 1887. Please help me.
    96. BURNS - 6/01/06 -- Burns &Garrah/Gara I am doing research on my Irish ancestors. My Great-Grandfather was one of four brothers who emigrated to the US. They initially settled in Pennsylvania after emigrating about 1848. Their sister, Mary, married a John Burns and settled in Hunter, NY prior to 1839. Their first child, Grace, was born their in 1842. John died in 1857 but Mary Gara Burns lived in Hunter to 1902. One of the four brothers, John, moved from Pennsylvania about 1855 and settled next door to John and Mary Burns. He died in 1859 and his marker is in the Catholic cemetery. His wife, Mary McIntyre lived until 1905. The widowed sister-in-laws lived side by side for almost fifty years. Hugh B Gara operated a hotel in Hunter for many years . The building was later replaced by a Mobil service station. I am seeking information on any living descendents of the Burns or Gara family. I am also interested in knowing if death records exist for Mary Burns showing her parents names Thank you; John P Garrah 300 17th St Honesdale, PA 18431 (570)253-0795
    97. BURTON - 4/05/05 -- I would be happy to share the Greene Co. genealogical data I have collected. Alvin BURTON owned a brickyard in Greeneville in 1840 and there were a number of interrelated families which I have traced. David Baker was born in 1778. his wife was Elizabeth ?. Their daughter Harriet M Baker (born 12 Apr 1816 in Greeneville) married Alvin Burton born 27 Oct 1814 in Ludlow,Vermont. Seeking information about the parentage and ancestry of Alvin Burton and David Baker and about Davids' descendants. Hxaker's. Would like to correspond, and exchange data, with anyone related to either family. Mary S. Burton 3915 Hoyt Ct, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
    98. BUTLER - 1/30/06 -- Family / East Greenville New York Any information you can provide. Known as Brandy Hill, a farm and a company called Butler Tin existed through the 1800's. Thank you! Kimberly Butler 212 768 2924
    99. BUZZANCO - 7/25/08 -- Looking for any information on the marriage of Salvatore Buzzanco (b. 1889, Messina, Sicily, Italy; d. 1952, Kingston, New York) and Mary Schafidi (b. Sept 1889, Sicily, Italy; d. Sept 1963). Marriage was performed in Prattsville, Greene, New York. Any information would be appreciated. Please email
    100. TOP


    101. CAINES - 6/20/03 -- Seeking a portrait of George Caines. Born in 1771, George Caines holds the distinction of being the first official Reporter on this continent. Appointed by the State Supreme Court, pursuant to New York legislation, he served in this capacity from 1804 until 1805, producing three volumes of the Reports, which reported decisions from May 1803 to November 1805. In 1802, prior to becoming Reporter, Caines was a counselor-at-law in New York City, where he published the first volume of Lex Mercatoria Americana. While serving as Reporter, he also compiled and published two volumes of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court for the Trial of Impeachments and Correction of Errors in the State of New York (known as Caines Cases in Error). He edited a second edition of William Coleman's Reports of Cases of Practice Determined in the Supreme Court of Judicature of the State of New York 1794 to 1800 (known as Coleman and Caines' Cases). Additionally, Caines authored and published a practice manual, Summary of the Practice in the Supreme Court of the State of New York (1808) and Practical Forms of the Supreme Court of New York taken from Tidd's Appendix. When Caines term of service ended as Reporter, he returned to private practice in New York City. As a prominent member of the New York bar in 1816, Caines successfully represented a passenger against members of the crew in a unique suit for an assault and battery that took place on a British ship. He was married to Cornelia Johnston, the widow of Gulian Verplanck. Caines was a Master in Chancery, an assistant to the Chancellor, who died suddenly in Catskill, New York, on July 10, 1825, while en route to his residence in Windham and is buried in the Thompson Street Cemetery in Catskill. Please respond to Gary D. Spivey, or State Reporter, One Commerce Plaza, Suite 1750, Albany, N.Y. 12210, ph. 518/ 474-8211
    102. CALDER - 3/27/02 -- Calder family, possibly James Calder, wife Margaret of Catskill, NY who had a daughter born there about 1778. They moved to Delaware Co. NY where they likely died about 1801-1810 time period. Fanny Caulder, born in Catskill in 1778, their daughter, married a Francis O'Connor II of Helderberg, NY. I need information on Fanny's siblings and more complete info onthe parents. My Calders were supposed to have been Highland Scots from Morayshire, Scotland, specifically Bellie Parish,Gordon Castle. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much. Please reply to me at Steve Hall
    103. CANNADAY - 6/01/06 -- Looking for any imformation on a Jeems Cannaday born abt 1736 in or about Coxsackie. He married a lady named Nelly and had at least three children. Marytje born in 1756. William born before 5 Feb. 1762 and Rachel born in 1765. William married a lady named Catherine Oud, the daughter of Mathias Oud and Agneeje Frolick. They were married in Coxsackie abt. 1793. What was Nellies Maiden name? Where did Jeems come from?
    104. CANNON - 8/01/07 -- GGF Bernard Cannon ran a saloon in Catskill 1880's. Looking for the name of the bar and when he sold (or lost) it. Saloon appears to have been on the corner of Bronson and Water Streets.
    105. CARMAN / CARMON - 1/22/04 -- I am looking for and Joseph & Sarah Carmon or Carman etc form either Prattsville or N. Blenheim area. Joseph was born 1824, died ABT 1874 and Sarah A. (Hogabone) Carman was born 1835 died ABT 1919. they had several children: Mary E., Amandy/Amanda, Caty/Katie, Corneliou L., George E., Mellissa/Mallissa, are a few. Any Help will be Appreciated Thank You Glen Carman
    106. CARMAN - 1/07/05 -- Looking for information on Caleb Carman 1728- 1827. Died in Greene County. Bob Carman
    107. Carter - 11/20/06 -- GGG William Nelson Carter, married Mary MacFarlan circa 1833? Or Edwin or Chauncey Carter, his brothers? Any info? Have info on William's descendants.
    108. CARTER - 2/17/15 -- I am looking for the parents of Catharine Carter of Freehold born June 17, 1771 that married John Pattison  Jr. (Paterson) in Greenville Presbyterian Church, Greenville City NY August 23, 1792. Catharine was my great great great great grandmother and died in Welland County, Ontario, Canada June 10, 1846.
      Susan McShannon-Monteith
    109. CARTWRIGHT - 07/21/06 -- Is anyone doing research on a Cartwright family circa 1860 in Greene County. Relevant names may have been Alonzo, Delight, Sylvina (Selvena), Adelbert, Andrew. Thanks for any useful information to get me started. CTM
    110. CATER - 1/30/06 -- My cousin, Betty Worth Cater was married on 27 December 1959 in Cairo to ?????????? They had at least three sons, Alexander, Richard, and Raywood. What was the name of her husband? Are there any family members with that surname still living in the area. Shirley E. Johnson. 9 South Meadow Lane, Madison, WI 53706
    111. CHAMBERLAIN - 8/01/07 -- Trying to find info on Carl Leroy Chamberlain a.k.a. Alexander McFarland b. 1846- d. 1911 in Greene County N.Y. possibly Norton Hill where he lived in a rooming house when not in New York City where he had a residence. I would like to locate his gravesite if possible. He is my GGGF and left the family after killing a man in Kentucky and assumed a new identity in N.Y. Any help is appreciated. Rick Stephens
    112. CHAPEL - 1/22/04 -- Any information Sunshine Chapel Hells Kitchen NY 1904-1930 Died At Harve De Grace Maryland. contact donnaforand 168 Micajah Pond Rd. Plymouth, MA 02360
    113. CHAPELL - 3/17/11 -- Catherine: from Athens NY. Any info on marriage to Samuel ;Fredenburg of Cairo NY 1800 s, EJ Whitman 16 Appletree Ct BuffLo NY 14227
    114. CHAPMAN - 2/09/02 -- Looking for info on Jed Chapman 1781-1852 and Content Canfield 1784-1861 ; they m. in Durham Greene Co Sept. 28 1803. Jed supposed to be born Saybrook MA but have not found any records there; no clue where Canfields are from. Jed and other Chapmans-- Benjamin, James, John, Phineas, Samuel and William-- all in 1810 Greene Co census along with Jesse and Thomas Canfield. Jed possible sib Ezra, also in Berkshire in 1840 age 50-60. Would like to know AMAP re connections between these Chapmans esp. any who stayed to die there! Sue Daniel, toronto Canada
    115. CHAPMAN - 11/26/05 -- Looking for personal information on James Chapman (son of Phineas) and his family, born in Saybrook CT, moved to Durham, NY.
    117. CHICHESTER - 2/17/12 -- Looking for info on : John Chichester b. 1779 d. 1862 married Polly Sophia b. 1784 d. 1850 they had 7 kids: John, David, Daniel, Mary, Rensselear (my line), Phalinda and Garrett. Looking for info on the rest of Rensselear's siblings or his ancestry. Thankyou, VIctoria Chichester, 2033 State Route 145, Middleburgh, NY (518-231-3158)
    118. CHIDESTER - 1/31/02 -- Benjamin Searching for any information of a private Benjamin Chidester regarding wife [possibly Sophie] parents. birth etc missing in 1777 after enlistment Lyla Brisk
    119. CHURCH RECORDS - 11/04/02 -- Are the Catskill Reformed and Katsbaan Reformed churches the same church?Is there a published reference for them?I have references for birth/baptisms for both but would like to know if they are the same church.Where is it/they located?Thank you.
    120. CLAFLIN - 6/17/2010 -- I am looking for the marriage of John Claflin and Sarah "Sally" Goff around 1808. The Claflin (spelled Clafland) and Goff (spelled Goof) families are at Durham, Greene County at the time of the 1810 census and John Claflin family is listed as 1 male age 16-25, 1 female age 16-25, 1 male <10. This fits with the dates of birth of John Claflin in October 1785 and Sarah Goff about 1788, along with birth of their first son Jeremiah in August 1809. Ron Benson
    121. CLARK - 1/30/03 -- Harmon Wm. Clark b. 10 Mar 1828 Green Co, NY; married Martha Jane Briggs 10 June 1854 Claybrook, Green, NY. His father was John and mother Katherine. Would like more info on parents.
    122. CLARK - 3/12/03 -- My gggrandfather is Ope(?) Elisha Clark (1801-1901) - birthplace is listed as Greenville NY - he married a Mary Wilder Brown (1806-1904) of Heath MA in 1827 (I think she had been married before). I have been unable to find any info on his parents... can you help? contact me at: Mary Ann Sandstrom
    123. CLARK - 4/18/03 -- Ruth A. Clark spent some time at a place called "Paray's Rest" a Catholic property in Catskill New York in mid 1930s. Does anyone know what the property was used for? I think now it may be St. Joseph's Villa. Joanne Hilton
    124. CLARK - 5/09/03 -- GF William Marcy Clark born Oct. 15 1984 Greene N.Y. Died, Dec. 16, 1965 He was a member of the American Expeditionary Force Machine Gun co. 60th US Infantry WW1 then married Lucy Griswell Dodge born July 28th, Scranton, Penn. 1888 died Sept. 28th 1968 . Any information on his family, who lived in Greene, New York? Have you heard of the Melungeons? Could these Clarks be Melungeons?
    125. CLEVELAND - 12/20/04 -- Leroy Cleveland, Lives(d) somewhere in Greene county,possibly Greenville Married to Gail Connely-Cleveland I've lost track of them; it's been nearly twenty years Joe Zayas
    126. CLEVELAND - 8/25/05 -- Family: I'm looking for information on the Ezra & Ruth Cleveland of Durham. He may have had a Brother Amos Cleveland. They were in Durham in 1860 & 1870. Their son George & wife Phebe ? resided in Durham in 1880. Ezra's daughter Nettie Cleveland married Titus Delamater. In 1860 they had a daughter Emogene, Ellen, & Dorance & Son George. Nettie was with them in the 1870 Census. I would like to know Ezra's Parents & wife Ruth's Maiden name. They were both born in N.Y. according to the Census. Thanks for any help. Darlene T. Holling
    127. CLEVELAND - 2/17/12 -- I’m researching the Indian history of Oak Hill and Durham, Greene County, NY; I found something on the internet stating there is an Indian Burying Ground on some farm land owned by Ezra Cleveland. I was wondering if someone could tell me where Ezra Cleveland farm is located. Bruce Stock
    128. COCHRAN - 3/07/07 -- I am searching for information on my GGrandparents my GGrandmother Lydia Jane Cochran was born in Greene Co NY 10/18/1828, My GGrandfather was born in Canada unknown where he was b. 5/2/1830 according to family records they had 4 children: Daniel 3/15/1861, Luella b.9/25/1865 , Mary Kate b. 4/11/1859, Ida b. 9/20/1855 any Information on either of there parentage's would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you
    129. COCHRAN - 4/05/05 -- I am looking for information on Betsy Ann Cochran born 5/19/1825. I have heard she might have been born in France and then later adopted by John and Elizabeth (Turpin) Cochran of Greene Co, NY. Betsy married George H Slover/Seloover. My email address is:
    130. COGER - 4/03/10 -- Looking for the parents of William Harrison (Harris) Coger (born 23 July 1837/38 Greene co, NY died 10 Jan 1887 Lexington, Greene Co, NY). Married to Esther Frayer (born 4 Jun 1847 died abt Apr 1917). Children; Frederick Henry Coager, South Mate Cougear and Charles Coager Van Buren. If you have any info please email me. I have spent 40 looking for his parents. Thank you. Carolyn
    131. COGER 3/17/11 -- Looking for parents of William Harrison (Harris) Coger, born July 23, 1837 in Greene Co, NY. Died Jan 10, 1887 in Greene Co. Married Esther Frayer. Children; Charles, South & Fred. Believe he is related to Enoch Coger from CT, but can't find his parents. Have been searching for a long time need any help you can give me. Thanks CJ Martin Carolyn J. Martin
    132. COGLIANESE - 2/10/05 -- Looking for information on Harry Coglianese and family, lived in Greene county in early 1900's. Son of Bonifaceo and Cattone Coglianese. Any information would be appreciated. Donna Gandy
    133. COLE - 8/08/02 -- Looking for info on Cole family (Silas?) Wife's name is Elizabeth. son's name is Silas Henry born 1843. Relocated to Bradford County PA Willing to share Cole info I have from PA
    134. COLE - 10/17/03 -- COLE EGLIN DODS VANANTWERP COOK SCHERMERHORN Looking for info on and Descendants of Catharine Cole born abt 1831 and daughter of Jacob Eglin 1807-after 1880 born lik Town of Benson Hamilton Cty NY (son of John Eglin and Catharine Dods) and Jacob's wife Helen abt 1813-1873 whom he may have been married Oct 1830 as Lane Vanantwerp at Dutch Reform Church, Schaghticoke Rensselaer N. Y Catharine Eglin married before abt 1849 to married James Taylor Cole 1824-1863 perhaps Green County N.Y. Catharine and James children were Elwin Cole born 1849, Alice Cole born 1851, Fannie Cole 1861 Catharine Married 2nd to Horace Cook 1817-1903 In 1855 Jacob Eglin age 48 lived in Town of Greenville Greene Cty and had for 18 years and was a blacksmith Wife Helen age 42. It is not known if they had more children beside Catharine In 1880 census Jacob Eglin age 72, widower was listed in the Town of New Scotland Albany County with family of Isaac Schermerhorn 66 and his wife Hannah 65, Alvin Jennings son in law of Schermerhorn and Mary Jennings 26 daughter of Isaac Schermerhorn , Relationship between Jacob Eglin and Isaac Schermerhorn unknown Any info or Ideas as to where to turn would be most Appreciated. THANK YOU St Thomas Ontario Canada Bob Moore
    135. Collins/Owens - 10/08/02 -- Looking for information on Casper Collins and David Owens who were listed in 1810 Greene County Census e-mail Uvonne Warner, 79 Turtle Point Ln, Hartfield, Va. 23071
    136. COLLINS - 7/16/05 -- Edward-Rev.War, husband of Ruth Blakeslee(sp) I am trying to find the final resting place and other info about Edward Collins. He was born in Conn. in 1736 and presumably died and was buried in Greenville?, Greene County. He was a private in the 10th Company, Connecticut Militia and served at the siege of Boston. He was Commissioned Ensign 4th Battalion Foot by Johns Turnbull, Governor of Connecticut on April 6, 1778. He married Ruth Blakeslet in 1763 in New Milford, CT. There children were Enos, Abigail, Japhet, Joseph, Edward, Samuel, Israel,David, and Thirza. Edward moved to Greene County after the war. According to family notes it is here were his children were born and where he was buried. Some of the children settled in Montgomery County. Any assistance you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you, Bob Collins
    137. CONE - 10/21/05 - Hannah, born abt. 1825, married William Lansing of Troy, NY. Had three children, my greatgrandmother, Margaret Lansing, Rukey, Traphagen, Bibb, Mary Elizabeth Lansing Van Buren, and Charles H. Lansing. I am looking for Hannah's family, all I know is that she was from Greene County. They are found living in Pittstown, NY in the 1850 census. William died in 1871 and Hannah seems to have disappeared after that. Any help greatly appreciated, Dot Sullivan
    138. CONNOLLY - 1/07/05 -- PAUL & JAMES (Conoly, Connelly, Connely) Both boys born in Greene County New York: Paul: ?1829; James 1833 Parents: MICHAEL & ELEANOR (ELLEN DUFFY) CONNOLLY
    139. CONRAD - 9/09/10 -- Augustus. My Grandfather in Medway Cemetery Looking for info on his wife Ella (Halstead) Also info on Augustus' residence, etc John Conrad
    140. COOK - 7/19/04 -- Looking for the lineage og the Cook Family of Leeds/Coxsackie/Greene County Parents were James Cook and Sarah Gibson (their children) George Cook b.? d. 1944 William Henry Cook b.1863 d. 1947 James Cook b. ? d. 1947 Robert Cook b. 1868 d. 1947 Thomas Cook b. ? d. 1930 Susan Cook b.1873 d. 1952 Sarah Jane Cook b. 1878 d. 1956 (my great grandmother) Perhaps we can share sme facts and fiction????? Contact me. Art Dernier 3641 Coleman Hill Road Jamesville NY 13078
    141. COOK - 11/20/06 -- I am searching for my gg grandfather Hiram. I see there is an Amos Cook in Green Co, New York. Do you have information on Amos Cook. I was hoping he had a son Hiram. Thank you so much for any help you might be able to give me.
    142. COOK - 05/20/09 -- Seeking information on the marriage of Andrew J. Cook, son of Amenzo Cook and Catherine Empey, born 1869 Sharon Springs, Schoharie Co; to "Alice" as enumerated in the 1900 census, Athens, Greene County; her birth is given as May 1870, New York. Alice apparently died before 1916, when Andrew located in Chicago. He died there 19 Aug. 1956, and had married twice more. I would be happy to share his "Chicago" information with anyone interested, and would like to know more about his life in New York. Some of Andrew's family are buried in Lime Street Cemetery, Athens. Suzanne Frantz St. Clair, MI
    143. COOK - 8/23/09 -- Emily - Married to Stephen Van Valkenburg Head. Am seeking any information on her lineage and immediate family.
    144. COON - 9/25/07 -- Looking for parents of John Coon born 16 Apr 1807 died 14 Aug 1831. Looking for parents of Sally Rivenbury born in Roxbury NY 01 Sep 1812 died 01 Aug 1896. Married 14 Aug 1831 in Prattville, Greene, NY according to obituary Reporter Journal - Thu Dec 24 1891(Bradford County PA) I have a copy of John's will and information on their descendants to share. Daryl Eldrett Watkins - Winter Haven FL -- Contact
    145. COOPER - 12/31/07 -- Thomas died in Greene 1991. Wife Martha died 1965. Seeking graves information. Will share. Herbert DeLyser 412 West Maple Ave Newark NY 14513
    146. COPE - 8/25/05 -- GGGGG Father, William COPE, born in Scotland, married Phoebe Ellsworth, also born in Scotland, there in Greene County in 1756. Any information on parents, marriage record, or more exact birthplace in Scotland on either person would be appreciated. _Allan F. Cope _ 4107 Dunn Oak Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78223
    147. CORNELL, PECK, OLIVER, DENNISON - 2/27/04 -- Seeking information on George and Caroline PECK, in Greene co, 1870's with son George CORNELL. George CORNELL married Laura OLIVER, daughter of William OLIVER and Rachel Laura (DENNISON) Oliver. Oliver children include, William H., Roswell S., Mary K., Laura, Frank, Jennie, and possibly John. Rachel also used the name Laura, and remarried to Jacob June in 1890's, following her husband Williams death in the 1870's. Any information is appreciated
    148. COOPER - 3/27/02 -- Seeking information about father of Elizabeth Cooper who married Moses Austin 1784, Durham, NY 60 East 100 South #201, Provo, UT 84606
    149. COWAN - 3/27/09 -- I'm looking for information on William and Mary Ann Cowan. They had a boarding house for tourists in the 1890's. Information that I have says that it was in the Catskills. William immigrated from Ireland in about 1850 and they lived in Fulton, Schoharie, NY from at least 1860-1880. They are both buried in Greenville with son Eugene. Cheryl Crail
    150. COWLES - 5/08/06 -- I am looking for any information on Sally Cowles who was Born in Durham and married John Denison on 12-29-1791. Sally was born in 1766 chris Bowser 150 main st Roulette Pa 16746
    151. COWEN - 8/30/06 -- Herman Cyril Cowen married Agnes Cumming Cowen and both died and are buried in the Catskill City Cemetery, Greene Co. New York; Any info or obituary of Agnes Cumming Cowen who 1956 at Catskill, New York? Herman C. Cowen died at Catskill, Greene Co. New York on January 9, 1931. Any info or Obituary. Thank you very much. ;Wallace Shaw, P. O. Box 1646, Hutchinson, KS 67504
    152. COXSACKIE CEMETERIES - 9/28/02 -- Could some one give me addresses or names of cemeteries in W. Coxsackie an Coxsackie ? Looking for a date of death in 1924. Please mail me direct. thank you marg
    153. CROOKER - 1/12/09 -- GGG Father Levi born 5/14/1816 in Delaware County (maybe Sydney/Sydney Plains) Married 183? Any information on parents? CROOKER 463 W. Main St., Kutztown, PA 19530
    154. CROOKSTON - 11/20/06 -- I haven't enlisted aid on the internet before, but have wondered if anyone knows the whereabouts of any Crookston family Bibles. Would be interested in Hannah (Travis) and James Crookston's family, specifically, daughter Eliza Jane Crookston and husband James(Daniel) Anderson. Many thanks. Liz Gero
    155. CROSBY - 5/09/03 -- Seek information on Diamond Notch House owned by Orrin Crosby and later by his son Asa. Have pitcures of this family. Will share. Vance Crosby 2209 20th Place Lacona, Iowa 50139
    156. CROSBY - 9/26/08 -- Parker, born Nov 10, 1780 in Middletown, Delaware Co, New York, married to Rebecca CARROLL, (born 1790 in New York, maiden surname CARROLL,) Parker reportedly died on January 15, 1867 in Halcott, Greene County, New York. Unable to find eith in cemetery listings for Greene County. Don Risen,
    157. CROZIER - 12/20/04 -- I am looking for a marriage of Clarissa CROZIER and Renselaer TUTTLE in 1815 Windham, Greene co. NY. Any information on these families would be helpful. Thank You e-mail
    158. CURRAN - 1/20/05 -- Seek parentage of Catharine Curran B-between l817 and 1832 Hudson, NY. 1850 Census of Holyoke, MA she was a single woman living in a boarding house, M-10 Oct. l850 William Eno Bellows in Holyoke, Moved to NY and following his death in l867 she went to Iowa with dau. Sarah Marie Waterman & Family. She D-13 Mar. 1887 in Charles City, IA
    159. CURRAN - 6/01/06 -- I am the great grandson of this family .James died approxiametly 1922 .He had a son name Basil that died at 11. James wifes name is May . They had several children : Valarie G my grandmother, Bill ,James,Constance,Monica,DeLores,etc. James died at the age of 40. I heard the family left after his death . I was wondering the cause of death of James .May ,my great grandmothers,maiden name. If James, my greatgrandfather, had any brother and sisters? They lived in the Tannersville /Catskill area. Is there any relatives that live there know these people.Where did they last live. I would like to visit . Thanks a lot ,Daniel
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    161. DANIELS - 5/26/08 -- Seeking information concerning Sylvester Daniels who is said to have been in the 1830 census of New Baltimore. He was born in 1804 prob. CT died 1879 in Williams Co, OH, married 1823, Sarah Smith b.1799 prob VT died 1883 Williams Co, OH Children born in NY, Almira, Malinda, Mary Eliza(beth), Sheldon, perhaps Edmund/Edward born in OH Harriet, Mariah and Sylvester Jr. Would like information concerning parents, siblings, in-laws, land dealings. I will appreciate any information to work through my brick wall. Thank you, Milton Cook
    162. DARDIS - 1/30/06 -- Searching for the ancestry of Joseph D Dardis who was born 6 Mar 1872 to Thomas and Rebecca Kierman Dardis in Beacon, NY. His death notice in the Beacon paper indicates that he was buried at the "family plot" in the Lloyd Cemetery. I believe that this is part of my family, but need to determine the parents of Thomas Dardis. Can anyone in the area please help me determine how to proceed? Who is the sextant for the Cemetery? What is the official cemetery name? Are there Dardis descendants in the area? Thanks for any help!
    163. DAVIS - 11/04/02 -- Looking for any information on the following, especially parents of Sheldon and David: 1. David Davis? m. Olive Pratt? 1790's? Children 2. Sheldon Davis 1801-1865, married 1827 Mahala Palmer Davis 1802-1877 Children Sylvina Davis 1835? - 1919, m. A. Vanderburgh Caleb Sheldon Davis 1830 - 1925 3. David Davis 1805 - 1882, 1st wife Lydia H. Schenck 1812-1865, 2nd wife Sarah Brett 1836-1920 Thank you, phil davis
    164. DAVIS - 02/19/03 -- I am researching my ancestor Henry Davis who was married to Lodema (ALLEN ?) Henry was a native of New York. They and their children, Zoapher , Rachel, Henry, and Platt all lived in Durham, Greene county New york. Henry is listed in windham 1810 census. Henry and his family later moved to Randolph, Ohio. Lodema died their and he remarried. If anyone has any information on any of the family members listed above it would be greatly appreciated. Christine
    165. DAVIS - 1/22/04 -- Searching for death and burial information for Darius T. DAVIS of Cairo in the 1880 census. e-mail to Doug Smith Box 65 Sharon, VT 05065
    166. DEAN - 01/18/02 -- Seeking information and direct descendents of Stephen Dean, Circa 1791-1871 from New Baltimore area of Greene Co. NY. Wife: Sarah Powell.
    167. DECKER - 11/04/02 -- Looking for information about George W. Decker aka G.W. Decker in Greene County, NY. Looking for information about any family especially children and wife. Born about 1806. Anne Richard in Ca Laura Richard
    168. DECKER - 5/29/03 -- I am looking for information on a Jacob Decker that married a Jennie Proper around the 1853. Jennie was born around 1834 in Prattsville NY. Thank You Janice Gravelin
    169. DECKER - 06/19/07 -- Catskill 1902 Born George Henry Decker 1926 Married Helen Inman Chief of Staff US Army Lafayette University Pennsylvania Looking for info of Greene County ties
    170. DECKER - 3/11/08 -- Looking for information on Romain R. Decker born March 30, 1844 in Lexington, Greene Co., New York.
    171. DECKER - 3/20/08 - I am looking for information on Romain Decker who was born in 1844 in Lexington, Green Co. He married Selina B. Robinson. I would like to find his parents and siblings.
    172. Delamater - 12/16/05 -- Looking for information with proof for family line of Delamater/Cornell. Nicholas Delamater born June 20, 1773 married Elizabeth Cornell born 1777. They were married in Greene New York in 1793. Possibly married in Dutchess County. Not sure. Looking for some proof of marriage or death of Elizabeth Cornell. Trying to join DAR and need proof. Thank you for all your help everyone. My email address is: Darlene
    173. DENISON - 5/08/06 -- I am looking for any information on John Denison Jr. who married Sally Cowles on 12-29-1791 in Durham.
    174. DEVITO - 02/23/06 -- I m looking to locate my birth grandfather Joseph Albert DeVito. In 1948 he lived at a boarding house owned by my maternal great grandparents Lawrence and Martina Wolfe in Catskill. We had located my birth grandmother Etta Wolfe McGifford Juene who is now deceased. We have also heard that he had owned a tavern in the Catskill area. If you know where to locate Mr. DeVito or his family please contact me. Angela Oscar-Wolf or 1826 W. 13th St. Ashtabula, OH 44004 (440)964-2457
    175. DIAMOND - 7/25/08 -- I am looking for information and/or obituaries on Jerome "Jack" Diamond and his spouse Alida (Scram) Diamond. Jerome was born Jan 15 1866 in Town of Fulton, Schoharie County and died Oct 8, 1938 in Coxsackie, NY... his wife Alida was born Jun 2, 1872 Middleburgh, Schoharie County, NY and died Dec 24, 1957 Coxsackie.... Children: Bennie, Anna, Nellie, Raymond (died January 7, 1941 Coxsackie), William (died August 25th, 1971), Margaretta and Margurite. Thank you for any assistance you might be able to provide. Leslie Smith
    176. DIAMOND - 9/09/10 -- We are the grandchildren of Edgar Diamond, uncle to Jack and Eddie Diamond. We are looking for any relatives, information, or pictures. Grdiamond07
    177. DIES - 03/07/07 -- Looking for any information on Lydia Dies born Catskill Greene New York about 1776. Married Mark Noble about 1803. Father may have been Matthew Dies. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Ann
    178. DILLON - 9/24/06 -- Our mother Margaret Dillon Gallagher was born a twin in Catskill 4/7/1915, father Frank Dillon, mother Mary E Lawlor at 38 Bridge Street. He worked in some mill. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you. Sue Gallagher,
    179. DOANE - 1/11/03 -- GG Grandfather George A. Doane b. 11 Sep 1825 in Cairo, Greene, NY, m. Mary E. Jayne in Suffolk County NY and d. there 25 Dec 1875. Seek confirmation of birth and any other details on parents, siblings, etc. Roger A. Prince c/o Singapore Pouch, PO Box 6046, San Ramon, CA 94583-0746
    180. Dolson - 3/14/02 -- Edward born circa 1815, any info would be very valuable.Cheers Neal Shaw 14 Alba St. Stoney Creek On Can L8G 1P2
    181. DONLON - 1/10/04 -- Seeking information on Catherine Saunders Donlon. She was listed on the 1930 Census as living in Coxsackie with Martin Kavaanaugh and his wife Jean. Thank you for any help. James Donlon
    182. DONLEY - 6/17/2010 -- Seeking Pam Smith or anyone who is inquiring about Lester C Boynton (Greene County 1847(?)-Comanche County 1937(?). I am his great granddaughter and have information on this family. Kris Day Donley 6906 Chinook Dr., Austin, Tx 78736
    184. DOWN - 8/23/09 -- Alfred Henry Down and his wife Fanny or Frances Bramble Brown emigrated from England to Kingston, NY. in 1890, along with Alfred's mother, Ann. They had a son and a daughter. The daughter was Emma, born about 1894 in Kingston. Alfred was superintendent of the cemetery, I believe. I would like further information on this family. Barbara Ferdinand
    185. DOYLE - 7/02/04 -- My name is Patrick Lernout. I live in Waregem-Belgium at about one mile from the US Flanders Field military cemetery. I am interested in the history of World War 1, so this cemetery has my special attention. I started to write a book about the soldiers buried here and am looking for information about all those men. I think the book would be a great tribute for those young Americans who gave their lives for the freedom of my country. In the cemetery is remembered Leroy Doyle. He was from Cementon-Catskill. Should anyone have information/pictures about him or some history, addresses, etc … ? He was killed in action September 2, 1918. Sometimes a Roll of Honor book of the county was made. Thank you very much in advance Patrick Lernout Drafstraat 15 8790 WAREGEM BELGIUM Tel/fax: +32 (= prefix Belgium)
    186. DREW - 8/25/03 -- seeking any info on gggrandparents Eliza Drew m: David Vining lived around Coxsackie area in the 1830s. Had son William Henry prob. born Oct 23, 1834 and left an orphan by age 5 and raised in the home of Truman Waldron near Greenville. Margaret Young 3547 Rock Creek Run San Antonio, Tx 78230
    187. DUBOIS - 8/01/07 -- Looking for descendants of Frederick H. DuBois who was born in Pennsylvania in 1861 and may have died in Greene County in 1913. Frederick appears in the 1870 and 1880 censuses of Catskill with his grandmother, Sarah A. DuBois, his sister, Julia, and his uncle, Barrent. Did Frederick marry? Did he have children? Names and dates?
    188. DUNHAM - 1/30/06 -- We are looking for information on the parents, grandparents or geneology of Samuel Dunham, Revolutionary War soldier of Greene County (born in Catskill 1753) New York. He was father of Captain Jacob Dunham noted for his book, Dunham's Voyages. thanks, descendents Kate, Paul and Andrea Sobolewski
    189. DUNN - 2/17/12 -- Looking for information on Brigeet Dunn, Bridget Dunn, who I believe may be my great grandmother, She was spouse of John Lyons, they resided in Catskill, NY, she was born about 1861, her son was Chrales Lee Lyons. At this point I cannot confirm that she was actually the mother of my grandfather, Charles Lee Lyons, that is what I am trying to do. I am fairly certain that my Charles Lee Lyons' mother was named Brigeet, but I am unsure of her last name, it may be Dunn or Carter or even something else. I am willing to share any info I have. Marty Lyons
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    191. EAGER - 12/31/07 -- GGrandfather, William Wesley EAGER, was working as a state worker in Greene Co. when he was hit by a car and died on 6/30/1922. Would like to find court records that granted his wife, Catherine, and children pensions. Family lived in Preston Hollow. Gloria Lamm
    192. EATON - 11/03/04 -- Seeking information on HENRY EATON (birthplace and date unavailable). He married Althier Hine, b. JAN 1789 in Greenville, Green Co., NY. Her parents were Lewis and Mary Holmes Hine. Lewis was b. 22 AUG 1753 and d. 17 MAR 1813. His name appears in the1790 Albany, NY census and then in the1800, 1810, 1820 census for New Paltz, NY. A Henry Eaton is listed in the Albany 1820 census. Definitive family names were not listed during those years. His brother, Reuben Holmes Hine is listed in the1830 New Paltz, NY census. He was a State Senator in 1845 and is later listed in two New York City census. Henry and Althier's daughter, Mary Holmes Eaton married Philip Deyo on 25 Feb 1838 in New Paltz, Ulster Co., NY. Mary Deyo Kirby
    193. EDWARDS - 4/10/07 -- I am looking for information on family members of Rosetta Cleveland EDWARDS wife of Charles EDWARDS b. abt. 1806 in Greene Co.,NY. Rosetta Cleveland EDWARDS is the daughter of Samuel CLEVELAND and Rosetta COWLES. Rosetta Cleveland EDWARDS is reported as dying 1833 in Saugerties, Ulster Co.,NY. Her husband is reported dying out West USA in 1878. Their marriage is reported as being in Broome township, Schoharie Co.,NY. Thank you . A.M. Hanford
    194. EICHHORN - 12/27/06 -- I saw Karl Eichhorn Hoff’s message. I wrote to his E-Mail provided on this site but it was returned not able to deliver. We have a Laura Eichhorn in our family, born 1875. She had a sister Anna, b March 8, 1873, died July 25, 1874. Her brother Karl was born October 8, 1871 and dies April 11, 1972. There could be others in the family, we are searching. Not sure if this is the same Laura. I can forward all our information back to the 1600’s, and later when the family split between NY and out west, Montana, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, etc, which all credit goes to Denice and John Eichhorn Marschall, who I believe is also from that descendent. Denice is a real sweetheart, and did a great job. And best of all, they are my cousins, wonderful cousins. Best to all - Fred Eichhorn Fred Eichhorn
    195. ELL / ELLIS - 1/31/02 -- In my geneology is John William Ellis, born 1795 and christened at the Dutch Reformed Church in Catskill, Greene Co., NY. I notice in your information Nathaniel Ells is listed in both the 1810 and 1917 census of Greene Co. I do not know if he is any relation to John W., but I would like to know if you know about the surname Ellis in this instance. I know Ellis is a common last name with roots probably in Great Britain, but could it also be an Anglicized version of Ells? I find it odd John W. was Christened in a DRC if he was not Dutch. Do you have any idea? Just curious. Thanks in advance for your response.--mbsb Mary Elizabeth Short Bull
    196. EMMONS - 5/26/08 -- GG grandfather born New York. Would like info on his father, RUSSELL EMMONS possible son of JESSE EMMONS living in Coxsackie, Greene County 1810, Catskill Village in 1817. Interested in the children of Russell Emmons m. to SARAH HAWLEY.
    197. ERBACHER - 10/21/05 -- Looking for first names of great grandparents. They were the parents of 9 or 10 children. Born in Germany, settled in Greene County, Palenville, NY. They owned a farm in Mannerville. near Palenville. My grandmother was Caroline (May). Grandmother's siblings were Edward, Henry (of Mannerville) Louis (of Palenville), Wilfred, John, Fredericker (Whalen) of West Saugaties, (Platclove Mountain) and Geneveve (Hummel) of Mannerville. Thank You, Barbara(May)Clark 624 Succasunna Road Landing, NJ 07850
    198. ESENWEINS - 12/01/03 -- My father was adopted by the Esenweins on 11 October 1923 by order of Hon Josiah Talmadge, Greene County Judge. I am interested in any history of this family that may exist. Regards, Robert Esenwein
    199. EVERTS/EVARTS/IVERTS - 1/31/02 -- Charles Everts was b 1767/68 and d 15Aug1849 Hudson/Claverack. He probably m Sarah Ries/Race/Rees who d 03Aug1792, m (2) Janetje Schermerhorn 04May1794 in Athens. Who were Charles's parents and grandparents? Newb Le Roy
    200. EVORY - 10/17/03 -- I am looking for evidence to determine as to whether or not my gt-gt-gt-gt-grandfather, Obadiah EVORY(1775-1854), of Durham, Greene County, NY, was a son of Robert Evory (b NY ca 1740; d Middleton, Delaware Co, NY, Dec 7, 1790), of Marbletown & Rochester, Ulster Co, NY, by his wife, Phoebe Wildey (b NY ca 1733-44; d NY ca 1831-34). There exists some circumstantial evidence to indicate that Obadiah may have been a son of Robert & Phoebe Evory. I would very much like to obtain copies of the wills of Robert & Phebe Evory, if such exist, since the lack of 18th century birth & christening records makes research more difficult. Any information any of you good folk out there might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Cheers! Count Caragata
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    202. FAULKNER - 12/31/07 -- Anthony Faulkner in the 1840 Albany Census, then in Greene Co. in 1850, b1860, 1870. Children b. between 1824 and 1848: Louise, Isabel, Kate, George, William H.H., Harrison, Eugenia/Angelica. Is he the son of Anthony Faulkner and Sofia Carkner b. about 1779 NY? Seeking info on this branch. Linda Dickey
    203. FERRIS - 1/30/06 -- Pearl born 1863 married Minnie Brazee. Any info on Children.
    204. Betty watson 887 Cedarcrest Ct Sarasota Fl 34232
    205. FIERO - 7/05/03 -- Mary/Minnie Fiero married Charles S. FOSTER (1839 - 1895). Who were her parents and children? Is she the Mrs. C. S. Foster---widow res. 74 Division, Catskill in the 1896 Greene Co. Directory. Is Trindall Foster - 26 New Street, Catskill, NY connected to her. Have other Foster info to share if this is familiar to anyone. Shirley Lowe
    206. FINCH - 12/31/07 -- GGGMother CAROLINE (1824-1895), b. in NY, joined Catskill Presby. Church in 1820s with mother HANNAH FINCH (b. about 1795; d. 1858) and younger sister LISA JANE FINCH; married James McMenamy of Catskill about 1840. Caroline and mother Hannah are buried in the McMenamy plot, Catskill's Old Burial Ground. Seeking any information about Caroline's Finch genealogy. Thank you. e-mail: John McMenamy 6056 Wild Ginger Court, Columbia, MD 21044
    207. FINNELL - 3/12/03 -- I am looking for the location of a Jefferson Heights Cemetery, Jefferson Heights, NY. I am intereted in obtaining information of any Finnell's that may be buried there. I have been lead to believe that a Vincent W. Finnell 1911 - 1991 was bured here. Thanks for yor assistance Arthur Louis Finnell
    208. FISHER - 6/16/05 -- My GG-grandfather Earl W. Fisher who married Mary Jane Waterman (daughter of Alfred Waterman and Cynthia Garrison) Lived in Greene County New York. I am hoping to find out who Earl W. Fisher parent were. I believe his mother name was Margaret(born Abt 1804) and he had a two sister name Catherine(born abt 1830) and Jane(Abt 1832). I am hoping to find someone who has information they would like to share/or compare. Thank You, Melanie Fisher Citty
    209. FITCH - 7/16/05 -- Looking for someone who might be able to locate grave site of (Solomon)Pelatiah and Rebecca Fitch in Athens, Greene County New York. Pelatiah died in 1833. Any information appreciated.
    210. FITCH - 11/26/05 -- I have a document that states that F. James and Thomas Fitch (brothers - sons of Cornelius and Paulina Fitch of Delhi, Delaware County) were living in Prattsville, Greene County when their father died in July, 1846. Thomas may have later become a doctor and practiced in Prattsville. Does anyone have any information about them? Please email me at Thank you. Patrick Thompson Lexington, KY
    211. FORD - 2/09/02 -- Trying to locate information about Dolly Lucinda Ford, wife of Francis S Ford, died in Lexington Dec. 25, 1846
    212. FORD - 03/24/11 -- Seeking ancestors of Isaac Ford born in Albany 1818 and married Emeline Perkins of Manlius. Contact
    213. FRAME - 1/11/03 -- Seeking origin of Samuel FRAME (1741-1819) and spouse, Mary ORR (1733-1810) last known buried in North Mapletown Reformed Church graveyard. Trying to determine the marriage location, and birth location, or even country origin. randall a. diefendorf 931 seahurst, wa 98062
    214. FULTON - 12/05/02 -- Robert Fulton, a merchant in Greene Co early 1700s. Perhaps related to Wynkoops of that area.Need to know birth and death dates and family names, Jane
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    216. GAN - 10/21/05 -- Trying to understand origin of Thomas GAN,approx. 1786 - 1872, (or GANN) family, wife Lydia, children Isaac, Phoebe, Ambrose, and Daniel. Listed as New Baltimore, Greene County and later Walton, Delaware County.
    217. GARDINER - 3/27/02 -- Looking for information on Luke Gardiner b.6-27-1775 at Stanford, N.Y., d.12-20-1856 at Freehold, NY. He married Sophia Bullock b.3-04-1775 and d. 8-22-1847 at Freehold. I would like to know where I could find proof of his parent's names. Luke had four children-John, Asa, Lewis and Anna. Anita Dingman
    218. GARDNER - 4/10/07 -- I am looking for any information on my Great Great Grandfather Rev. Alfred Gardner. Born 1801 in Rhode Island. He was Presbyterian minister in Greene County, NY in the early 1800's for 20 or 25 years. Married Hannah Belden. She had attended Mrs. Willard's Seminary in Troy, NY. They had five children Sarah, Mary, Emma, Andrew, and Leonard, who died at the age of three. Leonard may be buried there. They later moved to Wyanwega, Wis. Any information would be helpful. Thanks, Steve Gardner Atlantic, Iowa
    219. GARLING - 4/10/07 -- Looking for the family of Anson R. Garling 1856 and Anna M. Bottomley 1856 Catskill, NY. Married March 09, 1884. Anson's father was Anson b. 1816 and Anna's Watson Charles Bottomley b. about 1825. This is as far back as I go with either couple. I believe Anson R. and Anna had maybe two children Bula and Grace. Carol Whitham
    222. Garrison - 7/20/03 -- I am looking for information on a resort hotel called the Edgemere House lacated near the town of Catskill N.Y. Probably closed during the 1970's. Who is the current owner or is their anything left of the place today?
    223. GATES - 12/20/02 -- Looking for birth record of Luther Gates, born 1789 in Onondago. Parents possibly William and Elizabeth. Name may have been changed from GAETZ or GOETZ. Robert Gates, Box 618, South Yarmouth, MA 02664
    224. GAWRON - 3/30/06 -- looking for cousins in uncle is Abrham Gawron md to Ruth Gawron. i know that they have a daughter and lived in Catskill, ny.
    225. GAY - 6/26/02 -- I am writing this query about my great-great grandfather's wife. His name was Thomas Gay. He brought his family out here in approximately 1897-1898. His wife died around 1892 we think giving birth to their youngest son Roy Gay. She is buried out there in Coxsackie. Roy was only 5-6 years old when his dad brought him and his siblings out here via covered wagon. They came out here to Osage, IA to be with Roy's oldest sister, Emma, who married a man by the name of Smith-Quick who came to New York to buy horses. We don't have any information on Thomas' parents or any of the family. We do know there was a cousin who came out here in the late 1960's, belived to be a second cousin or so of Roy's, but we do not have any information as to where she is located. We don't know if she would have any siblings or children who would possibly read this. If anyone can help us it would be greatly appreciated. Any information at all would be very helpful. My name is Dawn Wallace
    226. GAY - 4/05/05 -- GGGGGFather Thomas Gay b. abt. 1735 d. aft 1811 m. Comfort Briggs, b. abt. 1740 d. aft 1815, on Nov.. 22, 1759 in The First Reform Church-Fishkill, NY. An estate inventory list dated 10/21/1811 shows a large family Bible along with other personal things moved to the home of Robert Titus. If someone reading this knows of the where about of the family Bible, please contact me. Sandy Gay
    227. GERE/GEER -- 8/23/09 - Ebenezer Gere moved to Rochester/Wawarsing from Groton CT around 1796 and was a school teacher there. He and wife Lucy Chapman had 5-6 children while living there. He is enumerated in Rochester in the 1800 census. He owned a house in District 3 on Pyne's Road in 1803. He was one of six school inspectors in Wawarsing in 1813. Sometime after that he moved to Cayuga County. His sister Sally/Sarah married David Bevier in 1805 in Ulster County; they also had three children in Ulster Colunty before moving to Steuben County. His daughter Livia married Samuel Alger in Ulster County about 1812. Any further information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Michael Menke 3115 Goodwin Avenue Redwood City CA 94061
    228. GERMAIN - 12/21/06 -- My GreatGreat Grandfather GEORGE H GERMAIN born 1816 Chenango County married ELIZA A STEVENS born 1823 Greene Co. Their son Irving born NY 1844 Daughter Catherine born NY 1847. Eliza died 1863 in Durham Greene Co. Does anybody have any information on this family ? Help Me Break Down my Brickwall. Dorothy
    229. GERMAN - 1/12/09 -- I am researching the family of David German [1780-1860], who came to Wayne Co, MI ca 1830/40, poss as late as 1850. He raised 4 children that I know of: Jerome B, Ann B who m Henry Hosner, Napoleon B and Adaline. In the 1820 census for Greene Co, I find a David German of the right age group, with a wife and 6 children. Is this the same David German? Can anyone trace this family between 1820 and 1840? Nothing further is known of this family except that they came from New York. David died 1860 in Van Buren Twp, Wayne, MI. Michael Christiaens Saline, MI
    230. GIFFORD 4/05/05 -- Lewis Herbert. According to his obituary my GGGrandfather was born on 18 Jul 1807 in Greenville, Greene County, New York. I am looking for information on his parents and siblings. Lois T. Mitchell
    231. GLADFELTER - 12/31/07 -- Any info on family members of late 1800-early to mid and on 1900's of a C.B. Gladfelter & Son "High Grade Building Brick Manufacturer" of Athens? Thank you R.C. Reinecke Ca
    232. GOETSCHIUS/LESTER - 1/01/06 -- I am looking for any information on a Catharine Goetschius (b. 20 May 1792 in Catskill, Greene, NY, d. 30 Dec. 1860 in Catskill, Greene, NY, buried in New Jefferson Cemetery) and married David F. Lester ( b. abt 1790 and d. before 1860). I have some information and will be willing to share. Don Johnson P.O. Box 43, Afton, WY 83110
    233. GOFF - 9/24/06 -- Information on David T. Goff born 1810 in either Schoharie or Albany Co. New York, married Amy Olive West from Greene County about 1846. Richard Goff 3217 Reed St. Erie, Pa. 16504
    234. GOODRICH - 3/30/06 -- Looking for information on the Goodrich and Paddock Families. Need probate records of Samuel Goodrich Samuel b. 2/19/1762 d. 5/14/1828 married Mary Strong 8/15/1783 They resided in Durham according to information that may not be accurate. I need to confirm they had a daughter named Lydia. Lydia who married George W. Paddock, lived in Boyle, NY 1810 near Lydia's brother Harry Goodrich who married George's sister Judith. Contact
    235. GOODRICH - 8/30/06 -- GGG grandmother Sarah Ann married(?) James Balding 1790, Greene County, New York; does anyone have this documented? Parents and birth date for Sarah Ann Goodrich? Fred Huntington 298-A Highland Ave., #2, Somerville, MA 02144
    236. GOODRICH - 4/03/10 -- I'm trying to find out about my great Grand father find who lived in Ashland in 1930 he was born about 1885 I'm looking to find out who his parents are as we have no knowledge of who they were all we heard was that he could have been an possible orphan, but we are not sure as he would state different but did not share who his parents were only thing he would say was that they stole the business from the family what ever that meant but it does seem weird not to be able to find much on him. His wife whose name is Minnie ( maiden name was Small ) we have been able to find a little but not much either but she was born around 1884. if any one can help me on this I thank you in advance. You can e-mail me at Emory F Goodrich JR.
    237. Goodwin - 11/20/06 -- GGGGrandmother Sarah (Goodwin) Bratt b 8/13/1828 records say "near Baltimore" d 7/01/1915 in Indiana. I'm thinking it might be New Baltimore, Green Co. She married David Bratt b 1/02/1825 d 4/16/1905. Her parents George Goodwin and Susannah Poblitz b 2/03/1806 d 1/09/1882. Any information on the Goodwin/Poblitz line greatly appreciated. tomfrazier57@aol
    238. GRAHAM - 5/11/02 -- Seeking information about Samuel Graham b. 21 Aug. 1762 in Sunderland, MA m Martha Patty French b 3 Feb 1766 in Conway Mass. Married 20 Sept 1786. Move to Windham, NY 1800. Their daughter Cynthia b. 1800 is my Great, Great grandmother. She marries Henry Wales and moves to St. Andrews East, Quebec. I am seeking information about her siblings?Charles, Tertius,Polly, Louisa, Horace, Rufus, Franklin, Horatio, and Amanda M. who m. Xury Wilkins lived in Gilboa, NY. I can be reached at AngellKG
    239. GRAHAM - 08/25/03 -- Researching the Graham family of Samuel (found on 1810 census Windham ) from Buckland, MA, his son Charles b. 1788 in Buckland and died in Windham, NY 1852. I have some information on Charles children: Hiram, Mary R., R.C, Robert, Cynthia, Bruce and grandson Charles Henry Graham. I also have the names of Horace & Emma Jane Finch Graham children. I can be reached at
    240. GRANT - 05/01/07 -- GGGGGFather Sylvanus (Vene) CASH, b. 12 Feb 1732/33, Yarmouth, MA. Died 01/23/1831 in Catskill, Creene Co. New York. m. Lois Galpin. Need info on his parents. Rosemarie Grant POBox 873178, Wasilla, Alaska 99687
    241. GRAY - 9/26/04 -- I am looking for William Gray born 1754 In Conn. Died 1814 in Cario, N.Y. Thank you.
    242. GRAY - 11/21/04 -- I am looking for information for John Gray (b. about 1830, Scotland) married to Agnes Harvey (b. about 1830, Scotland) Children John Jefferson Gray born about 1851 Catskill, New York Andrew Gray born about 1853, Catskill, New, York Agnes Gray born about 1855 Elmira New York If anyone has information on this family or relatives of the family, please contact with email at E. Burns, 12400 Waterton Parke Circle, Austin, Texas 78726
    243. GREEK - 12/21/06 -- any information on birth, marraiges death of my great grandmother: Eva Julia (or Julia Eva) Greek, maybe also Wood - married Edward Bothem New York.......... Greene, Cayuga? perhaps also Binghamton
    244. GREEN - 8/30/06 -- Thomas E. Green, Married Gertrude M Barnum who was born in Greene Co NY 3/8/1919. Looking for connections, birth death, other children? or Colin Nielson 4508 N. Oregon Trl. Enoch UT 84720
    245. GREEN - 8/01/07 -- Looking for information on Adonijah Green, he was born around 1790 according to "Rochester Pioneer Builders" and moved to Rochester in 1811. His origins are listed as Kirkstown, Greene County New York. I know that he had six children in Rochester, one of whom was Seth Green. Thanks, Gail Wingate
    246. GREENE - 4/25/04 -- We're looking for any Greene family members: Anson Greene, Sara Greene, Jesse E. Greene, Elizabeth Greene. Also Lawrence Van Bergen and George Perkins (1845-1932). Any Peter Alexander Laidlaws? All were from the Greene County area, related to Nathanel Greene. A family of lawyers. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks. -- Robin Laidlaw Miami
    247. GREENE - 12/20/04 -- Father: Ernest H. Greene born July 1, 1898 Died 1983 Mother: Violet Ruth Osborn Greene born October 23, 1912 Died 1998 Married 1929 Children: Ernest Lester Greene, Jr. born 1929 William A. Greene born 1932 Arlene N. Gabriele
    248. GRIDLEY - 10/21/05 -- Thomas resided in Freehold 1800 census. b. 18 Nov. 1727, d. 22 Dec 1804. His son Thomas Hooker Gridley married Lucilla Kirtland of Durham 23 Feb 1800. I am searching for the elder Thomas' grave. T.H. and his family are buried in North Chili Rural Cemetery in Monroe Co. Ross Gridley
    249. GRIFFIN - 5/29/03 -- Seeking information on family of John Griffin born abt. 1809 Dutchess County, found in 1855 Census of Greene County NY with family. My ancestor is William H. Griffin born 1846, other purported siblings include Daniel, Margaret, Charles, Phoebe Jane, David, and Clarissa. Family Bible lists Hannah Miles as mother of this family. Any information welcome! Please contact me:
    250. GRIFFIN - 5/29/03 -- I am researching Uriah Griffin, born ca 1813, we believe in Lexington,Greene Co, NY. He married Deborah Garrison. Mallory Allison
    251. GRIFFIN - 12/01/03 -- Looking for Jonathan Griffin's family and birthplace in Greene Co. He is found in 1855 NY census in Harpersfield, Stamford PO along with wife Deborah Ann children Julian, Byron, Florence, Charlotte. He is also in 1850 and 1860 Fed census. Jonathan born 1820 in Greene Co. D.H.
    252. GRIFFIN - 3/30/06 -- Jonathan Griffin, b 1819 Greene Co, m. Deborah Ann Durf(ph)y.. Family is in 1850, 1860 US census Harperfield, Delaware Co, NY. Looking for parents. Bought land from folks in Lexington, Greene Co. Any info before 1840...moved to Meriden, Ct. Baptist, d 1868.buried in Meriden,Ct. contact D. H.
    253. GRIGGS - 9/27/03 -- Am interested in A Charles Griggs Family who resided here in the 1830 Census & a Joseph Griggs also in the County. Thanks for any information... Darlene T. Holling
    254. GRISWOLD - 10/10/09 -- Addison C. Griswold born in Greene County in 1799. He married Amelia De Zeng in Bainbridge NY in 1820. Who were his parents? Please give info. source. /Jane Thompson, 13 Circuit Ave., Scituate MA 02066/781-545-4486.
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    257. HAINES - 8/26/04 -- Looking for information on Charles W. Haines and his descendents particularly Emma Simpson, (my maternal great grandmother. I know that he was noted to be the owner of the (HAINES) falls during the 1880's, but would like more details if they exist. Thank you, Carol Curtis
    258. HALLENBACK - 7/19/04 -- I am looking for my great-grandparents, Sara Brandow who was married to H (Harlan) not sure of spelling, Hallenbeck, they had several children, one of which was my grandmother Kathryn, her siblings were Elizabeth, who married Gordon Baker, Helen, don't know names of the others. My mother is now 90yrs. old and gives me some conflicting info. Sarah and H. Hallenbeck were from Claverack, N.Y., that is where my grandmother was born. That Hallenbeck family still has members living in that surrounding area, Hudson, Red Hook, etc.. They belonged to the Dutch Reformed Church. H. Hallenbeck hunted with John Audubon and he gave him a large glass case with stuffed birds in it. My mother remembers it in her grandparents house in Claverack, N.Y. These people lived during the middle to late 1800's maybe even into the early 1900's. I keep trying to get a timeline from my mother but it is pretty difficult. Thank you for your time. Candace Harris FSA Scot
    259. Hallenbeck / Scherp - 7/16/05 -- I am looking for parents of Casper Hallenbeck and his wife Hilletje Scherp who married, probably at Kinderhook, around 1774.
    260. HALLENBECK - 4/10/07 -- Looking for the family of Charles A. Hallenbeck b. 1844 and Alice E. Bottomley 1845 Catskill, Ny. Alice's father Watson Charles Bottomley 1825 mother Lydia Timmerman. Charles may have been Daniel Hallenbeck 1810. Carol Whitham
    261. HALLENBECK - 06/19/07 -- would be interested in corresponding with anyone linked to the "Hallenbeck" families. I have been able to trace my Hallenbecks to Cairo NY about 1840. Carole
    262. HALLENBECK - 5/26/08 -- My mother was an antique dealer in Coeymans Hollow N.Y. which is near Ravena area. I have in my possession a medal presented to Paul R. Hallenbeck by the parents of George H. Renz whom he saved from drowning in 1911 at the risk of his own life. I am trying to find relatives of Paul R. Hallenbeck because I though they would like to have it. If anyone can help me I would appreciate. My mother bought many antiques from all over the area. So the family could be anywhere or moved out of State. Thank you.
    263. HALLOCK - 07/21/06 -- Grandmother Elizabeth Margaret Hallock, DOB 02/29/1900, Coxsackie. Info on birth parents Bill Smyth La Habra, CA 90831 Bill Smyth
    265. HALLOCK - 3/27/09 -- GGG Elizabeth (AKA - Betty) Matice DOB 1869 or 1871 - GGF Luther (NMN) Hallock, DOB 1860 or 1861 Lived in Coxsackie Area, Daughter Elizabeth Margaret DOB Feb 29 1896? 1900 Census shows Luther w/wife named Ida, child named Libbie? Need help on any marriage info on Hallock & Matice. Will share information when confirmed as GGG/GGF Bill Smyth La Habra, CA 90631
    266. HAMILTON - 8/21/04 -- I am looking for a grave in Athens, NY. It is not on the list. Her name is Sally Hamilton. I remember my father telling me she was buried in the cemetery behind the Athens Town pool. Do you have any information? Christine
    267. HAMM - 1/20/05 -- Looking for information on Adam Hamm family , children were born in Greene County. Margaret , John W. , Charles, Almira, Anna R.l Mathilda M. Frances R. David J. , Mary E., Hattie and my g-g Grandfather Jonas A. Clarice Caskinette
    268. HANNEMANN - 9/10/02 -- Did Carl Rudolph Hannemann actually get married to Judith Levine in Greene County anytime after obtaining their marriage license in January 1993 at the Catskill Courthouse? They lived in Cairo, NY on Bross St.
    269. HANSEN. HENSON HENSEN - 12/01/03 -- any info about marriage of LUCY TRUESDELL &HENRY HANSON LUCY BORN1844 LEXINGTON N.Y. HENRY b.N.Yapril1831 they lived in minnesota. had a son named ORMAN LUCAS HANSONb 1868 in Winnebago MN. surname HANSON may be different spelling HANSEN. HENSON HENSEN etc. would also like any info about HENRY HANSON birth record or family in N.Y. they are my gggrandparents and information is very scarce so far .thanks, Kathryn Hadfield chicago, ill
    270. HARVEY - 4/03/10 -- Gggrandparents Charles & Catherine (Leach) Harvey lived Athens 1850-1870. Children: Mary,Michael,Catherine, Sarah Jane, Charles Possibly related to Michael & Susan Harvey. Anyone related or know family? Muriel Moore
    271. Hawver - 01/18/02 - Looking for info William Hawver and/or wife Elizabeth Schermerhorn. Living in Prattsville NY in 1851 when my g-grandfather was born. She eventually migrated to Otsego Co. japreston
    272. HAWVER - 12/01/03 -- My mother was born in New york around 1930 name was Retha Hawver from Catskills,N.Y.. Her mom was Minni manerva hawver and I believe her father name was Arthur Hawver . She died in Salisbury Maryland in 1972. Any help finding some of her family tree would be helpful and what tribe she was from. Thank you! Mickey l. Riley
    273. HAYES - 11/03/04 -- Myrtle was my grandmother who married LeRoy Delamater on May 1, 1913 and died Feb 16 1946. I am looking for information about her and her family, parents, siblings. She had one daughter with LeRoy, my mother, Ernestine Delamater, who died Oct. 16, 1993. Myrtle was a nurse and the second wife of LeRoy, taking care of LeRoys first two children, Rudolf and Pauline, after their mother, Sarah Winne died. I have been a nurse for over thirty years, though I never knew my grandmother who died before I was born in 1948. Rudolf, my uncle, just died at 96 on Feb. 19, 2004 here in the San Francisco Bay Area, California where I live as well. He is burried with his two wives and sister Pauline at the Greenville Cemetary. I traveled to Greenville in June, 2004 and was helped by several generous and kind people to find the grave of my Delamater family. Now I hope to find out more about Myrtle Hayes's family. Thank you. Sincerely, Prudence Delamater
    274. HAYNES - 12/20/04 -- Seeking any information on my grandfather, thank you . His parents were Jackson Haynes(hanes or Haines) and Sarah Moore- His wife was Mary Anne Toner. Sincerely and God Bless. (the ole bear) Jim Turner
    275. HEATH - 3/08/04 -- Looking for cemetery record Peter Heath. Wife:Martha Children:Peter S., John Thomas, George, Elizabeth, Charles and Mary Hannah [Overbaugh]. Born 1819 Burton-upon-trent Staffordshire England. Also looking for any info on descendants Peter Heath
    276. HEATH - 5/08/06 -- Looking fior any information about GGGG Joseph Heath b. abt 1767, prob. Swansea, MA died abt 1846 in Greene Co. Wife, Joanna Place They may have married in Greene County. Son of Joseph Heath, Swansea MA Thanks for any help. Heath Boyer Windham, VT 802 875 5242
    277. HELIGIS 3/11/08 -- I am researching the Heligis ( sp?, likely changed) family which originated in New York and were early California pioneers. George N. Heligis b: 1835 New York– wife Maria ( possibly O’Hara) b: 1828 Ireland . They had a son Frank Jess Heligis b: 1859 in New York . The name is consistently spelled Heligis on census records in California George appears on the 1860 census in San Francisco as a seaman.. This Jesse Hellicus is the closest name I can find …it would make sense that the son would be named after him. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Julie Mooney
    278. HENDRICKSON - 11/03/04 -- Trying to find information on Charles LaVerne Hendrickson born in PA in 1879 or 80. He shows up on 1920 Census as Laverne on Harpur Hill Road, Ninevah¸then in 1930 he disappears. He was married to Eva Wayman Locke (she remarried). Children Thelma, Francis, Florence, Beatrice, Doris
    279. HENSON - 9/26/04 -- Looking for information about the Henson Family in Green Co. GGGrandparents Samuel Henson Jr,b.28 march, 1797, and Catherine (Maiden name unknown.) Would appreciate any info about the Henson 's Anyone know relationship between Samuel Henson and John Henson (Founder of Hensonville?) Would like to know where the Henson Family originated. thanks, K, Hadfield,
    280. HERRON - 719/04 -- GGGfather George C. Herron lived with a family in Cayuga Canada named MINO after he ran away from New York area in about 1846. His father’s first name unknown, but was on a census as from Ireland. George’s mother was from Pennsylvania. Mother died, leaving father with 6 small children. George Herron was born August 23, 1836. WHO WERE HIS PARENTS, ESPECIALLY HIS FATHER’S FIRST NAME? Myra Herron, 282 N. Oliver Street, Alpena, MI, 49707 USA.
    281. HIGGINS - 06/19/07 -- Seek burial places of GGGPs Maurice (Morris) Higgins (1820-1878) and Kathryn Higgins (1817-1870), and two daughters, Margaret and Honora. Clare Higgins, 20 Pine Street, #4, Gloucester, MA 01930
    282. HILL - 12/21/06 -- Want to find history (parents/grandparents) on GG Father born Henry Hill 12/5/1811 or 1813 and died 10/25/1894 burned in Trumbulls Corners cemetery. Married to Catherine Redner from Orange County. Children: Freeman, Mary, George, Oscar and adopted Catherine all born Newfield, NY. Could you assist? Susan Nichols
    283. HOFF - 11/26/05 -- My father was Karl Eichhorn Hoff, Sr. who was brought up in Athens, NY. His father was Benjamin Hoff, Jr. and Laura Alice Eichhorn who lived on 115 Franklin Street. During my childhood we would vacation for a week or two there. Benjamin's father and mother were Benjamin Hoff, Sr. and Anna Elizabeth Shays. Laura's mother and father were Charles H Eichhorn and Leonora Dernehl (Their other children were Wilhelmina L [who married Harold Every] and Fred). Both Benjamin Sr. and Jr. were captains on the Hudson River Day Line. Karl Eichhorn Hoff, Jr.
    284. HOGAN - 12/21/06 -- Looking for information on Jacob Hogan who was born in Coxsacki, New York in 1833 (according to Obit) and moved to Upstate New York (Palermo, Cicero and Syracuse) around 1860. Believe he has a brother Isaac Hogan who was born abt. 1830. Jacob married Eliza Smith and had 3 sons (Oscar, Niles and Seth) who resided in Palermo, NY. Any help in securing any relatives in the Coxsacki area would be appreciated.
    285. HOLLENBECK - 1/02/02 -- seeking information on Robert and Elizabeth Hollenbeck b. abt. 1770, John Hollenbeck b.1794, m. Elizabeth Bennett b. 1799 and Justus/Jesse Hollenbeck b. 1821, m. 1843 to Rebecca Bennett b. 1816. John and Justus left NY area for WI in the early 1840s. Leroy Armstrong, 1905 Aviation Ave. Evansville, IN. 47711
    286. HOLMES - 02/23/06 -- Looking for information on Joseph H. Holmes b 12 Jan 1811, Coxsackie, Greene County New York. Need varification of Father Joseph H Holmes Sr. and mother Mary Barnhardt, the parents owened a farm in Coxscakie in 1844 for certain, just not certain what their names where. Joseph's brother's were rumored to be William, Abram, and Aaron. They are also rumored to be of Irish decent. Any help would be appreciated. Donna Brandon 19470 Parker, Livonia, Michigan 48152
    287. HOOSE - 9/24/06 -- I am looking for the parents of George Hoose, he is said to have been born in Greene County about 1818. Email at
    288. HOPKINS - 3/17/11 -- I am looking for information on the father of George Edward Hopkins who fought in the Civil War. His discharge lists he was from Greene County, N.Y. His mother was Hannah Adams and his father was Joseph, John, or James Hopkins depending on which death certificate one goes by (his or his two sisters). Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. George Hopkins
    289. HORN - 11/26/05 -- Looking for George Horn married Frances ? dau of Mary Phillips they lived on Riverside Drive in Coxsackie NY during the 50's & 60's George & Frances had dau Elizabeth any & all info is appreciated. Doris Ely
    290. HOUGHKIRK - 3/12/03 -- William - Married before 1833 in Coxsakie. Mate unknown. Need to know where marriages are recordedin Coxasie Janet Fortune 450 brookside drive. Walnutport. PA. 18088
    291. HOUGHTALING, MATHIAS - 7/12/02 -- In an 1850 Nassau, NY census he is shown as "Born in Greene County, 1807" We have not been able to find his parents. Jerry Hurlbert
    292. HOUGHTALING - 8/21/04 -- Loooking for the parents of my GGG-Grandfather - William Henry Houghtaling; b. 17-July-1818, Hudson, Greene County, NY. Married: Catherine Bossart (b. 5-Oct-1823) in Penn Yan, Yates County, NY on 3-Oct-1841. d. 12-Dec-1891, Hart, Oceana County, MI. Various name spellings in census records: 1850 Monroe County, NY: Houghtailing 1860 Monroe County, NY: Houghtaling 1870 Kent County, MI: Hughteling 1880 Kent County, MI: Hotelling Info to: Neal Hotelling, 3145 Bird Rock Road, Pebble Beach, CA 93953
    293. HOUGHTALING - 1/01/06 -- I'm seeking any information on the Houghtaling (and any variation) Family within Greene County. Specifically any information on Matthias (Mathias) Houghtaling reportedly born in Greene County about 1807 and his parents siblings, etc.. Thanks John Tiffany
    294. HOUGHTALING - 1/30/06 -- Mariah Houghtaling and Stephen Brown were married and said to be from Green County, New York. Looking for information on this couple and their parents. Mariah may have had brothers, Nicholas and Christopher, who were born in Yates county, New York and moved to Cass county, Michigan. Christopher Houghtaling married Elizabeth Jolly. He was born in 1808. Jan Martin
    295. HOUGHTALING - 8/01/07 -- I am looking for the parents of Philip Houghtaling, born about 1850, and was married to Emma LaDieu ? To my knowledge they had nine children, one of them was Harriet, born Jan. 12, 1880 in Catskill, NY. Any information would be most appreciated. Thank you! Jean Gonya, 648 Alvarado, North Port, FL 34287
    296. HOUGHTALING - 03/27/09 -- I just found your site and think I may have information to share regarding the Hougtaling family. Mathias Houghtaling b. 1807 I have his parents as Mathys Houghtaling and Catherine Morrison. Mathys Houghtaling b. abt 1773 son of Isaac Houghtaling (b.bef Feb 1748/49) and Rachel Ploegh. I think the information I have to share is accurate as best I can find dating back to Mathys (Coenratsen) Houghtaling 1644 b. Posszuid, Holland. Still a lot of confirming to do but I am willing to share and compare.Cris White Himrod, NY 14842
    297. HOWARD - 8/21/04 -- Thomas Howard died in Cairo, Greene Co., NY 10 APR 1835. Wife Mehitable Betts. Looking for information linking Thomas Howard to other Howards in Greene Co. in the early 1800's. Known children of Thomas and Mehitable are Orson and Moses. I can share a lot on these two branches. Richard D. Howard, 587 New Virginia Rd. Oxford, NY 13830-3123
    298. HOWARD - 10/09/04 -- I am searching for parents of Francis Howard ,my g grandfather , according to funeral home records, he was born on July 24 1850 in Athens NY, his parents were William and Nettie or Hettie( writing is not legible) Howard of Athens. That information was given by his daughter Emma Pettis who was my grandfathers sister. All I know is that my Grandfather George Howard visited family in Catskill as in the mid 60s,. I have seen a letter from a Dolly at 66 Green St. Catskill that was sent in 1964, it mentioned a Lulu and Clara. Since then I have found that property belonged to Mrs. Helen Marsh and Mrs. Lulu Smith, I have no idea as to what the connection is, I wondered if they could have been cousins. All of my research only leads to a William that would have been about the same age as Francis. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated. Jeanette Howard Baldwin
    299. HOWARD - 10/21/05 -- My GG Grandfather James V.S. Crum (Krom) b. 1828 in Saugerties married Sarah Howard b.1831 in Hunter. The V.S. in James name stands for Van Steenburgh. Church of The Latter Day Saints site has a Sarah Howard b. 4/13/1831 married to James Van Steenburgh on 11/9/1850 in Greene Co. If the correct surname Crum (Krom) was left off, this could be my GG Grandfather and would lead me to many more Howard ancesters listed in World Connect family trees. How can I find or verify this marriage record? Any help would be appreciated. Wayne Crawford
    300. Hull - 3/27/02 -- Looking for information on Aaron, born in CT. enlisted in the Civil War at Lexington,NY in 1861, married Mary Elizabeth Fairchild and had one son William Hull born May 2,1862. Do not know what became of him. Thanks
    301. HOWLAND - 5/11/05 -- Pheobe Howland b-?? w-Poss Dutchess or Greene Co., NY d-7 Jan 1832 w-Paris Hill, NY m-23 Aor 1705 w-Galways Henry *Addington, II Parents are said to be: Stephen Reynolds Howland and Anne *Reynolds *who were early settlers of Nine Partners tract. Need birth information for Pheobe, and all information for her parents. Any assistance will be appreciated. Phyllis W. Lawler
    302. HOWLAND - 02/23/06 -- Any relative of Clarence Howland who was the son of Benjamin and Louisa from Catskill.?
    303. HUBBARD - 4/03/10 -- Looking for information on Miles Hubbard, born abt 1786 in Greene Co. and wife, Betsey. They were listed on Federal Census records for 1810, 1840, 1850, 1860 in NY. In 1860, he was listed as a farmer in Greene Co, and was abt 77 yrs. old. Lost track of him after that, but assume they are buried in Greene Co somewhere. Their sons, Jay, Chancelon (?), and Giles were listed on 1850 census as farmers in Smithville,NY area, but cannot locate Jay or Chancelon after that. Any information is greatly appreciated. Chubbard1
    304. HUBBS - 8/30/06 -- Could you please help me find information on Elisabeth Carley. She was the wife of Richard Carley. An 1850 census of Athens Green Co shows that she was between 50-60 and an older woman between 90-100 was living with her. She was the head of the household. Are there any birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, etc. for either Elisabeth or Richard Carley. The Elisabeth Carley that I am searching for has the maiden name Hubbs. Thank you so much for your time. Mary
    305. HULBERT - 4/03/10 -- I am looking for any information on my great great grandfather. I believe his name was Byron Hulbert. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Doug Hulbert Jr. Johnstown NY
    306. HULL - 6/06/02 -- Looking for death or cemetery record for SETH HULL, who DIED ABT. 1850 in ASHLAND, GREENE CO. NY., and for info on his parents and siblings. One of his brothers was Samuel Hull, who married Cynthia Unknown. Seth was b. in Litchfield CT abt 1775, m. Elizabeth Eggleston bef 1805, and lived in CT until at least 1825. His father was Enos (or Ensign?) Hull, a Rev. soldier. Have diary of Seth's daughter Julia to share. She m. Abraham Simmons 1833 Troy NY. Jean Benning
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    308. INGRAM/INGRAHAM - 8/21/04 -- Looking for parents of Emeline Ingram/Ingraham b. Ulster County, NY, early 1820's. Married by 1840 to Jacob Cross, living in Sullivan County, NY. Children: Clarissa (Clara), Emeline (Emma), Levander and Evander (twins), Mary A. and James G. Cross. They lived in Greene County and Sullivan County. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Montana Laura Cross Seward
    309. INMAN - 3/11/08 -- I am looking for any information on Hiram Inman (born 1817 Hunter, Greene Co.). He married Clarissa Quick in 1838 (Hunter). Debbie
    310. INMAN - 1/01/11 -- Looking for parents and siblings of John Inman born November 23, 1801 in Greene County, NY; married Jane Gass in 1826, went to Macomb Co., MI in 1830’s. Mrs. Cecilia L. Fabos-Becker
    311. IRWIN - 2/07/04 -- Looking for further info on James Irwin and Sabarah "Owen" Irwin. They are listed in the Catskill Baptist Church as becoming members in 1827 and leaving in 1833. They had a son James Owen Irwin born in 1828 in New York, I am assuming in Catskill. Info on other children or relatives? Bonnie Briglia or PO Box 711083 Santee CA 92072
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    313. JACOBY - 8/01/07 -- GGGG Hanna Jacoby, b: 1779, Prattsville, Greene County, NY. Parents? Any info on Jacoby family in Greene Co., during this time? Thanks, Gene Morgan 9683-B, W. Ironwood Dr., Peoria, AZ 85345
    314. JANSEN - 3/08/04 -- Johoiakim [my GGG grandfather] born 2-10-1805, died 2-18-1874. His wife, Jane M Jansen, born 12-6-1808, died 1-15-1881. Seeking info on their parents, G'parents, etc. Many thanks. Roberta J. Smith
    315. JEEROME - 9/25/07 -- I am looking for data on his parents and grandparents. I believe that Julius was born in Greene County around 1891 in Coxsackie. Thanks clyde Decorie clyde Decorie
    316. JEWELL/TEETSEL - 3/27/09 -- I am trying to research Jewell family,whence they came to Catskill area. Did Calvin have siblings? Calvin's daughter,Laura,married Stewart Teetsel (maybe of Ulster Co),I need info about that line too. Laura Carmean 118 Rutledge St ,China Grove, NC 28023
    317. JEWETT - 9/27/03 -- I am looking for a male Jewett-first name is unknown-knickname Jui or Jewi. He was born April 1, 1801. Married Hester Relyea in 1820. They had 10 children. It is thought his parents imigrated to the New York area before his birth. Laurie Laurie Stephenson
    318. JEWETT - 3/11/08 -- Lafayette Jewett may have died in San Francisco, my guess around 1903. His wife was listed as a widow in the 1910 census. His daughter by this second wife, Rosetta was listed in the 1900 census as Rosetta, any information on him would be greatly appreciated..i am his decendents.. forward any information to
    319. JOHNSON - 10/17/03 -- Am looking for anyone with information on James Johnson and Armida Purdy, married in New York state around 1860, give or take a few years. I know that one of their children, Elizabeth, was born around 1862 in Kingston, New York. What I need more than anything is to know who James parents were and what county in New York where they lived. Thanks! Susan J. Rupp
    320. JOHNSON/PALAMTER - 1/30/06 -- Seek info on Henry Johnson, b.CT c.1790, son Andrew (b.1835, Greene Co, dies ILL 1915), Henry to Greene County, with wife Rosannah as of 1850 census, Andrew to Illinois in 1870s-also interested in Ebenezer Johnson (1764-1843), b. Guilford, CT, to Greene County where dies, possible link of all Johnsons? Andrew's wife Mary Palamter/Palamtire (1835-1921) dies Ill. James Jacobsen 4411 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines, IA 50312
    321. JOHNSON - 02/23/06 -- I am looking for the parents of Edwin C. Johnson, born abt. 1821 in Greene Co., married Harriet Coe. In 1850 he was listed in the census in Jewett and on the same page is Orrin & Clarrisa Johnson who are old enough to be his parents, but I can find no proof. By 1860 he is living in Monmouth, Warren Co., Illinois. Susan Saffa, 6746 S. 72 E. Ave., Tulsa, OK 74133
    322. JONES - 12/20/02 -- I am looking for information for Luman Richard Jones born 1855 in Greenville New York, I believe he may have been a Senaca Indian, he had a brother named Fredrick and a sister married to J. P. Dunn,both i believe moved to Yonkers NY. Johnny Jones
    323. JONES - 10/17/03 -- I would like to obtain more info on my gt-gt-gt-gdparents, Harvey & Susannah Jones of Elmira, Tioga Co, NY. Their son, Samuel JONES, of Cairo, Greene Co, NY (& post 1855, of Ithaca, Richland Co, Wis), was born somewhere in NY State on July 13th, 1820. According to Samuel's 1899 Wisconsin Death Record, he was born in New York & his father, Harvey Jones, came from Wales. His mother, Susannah, maiden name unknown, was born in New England. Some of my Grandmother's cousins believe Susannah's maiden name was Goslee. I know of no other siblings of Samuel Jones, who married in Greene County, Aug 24, 1845, Mary Ann Belinda Van Tassel (b NY, Dec 10, 1826; d Little Willow, Town of Ithaca, Richland Co, WI, June 11, 1882), daughter of Matthias Van Tassel Jr (1791-1868), by his 1st wife, Phebe Evory (1797-1827), eldest daughter of Obadiah & Alche Evory of Durham, Greene Co. I would be most appreciative of any info anyone might have to offer. Thank you kindly. Count Caragata
    324. JONES - 12/01/03 -- Can anyone tell me the history of this house and the address? Link to house photo I believe it is located in Hunter and my 3rd great grandfather, Stephen Jones (b1797) died here while living with his daughter ca 1860's. I will be most appreciative of any information. Vicki Hagen
    325. JONES - 1/10/04 -- Eliza A, born Lexington,NY. Son, Josiah Martin, born 1850, Lexington, NY, Died Prattsville NY 1913. Spouse ? Frederick Martin Born Canada. Any info at all.
    326. JUNE - 2/17/12 -- Looking for any information on Samuel June born in Catskill, NY July 1843 and his wife Elizabeth A Kent born about 1846. Also, their son George W June born about 1825 and his wife Rachel
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    328. KAY - 4/03/10 -- Looking for the family of Rachel Kay, born in Lexington, app. 1820. She married a William Pettit. Not sure if his family was there or not. Any info will be appreciated and shared. Ellen Chase
    329. KELLEY - 10/08/02 Looking for marriage records of John Kelley and Eleanor Walton between 1824 and 1826. Also looking for birth records of their children, John Kelley, Jr. b: 1826, Ann Elizabeth Kelley, b: 1827 Greene Co, NY, William Henry Kelley, b: Nov. 5 1832, Tannersville, Greene Co., NY, and Edmund E. Kelley, b: June 3, 1836, Greene Co, NY..... I will look up records in Whitman Co, WA. if you put [Subject: Whitman Co records lookup + Surname]. Alice Crim -
    330. KELLY - 9/26/04 -- Charles, in 1850 census Greene Co., Coxsacki ? Township, p 237 I don't have access to a census book; could someone please send me the data on this person. Thank you
    331. KELSEY - 8/01/07 -- GGGG father Samuel and wife(? name) obits in Windham 182? and info on son Chas marriage 180? Willing to share info Lois K Mirabito 1772 Co Rte 8 Oswego NY 13126
    332. KERR - 5/11/05 -- I am looking for decendents of the Kerr Family (John, Robert) of Tannersville, Hunter Area. Also decendents of William Thomas Wooden in the same area. I am the only daughter of Claude E. Kerr Jr. I am also looking for my relatives in the cemetaries which I have learned are scattered from Windham all the way to Saugerties. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!! My email address is:
    333. KETCHAM - 11/20/06 -- Harry M Ketcham, Sr. (16 Oct 1910 - Jun 1984, Greenville, Greene, NY. He married Clarissa Edwards (4 May 1912, Brattleboro, Windham, VT - 4 Jan 2002, Greenville, Greene, NY). May also may have resided East Durham, Greene, NY, and Mesa, Maricopa, AZ. Any known children, or other relatives? Clarissa corresponded with my family in 1979 about a circa 1815 sampler done by an ancestress. Would love to see it or image of same, or other VT family (i.e. Edwards, Cutting, Brown) records left by Clarissa. Many thanks, Joel N Fowler 19 Four Mile Brook Rd Northfield, MA 01360
    334. KNIFER - 1/10/10 -- Looking for any & all information on GGGfather Anthony Casper KNIFER & his wives Also for Frederick KNIFER, Anthony's father. Anthony B:20 Sept 1839 Athens Greene NY D:1 Jul 1921 Peetz Logan CO Frederick B: abt 1790 Germany D: Catskill Greene NY Have some family info on Anthony and very little on Frederick LeAnn Atkin 1040 Cliff ST Lander WY 82520
    335. KNIFFEN - 10/21/05 -- Looking for George Kniffen that married Eleanor Augusta Ryerse. George was born in 1811 and Eleanor born in 1812. Eleanor is buried in LeRoy Cemetery, LeRoy, Kansas. We don't know where George is buried.
    336. KNOLL - 12/16/05 -- family Catskill, N.Y. Cigar manufacturers: Frank, Otto, Edward KNOLL--Holda or Hulda HERZOG---Perry BANKS Hudson River Day Line. Thank you, Frank Knoll, Portland, Texas (formerly of Albany, N.Y.)
    337. KNOWLES - 2/27/04 -- Searching for any information on a Charles Budd Knowles, son of Ebenezer of Greene Co. NY. Contact me at Roberta
    338. Knowles/VanValkenburgh - 2/27/04 -- Searching for Charles Budd Knowles family and Sarah VanValkenburgh Family. Charles Born 1861 Sarah born 1875, Married and moved to Delaware County Around 1900 possible before. listed in 1900 thur 1920 in or around Walton Villiage. I was told that Ebenezer knowles may be Charles father and I am assuming the Charles middle name Budd has something to do with the Budd family of Greene County if Ebenezer is actually Charles father.
    339. KROM/POTTER - 2/27/04 -- I'm looking for info on my mothers side of the family, Her name was Doris Helene Potter b 9/8/1919 in Saratoga Springs,NY daughter of Wellington Potter and Gertrude (Pearl) Getman. She married Floyd Krom of Napanoch,NY. any info would be helpful. Pete Krom
    340. KUCHLER - 12/31/07 -- I am looking for information on a Rudy and Josephine Kuchler who lived on a small farm in Coxsackie. They are buried in Riverside Cemetery. Rudy died in 1952 and Josephine in 1948. Any information I would like but mostly trying to trace Josephine who was born in Italy and immigrated in 1901. Rudy was her second husband. Laura
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    342. LAKE - 5/26/08 - William E Lake born @ 1826 NY. Listed 1850 Schoharie, Schoharie Co NY Fed census in home of Christina Van Vechten 67, William E Lake 24 stage driver, Jeanette Lake 19. 1855 state NY census Catskill, Greene Co NY, Jennet Lake 23 born Greene Co, Anna Lake 4 daughter born Greene Co NY, no other record on Jeanette or Anna; William E Lake went west with stage company under Henry Gager Transportation Co 1859,Stearns Co Minn; Marriage license Oct 1865 William E Lake of Stearns Co Minn to Georgeanna Bates, Stearns Co MN.(Georgeanna is from Catskill Green Co NY, sister to Henry Gager's wife) They went on to work in the Black Hill listed in Dakotas following the stage line per 1870, 1880 census years. William E Lake, agent of Northwest Stage Company, died of heart disease 8 Sept 1882, Sturgis SD, per Black Hills Journal. Any info on parents, siblings of William E Lake NY would be most appreciated.
    343. LAMOREAUX/LAMOREE/VAN DYCK - 03/12/03 -- I am seeking information about the family of Daniel Lamoreaux, born in 1755 and died 27 March 1847. He was married to Magdalena VanDyck and he had 11 children who he named in his will. I am especially interested in when Daniel married Magdalena, was he married before to someone else, was Magdalena the mother of all of the children, the date of birth of Magdalen and the children, and whether he may have had additional children. I will trade information on this family or any other Lamoreaux or Lamoree in my file. Contact me at or send mail to Ralph Lamoree, 17535 Hiawatha St., Granada Hills, CA 91344.
    344. LAMPMAN - 12/31/07 -- Trying to locate a cemetary where they are buried and any info on John H. or Daisy Lampman. Daisy's maiden name was Gay.
    345. LANDON - 5/01/07 -- Does anyone from the Catskill area know of Jeffrey Landon? His father is distantly related to my mother and I am looking for an address. Carolyn
    346. LANE - 9/24/06 -- Any information about the parents of GEORGE LANE born Athens NY 1830 died Kiskatom NY 1907 wife was Amanda Jane Gardner.
    347. LANGIN/LANGDON - 7/12/02 -- Looking for any descendents of the Langin/Langdon family who lived in New Baltimore starting with 1854, John b. 1827d.1873 and Catherine "Katie" Miller b.1840 d. 1897, buried Chestnut Lawn Cemetery, New Baltimore, NY. the desecndents married Bailey's, Trumpbour and Frank. There would also be Synder and Miller families. My mailing address is Chris ( Langin) Henne, 7259 Mackinaw Rd, Bay City, Mi , 48706-9336, phone 989 686-2966 email or
    348. LARAWAY - 5/08/06 -- Looking for history of Antionette Laraway, b. 1826 in Prattsville. Have info to share on family she married into. John Adams
    349. LAWRENCE - 4/27/02 -- Merchant Lawrence, shown in Catskill in your 1810 Census of New York. I know he was a Justice of the Peace in 1807-9,11,13,16,18 and that he married (1) Neely,who I think died in childbirth; and (2) Sarah Wynkoop. He was also a colonel in the Army but I do not know which regiment or battles if any. He is also said to have had a Hotel but I have no proof of this. Myth runs riot here in Australia and there was also supposed to be a connection to the ownership of the land that the Waldorf-Astoria now stands on. Oh, to know the truth. It's his mother and father - Uriah Lawrence and Joanna Kelly - that have me stumped and I can't find any information about them. What would you suggest? Regards Patricia Parker, Australia
    350. LAYMAN - 1/25/2002 -- Carrie & Wm DOLAN of Platt Clove. They ran a logging camp in Lanesville around 1900. Children were Roy Inez & Leota DOLAN. Need Info. Marion Layman 278 Blue Mt. Rd. Saugerties N.Y. 12477
    351. LAYMAN - 02/22/02 I am looking for information on parents and family of Harman Layman, born in 1851 in Greene County, later moved to Delaware County. He was a child in a family of 12. He had a twin sister, Mrs. Hester Rockafellow, of Catskill, who survived him at his death in 1922. He also had a brother Servenus of Greene County who survived him as well. Any help apprecited.
    352. LAYMAN / PETERS - 7/05/03 -- Benjamin Layman married Jerushia Peters on Sep 20 1822 in Cairo, Greene, NY (according to a Patron Submission on the IGI). Can anyone help me document this. Corinne Duffy 4177 Verte Plc Nanaimo BC Canada V9T 5P7
    353. LEEDS - 1/11/03 -- loking fo info on catherine salisbury leeds b. 1825 or26 in green county ny. may be catherine salisbury born in leeds,green county same time frame. have beautiful sampler done by same. any info appreciated
    354. LEEDS CENSUS - 2/17/12 -- Can someone please tell me where I can find in the 1930 Census Leeds, New York. Thanking you in advance for any help. Richard Vollmer
    355. LEWIS - 9/26/04 -- I am looking for Myron Lewis, born around 1835, parents Alfred Lewis and Mary/Maria Kelsey. I believe Alfred's parents were Valentine Lewis and Ruth Woolsey. I need more information on Myron and his mother, Mary. Thank you. Patricia Lewis Noel
    356. LEWIS - 8/23/09 -- Raised his family in Cairo NY 190? Roy Hershey Lewis
    357. Lezette -- 12/20/02 - I am researching the family of Maxon Lezette, born in Catskill, NY in the early 1800s. His wife was Electa Curtis, from Saugerties, NY according to a death record that I have for their son Henry W Lezette. Henry, born in Catskill on July 25, 1859, died Nov 18, 1917, was married to Leona Richards Lezette, June 23, 1862-died Feb 2, 1949, born in Cairo. Leona was the daughter of Thomas Richards , from Cairo, and Elizabeth Boice, Any information that you can provide would be much appreciated.
    358. LEZETTE - 1/12/09 -- I have been trying to get information on my great great grand father Maxem/Maxon Lezette (possible spellings LEZOTT, LAZATT, LEZATTE), who was born about 1825 and married to an Electa/Electra A Curtis. She may possibly been called Annie? They had several children and lived in greene county. He was a farmer. He had a few sons. Henry, Newton, Peter. Daughter possible too. He was born in Quebec Canada or so I have been told. My great granddad was Henry W Lezette. His death certificate shows his father Maxon and mother Electa Curtis. Can you assist?
    359. LINCK - 8/25/03 -- Johan Nicholuas Linck 1715-1788 m. Anna Catherina Schmidt 5/13/1735 in Dutch Reformed Church Greene Co. NY. Looking for any info on this family and their childern. Larry Snyder
    360. LIVINGSTON - 2/07/04 -- I am looking for information on Paul LIVINGSTON, who married November 18, 1875 to Margaret DAY. She was born in Athens, NY February 24, 1857. I think Paul was born about 1855 possibly in Athens, Greene Co., NY., this information was given on his son's marriage license. Children: Oswald Born August 28, 1786 Albany, NY; Roscoe Conklin (my grandfather) December 15, 1877, Washington, DC; Austin born 1878 died 1879, Harry born 1883 died 1923. Paul was baptized at State Street Presbyterian Church, Albany, NY, April 5, 1874 and they also got married at this same church. In 1874 and 1875 they resided in Albany and in 1877 he worked in the State Department in Washington, DC. Any help on this family greatly appreciated, I have been trying to research Paul for 25 years. - Kathy Clifton
    361. LOCKHART -- 8/23/2009 - John H Lockhart Born Feb 1894, Sergeant in State Police, died 3/3/1937 Spouse Mary G Lockhart, Born 7/11/1894, Died May 1984, ** seeking maiden name ** Todd Lockhart 536 Clemns Run, Mullica Hill NJ 08062
    362. LONG - 9/26/04 -- I am looking for any information on James (Jim) Bryan Long, who lived in Catskill during the late'40's and early, up to mid '50's. He was born in Ireland. a son, Bernard Christopher Long, (Chris..lived in NYC, married Helen Blasenheim Powers), has been missing since 1950. Any info. appreciated. Thanks!
    363. LOSEE - 12/31/07 -- I am looking for any information on Belle Cooke Losee, born in Preston Hollow and owned general store with her hysband. Thank You Patricia Smith Stroebel
    364. LOWN - 5/01/07 -- I am the great-great-granddaughter of Richard Lown who was born about 1801 in Prattsville, Greene Co., NY. I can find next to nothing about him. I would like to know about his ancestry. My great-grandfather was his son David G. Lown. My grandmother was David's youngest daughter Carrie Mae. I have been looking on the major genealogy sites but can find nothing about Richard's branch of the family. Can you help?? Caroline Stallard 14475 E. 1375 Rd. Mound City, KS 66056
    365. LYNCH - 9/08/03 -- I am looking for any information regarding birth and/or death of Egbert Lynch, son of Denis Lynch and Kate Durney. I have not been able to find any information regarding this family beyond those listed. Thank you, Dottie Garceau
    366. LYNCH - 8/30/06 -- any info on Margaret LYNCH last listed census 1870 Elka Park Hunter township NY
    367. LYONS - 12/20/04 -- James Lyons born April 11, 1776 New York, married Martha E. ? unknown date, unknown maiden name, died Oct 15, 1837 Texas. I am looking for the county James was born in New York, and the names of his parents. I am willing to share information. Thank you. Charron
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    369. MacFarlan - 11/20/06 -- GGG Mary MacFarlane/MacFarland/MacFarlan, married in Greene Co, NY circa 1833 to William Nelson Carter. Have info on her descendants.
    370. MACKEY - 3/07/07 -- Am collecting all your data on the Mackey family of Ulster and Greene Counties.. Births,Marriages,Deaths ,Grave markers etc. Hope to put families together. This family was of Presbyterian Scots-Irish stock. Interested in l7 and l8th century info. Will share what data I have. Arlene
    371. MACOMBER - 2/17/12 -- Have Benjamin W. Macomber/McCumber born 1835 or 1836 in Catskill, Greene County, NY. Died 1865 in Civil War or in Minnesota. Had brother Edmond K. McCumber, born about 1831 or 1834, probably Catskill. Their mother was likely Elizabeth A. Clark, born about 1810. She married second to Jeremiah B. Dutcher. Looking for info on Benjamin and Edmond's father. Mac McOmber or 416 Ashbourne Eagle, ID 83616
    372. MANDIGO - 9/24/06 -- On the 1790 Census for Freehold, NY. he was listed as Rubocet Mandigo.Need parents name. He was married to Betsy Harder. Thank You in advance for any help.
    373. MARGISON - 06/19/07 -- Seek information on Martin Margison of Hunter NY about 1800, his son John Margison married to Elizabeth Haines also of Hunter, NY. Any information on any of them, as well as Ezra, Peter and Mary Margison from same area, would be appreciated. Kenneth Margison Pittsfield, MA
    374. MARTIN - 8/02/03 -- Looking for genealogy info of Josiah Martin born 1850 died 1913 Lexington NY Married Elizabeth bloodgood Any info available Would like to discover their parentage Elva Martin
    375. MARTIN - 1/10/04 -- Frederick Martin, born Canada. SPouse ? Eliza A. Jones. Son Josiah Martin, born Lexington, NY 1850, died Prattsville, NY 1913
    376. MARTIN - 11/20/06 -- Looking for information regarding Mary J. Martin born in Catskill, Greene, New York: moved to Rock Island county, Illinois: and died in Clinton county Missouri when she was 96. Heather Goold 12699 Clover Drive, Draper, UT 84020
    377. MARTIN - 9/26/08 -- I am looking for the ancestry of Wardell J Martin, born in lexington N.Y green county N.Y any help would be greatly recieved,he was born in the late 1800s,buried in pratsville N.Y.My addy is
    378. MARTIN - 3/17/11 -- Hi looking for info for Julia & Charles Martin they lived in Greenville,NY I remember he raised bees & had a small shop there....other then that I had no idea not sure when they went up there but I know I visited in the late 50's early 60's Any info would be appreciated thanks Debbe Dalton
    379. MATTHEWS - 11/21/2004 -- I would like to find the parents of my gggrandfather, John Albert Matthews, b. 8/13/1803, d. 3/14/1855, m. Selina Hosford 12/23/1827. They lived in Greene County and had 6 children: Mignon Matthews 54 Trowbridge Lane Clementon, NJ 08021
    380. MATTICE - 10/17/03 -- GGGGG Mother Margaret Mattice born ? in ?. Married Daniel Warner in early 1800's. Had at least one daughter, Mariah or Miranda Warner born May 12, 1814 in NY Any info on other children or parents of Margaret? Jodie Scales 11001 Foley Blvd. Coon Rapids, MN 55448
    381. MAYER - 03/03/03 -- I am asking anyone who is searching the MAYER family, if they have an Adam MAYER,1840 census, Catskill, New York. He is possible GGGrandfather, found in Rome, NY 1845. I have his family gen if needed to fit into your family.
    382. MAXWELL - 9/27/03 -- Any info on any Maxwells from Catskill. My grandfather Michael J. Maxwell - 7/20/1879-2/17/1924 (wife-Emily Lacey Bottsford), my g-grandfather John Ambrose Maxwell - 6/3/1850-1907 (died in Saugerties) (wife Mary Ann Healey) my g-g-grandfather Michael Maxwell 1820-1863 (wife Catherine Hanley) and anything earlier. Rod Maxwell 840 Rock Hill Ave Davie FL 33325
    383. MAXWELL - 1/20/05 -- Looking for any information on my gggg grandfather Anthony Maxwell born about 1811. Lived in Claverack/Hudson area. Married an Anne E. Mills. Had children; James H., William M., Sarah N., Mary A., Alvin, Charles and Augustus. Family moved to Massachusetts around 1850; appeared on the Great Barrington MA 1850 Census and subsequently vanished. Thank you, Marc Pezze, Sheffield, MA
    384. McCARTHY - 5/30/04 -- I attended Union Church School in 1945-1947 and was curious of when it started and where Mrs Mc Carthy is buried. I stopped by the school a few years ago and the old gentleman there was delightful and the school didn't seem to have changed much. I will have to say it is where I received the best education of my life by a lady that should really be written up in the history book's of Green county. A few of my class mates were my brother Daniel, John Halsted, his brother Curtis, Robert Mauer and his sister who was killed in an auto accident Carolyn, The Rafanni Boys, just to name a few. Thanks for any information. Richard Sheil
    385. McFALL - 9/28/02 -- Looking for the grave an date of death for ANNA MAY McFall. Her maiden name was Schoonmaker. She died sometime after April 1924 May be buried in Coxsackie ,NY thanks margaret
    386. MCLEAN - 1/10/04 -- I am looking for the family of Peter McLean and Elizabeth Warne, Peter McLean listed in Windham Census 1810 with family of 7. Would like to find baptismal records for their children. Elizabeth died 1821 and he remarried Margaret -----------. Only children we have facts on so far are James born 1811 and Jarius or Jairus born 1813. and possibly Nancy Hannah born about 1805. Jairus married Nancy Decker, Nancy Hannah married George W. Decker. Merritt, son of James was mentioned as member of Episcopal Church. Bonnie (McLean) Weese R.R.# l Arden, Ont. Canada K0H 1B0
    387. MCLEAN & DIBBLE - 3/18/2005 -- William P. McLean, b. abt 1850, son of Jairus McClean and Nancy Decker of Greene County, NY. Family in Coventry, Chenango County, NY by 1860. William P. McLean's wife was was Sarah E., born 1848. They were living in Coventry in 1880; two sons listed in census- B. Frank (1871/72) and Charles H. (b. abt. 1876/77). Searching for maiden name of Sarah E. I have a Sarah E. Dibble, b. Feb. 1848, dau. of Charles and Lovina Dibble of Norwich, Chenango County, NY. Any information would be appreciated.
    388. McPARTLAND - 4/05/05 -- Michael H. McPartland born around 1895, died 1930, son Francis McPartland born in Coxsackie, NY in 1915. Looking for family history. Sharon Northrup, 7711 Brandon Way, Manassas, Va. 20109
    389. MELIUS - 1/30/06 -- MYRON BORN 12 JANUARY 1845 MARRIED TO ALICE MITCHELL SMITH BORN 28 APRIL 1859. CHILDREN: Byron Howard Melius born: 19 November 1876 Howard Manfred Melius born: 27 December 1877 John Poucher Melius born: 20 July 1879 Carolyn Sener, 4 Deer Run, Plattsburgh, New York 12901
    390. MERRILL - 1/12/09 -- I have been looking for the maiden name for Polly Merrill, wife of Philander Merill for years, but have been unable to locate information. I know she was from New York. Jerry
    391. METZ - 1/12/09 -- I am looking for information on my Great Grandfathers family. His name was John Jacob Metz, year born 1847? All information that lists place of birth says Huntersville, New York but Hunter is the on place I have found . Judith Roberts 4954 Marigold Rd. - Mentor, Ohio 44060
    392. MERWIN - 9/09/10 -- I am looking for some info on the Merwin Family who settled in Jewett Ny around 1795 or so. Thanks penmarkpit44
    393. MEYER - 2/17/12 -- Looking for info on GG father Oscar Meyer who died in an explosion in or around Cairo circa 1884-1889. Newspaper articles would help. Contact:
    394. MICKLE - 6/26/02 -- Need info on Isaac J Mickle, married Jane Vermilyea in Coxsackie on 7-5-1869. Parents' names? Where from? Sally Neary 425-204-0193
    395. MILLER - 1/11/03 -- Miller Am looking for information on Warren Miller who was in Coxsacie in 1860. Only 1860 I have access to is illegilble. Can anyone look this up for me? Warren may be my gr-gr-grandfather. chuck lyons avon, ny
    396. MILLER - 7/20/03 -- Searching for any info on John Douglas Miller b. Dec 6, 1856 in Greene Co.NY. He may be a sister to Sarah Mariah Miller b. 1848 and married Vinal Skiff Welch. All of them migrated to Susquehanna Co.,PA. Need the parents and siblings of the Millers. thanks. Janet
    397. MILLER - 3/07/07 -- Seeking all information on my genealogy. Great grand parents: Sam and Ceil Miller, owned farm that was turned into Camp Meadowbrook, Hunter, NY. Grandpartents, Max and Ruth Miller, owned Millers Pine Tree House, Hunter, New York from 1920s to 1970s. Thank you, DeDe Miller, 818-346-6563 or 19808 victory Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 91367
    398. MILLER/MUELLER, WEST - 3/11/08 -- My name is Brian Easterday and looking to confirm information that I have on the parents and maternal grand parents of Mary West. Mary was born 22 Jul 1740 Athens, Greene, NY. The names that I have for Mary's parent's are William West and Louisa Maria Miller. Louisa is the d/o of Johann David Muller and Anna Margaretha Wolfe. Sincerely Yours Brian Easterday 4272 Shadeland Ave. #2 Indianapolis, IN 46226
    399. MILLIKEN - 4/18/03 -- Researching Milliken family from Ulster and Greene County areas. Both fathers named Hezekiah. G. G. Grandfather married to Mary Perry. G.Grandfather married Sophia Coon, later moved to Wyandotte, MI. Hoping to share information. Sheila White 18042 Koester, Riverview, MI 48192
    400. MINERLEY, MINNERLY, MINNERLY, MILNES - 02/23/06 -- mother’s family settled in Athens, NY area in early to mid 1600’s. Known first names are Johannis, Albert, Elisha, Renwick, Abram. Same family but changes to surname over the years. Interested in any info regarding immigration and settling in America for school project. Thank you, Susan Dent
    401. MOONEY - 7/16/05 -- Grandfather Thomas J. Mooney born 1876 in Cleveland Ohio and lived in Coxsackie. I found him in the 1930 census New Baltimore Greene New York. He died around 1940 or 1941. He married Catherine McEllen (McQuellen) and she was born i believe in Ireland in 1871. She died in 1936 in Coxsackie. I believe they had a farm. Any information about them such as date of death cemetery etc. would be greatly appreciated.Thank You for your help. e-mail Patricia Iovino Bridgeport Ct. 06606
    402. MOOR/MOORE - 3/05/05 -- What happened to "The Old School Baptist Church" records prior to church burning down in 1940? The church was located in Lexington and later was named "The Regular Baptist Church".
    403. MOORE - 6/06/05 -- I'm looking for the family of Edward P. Moore married a Deana Mann they had a son Manley Burr Moore that married a Doris Bushnell.
    404. MOORE - 9/07/05 -- Deborah van Bergen of Catskill married John Moor. Among their children,the name of Wilhelmus van Bergen Moore persisted in the son of Sarah Ann (Moore) Ames, b.New York 1801, who married in Huron County, Ohio. Her brother(?)John Moore married Salome Alverson in Huron County. Their son was named William, preserving the Wilhelmus.These marriages were around 1821-22.A history of Huron County mentions that Henry Moore came from New York aroung 1816. A manuscript in our family states that John Moore was born in Catskill, N.Y. Maybe that refers to the mountains, but it's possibly a reference to the town. A Greene County History reprinted by Hope Farm Press, 1983, first published 1884 by J. Beers Company)gives the van Bergen genealogy. There were four sons. Each is candidate for the Moore who emigrated to Huron County in the 1800s. Would there be information on the (possible) missing link generation(s) of this family? John and Salome Moore moved on to Indiana, and are my g-g-grandparents. Sincerely Yours: Richard R. Hoffman...... also can be reached at 3317a Itaska, St. Louis, MO 63111
    405. MOORE - 1/30/06 -- Possible father of Edward Henry Moore is Samuel Moore, b. 1785 Wondering if Edward Henry Moore is Revolutionary War vet, born Plattsburg, NY 1807,died 1847 married Rowena Sawyer, also born Plattsburg, NY in 1820, married 1840, she died 1887 Looking for veteran confirmation of service, any details Edward is father of Henry Edward Moore, b. 1841, d. 1923. Thanks for any help. to Karen Salsbury
    406. MOORE - 9/26/08 -- My GGG grandfather’s cousin was Lafayette Moore, Baptist minister. He died in 1896 and is buried in East Durham cemetery. Any information on possible wife or children Robert Stidolph 103-08 Metropolitan Ave., Forest Hills, NY 11375
    407. MOORE - 9/09/10 -- Searching Albert Moore who lived in Jewett. Born about 1808 and had 3 sons, Henry, Delos, and George. Patscga
    408. MOORE - 1/01/11 -- Researching Henry H. Moore, born in Jewett, Greene County 1840. Father may be Albert Moore. Sometimes spelled as More. Probably had a brother named Delos who married a woman named Sarah and died in Greene County. MOORE
    409. MOORE Riverview Cottages - 3/17/11 -- I would appreciate any information, history, memories and/or copies of photos of Moore's Riverview Cottages & Farm on Route 23 in Prattsville NY from 1950's through the 1960's. It was a vacation place for families and included not only the Moore's home but also cottages, a dining hall, stable horses for guests to ride, swimming (at first in the Schoharie Creek) in-ground pool, and later in the 60's motel units were built. I believe Moore's Homes occupies the site now. Thank you very much, Susan Hettinger Patterson S H Patterson
    410. MORRIS - 6/17/10 -- is there any way to find out the parents of Eli Morris, born Aug 10 1769 in Greene County NY. He is listed in several census' with wife and kids...moved to Bradford county PA in 1825....i find it hard to believe that with an exact birth date that his parentage is unknown! where would i look? Patty Abel /Betty Canfield/Arline Taylor/Clayton Morris/Ira Morris/Jeremiah Morris/Eli Morris/? looking for Welsh immigrant connection? Thanks! Patty Abel
    411. MORRISON - 7/19/04 -- Does anyone have any information on Elder Daniel Morrison of Halcott Center, Greene Co., NY and the boarding school that he owned. Also would like to find some information on the Old School Baptist Church that was on the same property. Does anyone know the surname of Elder Daniel Morrison's wife? Her given name was Philey or Philena. Daniel and Philey lived in Halcott Center, NY and are buried in the Lawrence Cemetery Thank you.
    412. MORSE - 4/05/02 -- David Morse, buried in Greenville, NY 1825 was married to either Ruth Kimberly or Lucy Norton, which one? Linda Morse, Richmond, MA,
    413. MOSHER - 3/12/03 -- I am interested in the Joseph Mosher listed in the 1820 census for Greene County New York. I would like to know where he lived and information on his family. Richard Moshier
    414. MOUNTAIN VIEW CEMETERY - 5/11/05 -- I’m planning a visit to Greene County in June. I have a relative buried in Mt. View Cemetery. Where exactly is it located? I’d like to take a side trip there to get a photograph of the stone. Thanks for any help you can give me. Barbara Craddock
    415. MOTT - 2/10/05 -- Looking for family of Sarah "Sally" Mott b. 8 Dec 1792 Greene Co. She married Heman Fairchild in Schoharie County 28 April 1811. (They are my great great great grandparents.) 1855 New York State Census Schoharie gives her birth county as Greene. Says she lived in Schoharie for 50 years so moved there ca. 1805. 1800 Census lists Stephen Mott in Freehold and Samuel Mott in Coxsackie. 1790 Census lists Samuel Mott in Coxsackie (Still Albany County then). Anybody have more on these families? Bob Fairchild (859) 986-6146
    416. MOWER - 12/01/03 -- I am looking for any information on my grandparents born in Haines Falls, New YOrk - Greene County. They were born in the late 1800's to early 1900's, married and moved to New Jersey. Her name was Jennie Winnie and is supposed to be a full-blooded Indian. His name was Charles Mower (or Maurer). They had 2 daughters, Marion and Evelyn born in New Jersey. Does anyone have any information on them? Vicki Schnoor
    417. MOWER - April 13, 2011 -- Charles. My great-grandfather, Charles Mower, born in Haines Falls, NY, DOB: 11 Jan 1892. Married a Jennie (Jenny) K.?????? in about 1914. They had two children in NY, Edmund H. DOB: 15 July 1915 and Dorothy DOB: about 1917. I am looking for Charles' parents names and any other information. Please respond to , Lori E. (Mower) Wall 6495 Creation Street, St. Cloud, FL 34771, 407-957-2134.
    418. MULANPHY - 5/26/08 - i am searching for a family names mulanphy. i found nora at age 12 in tannersville in the asylm/orphanage. i am having trouble connecting with the census for tannersville in 1880. any help would be appreciated.
    419. MULANPHY - 1/12/09 -- I sent a query about my grandmother, nora mulanphy Nicholson. I said I found her in an orphanage in green county in 1880. You said there wasn’t one. Maybe I could sent you the copy. It said she was from Albany but I found no mulanphys there. Maybe an accident or ??? I was working on my daughters computer at the time so you have her address, this is mine. If you have any info I’d appreciate it. I also have their marriage certificate from st marys’ in troy but was unable to get the supporting info from the church, county or city. Thanks for your response---I hope you can help in this area. kathi
    420. MULFORD - 5/20/09 -- Seeking researchers and descendants of Anthony MULFORD and Sarah Smith, who has resided in Greene, Schoharie & Delaware counties since <1800. Direct descendant in possession of original sources and have knowledge to other families with same. Will share/exchange with any interested party. Known children: Smith, Anthony Jr, Mary Margaret, Samuel, Jacob, Jane & Moses. Grandchildren: Samuel, Jeremiah, Ephraim, Valentine, Joel Milton & Margaret, Margaret Jane, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Samuel Jr, Harriet, Emeline, Porter, Henry, Watson, Ann, Willard, Wesley, Sally, Cassandra, David, Lydia, Rachel, Cynthia, Aabram, Susan, Sarah & Nancy, and at least 4 unkown girls. Doug Terrell 2533 Hemingway Ln, Roswell, GA 30075
    421. MULLINEAUX/MULNIX - 3/27/09 -- (& possible variated spellings) Patrick I am trying to find out if Patrick is listed in any of the early census for Greene Co. State? If he worked for a farmer, where they listed individually? Time frame 1820-1836 Here is a small blurp from his obit. He married Mary Hemenway of the Hemingway family. Died of Dropsy, February 6, 1889 aged 89 years. Deceased was born in the county of Luthrum, Ireland, January 1, 1800. He came to America in 1817. For two or three years he lived in different towns in Canada, hence went to the state of New York, worked for a short time on the Erie Canal; not liking his associates there, he went to Green County same state, and hired out to a farmer for whom he worked twelve years. Saving all his earnings, he came to Illinois in 1836, bought a farm in Wayne Twnship. Craig Poole 3203 Marcy St, Omaha NE 68105
    422. MULL - 3/11/08 -- GGrandmother Mabel born to DeWitt Mull and Amy A. Ray Mull about 1884 in Village of Catskill - Family appears on 1880 U.S. Census - Looking for copy of birth certificate, or other evidence of DOB - Will do Fairfield County, Conn., vital records lookup Kent M. Miller , PO Box 352, Stratford, CT
    423. MURPHY - 6/17/2010 -- Murphy, John said to be from "Northern Ireland" but shows Co. Cork on citizen papers. Arrived in Beekmanton, NY to work for Mathew Desmond about 1825---Married in 1834 Elizabeth Edgerton and moved to Stockholm, NY to farm and raise a family of 7 or 8 children. Where is he really from and who are his parents? I have not been able to find this information in many years of searching. Can anyone help? Thank you very much. Jo Ann Hatstat
    424. MURRAY - 1/18/02 - My grandmother, who I posted earlier as Anna Ford and had a son Joseph on March 14, 1916, and who, herself, was supposed to have been born on April 13, 1881, always claimed that her maiden name was Murray, although she appears to not have been married. Please contact:
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    428. NEWELL - 9/28/02 -- I am looking for information on my ggggrandfather, Thomas NEWELL. He married Mary MCGEE in 1856 in New York. I have no location. They had a son John Joseph NEWELL in 1857. On his death certificate it states that he was born in Greene Co., New York. I am seeking any information that might help me to locate a marriage place for Thomas and Mary and a birth place for John. Thank you. Cassie (NEWELL) Stevenson. 736 N Liberty Ave., Ogden, UT 84404
    429. NEWKIRK - 1/01/11 -- looking for info on my grandfather George Harmon Newkirk and or brother Calvin. Believe they lived in Palenville as I have old news clip about their visit home there. George as probably born approx.1871. They left together to "go seek their fortunes" in Texas. George my grandfather settled in Dallas and Calvin in Atlanta, TX. I found a Newkirk small monument in the old part of the Palenville Cemetery. My GGrandfather married Matilda VanSteenburg, and I can't find anything about her family. would appreciate any help. Thank you, Juliet Lamar
    431. NICHOLS - 5/26/08 -- Looking for any information on H.O. Nichols of Athens, NY who built and resided in a French Second Empire house at #67 Second Street in the late 1800's. Also looking for any information on the house itself. Any pictures or historical info would be greatly appreciated.
    432. NICHOLS - 5/26/08 -- Looking for any information on H.O. Nichols of Athens, NY who built and resided in a French Second Empire house at #67 Second Street in the late 1800's. Also looking for any information on the house itself. Any pictures or historical info would be greatly appreciated.
    433. NORTON - 4/03/10 -- Where did Daniel NORTON marry Sarah STONE on 5 November 1756? Daniel died in 1813 in Greenville. Did Sarah die in Greenvilee also in 1816? Willing to share info on Nortons in Greene Co. suestu3
    434. NUNAMACHER - 7/02/04 -- I'm trying to help a friend find her relatives. Samuel Nunamacher was her G Grandfather on her fathers side. Other Surnames are Davide & Wiltsie. If you have any kind of records on the afore listed surnames she can be reached directly as:
    435. TOP


    436. O’HANLON - 02/17/15 -- Alexander O’Hanlon born Ireland died 1904, Washington Street, Athens, lived in Athens with wife Esther and son Terrance both born Greene County according to the 1875 census. Their birthdates are unknown since Alexander and Esther are both listed as 50 years old in the 1870 census and 52/48 in 1875. Alexander was buried in Athens Rural Cemetery. Terrance was born about 1859. Looking for Esther’s maiden name and when they were married. Also, Terrance’s marriage information and son’s birth information. He was living with parents in 1880 and his son, Alexander, was born 11 December 1881.

    437. OLIVER - 3/27/02 -- Looking for info on William Oliver married Rachel Dennison, resided in Greene Co 1855 with children William Henry, Mary K., Roswill, and Laura. Family is Native American, and aside from 1855 census, I am unable to trace them. contact
    438. OLIVER - 7/19/04 -- looking for info on William Oliver (b abt 1805-1815),wife Rachel Laura (Dennison) Oliver (b abt 1834) and childrenWilliam H., Mary, Roswell S., John W., Laura J., Frank and Jennie. In Durham and Athens areas 1840's - ?
    439. OLIVER - 5/27/08 -- Looking for info John W Oliver born about 1856. Married Lillie Adelia Holcomb. Children Included Charley, Eva, Grace, Dora. Listed in 1910 census.
    440. OLSEN - 6/27/02 -- Seeking any information about Eilif Olsen, buried Climax, Greene Co. NY March 1964. Respond to Jim
    441. ORDAS FARM - 5/01/07 -- I am trying to locate Ordas farms in Gayhead NY, where I spent time in the 30s and 40s, can anyone help me locate this town as it appears the name has been changed, Thank you, Richard Kimmel Richard Kimmel
    442. ORMSBEE - 5/30/04 -- I have just found out that my great great grandmother, Annis (Annes) Ormsbee Danforth came from Windham, Greene County, New York. I found the Will of Solomon Ormsbee online dated; 28 July 1838. Both his son, Samuel and granddaughter, Annes are mentioned. Her grandparents were: Solomon and Sally Ormsbee Her parents were: Samuel and Melinda Ormsbee What other means are available to me to find out about these people? Thank you, W. Abbott 3306 E. Dry Creek Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85044
    443. OSBORN - 9/25/07 -- Samuel Osborn - Lexington - died 1854. Had children living in Lexington and Jewett in 1855 census, as well as family in Glens Falls. Anyone researching this family? Would love to share info. Jamie O. Shafer Ridgefield, CT. I now have much info to share with any descendants including his Revolutionary War pension record. Jamie Shafer
    444. OSBORNE - 8/23/09 -- I am looking for Jacob Osborne born in Greene Co. abt. 1776. He married a Mary or Polly. They had at least 2 children-Elizabeth b. abt. 1826 and Phebe born 1820 in either Greene Co. or Ulster Co. Thank you for your time, Helen Popp
    445. OSTERHOUT - 5/08/06 -- I am looking for the Osterhout family . i have an Elizabeth Joyce OSTERHOUT born 12 Oct 1922. place of birth is unknown at the moment. She died in 1968 in Binghamton, Broome Co., NY. She was married 2 times. First marriage was to a Mr. DECKER who was kill hunting accident. She then married Lawrence Jay VAN LOAN 29 Mar 1961. (born 29 Mar 1912, died 5 Jun 1977). If any one can help me locate the OSTERHOUT family line. please contact me. Lori Burrell
    446. OSTRANDER - 9/09/10 -- Looking for burial place and, if possible, cemetery records or will, for Thomas Ostrander (1745-1816), Revolutionary War Patriot. From his wife’s Revolutionary War Pension application (ca. 1838), Thomas died on September 1, 1816 in New Baltimore, Greene County, NY. Ostrander family history book, published by Ostrander Family Association, didn’t have any other information. Religion probably Dutch Reformed Church. Other info: Thomas was born in Fishkill, Dutchess County, NY. Married Elizabeth Smith (b. abt 1761; d. 21 August 1854, probably in Watervliet, Albany County, NY). They had 6 children: Elizabeth (1785 – ca. 1853), James (b. 1787, d. after 1860), Hannah (b. 1789), Jane (b. 1799), Sarah (1801-1836), Sophie & Cornelia, twins (b. 1803). Based on other info, Sarah is my gg-grandmother; she married Nathaniel Richards of Newton, PA, abt. 1834. Elizabeth (daughter) married John or Johannes Lansing; they lived in Albany County. Have not confirmed if other daughters married or not. Susan Posten Other contact info: home phone 405-373-9030. Please leave message. Home address: 11700 NW 116^th St., Yukon, OK 73099
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    448. PAELON/PALEN - 12/31/07 -- I am looking for the parents of Paulus Pauluszen Paelon who came to America from Holland around 1662 Any help would be appreciated. Julie White (my mother is a Palen)
    449. PALMER - 5/21/02 -- Does anyone know anything about the farm Gideon Palmer Bought in 1801 on Poduc Creek where Athens and Cairo Township meet? david palmer
    450. PALMER - 5/29/03 -- I am searching for the parents of Lewis Palmer, born in NY - 1790. Thank you. Byron Palmer
    451. PALMER - 1/01/06 -- John Palmer born ca 1793 was listed on the 1850 census with wife, Nancy & dau. Ellen living in Catskill. Any info on them needed. Lois Ragan 43 Picadilly Court, Kent, Ohio 44240
    452. PALMER - 1/12/09 -- I am looking for a descendant of Jonathan Palmer (Grandson of William Palmer - Yarmouth). These families settled in Greene County, NY. If any descendant has had a genealogy DNA test that would match my code: R1b1b2, please contact me. Thank you. Byron Palmer
    453. PARKER - 3/05/02 -- Searching any information on Catherine Parker, b. 1810-1820 probably part of the East Jewett Parker family, Greene Co., Died about 1840. Mark A. Simpkins Box 17072 SLC Utah 84117
    454. PARSLOW - 7/16/05 -- Recent discovery of Parslow link. GGG grandfather, Francis Parslow- probably Kingston, d. 1864 during siege of Richmond? Would like to know more about the family. Maine is a far ways off! Thank you
    455. PARSONS - I am looking for information on my great, great grandmother, Lucinda Simonson Parsons. She was the daughter of Tunis Simonson and Sally Cook. Lucinda died about 1861 in upstate New York. She had married Norman Abel Parsons in probably the late 1850’s. I believe she died after giving birth to my great grandmother, Fannie Lowesa Parsons Burnett. I would also like to know where she is buried. Thank you.
    456. PAYNE - 11/03/04 -- need help trying to find the origin of the payne family who lived in schoharie county, jefferson, new york in 1892. would like to go further into the past
    457. PENDRILL - 6/26/02 -- Pte, George Pendrill enlisted in the 57th new york state volunteers F Coy, oct, 13th,1861. he was 18 yrs, old I understand that his brother was in the 14 N.Y.S.M,and was killed at Gettysburg 1st July 1863, I am very interested in tracing any thing to do with george , as i have finished my research on Albert of the 14th,if there is anything you can tell me about him i would be most greatfull. D.J.Pendrill
    458. PETTIT - 5/09/03 -- Seeking data on Daniel Pettit, (Tax List 1787, Coxsackie) b. abt 1750 "of Long Island", member associate of King's Royal Army, UEL, settled Hallowell, Prince Edward County, Ontario (Tax List 1798/1808, Hallowell), d. 1831, bur. Pettit Cem. Hallowell, PE co., Ontario.
    459. PETTIT - 11/06/03 -- I am looking for information on Samuel Pettit, possibly son of Jonathon Pettit Jr. b. 1804. Married Betsy Wyckoff of Prattsville, Greene Co. b. 1813. daughter of John Wyckoff and Katherine Benjamin.
    460. PETTIT - 1/12/09 -- My name is Kelley Johnson and I am working on the Pettit family from West Kill Greene Co New York. They should be related to Jonathan Dunham Barak Obama ancester They were ministers and book keepers at the Lexington Baptist church . I am interested in the pioneer society that brought them from Conectiut to New York. I am looking at the time period of 1770 to 1820. My Pettits lived in the same county of Kansas as the Dunhams. Kelley Johnson
    461. PHILLIPS - 10/09/04 -- Maybe you can help me locate 2 people from my past that I think are buried in the Catskill Cemetary. One would be Hilda Phillips who died in the '70s and the other would be Howard Phillips who died in Jan. of 1986 and would be buried with a Jean Yannone who has a headstone there. I have been to the cemetary and it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Thank you, Martha Fowler
    462. PIERCE / Chesbron / Simpson CEMETERY - 2/17/12 -- Over 10 years ago I came across an unnamed cemetery located in the Town of Durham, near the community of East Durham. At that time I transcribed the readable gravestones thinking maybe I could pass this information to someone who could make this information available to the public. Having found the NYGENWeb I was hoping that you could add this cemetery listing to the Greene County site in case anyone is searching for these ancestors. The gravestones contained the following information: Mary Chesbron Died - April 1849 25 yrs. Wife of Seth Pierce Patience Pierce Died - Feb 2, 1858 98 yrs. Wife of Sylvester Alexander Simpson Jan. 17, 1834 35 yrs. Sylvester Pierce Nov 22, 1829 82 yrs. Silence Pierce Died – Jan. 24, 1832 20 yrs. Elijah Pierce Died – Jul 3, 1854 Age 4 yrs., 4 mo.,12 days Son of Amory & Elizabeth The cemetery is located at the top of a 543’ heavily wooded hill on the east side of the Catskill Creek, slightly to the southeast of the intersection of County Road 67 and County 67A. It is almost directly above the second house on the right when traveling southwest. The approximate GPS coordinates are 42^(0)22’23.5 N, 74^(0)04’37.71 W. The cemetery was in terrible condition at the time I transcribed the gravestones, and is probably worse now, with several large trees growing among the gravestones. Thank you, Jim Thompson
    463. PIERSON -10/04/2010 -- Zebulun Carbine died 31 December 1800 ages 26 years. Buried Cairo NY Cemetery. Information re parents? siblings? wife? children? please. Anything else known. Thank you. Clare Pierson New Zealand
    464. PINE - 3/12/03 -- Looking for descendants Daniel Pine, mentioned in 1832 will of John Pine Sr as his 2nd son. Also father and or siblings of Edgar Pine listed 1850 Greene Co Census as being 46, wife Harriett 36, mother Sarah 63. Researching Pine, Bogardus,Person families.
    465. PLOSS - 9/26/08 -- George Ploss 1858-1932 of Jewett -- parents? origin? Carl Ploss
    466. PLUMB - 3/17/11 -- Anna F(rench?) Plumb - Born Apr 1854 NY - Died 12/6/1931 Gettyburg, PA - Gettysburg obit states she was a long time resident of Catskill. NY and her body was being shipped back to Catskill for burial with her husband "Freeman?". Seeking any info on where she is buried and who her husband was. Also any info on her parents. THANK YOU! Roger Thompson 1921 NW 87th Ave Miami, FL 33172
    467. POHL - 11/04/02 -- Walter W. M. Pohl, died 01/1964? at Albany Medical Center, lived in Cairo, NY. He was a legal Alien from Germany, registered. Relationship, Father of Anita L. Pohl, Suttmeier, Turner Thank you in
    468. POWELL - 5/29/03 -- I am looking for any information abt. Thomas Powell b. in Greene co.NY abt.1780 son of Samuel Powell. Thomas had a son, Hiram who married Fanny Eaton, they lived in Delaware co. NY.
    469. POWELL - 5/11/05 -- I’m trying find who the parents of Calvin Powell were. Calvin was born 1808 in Greene County, New York and moved his family to Illinois between the 1850 and 1860 census. Both of Calvin’s parents were born in New York. His son Lewis was born 1849 in Greene County. Frances Powell
    470. PRATT - 1/01/11 -- Do you have any information on Ezra and Hannah Dickerman Pratt? They lived in Jewett, Green, NY around 1789 to unknown Their children are: George b abt 1827 Martha b about 1830 Fransis b about 1831 Maryette b about 1834 Looking for Parents, siblings, births/deaths, church affiliation, other children...etc. Any information or link connection you can send is greatly appreciated. My e-mail or alternate e-mail

    471. PRINDLE DAIRY - 5/11/05 -- I am reseaching my Prindle line and looking for information about the PRINDLE DAIRY that was in Greene Co., New York. I have a quart milk bottle and also a bottle cap, but would like to get more information about this dairy. Information that I did have was, they had a dairy, a hotel called "Idle Hour Inn" and a farm. Can you give me more information about this Prindle family, and when it was a dairy, and hotel? Appreciate any information you can share with me. Regards, Pat
    472. PROCTOR/PROCTER - 11/20/06 -- Joel Proctor/Procter, b. abt. 2 Mar 1784 or 1790 in MA>ME or England?, d. 17 Aug 1834 in Butler Co., OH, married Lucretia Crouse/Kraus, b. 3 Jul 1792 in NY, d. 17 Jan 1852 in Oxford, OH. Lucretia's first husband was ? Siple. They were married 15 Sep 1817 in Catskills, Greene Co., NY. Looking for their marriage record and names and birthplaces of Joel Proctor's parents. Contact: Linda Gregory,
    473. PROPER - 3/30/06 -- Proper, Alida/Alice Born Rondout 1874/1875. Parents Eli and Margaret? 11 Hedgerow Court West Hurley Ny 12491
    474. PROPER - 03/03/03 Need info for Robert Proper born 1891 in Coxsackie. Married Gusty Bradley in 1923 in Richmondville, NY. Parents? Siblings?
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    476. RATCLIFFE/Radcliff/Radcliffe - 4/10/07 - Looking for any info on this family in Greene Co. or in Ulster Co around the capital district. Samuel Ratcliff married to Gemima Hoddeman or a David E. Ratcliff married to a Sarah Kessler. Will share any info I have. thanks in advance
    477. RAFFERTY - 6/20/03 -- Looking for information on Elon Rafferty (1829-1917) of Greene County, KY. Married Eveline Graffert and had a daughter named Olive (or Ollie) in 1850. Specifically need to know who his parents were and where they were from - tracing my Irish roots and need to find out who came over from Ireland, and in what year. The name may have been changed to Raffety at some point. Thank you, Kristen Bedard (home) Kristen Bedard (work)
    478. RAPPLEYEA - 4/05/05 -- Grandmother Lula (Hare) Rappleyea married Jerome W Rappleyea at Lexington NY 1887. He was born 1864 died 1935 buried in Rappleyea family cemetery Prattsville NY Couple had a daughter Ruby Pearl. Seeking grandmothers date of birth and year of death and place of burial. Email B C Stevens 212 California Ave Watertown NY 13601
    479. RAWLS - 12/16/05 -- I am searching for info on Aaron Rawls, Married to Hannah Barber Rawls, 1790 Freehold Town Census, 1800 Bethlehem Census- He died in 1803 in Bethlehem. I can not locate property, burial site etc. Aaron was my GGGrandfather. Thanks John T. Rawls 3611 Driftwood Dr. Clinton, Wa 98236
    480. RAY - 4/09/03 -- Seeking Fowler M. Ray & wife Harriet Webster Ray, both b.1803-07 Southington CN. Married 1830's Catskill or Wyndham, Greene Co. Had two children: Fowler M. and Harriet both b. 1830's Wyndham. OR Laura Frazier, 3126 Normandy Road, Indianapolis, IN 46222
    481. RICE - 12/05/02 -- Looking for any information on Amos Rice, born 1787. The only information I have is that he was from NY, was a soldier in the War of 1812 and his father (unknown) was in the Rev. War. Amos Rice had moved to Indiana by 1820. Thanks, Cathy S. , Michigan
    482. RICE - 07/21/06 -- Looking for any information on both RACE and WINEGARD of Greene Co., NY. Albert WINEGARD (1855-1936) married Ann Elizabeth RACE (1862-1932), who was the d/o William H. RACE and Jane ?. There were other children of that couple: Harriet, Mary, William and Frances. Looking for any info on the other siblings or their descendants and for info re. the maiden name of their mother, Jane. Also interested in parentage of both Jane and William H. Race. Thanks for any help. Susan Willig
    483. RIVENBURGH - 4/27/02 -- Information on family of and birth of Frank Rivenvurgh born 1884 in Herkimer, NY and possible brothers and sistewrs of. Also parents of Frank Rivenburgh , Herkimer, NY Thanks -- contact RC Rivenburgh Sr.
    485. Rice/Royce - 5/30/04 -- GG Grandfather, Ira James Rice born 1808, Greene Co. Father believed to be Ephraim Royce/Rice, located in Fed census 1790 through 1810, Catskill, NY. This Ephraim, believed to be b. 1771, NY, his father also Ephraim Royce, possibly the son of Ephraim Royce of CT, b. 2/9/1717, d. 1762, Wallingford, CT. Any info for any parts of this line, appreciated! I DO know that I derive from the Royce family, thanks to a Y-DNA test! Clyde R. Rice, 11605 E. 267th St. Freeman, MO. 64746
    486. RIVENBURGH - 10/21/05 -- : My g-g-grandfather, David Rivenburgh, was born in Lexington, NY about 1842 to Ephraim Rivenburgh and Ann Warren? Rivenburgh, but was allegedly raised by his mother and grandfather, John Warren in Roxbury, NY. Any information about Ephraim Rivenburgh or his parents is welcome.
    487. ROBERTS - 2/20/10 -- GGG Grandfather Mathew born April 1783 in ?, Married Jane Wood 189?. Six children, Died Jan 1826? Listed on 1820 US Census. James H. Roberts 6481 Reed LaneAnchorage, AK 99502
    488. Rockafeller - 04/22/11 -- Info on Harriet Freese Rockafeller born Gilboa 1827. Last residence 1865 Ashland. Husband Ambrose, sons Philip & Richard buried Town of Catskill Cemetery. Parents Philip & Electa & uncle William also there. Please e-mail at
    489. ROCKWEL - 10/17/03 -- Looking for the parents of Noah Rockwell, b. December 9, 1800 in Green County, New York. He died on February 23, 1858 in Monroe County, Iowa and is buried in the Methodist Cemetery at Melrose, Monroe County, IA. Thank you. Barbara Rasko
    490. RODGERS - 1/10/04 -- Looking for parents of Rhoda Rodgers b 1826, parents were John Rodgers and Mary Miller—Any info on where they lived or are buried would be greatly appreciated. Ron Bechtold, Va 20124
    491. ROWLAND - 10/10/09 -- I am searching for my parents marriage records. They were married by a Peace Justice in Hunter N.Y. in 1947. Clayton Royce Rowland and Kathleen Mary Green (late Fairclaugh) Any help greatly appreciated. Jacqueline Rowland Chatham
    492. ROMER - 7/05/03 -- Seek information on Silas Romer of Catskill, Greene Co, NY. He married Margaret Rowe 31 May 1845 Kiskatom Reformed Church. They are found in the 1860 census in So. Cairo with children Ann E (married Abram Rowe and lived W. Hurley after Civil War), Angeline (transcriptions of church records say "dead" but no date), and Silas. About 1869 Margaret removed to W. Hurley, Ulster Co., as church records show she was referred there by letter, and she is in the household of Abram & Ann E Rowe there in 1870 census. So presumably Silas (the older) died in the late 1860's. Seek Silas' parents and the story of his son Silas. Also to learn parentage of a granddaughter Rettie Romer living with Margaret in W. Hurley in 1880. Sue Burt
    493. ROMER - 9/24/06 -- I'm searching for my Romer family who migrated from Lancaster Co., Pa. to NC. Any help appreciated; I'll share family info. June Raimer
    494. ROOD - 1/30/06 -- Frelinghuysen Rood: born approx. 1844. Listed in 1850 Census of Durham, N.Y. Any info? Thank you. Sophie Rood
    495. Sophie Rood, 21607 4^th Ave. S.E., Bothell, WA 98021
    496. ROOT - 1/01/06 -- Harvey Root, born 05 Apr 1796 in Greenville, Greene, New York; died 28 Mar 1871 in Liberty, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of* Adonijah Roots, Jr.* and *Anna Cowell*. He married * Jane VanVanlin*. She was born 1797 in New York, and died 17 Jul 1855 in Liberty, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. More About Harvey Root: Burial: Salem Cemetery, Liberty, Tioga County, Pennsylvania More About Jane VanVanlin: Burial: Salem Cemetery, Liberty, Tioga County, Pennsylvania Hello I am search on the following family. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help and your time. Sincerely, Nicole Parker
    497. ROOT - 3/11/08 -- Eliza Root,Antoinette Root- early 1800's,also S.Root known to be in Catskill,N.Y, Dec.7,1874-believe address to been Spring Street. Appreciate any information. John K. Hazelton
    498. ROUSE - 9/26/08 -- Henry Rouse, born c. 1814, aged 56 in NY census of 1870. Wife Ann Rouse. They lived in a house that is now 98 Second St. (corner Wayne St.), Athens NY. Daughter Emma Rouse, married Frederick R. Lape, a druggist; the Lapes apparently inherited the house. Any information on this Henry, his ancestors in Athens, or previous owners of the house.
    499. RUGER - 3/07/07 -- Isaac Ruger born 1793, resided until 1840's in Catskill, Greene County, NY near brothers, Peter, Jacob and Jeramiah; moved in 1840's to Tuscarora Township, Bradford, Pa.; died there 12/1/1871. Seek information regarding their father, believed to be Philipp Ruger. ; William G. Ruger, 1502 Pink Cherokee Court, Apex, NC 27502-6679
    500. RUNDLE - 3/05/02 -- Seeking information on Reuben Rundle 1757 - 1848 and his wife Sarah Holly 1757-1829. Both were born in Fairfield County, Connecticut and died in Greene County New York. They are buried in the Rundle Cemetery there. Looking for information on their children: Josiah, Rueben, Hardy, Sarah, Hannah, John and Horatio. Anita Schultz-Peters
    501. RUNDELL - 02/19/03 -- Seeking information on Luman Rundell, b 1899, d 1973 m. Helen Wickes, b 1908, d 1992. One know child Edgar L., b 1949 Catskill, NY. Rundell family said to have been on Greene County homestead farm since before the American Revolution. Posted by John Rundell,
    502. RUGER - 5/17/17 - Seeking information on Phillip Ruger, father of Isaac, Peter, Jacob and Jeremiah Ruger all of whom resided in Greene County, NY until the 1840’s when they and families moved to Tuscarora Township, Pa. The brothers were born in the late 1700s and Phillip is believed to have died in the 1830’s. William G. Ruger
    503. RUSHMORE - 06/19/07 -- Interested in the family of Rushmore's that owned the farm in Athens, Green County Ny. I am a Rushmore by birth and am interested in the family history. They say the farm was built in 1754. Any help greatly appreciated. Pam Rushmore Dailey
    504. RUSHMORE - 12/31/07 -- Interested in the family of Peter Rushmore born 1786 in Coxsackie, Ny son of Samuel Rushmore. Thank You Pam Rushmore dailey
    505. RUSS - 9/25/07 -- I am searching for any info abour Homer Martin Russ and his wife,Ella C. Hull. They narried in Durham, NY 1887. I have many pictures but not much information Thanks so much
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    507. SALYEA - 07/21/06 -- Henrich, my gr-gr-gr-gr-grandfather was born in Germany bet. 1730 - 1750. He married Dorothea SEIBEL. Children of Henrich Salyea (Solge) and Dorothea Seibel are: Anna Maria, b. Nov. 16, 1767, Schoharie NY, Heinrich Solge, b. Oct. 25, 1770, Schoharie NY, Eva Solge, b. April 02, 1773, Schoharie NY, Adam Solge, b. Sep. 11, 1775, Schoharie NY, d. Dec. 31, 1854 in Oneida County, NY, Engeltge Salge, b. Sep. 11, 1775. Seeking death date and burial information for Henrich SALYEA ( SOLGE, SALGE), He fought in the Revolution. Thank you very much. He may have been buried in Green County since that is where his daughter Maria migrated. Don't know the married name of Maria.
    508. SARR - 7/02/04 -- Seeking Linda Jaztal and Elaine Becker, both Sarr researchers. Lost their e-mail addresses due to health problems. Please note my new e-mail address. Anxious to hear from all other Sarr descendants. Hilda in Southern California
    510. SAXE - 5/20/09 -- Looking for parents, siblings, or children of John F. Saxe born 1797 in Ulster County and died 30 apr 1857 in Kiskatom, Greene County. Wife was Miriam Coy. Carolyn Kline 3191 E Road, Loxahatchee, Fl 33470
    511. SCANLING - 06/10/07 -- Scanling/Scanlan/Scanlon Robert Scanling married Malvina Scofield 27 Mar 1842 at the Dutch Reformed Church in Prattsville. Robert was born in 1807 somewhere in NY. I am searching for any information on Robert Scanling, especially parental information.
    512. SCANLING - 9/25/07 Robert Scanling(aka Scanlon, Scanlan, Scanlin, Scarlan, Scantlin, Scantling). He was born in about 1808 somewhere in New York State. He married Malvina Scofield/Scoffield on 27 March 1842 at the Dutch Reformed Church in Prattsville. They moved to the Robert Scanling. Are there any further information in the Greene County Genealogy archives that might shed some light on Robert's parents or whereabouts before his marriage in 1842. Thank you in advance for any assistance you might be able to provide. Bill Davis
    513. SCHERMERHORN - 07/21/06 -- Am looking for death certificate on Charles Schermerhorn or Addie Schermerhorn, last known address in Gilboa, Ny in Schoharie Co. Charles was born in 1867 , in town of Kortright N.Y. Addie was born in Walton, New york, aka Addie McClean. if you have any information that fits this critria, please contact me at SHERRY SUTLIFF
    514. SCHULTERER - 8/25/05 -- I am trying to locate anyone by the name of Schulterer. John Schulterer b. in Ubberwasser, Tarvis, Austria - ho 62, 23 Sept 1879 settled in Hensonville, Greene Co. NY in the early 1900's. He died there 30 Dec. 1962. He was survived by 2 daughters, but I think there must have been a son, who died before he did? as recently I found 3 Schulterer's living in Hensonville. I Don't know their names, I just found the listing in the white pages with no first names. The name is rare so they must be related. My husband's great-grandmother Emilie Schulterer was a sister of the above Johan. One family remains in Austria, and was recently in the States to meet the family descendants living here. Please contact me. I have quite a bit of information on the Schulterer family back to 1760 in Austria. Michael is another brother of John who lived in New York City in the early 1900's and a sister in the Chicago area. Thank you, Alice Finnegan
    515. SCHULTZ - 12/31/07 -- (nee WEISS)-Distant Cousin Rosina Weiss Schultz, spouse Lester A. Married Cairo, NY 1968 died March 1997 all info, brothers, boarding house etc? Mary Zatorski PO Box 83 Sound Beach NY 11789
    516. SCHUTT - 12/31/07 -- Looking for information on Jacob L. Schutt, and his father Peter Schutt, their relatives and their ancestors prior to 1852 construction of the Laurel House.
    517. SCHUYLER 6/01/06 - My father was Meredith Schuyler Kirk (b. 9 Jul 1927) of E. Jewett, NY. His father was Alanson Woodworth Kirk, whose father was Schuyler Ford Kirk (m. Carrie A. Woodworth), whose father was Henry Kirk (m. Frances Hignell Ford, his second wife), whose father was William Kirk (m. Eva Sheffer 1799 in Kinderhook, NY). Would appreciate any help on any of these lines. Many thanks! Lynell Kirk Nelson

    518. SCOFIELD - 9/28/05 -- family -- I am looking for any information on the Scofield families that lived in this area about 1820s. I am especially interested in Elizabeth Ann (Betsy) SCOFIELD who was born about 1824. She married William B. MAY about 1838. I believe that several of the SCOFIELD's moved to Greene and Saratoga Co. s from Fairfield, CT. According to the 1850 NY State census, she was born in Greene Co. NY. Her children were born in Albany and Sarasota Co's from 1840 to 1855. They then moved to MI. Any help would be appreciated. Barbara Thompson Klein
    519. SCOFIELD - 08/02/06 -- Looking for Jonathan Scofield, born 1780, married Mary Hinkley, may have come from Stamford, Fairfield County, CT late 1700s-early 1800s, at least one offspring--son Francis A. Scofield Roger Lon Scofield
    520. SCOTT - 8/02/03 -- Birth data on Maud Emma Scott, born approx 1870 - 1880; Ralph Scott, Hazel Scott or Hyler Scott Robert golden, 1110 Big Valley Dr, Colo Springs, CO 80919
    521. SCOVILLE, - 3/05/02 -- Hi List: I am trying to locate info on Phoebe Scoville who married Henry Alberti 29 June 185_; the Albertis were of Prattsville, Greene Co., NY ; my problem is there were 3 Phoebe Scovilles but I believe her parents to be Samuel and Sophia (Hurlburt) Scoville of Durham,Greene Co.,NY. Thanks in advance for any info. email me
    522. SEARS - 10/1/2011 -- I am searching for the burial location in Greene County of the following people: Issac Sears (1757-1838), and his wife, Grace Daniels Sears (abt 1760-1843). Plus the wife of Chauncey Sears, Sally Shufelt Sears (born abt 1797 -death unknown, but before 1843)
    523. SHARP or SCHERP - 3/17/11 -- GG Grandfather John born in 1804 in Coxsackie or Greene County. Parents are Johannes Scherp and Janetje Van Hoesen. Looking for birth or baptismal record. John left NY to join Loyalist famlies in Ontario. There will be no death record, nor possible a marraige record - he was married somewhere in Canada in 1830. _Reverend John Sharp_ 1005 St. Albans Road, Baltimore, MD 21239
    524. SHEAR - 1/12/09 -- Does anyone have any information or leads on a Catherin L. Shear (Shearer, Scher, Schere) born on/about September 1824 in Greene County? Her mother’s name was most likely Mary. TIA Jon LeChevet
    525. SHERMAN - 4/09/03 -- Sherman, Alvin, died 1/3/63, son of the late Joseph and Jennie (nee Katz) Sherman, buried at Temple Israel Cemetery, husband of the late Erma M. (nee Cooke) Sherman, died 7/6/89, buried at St. Patrick Cemetery. He was Vice-President of Sherman's Fruits and Vegetables on Church and Main Streets in Catskill, NY.
    526. SHERMAN - 7/19/04 -- I am looking for connections to my New England family roots....Moses Spicer Sherman, Cattagusta,N.Y. born May 17, 1828 married in 1847. Part of my family is out of Issac Libbey. Moses Sherman married one of several (7) Bassett sisters. Thank you, Ginny Cartwright, 306 Grace Lane, Terrell, Tx 75160
    527. SHOEMAKER - 2/17/12 - I am researching Shoemakers, specifically Joseph b abt 1825 Ny who married 1st about 1849, Ruth Ann ____ b abt 1831 Ny. I cannot seem to find his or her parents. There were several Shoemakers listed Greene co in the 1840 census, the right age to have had Joseph. I am wondering if there is a Shoemaker ancestor who is researching, or whether there are church records which would show the birth of Joseph, or the marriage of Joseph and Ruth? Jim Thoman
    528. SHOWERS - 3/30/06 -- I wanted information on William Showers born in Greene County, New York in 1822. I would like to know his parents names and occupations if possible. Also did he have any siblings? I am also looking for Esther, his wife's, maiden name. Any help you can give would be appreciated. I can be reached at this e-mail or at Thank you for your assistance. Joe Rosenberg
    529. SHUFELT - 5/21/02 -- The Shufelt Hotel in Haines Falls burned in 1910. I have reason to believe that its burning had a major contribution to my GF and F life. If anyone has any information about it. I would surreally appreciate hearing form you. I want all of the information I can get about it. George Becker
    530. SIMMONS 9/09/10 -- I'm looking for more info on Camrad SIMONS (1810 Greenville), Coenrad SIMMON (1820 Greenville), Coenradt SIMMONS (1830 Durham), and Conrad SIMMONS (1855 Cairo). He's the son Andreas Simon and Anna Margaretha Pulver of Col. Co. NY. (Proving it through documentation is another story.) According to Andreas' second son Nicholas' will, Conrad was still living in March of 1857. (Conrad died in Nov. 1857.) Conrad married three times - Maria Kellerhouse, Maria Beard, Catherine ___. Children: Ann/Anna (1797), Elizabeth (1798), Willem (1800), Geertje (1801), John (1803),(daughter bet. 1805-1810), Andrew (1807), (son bet. 1805-1810), Catherine (1813), Albert (1814) and Lucinda (1815). Maria Beard is listed as Andrew's mother on his death certificate. Cindy Simmons
    531. SITZER/SITTSER - 08/02/06 -- Looking for information on my ancestor Andrew SITZER, variously spelled Andreas SITZER, Andries SITZER, Andreas ZITZER, Andries ZITZER. (The name generally evolved to SITTSER over time.) He was born about 1743 and appears to have lived mostly in the Coxsackie area. I have scant information on him, his ancestors, and his family, except that of his son David, who settled in Albany from about 1800-1815, and married into the Samuel and Sarah MILLS family. About 1815 they settled in the Sennett, Cayuga Co., NY, area. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Charles Paige
    532. SKIFF, MILLER, RICE, WELCH - 08/02/06 -- Searching for anyone with ties to these surnames. Nathaniel SKIFF 6/29/1781-- 3/21/1833; married Sally Rice 11/29/1805 in Greene, NY. Born 11/22/1786 Died: 4/3/1841 They were in Susquehanna County, PA for a while. They had several children; some died in Greene others moved on. My great ggm Sarah Skiff 10/1/1820-- ? mar. Alfred Delos WELCH. Where is Sarah buried along with her 11 yo daughter, Ellen? Willing to share research. Janet
    533. SMITH - 4/27/02 -- I am searching for the descendants of Abraham Barton Smith, or his son, Edward Daniel Smith(b. 29 Mar 1865} who married Carolyn (Carrie) Warren. Janie Smith
    535. SMITH - 9/24/06 -- John VanVecten Smith, born probably in the 1920’s in Canadaigua, New York. He married Peggy Sue Cole Smith and they had 6 or 7 children in the 1950’s-60’s. I would like to connect to my biological siblings but would be very grateful for any family information. The VanVecten’s seem to have been instrumental in the founding of Greene Co. but I understand the current strain is from Canandaigua. Thanks, Dwight Farmer
    536. SMITH - 12/31/07 -- Looking for children of Peter Smith (son of Maurice and Obedience (Babbitt) Smith, d. August 2, 1855, aged 64y9m26d and Rosannah Griffen, his wife, b. May 26, 1800, d. December 3, 1872 buried Cairo Cemetery as Peter moved from Delaware County NY to Greene County. Looking for my ggGrandfather William Smith (possibly Peter's son) b. circa 1817, married 1839 at Fishkill to Henrietta Reside b. circa 1818/20. J.S. Maynard
    537. SMITH - 1/12/09 -- Stoddard Smith born August 13, 1767, died December 17, 1842 in Livingston County, MI. On May 24, 1796 in Greenville, NY he married Betsey Lee (born March 15, 1771 maybe in Castleton, VT, died May 29, 1847 in Livingston County, MI) (Daughter of Noah Lee and Dorcas Bird) Looking for any information about Stoddard’s parents. Thank you Carol Riley
    538. SMITH - 10/15/11 -- Gilbert Smith, born December 1818 in the city of Windham, Greene County, NY. Gilbert moved to Lorain, Ohio sometime prior to 1845, and married Maria Holcomb in Lorain, Ohio in 1845. They lived in Lorain for about 5 years, then moved to Iowa.Kent Lorraine
    539. SNYDER - 9/10/02 -- There is a grave in Prattsville, NY, of "Ann wife of Col. H.D.H. Snyder" She died September 24, 1844, aged 31. There is also a "Lucy, daughter of Col. H.D.H. Snyder" buried nearby who died Septemer 19, 1841 aged 10 months. As the Colonel is NOT buried there, I assume he was still living when his wife died in 1844. Does anyone have a clue who the Colonel was, and where he might be buried? Linda Snyder Koons
    540. SMITH - 1/22/04 -- Henry W Smith died 21 May 1879 New Baltimore I would like more information regarding his death. All I have is this date.Thank you. Andrea kelly
    541. SNYDER - 11/04/02 -- Am looking for the parents of Adam SNYDER b. 1756? Germantown, Green County NY. Were there church records that burned in German town? I suspect that this Snyder journed to Mohawk Valley and married a Maria Link @1777. Where do you suggest I continue this cross country seach?? DBJ Snyder
    542. SNYDER - 6/06/06 -- I am looking for Catherine Maybee born 1838 in Albany county, who married Philo Snyder (we think), they had a son Ashley B Snyder born in Greene county 1858 (stated on Lewis county 1665 census). We believe Catherine had a sister Sabrina Maybee also born in Greene County about 1835. Family stories have Philo as being born in Catskill, one of a set of triplets, brothers names were Phillip and Philander Snyder. Philo was say to have found in the Civil War. Any information on either family would be great. By 1865 Catherine was remarried and living in Lewis county, we have yet to find Philo.
    543. SOULE - 8/08/02 -- Henry Soule b Oct 5 1808; bap 8 Jun 1816 Prattsville Ref Church, Green Co, NY; 1st wife ? 4 children: Madison b 1833 Greene Adaline b 1850 Greene Benjamin b 1845 Greene Solomon b 1849 Greene Would you know about records (maybe in the Church) which might show mother of the children? Or marriage of Henry about 1832? Marilyn Stinson
    544. SOULE - 08/25/05 -- Henry Soule Born 5 Oct 1808. Married 22 Mar 1832 to Ann Ingraham. Other then the 4 Children listed. I have 2 more Jacob Born 9 Feb 1843, and Richard no date. I don't have any more but looks like Prattsville NY Bob
    545. SPANBERG - 5/26/08 -- Grnd mother, Ida Mary Spanberg born 7/5/1888 Catskill. Any info..we have none. Bob Coleman 5103 Spears Rd. Pinckney,MI 48169
    546. SPENCER - 02/06/07 -- Seek death date and/or burial place of Lewis G. Spencer. b. 26 Apr. 1804, Kortright, NY; m. 25 Mar. 1827 to Eliza Hurd in Windham, NY. Lewis died between 1836-1840. Lorraine Travers, 85 Iroquois Trail, Wayne, NJ 07470
    547. SPENCER - 3/07/07 -- Searching for parentage of William Reynolds Spencer b. May 3, 1806 in Greene Co., Windham, NY. Married Tarry Hopper March 24, 1825, d. Iowa Co. Avoca, WI, April 11, 1883. Daughter Nancy married Alvah Hampton. Betty Hampton.
    548. SPENCER - 12/31/07 -- Looking for Jacob Spencer, New Baltimore, Greene County, born 1814 don't know location, in New Baltimore in 1860 census, son John born 1865 New Baltimore. Any information on Jacob or wife Ruby Wood helpful. Jon Wyman
    549. SPIVEY-BJORKLUND - 11/21/06 -- Would someone be so kind as to look at the 1930 census for Cairo, Greene Co, New York and tell me if you can decipher the names in HOUSEHOLD #143-145. This census is Roll: 1441; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 5; It has been translated as: A?? Bogardus 39 Almer Bogardus 35 Robert Bordson 10 John Bordson 7 I believe this is my husband's grandmother and her 2nd husband (which I didn't know she had till I found this report), and her two children, Robert and John. I haven't got a clue where or how the name for these kids is what it is, but if this is who I believe this to be, then their last names should actually be BJORKLUND. Alma, Robert, John and "their" father, Johan Bjorklund emigrated from Norway and arrived in New York City in 1924. Johan supposedly died in 1928 and it's been after that time that I have not been able to locate her. That is, until now. I really believe this is her and her children with a 2nd husband, but I need the writing translated if someone would be so kind as to do so. That way then maybe I can find an obituary on Alma, who died I believe around 1955. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Linda Spivey-Bjorklund 2840 4th St. Baker City, OR 97814
    550. SPOOR - 3/05/05 -- Looking for info on ancestors of Nettie Spoor, b. 1878, m. Robert Wilkinson. Her parents were Richard Spoor and Mary Catharine Thorne, but that's as far back as I can get. She was the mother of my maternal grandmother, Dorothy Weeks. Abbie Test,
    551. SPOOR Family - 3/07/07 -- in America, by Marie A. Underwood (out of print). I have this book, and it shows a picture of the Spoor Homestead near Coxackie. Will be in NY in April. Would like a tour through this home. Have traced my great great grandfather, Jacob Collier Spores back to Jan Wybesse Spoor, born in The Netherlands in 1640. This home was evidently built by his son. Any information about the home, and if it is available for a tour would be appreciated. Willing to share genealogical records. Contact Kathy Downing
    552. SPRAGUE - 12/05/2009 -- Looking for Father and Mother to Willard Sprague, Born in Greene County, I think Albany New York on September 30th 1848, Willard later worked for Diamond Match Company as an engineer and moved to Wisconsin. Any help would greatly appreciated! John Sprague Oshkosh, WI
    553. STANLEY - 1/01/06 -- Tracey Marie Stanley Born: 12/31/1966 Died?? Any info on date of death?? Thanks , Kurt D. Stanley
    554. STARKS -- 12/20/02 -- Amasa Starks b 1808 Greene cty NY. Father Abraham Starks b 1780 Columbia cty NY need name of mother of Amasa and parents of Abraham. Marie Stark
    555. STARKS - 12/20/02 -- Amasa Starks b 1808 Greene cty need mother's name father Abraham b 1780 Columbia cty occupation shoemaker.
    556. Stevens - 1/18/02 -- Birthplace of Andrew b.1803 in Greene Co, (what town). Father was Nathan from CT, born 1781 (what town if listed) Or marraige of Nathan to Lana (last name ?) Willing to share. i956 Filly Rd. Cantonment FL. 32533.
    557. STEVENS - 11/03/04 -- I am trying to obtain early information about Sarah Ann Stevens, born 6 May 1818, Greenville, Coxsackie, Greene County, New York. I have a later baptismal date for her. She married Peter Tryon, also of Coxsackie, NY, and I have record of their children, and well as the deaths of both Peter Tryon and Sarah Stevens Tryon. I have copies of both their obituaries and a picture of the two of them in their late years. I know nothing, however, about the parents of Sarah Ann Stevens, and I am wondering if you can assist me by suggesting some directions I should follow. Does she appear in any of the materials you publish. Thank you for your time. Loretta Sharp
    558. STEWART - 3/07/07 - GG grandfather Alfred M. Stewart born in Greene County in 1811. He married Alma Crooker Ives. They moved to Ohio in about 1839. Does anyone have information regarding the parents of Alfred Stewart? Would appreciate any input. Wade L. Callender
    559. Stewart 6/17/10 -- Louisa. (b. 1809 SUmmer HIll NY) h. George H. Cutler m. 1830. > Need parent info. All I have is father's name: Solomon Stewart. Thanks! Kristie
    560. STEWART - 9/09/10 - I am looking for any info on James Henry Stewart who was married to Martha or Mattie Elanor (Coon) Stewart, granddaughter of Ransom D Warner. James and Martha or Mattie had 2 sons born in Troy, Rensselaer County, New York in 1880 0r 1882 name William Ransom Stewart and my great grandfather Edward Stewart born in 1884. James H was the son of William and Mary Jane (Andrews) Stewart. James had I think 2 brothers William and I think John and 2 sisters name Emma and mary jane. Thank you, Brian Stewart of Lake Elsinore, Ca. brian.stewart
    561. STONE - 1/30/06 -- Family, Looking for information on Arch Stone and wife Hannah. They are buried in Locust Hill Cemetery. He is the son of Elihu Stone and Ruth White from CT. Arch was born Feb 20, 1770 in CT and moved to New York sometime later. His children were born in New York, my link to Arch is through his son Russell L. Stone. Please email me if you have any information on this family. I would also like to know if there is anyone with records that can do lookups? Thanks. Shelia Gibson
    562. STONE FAMILY - 02/23/06 -- Looking for information of Arch Stone who married Hannah (maiden name unkown). They died in Greene Co. NY. Hannah died about 1835 and Arch about 1852. Both buried at Locust Hill Cemetery, Greenville, NY. I have info on one of their children would share.
    563. STRATTON - 5/09/03 -- Seeking information on Joseph Benjamin Stratton - reportedly born @1811 in Greene County. Any information will be helpful. Ted Holz
    564. STUART 8/20/09 -- Dr. James *1774 purchased 100 acres on the Delaware River in Ulster Co. - info re. parents, available documents?? DBuffett
    565. SULLIVAN - 07/21/06 -- Trying to find out any information regarding a John Sullivan who ran a contracting/blacktopping business in Greene County, NY, lived in Catskill and owned property in S. Cairo on Ira Vail. Anyone with any information please contact
    566. SWARTS - 06/19/07 -- William Swarts (Wilhelm Schwartz) b 1783 in Germany and said to be Hessian Soldier who was captured and fought with Colonies and also changed his name. Married Mariah and had 6 children by 1790. First four born in NY State prior to 1782. Seems they may have married as he came into service and she would have been born in Germany as well. But if not she would have been born in NY. There are Swarts settling there early and I am not ruling out that William was not a Hessian so looking for any family links. Connie
    567. SWEZEY/SWAZEY - 5/01/07 -- Born 1780-1790, possibly in NH. Wife Gertrude Wilson b. 1788 in NJ. Appears in 1810 and 1820 census for New Baltimore, Greene Co., NY. Looking for any information on his parents and children. Bob Sweezey 210 Handsome Ave, Sayville, NY 11782
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    569. TAYLOR - 3/08/04 - I found on the web a Taylor/Cole Cemetery in Cairo. I am searching for ancestors of Leonard Taylor B.May 12,1801(where?)I have been given many different answers.Does this link to anyone? Mary Budd
    570. TAYLOR - 12/21/06 -- My ggrandfather Samuel Taylor, was born in Athens, Greene County, NY, 1830. No nothing of his parents. His descendants were Willard, Peter, and Alphy. Does anyone have any connection with any Taylor's of 1830 residing in the Athens area? Appreciatively, Bill Taylor Hattiesburg, Ms
    571. TAYLOR - 12/31/07 -- My Ggrandfather, Samuel Taylor B. 1830 Athens D. 1888 Georgetown, Mi. Wife Susan Austin. Sons Willard, Alpheus, Peter. Am Looking for Sam's parents. Wm. Taylor 452 Buccaneer Dr. Hattiesburg, Ms. 39402
    572. TAYLOR - 12/05/09 -- Looking for info for Claude Buddy Taylor, he lived in Coxsackie NY in the fifties went to High School there, if anyone knows him please let me know he went into the Air Force was in Korea. We have lost him some how. if any one from the School there know of him please e mail me.
    573. TAYLOR - 2/20/10 -- I am searching for my cousin Claude David (Buddy) Taylor, he moved from Wise Co Va. He went to Coxsackie New York with his father Tom Taylor. Buddy was in school in Coxsackie New York in the fifthies if any one knows Buddy or went to school with him please let me know. The family has not heard from him since he went into the Air Force. Any and all info is appreciated. Doris Hyden Ely
    574. TEETS - 4/05/05 -- I am looking for info on the Teets and Terry families. They lived in Ravina and Coeymans mostly; between 1840 & 1890. Any help will be deeply appreciated Bob Currier, Warminster, Pa
    575. TERRY - 3/07/07 -- Looking for birth record of Phoebe Terry who was born in 1794. Her parents were Philip Terry and Elizabeth Mason. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
    576. THOMAS - 4/10/07 -- Looking for parents of Sarah Thomas who was born 4 Nov 1778 in Catskill, Greene, NY. Think it might be Robert Thomas & Louisa Vanderhoff but not sure. Jim Walton 321 S 309th St, Federal Way, WA 98003
    577. THOMPSON - 5/15/022 -- DAVID Searching for information about David Thompson, b 10 April 1800. Married to Rosetta Youngs. Any information about the Thompsons or Youngs would be appreciated. Bill Clark, NC
    578. MOON - 8/23/09 -- I am looking for any information on a second cousin of mine her name is Emma Jo Moon she would be in her 50's she grew up in the Catskill area. Do you have any information on her? I have not been in contact with her since we were kids growing up. I appreciate your assistance. Thank you. Best,Rick Thompson
    579. THORNE - 2/17/12 -- looking for info on parents, grandparents, great grandparents of George Edward Thorne and Lansing S Thorne (brothers) born mid 1800's Greene County New york later moved to texas (1890's) thanks george thorne 512-658-7627
    580. THRASHER - 3/30/06 -- am looking for info on Zadock Thrasher who is on the 1787 tax list of Coxsackie.Also in book index to history of Greene County by J.B.Beers and Co. would like info on his whole family. THANKS PATRICK THRASHER
    581. TICE - 2/10/05 -- I am looking for any information on any of the following: John born 1821 place unknown married to Susan 1824 place unknown. Three children – John N. born April 17 1844 Athens; Ugenia born 1847; Caroline born 1849. John N. married Jane Augusta Hare having 4 children John Hyrem born March 1876 in Athens; Elsie VanBortel Tice born January 2, 1864 in Athens or Macedon in Wayne Co. New York; Adaline R. Tice born September 1881 Macedon and Jennie H. Tice born August 11, 1889 Macedon. I am willing to share. Thank you. Contact: Jeanne Harris 9705 Argyle Ct. Granbury, Texas 76049
    582. TICE - 07/25/08 -- GGGrandfather John Hyrem Tice born in Athens, Greene County March 15, 1875 GGGGrandfather John N. Tice born in Athens, Greene County April 17, 1844 Willing to share information Jeanne Harris P.O. Box 5098 Granbury, Texas 76049
    583. TIMMERMAN - 4/10/07 -- Looking for the family of Lydia Timmerman July 08, 1830 d. June 26, 1913 New Jefferson Rural Cemetery, Off Jefferson Heights Rd., Catskill. She married Watson Charles Bottomley abt 1840. They hadm 6 children, Alice E., Anna M., Charles Watson, Emma M., William Joseph and Elizabeth Lydia. Carol Whitham
    584. TOBIN - 9/24/06 -- Looking for some information on my Grandfather John Tobin 1883-1928 married to Edith M. Gordon 1892-1956 buried at Halcott Cemetery Looking for names and birthdays of John's parents and any other information. Contact Terry Tobin
    585. TOBIN - 7/25/08 -- I have information that my father, George Tobin, filed a "Change of Name Declaration" on May 7, 1941, to change his name from George Patrick Lynskey to George Tobin. The older records for the County of Greene at the Courthouse in Catskill, NY have misteriousy disappeared to some unknown location or have been distroyed. I do not know where to turn to verify that my father actually, officially, completed this filing. Might you possibly be able to direct me in my further search for this record? Thank you. Leonard Tobin P.O. Box 17321, Munds Park, AZ 86017 Tel: (928) 286-0077
    586. TOMPKINS - 1/07/05 -- Seeking genealogy information on all Tompkins of Greene County and surrounds. Particularly any and all decendants of James Tompkins and his wife Jane Snyder (nee Taylor). Thank you. Cliff Tompkins
    587. TOMPKINS - 8/25/05 -- Seeking genealogy information on any and all descendants of Stewart Sherman Tompkins, born 1/21/1897, Ashland, NY, and his wife, Odessa Ann Kark. He was my grandfather, by his daughter, Alta Margaret Tompkins, born 6/12/1913, Rome, PA. Marty Payton Thank you. 14 Lake Drive Republic, MO 65738 Ph: (417) 882-9240 Cell: (417) 839-9498
    588. TOMPKINS - 03/07/07 -- Does anyone have the descendency of Jeremiah and Bathsheba (Lounsberry) TOMPKINS, buried in the Wilbur Family Cemetery? I'm trying to connect my Jeremiah TOMPKINS born in Greene County about 1833 to ancestors. My Jeremiah would have been 8 years old when this Jeremiah died. My Jeremiah was working as a farmhand in another county at age 17, and married Loretta SLACK about 1855. They were in Delaware County when my gggrandmother Florence Mae TOMPKINS was born. Jeremiah volunteered in Co. E, 144th Volunteer Infantry in August 1862 in Andees, Delaware County. He deserted February 1863. To date I have been unable to connect him to parents. It would make sense if his father died young and the children were farmed out. I also can't find out the disposition of his trial for desertion in 1865. His wife and children were in Iowa in 1868 where she remarried. Thanks for any help. Judy
    589. TOMPKINS - 4/10/07 -- I have reference to Rufus TOMPKINS being born in West Kill. However, I don't find it in the census. Am I looking in the wrong county? Thanks, Judy
    590. TOMPKINS - 5/20/09 -- Looking for information on Fortunatus Tompkins b. abt. 1759 and residing in Coxackie, Greene County in 1790. He had 10 children and died in Triangle, Broome County, NY sometime after 1850. Thank you, Bill Tompkins
    591. TOWNSEND - 06/19/07 -- Seth Townsend was b. 12 April 1807, in Greene County NY . Son of Zebulon & Rachel Townsend. Before 1828, he married Diantha Unknown. 1830 Census shows residence in Lexington , Green County NY . In 1840 Census they had moved to Marengo, Calhoun County , MI . I am looking for the maiden name of Diantha. Thank you for your help.
    592. TRAVER - 04/23/2011 -- Looking for Daniel Traver born around 1862 in New York Married Mary Ham(m) Born 1870 New York. Anybody with info on these two please contact
    594. TUCKER - 2/17/12 -- Seeking parents of Jeremiah Tucker, father of William Frederick Tucker. Information about his wife and children from a handwritten family history done by my great-aunt, Viola Maurer Tucker. Jeremiah & Maggie had 6 children (according to the history & 1870/1880 census)—Lavinia, Fred (i.e. William Frederick), Millie or Minnie, Augusta, Mary, & George. Jeremiah was a Civil War veteran. Found Civil War records for ‘Jeremiah G. Tucker’, serving with NY 56th infantry from 1861-1865, date of death reported as 14 April 1914 at Norton Hill, NY. Susan Ellerbee 11700 NW 116th St. Yukon, OK 73099
    595. TURK - 6/26/02 -- Jacob Turk, born 1786 in Westerlo, died June 8,1856 in Halcott, Ny Greene County.Married Anna Chamberlain (1814?) Does anyone know names of his parents, or siblings? Where to obtiain birth, baptismal, or death records, or marriage record? Don Turk
    596. TURNBELL/TURNBULL - 9/28/05 -- I am looking for anyone who descends from a James Turnbull who was born in Scotland and married Anna Bronk in the Dutch Reformed Church, Coxsackie, Green Co, NY, 23 May 1829. Their children are Rachel Catherine, Sarah Levina, Jonas Bronk, Mary, Robert, Eleanor, Lydia Ann, Emeline & Lucinda. Anna is descended from the Bronk who built the Bronk house in Green Co, NY in 1668. Thanks Sherri Wells Findlay, OH
    597. TURNER - 1/18/01 - I have found information on the web that says William Henry Turner was born about 1826 in Greene County NY. Our family has now record of where he came from or who his parents were. He has been the mysterious grandfather and great grandfather. Any help in identifying William, his parents etc. would be appreciated. William migrated to California and married Marie L Angell. He died in 1878 in Los Angeles. Thank you very much for any help you can give. Barbara Turner Sidler
    598. TURNER - 3/27/09 -- Looking for the family of William H Turner who is supposed to have come from Greene County New York. Born in 1829 and came to California in 1852 where he married Marie Louisa Angell from Rhode Island.. Children Alice, Arthur Kedi Turner, William Turner, and George Angell Turner. William H Turner died in Los Angeles about 1876. It has been said he had something to do with sailing ships or was a sailor. Some say he was a ship captain but I have no evidence of that. He may have had something to do with ferry boats in San Francisco. Barbara Turner Sidler
    599. TUTTLE & LAKE - 3/05/05 -- Looking for the Jonathan Tuttle and Aaron Lake familles buried in "CHAPMAN PLOT # 59. Greenville NY, about 1813 to 1840. Where is Chapman Plot? Any information on these familles appreciated.
    600. TUTTLE - 02/23/06 -- Chester Philip Tuttle born Sept. 1, 1883 married Georgiana Countryman born Feb. 1891. They had a daughter, Lillian M. (Marjory) Tuttle born Dec. 20 , 1908 in Catskill, New York. Need information on Chester.
    601. TYLER - 3/27/02 -- GGGG grandfather, Elisha Tyler. Appears in the 1810 Durham, Greene Co., NY Federal Census. Would like information re: his parents and where he was born and his wife. He had a daughter, Charlotte Tyler Hotchkiss, born in Durham in 1792, married Amos Hotchkiss, and died in Smithville, Chenango Co., NY. Bonnie Lundberg
    602. TYLER - 1/20/05 -- I am looking for Timothy Tyler, born 12 May 1764 in Harwinton, Kitchfield, CT and died 1851 in Lexington, Greene, NY. He married Lucy Beeman, born 30 Jul 1766 in Kent, Litchfield, CT and died 15 Sep 1848 in Lexington, Greene, NY. He should a patriot in the Revoluntionary War - cannot find records. PAULINE S. GALLOWAY
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    604. UTTER - 06/19/07 -- I am looking for the father and mother of Marshall R. Utter of Medusa NY. Married in Greenville NY on the 26th of august in 1940 to Mary catherine Hughes of Rensselaer NY at the Greenville Presytherian Church. Inquiry back to subject marshall utter.
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    606. VALANCHIS - 10/17/03 -- Looking for Frank Valanchis-Lived in Cementon,NY. Died approx in the early 1950's. Please contact me at the following address:
    607. VAN DYKE - 6/01/06 -- Nicholas Van Dyke lived in Athens 1850 with wife Ann Huvey, sons William E. born 1843, James born 1847 and Charles born 1949. William served Navy during Civil War and settled in Brooklyn.
    608. VAN DYKE - 07/21/06 -- Looking for information on Nicholas Van Dyke born 1815, his wife Ann HUVEY also born in 1815. Also any information on their son William E. VAN DYKE born in 1843. He served in the Navy during the Civil War and then settled in Brooklyn and died in 1898 in Northport, NY. They were living in Athens in 1850 with their other children, James born 1844, George born 1847 and Charles born 1849. Richard Klein,
    609. VALENCHIS - 11/06/03 -- Searching for the obit and information regarding Frank Valenchis. He died in the early 1950's and resided in CT and Cementon. Please contact the following e-mail address
    610. Van Dyke - 08/02/06 -- looking for any info on Theron Van Dyke or Ward Van Dyke.......they lived in Potter Hollow. Ward died in 1934 and Theron...his dad in 1946. Much appreciation Terry Van Dyke Schinnerer
    611. Vanderzee - 5/21/02 -- GGGGMother SARAH A Vanderzee(abt 1821 nee TUNISON )-parents death and burial husband THOMAS(b.abt1815 New Baltimore) son of Mary EGBERT and John Vanderzee- death and burial.
    612. VANHOESEN - 12/20/04 -- Dr. VanHoesen delivered my mother at home in what our family refers to as "the house on the hill", Coxsackie. I don't have the address, but do have a recent photo of the house. What I also don't have is Dr.VanHoesen's first name. Can anybody help? My mother was born 19 October 1916, to Charles and Nellie Parslow. Charles' brother, Ernest worked at the Coxsackie post office. His middle name was VanHoesen, after the Doctor. Thank You, Skip Beales
    613. VAN LOAN - 10/21/05 -- Searching for information on Marietje Van Looan who married a John (?) Mackay ,Mekke, Mechai,Mackey between l7l0-35. following children baptized in the Zion Lutheran Church in Athens Catherine,John,william, Mary, and Jurgen. Will share info.
    614. VAN LOON - 1/22/04 -- Rebecca Van Loon born 1817 in Athens and died 1846 in Athens. I am looking for her parents.
    615. VAN ORDEN - 3/17/11 -- looking for Thomas Van Orden having a very difficult time tracing back to his parentage. He came to New Jersey and married a Catherine T. Peer in 1836 and lived in Denville, New Jersey. She is buried in Denville, I have not been able to find where Thomas is buried. If you have any information on Thomas’s parentage I would very much appreciate your input. I have called several Dutch Reformed Churches in New York in Greene County and Rockland County. I have been patiently awaiting their input as to any information they might have. Please get back to me with anything you might have on my GG Grandfather. My father’s name was William N. Van Orden born June 21, 1916, his father Grant Van Orden born May, 1890. Thank you again. PalmaJ. (Van Orden) LaValley
    616. VAN SCHAICK 4/05/05 Seeking ancestors of Catherine VAN SCHAICK b. ca 1822 Athens/Coxsackie, Greene, NY (m. Martin HALLENBECK 14 FEB 1840). Email:
    617. VAN SCHAACK - 12/31/07 -- GG Father Issac borth 1873 Coxsackie? or Greene Co. Need wife's name. Had daughter Hattie Alma born around 1894/5. Moved to NJ in early 1900's. Wife died or divorced. Hattie Alma returned as Hattie Alma Shields and died in Accord in 1970s. Any info appreciated! Nancy Poole
    618. VAN VALKENBURGH - 7/05/03 -- I'm looking for info. On Rev. John P. Van Valkenburgh Born November 8,1800 in Rensselaer N.Y. His mother, brother and him moved to Halcott in 1813. If you have any addiotional info, on him or the Van Valkenburgh Farm it is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Willing to share what info i have from some of my family. Thank you Again. Jeanel Taft 1510 Popland St. Baltimore, Md. 21226
    619. VAN VALKENBURGH - 9/26/04 -- Eliza Van Valkenburg, looking for parents of Eliza VanValkenburgh who married Henry R Truesdell, They are my gggrandparents, their daughter Lucy Truesdell was my great grandmother, she married Henry Henson, Henry was born in East Jewett, Green County, New York. any information appreciated, k. hadfield
    620. VAN VALKENBURG - 1/20/05 -- My G G Grandfather, Sanford VanV*a*lk*e*nburg, born 1817 or 1818, was married to Amy Jenkins born 1820. They had two daughters Phoebe born in Green County and Abigail. They moved to Colesville, Broome County, don't have date. Amy died in 1863. Sanford moved to Pa. and married Mary Ann Johnson, my G G Grandmother. They changed the spelling of the last name to Van V*o*lk*i*nburg. He died June 26 1894. He left Abigail in Colesville. Abigail married George Attridge Oct. 28, 1875 and died March 28, 1910. Any information about Sanford would be appreciated. Thank you, Dana Valley
    621. VAN ZANDT - 10/21/05 -- Looking for info on my GGF Arthur VanZandt in Coxsackie. GGF married Eva Ottman. They had four children Frances - Myrtle - Norma and my GF Carleton VanZandt who was b. 27 FEB 1911@ Coxsackie. Please e-mail
    622. VARDEN - 2/17/07 -- Looking for any information on Varden family from Coxsackie. I have traced my family back to Michael Varden b. 1825 in Ireland settled in Coxsackie wife Ann son Patrick any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Margaret
    623. VARDEN - 9/25/07 -- Looking for info on Michael Varden b 1820 Ire d 1860-70 wife nn b 1825 d 1860-65, 1850 + 60 in Coxsackie NY son Patrick b 1846 Ire married 1873 St Mary's church Coxsackie and burried there is there a cemetery listing for St. Mary's? Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Margaret Jones
    624. VILLA GENOA - 10/09/04 -- I am seeking information, reminiscences, photographs, etc. concerning the former Villa Genoa boarding house that stood on Church Street, Cairo, and burned circa 1949-1950. My ggrandparents made frequent visits from their home on Staten Island to this boarding house and ultimately purchased the house next door in c. 1933. Daniel Piazza 753 James Street Syracuse NY 13203
    625. VINING - 08/25/03 -- Seeking any info on GGgrandparents David Vining m: Eliza Drew lived around Coxsackie area in the 1830s. Had son William Henry born probably Oct 23, 1834 and was left an orphan at age 5. grew up in the home of Truman Waldron near Greenville. Margaret Young 3547 Rock Creek Run San Antonio, Tx 78230
    626. VORCE - 3/18/05 -- Seeking information on Henry Vorse/Vorce. He lived in Green County in 1794 and had one of the first grist mills. His wife was Urania Bartoo. Paula Brentnall
    627. VOSBURG - (01/18/02) -- GGGrandfather After Vosburg b.@1850 in Greene Co.,N.Y. married July 03,1852 to Sarah Houghtaling (sp?) b.@1831 in Greene Co., N.Y. I have 6 children listed. I have very little info on their parents or if they have any siblings. Willing to share information. Kathleen Hamilton P.O. Box 245 Eagle Lake, TX 77434
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    629. WADIN - 7/12/02 -- Searching for obit for Harry W. WADIN born 1876 died 1916 buried Sylvan Cemetery Greene NY. Also obit for son Douglas P. WADIN born 1901 died 1970 buried Sylvan Cemetery Greene NY. Thank you. Kathryn Ainsworth 4255 Flamingo SW Wyoming MI 49509
    630. WAKELEE - 8/02/03 -- I am searching for information on Abel and Abner WAKELEE and their family, also Abner's wife Amanda CHERRITRE. Both Abner and Amanda were supposedly born in Greenville, NY. Raymond Huessy 288 Beaver Meadow Road Norwich, VT 05055 USA [802] 649-8977 fax: 649-2035
    631. WATSON - 8/23/09 -- Looking for any information on the family of my GGGG Father Robert H Watson born 1841 in New Baltimore. The names I have are John born 1800,d 1864 and Mahala born 1802, d 1853. Have info to share, any help would be appreciated. Larry Watson Calif
    632. WAKELEY - 1/30/06 -- I am looking for any information on William S. Wakeley. He was born in April of 1802 in Litchfield Conn, he married Margaret Whippy Sept 1821 in Athens NY. She was born in June 1804 on Nantucket Island Mass. I know that he had at least five children and that he moved west to illinois in the 1840's but i do not know his parents names. Jacqui Wakeley N1968 Hwy H Lake Geneva, WI 53147
    633. WARNER - 9/28/05 -- PAINTER/WARNER. Seth O. Warner married Polly Painter ca 1897 and they lived in the village of Freehold. They had two sons: George Washington Warner (married Harriet Warner) and John P. Warner (married Ann Eliza Griffin). If you have knowledge of this family please respond.
    634. WASHINGTON - 5/30/04 -- am trying to track down grgrandfather prince edward washington bn greene cy 1841 or 1843 died wv after1900. sincerely Willard Washinghton Euclid Ohio
    635. WASHINGTON - 12/20/04 - Need any information at all regarding my GGG Grandfather, Prince Edward Washington Sr., Born: Greene County, NY 1843, Married Regina L. (unknown). In the 1880 census of Kanawha County, WV, it showed he had 3 siblings living with in the household at that time: Elizia Washington, Daughter, 5yrs old, John W. Washington, Son, 3yrs old, and Mary M. Washington, Daughter, 1yr old. Also, Prince Edward Washington is claimed to be George Washington's 5th cousin, and I would be the 9th. Need proof. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jeff M. Washington
    636. WATERS - Armina Waters b in Green county 1782 m Jonathan Mott daughter Betsy 1812 in Bangall NY any information on this family would be helpful thank
    637. WEBBER - 3/17/11 -- Looking for parents of Henry Webber B Feb.13,1728(possibly 1729), married Elizabeth Brandow Sept. 16, 1760 died October 26, 1795. signed Coxackie Declaration and served with James Waldron regiment. & children and resided in Catskill. Male lineage to date Henry, John, Robert, Porter, Herman, Carl, Richard, Fred, Aaron Thank you for all your efforts! Fred C. Webber
    638. WEBSTER - 7/25/08 -- Looking for Last Will and Testament of Charles Webster, b. 18 Mar 1743-44, d. Jun 1796 at Kiskydong, Greene Co., NY. (12 mi. west of Catskill) PENTAENGR@AOL.COM
    639. WEED - 2/17/15 -- I am looking for descendants of Jeremiah Weed who lived in Freehold, Greene Co. in 1800.  in 1810 he is in Middletown, Delaware Co.  Does anybody know his children's names.  I am hoping that he had a daughter (my 2nd gr-grandmother) Mary "Polly", b. Greene Co. 08 Mar 1792, who married Stillman Bellows.  Every posting has her listed as the daughter of Jonathan Weed/Susannah St. John, but I don't see the proof.
      Galen Graham 7842 W. 156th Place, Overland Park, KS 66223
    640. WEISS - 10/17/03 -- birth record and inflo on parents for PETER WEISS 10/2/1889 father joseph weiss mother rose speigel. contact or robert weiss 4369 steed terrace,winter park,fl 32792
    641. WESTFALL - 1/03/02 -- Seeking any and all information you may have on the Westfall family (also spelled Westvael, Westphal, Westphalen, etc.) in the Greene County Area from the early 1700's to the present. Sherry Ryan or 12061 Caminito Campana, San Diego, CA 92128-2061
    642. WEST/MILLER - 1/12/09 -- My name is Brian Easterday and am looking for confirmation on the marriage of William West and Louisa (Maria) Miller. The information that I have is they were married 30 Sep 1739 in Athens Green County, New York. Thanks for your help - Brian Easterday
    643. WHEELER, - 1/18/02 -- Isaac I am searching for information on an Isaac WHEELER whose name is found on the census of 1810 for Durham, Greene Co., NY. He was born in 1775, place unknown, moved to Durham, probably around 1800 with his wife, who may have been named Letitia. In 1817, he moved to Camden, Oneida Co., NY where he died 16 Dec. 1843. His children were, Daniel, b. 1798, Charles, b. 1802-1803, Samuel Isaac Jr.,Joseph, Occamen, Russell & Betsey. Kathy Johnson
    644. WHEELER - 12/16/05 -- Searching for info on Isaac Wheeler, b. about 1775, probably in Connecticut. He was married to Lettitia, surname unknown, and they lived in Westchester Co. NY in 1798. They are on the 1810 census for Durham, Greene, NY and then in Camden, Oneida, NY in 1817. Kathy Johnson
    645. WHEELER - 9/25/07 -- Ezra Barnum WHEELER & wife Elizabeth BARTON resided in Greene Co & had 1st child John Barton Wheeler there in 1806. I'm interested in the Parents of Ezra B. Wheeler who was born in 1785. Thanks for any help John's son married into my DELAMATER Family. Darlene T. Holling
    646. WHITBECK - 07/21/06 -- I am searching for a connection between the Hollenbeck, Whitbeck and Place families. Burried in the Place Family Cemetery in Greenville Center, New York, is a Maria Hollenbeck who died at the age of 89 years on August 30, 1865. SHe was married to Henry Whitbeck. We have no idea why these individuals would be burried in our cemetery. Thank you for whatever help you can give us. Rebecca Mulholland and Louanne Barret
    647. WHITE - 12/01/03 -- I am researching my g/g/g/g/grandfather, Reuben White and his brother Hezekiah. Reuben was born in Scituate, RI in 1752, served in the Revolutionary War and last known residence was Wyndom, Greene County, NY. His first wife was Ruth Hammond, his second wife was Thankful Hammond, Ruth's sister. I am looking for any of his descendants. I am the g/g/g/grandaughter of Nathan White. J. Phyllis (White) Corkins 1441 Bradwell Dr., Orlando, FL 32837
    648. WHITE - 7/23/02 -- I am researching my g/g/g/g/grandfather Reuben White. I have found a copy of his Revolutionary War Pension application where he was listed as living in Windham, County of Greene. This document was dated September, 1832. His birth was listed as 1752. Do you know of any way that I can further find a record of him in your County ? I, myself, am 74 Yrs. old and am doing this for my descendants. I would deeply appreciate any input you have on this. Thank you. J. Phyllis (White) Corkins J. Phyllis (White) Corkins (in Colorado)
    649. WILDEY - 5/08/06 -- Maiden name of Catherine Wildey b. 1810 N.Y. wife of Richard E. Wildey b.1805. Was Lucas D. Wildey their son?
    650. WILKINSON - 3/05/05 -- Looking for names of parents of Robert Wilkinson who married Nettie Spoor. They were the parents of my grandmother, Dorothy Weeks Abbie Test
    651. WILLIAMS - 6/06/02 -- Am seeking information about Peter Osterhout Williams MD born 5-18-1821 and died in Coxsackie on 3-19-1889. or 3-19-1887 cannot read inscription on grave stone , his body was transported to Watertown NY . Also have info that one of his wives Rebecca was buried in Hudson NY?? Any information would be greatly apprecitated Donna Williams
    652. WILLIAMS - 4/05/05 -- I am looking for information on the parents of Charles D Williams, born in Greene Co, NY on 10/7/1853. He married Emeline Slover/Seloover. My email address is:
    653. WILLIAMS - 1/10/10 -- Seek information about James Williams of Lexington town, and also his wife and any children; his marriage and children around 1845-1865 plus/minus; may have moved or had connections with people in W. Bloomfield (near Rochester) Meredith Leonard
    654. WILLIAMS - 9/29/11 -- Hi, I am looking for any information on Francis E. or M. James Williams. Francis E. was born in 1836 in Lexington NY and married Henrietta Halsted of Middletown in 1856. M. James is listed as father of Francis E. in 1880 census, which indicates M. James was born in 1812 in NY. The "M" may stand for Malburn as a decendent was named James Malburn Williams. Francis and Henrietta eventually settled in Topeka, Kansas. thank you Roy Francis Williams
    655. WILSON - 5/21/02 -- Does anyone have any info on the Richard Wilson 1767-1851 family Jim Sabin
    656. WILSON - 1/30/03 -- Seeking any information on any members of this Wilson family, particularly bp and bd of Aaron and Elizabeth (Wier) Wilson. Aaron Wilson (ggg gfather), b. abt 1790-1795, m. bef 1812 Elizabeth "Betsey" Wier, b. abt 1790, d. 3 Mar 1879 at Lisle, Broome Co., NY; ch. 1. Gilbert, b. 24 Jan 1812, d. 25 Feb 1812; 2. James Richards, b. 23 Jan 1814 at New Durham, NY; 3. Albert Allen (gg gfather), b. 14 May 1816 at New Durham, d. 16 Mar 1886 at Lisle, NY; 4. Nancy Wier, b. 5 Aug 1818 at New Durham; 5. George Washington, b. 30 Jun 1820 at New Durham, d. 19 Jul 1864 at Donaldsonville, LA (Civil War death); 6. Sophia Elizabeth, b. 24 Apr 1824 at New Durham; 7. Gilbert, b. 2 Feb 1831 (Sources: Cooke Index of Pittsfield Families; Pittsfield Birth Index, Book 1, p. 251; Tombstones, Center Lisle Cem., Lisle, Broome Co., NY) Charles Wilson 139 Sun Meadow Road, Greer, SC 29650
    658. WING - 4/27/02 -- Seeking info on Robert Tate Wing civil war vet CO G 188 NY inf email thanks
    659. WING - 07/25/08 -- Looking for any information on Mary Eliza Wing of Cornwallville, NY. Lived in a stone farmhouse on Strong Road in Cornwallville from 1923-1968. Also looking for information on orginal owners of the same house and farm. Possible earlier or original owner was John Jerome of Cornwallville. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Stephen Ellwood 459 Strong Rd, Cornwallville, NY 12418.
    660. WINGATE - 3/07/07 -- I am searching for my ggggGrandfather, Hezekiah Wingate born in MD around 1787. I don't know his wife's name but he had a son Amos, b. 1821 in NJ. I find Hezekiah and wife, son, age 10-15, his age 40-50, one daughter age 5-10 and wife age 30-40. They were living in Chenango in the 1930 census. I have no more information on Hezekiah, but I do his son, Amos. I would be happy to share my information with anyone having information on this family. I have hit a brick wall, need help!!Barbara
    661. WOLCOTT - 9/24/06 -- AARON - said to be born in Lexington on 7 April 1806 to Samuel Wolcott and Sarah Hull. Is there a record of this? Aaron Wolcott married Anna Winter but I do not know where, perhaps Greene Co.? Barry Boyer
    662. WOLFERSTEIG - 9/24/06 -- I am looking for Effie C. 'maiden name'. She married Wilhelm Stephen Wolfersteig who lived in Newton Hook, NY and moved to Columbia, Columbia County, NY. Their children are: Stuart E. (went by Edwin); William Jr. ; Burr; Harold ; Margrette. They all lived in Hudson, NY. I need her date of death and birth, also his death date. Thank you, A. Buddington
    663. WOODWORTH - 6/01/06 -- My grandfather was Alanson Woodworth Kirk (b.1900), son of Carrie A. Kirk and Schuyler Ford Kirk of E. Jewett, NY (Green Co.). Other names connected with Woodworth are Emerson, Ford, Hignell, Sheffer, Van Valkenburg(h), Meredith. Any info on connecting lines will be greatly appreciated. Lynell Nelson
    664. WRIGHT - Abigale Wright mother of John Wright born 1-18-1818 in Cairo, NY. Abigale was born 1793 Cairo also , I am looking for anything about John's real father.
    665. WRIGHT - 12/21/06 -- Looking for parents of Abigail Wright , she was born 1793 in Cairo , NY. John Wright , born 1-18-1818 , also in Cario.
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    667. YEADON - 3/05/02 -- Looking for descendants of William Yeadon (1819-1909) and Judith Smith (1825-1905). Lived in Cairo and Round Top, Greene Co. Related families include Cochran, Swenson, Stewart, Jones and Pietschker. Bo Pitsker, PO Box 2105, Livermore, CA 9451-2105
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    669. ZAHARRIS - 5/11/02 -- Any information on the "Zaharris" family. I have been looking trying to find the Prattsville Cemetary as I know my grandparents are buried there. I keep coming up with deadends. If you can guide me to someone or give me some idea of how to further my search I would be very greatful. Thank you very much e-mail Stacey S
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