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Indian Tribes of Hudson's River Vol I,  
Indian Tribes of Hudson's River Vol II
Picturesque Ulster,  
Picturesque Catskills,  
The Delaware Indians,  
Revolutionary War Chronology & Almanac,  
Gunther Van Winkle and the Half Moon,  
Old West Hurley Revisited,  
A Post Card Portrait of John Burroughs,  
More Balls Than Strikes,  
Water For New York City,  
Walking Through Yesterday in Old West Hurley,  
Tall Tales of the Catskills,  
Lighthouses of New York,  
Reminiscences of the Revolution or Le Loup's Bloody Trail,   
The British Occupation of New York City,  
Kingston's Magnificent City Parks,  
A Brief History of Saugerties

Easy Origami Ornaments,  
Summering in Colorado

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Hope Farm Press Books: 

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Picturesque Ulster Buy Now or email me

Richard DeLisser. A 1998 reprint with a quality to rival the clarity and content of the 1896-1905 original - Oversized, glossy paper, smythebound (sewn binding) more than 1000 quality black and white photos from the turn of the last century and before. With a photo journal of each town, including those removed for the Ashokan Reservoir, and the author's delightful musings. 9x12 paper 294 pages $35

Picturesque Catskills  Buy Now or email me

Richard DeLisser. A reprint with a quality to rival the clarity and content of the 1894 original - Oversized, glossy paper, more than 800 quality black and white photos from the turn of the last century and before. With a photo journal of each town and the author's delightful musings. 10x12 paper 160 pages $29.95



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Vol I to 1700 -+- Vol II 1700-1850 by E.M. Ruttenber (reprint of 1872) $12.95 each

The author’s preface, in part: It has been the object of the author to trace the history of the Indians from the earliest period; to show their original position in the family of nations, and that which they subsequently maintained; the wrongs which they suffered, and the triumphs which they won; their greatness and their decay. In the narrative, liberal use has been made of current histories, so far as their statements were found to be in accordance with the facts. Acknowledgment, it is believed, has been fully made, and even to an extent which is not customary. Very full notes have been introduced for the purpose of explaining the text and enabling the reader to judge of the correctness of the conclusions drawn therefrom. As far as possible the narrative has been divested of the recitation of events which do not pertain to it, and though necessarily running beyond the limits of the territory regarded as the valley of the Hudson, has been as closely confined to it as possible, too closely perhaps, as it is believed that the eastern Indians have the same claim to consideration as a confederacy as the western. Offered in that the truth of history is vindicated in behalf of a people that have left behind no monuments to their memory save those erected by their destroyers.

 In these volumes readers will learn about Native Americans' customs, organization, wars and treaties. These books are not an end-all, be-all reference, but, Ruttenber, as a historian, went to great lengths within his 1872 limitations. He even used some firsthand sources. It really is the best history available today of the tribes of the Hudson River.

Volume I begins with Dutch explorer Henry Hudson's arrival and reconstructs the history of dozens of tribes in the Northeast. It includes the nations of the Lenni Lenape, the Mahicans and the Iroquois. It also includes the Mohegan tribe, sometimes referred to as Mohican. ISBN#0-910746-98-2 208 pages $12.95

Volume II deals with their battles, provides biographies of noted Indians and explores Native American languages. ISBN#0-910746-09-5 246 pages $12.95

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THE DELAWARE INDIANS A Brief History by Richard Adams (reprint of 1906)

The author, a descendant of Chief White Eyes, said that some Native American histories have relegated the Delaware Indians to the status of a minor east coast tribe, yet the Lenni Lenape, as they called themselves, were originally the most powerful Indian Tribe in the East, perhaps in the Americas. Contains 80 pages of detailed narrative interspersed with historical documentation that compiles a most comprehensive and concise history of the Delaware Indians. Included is an appendix, a list of treaties and a brand new index, making this reprint of the little known 1906 original truly a unique publication. ISBN#0-910746-17-6  $8.95

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MORE BALLS THAN STRIKES 120 Years of Baseball in New York's Hudson Valley  (original 1995 printing)

Tiano, Charlie. A retired sports columnist, baseball player and promoter, Charlie remembers over 80 years of Baseball history, and played with or interviewed all the "old timers" throughout his career to bring you this personal memoir. What history Charlie didn't make - he wrote about - and it’s all here! This is a 136 page paperback with 24 b&w historic photos and an introduction by famed sports writer, Heywood Hale Broun. 5.5x8.5  $12.95  

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From the Introduction
by Heywood Hale Broun

"Charlie Tiano has a head full of facts and figures, but more importantly, he has a wonderful zest for the sport, and his facts and figures become a disciplined frame for the human portrait of the national game . . ."
" . . .a colorful baseball history, and Charlie Tiano lays it out with enthusiastic knowledge and engaging pleasure."

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WATER FOR NEW YORK CITY (reprint of 1917)

Edward Hagaman Hall published his study of the Catskill Aqueduct, from which this volume is excerpted, in 1917. He begins with a discussion of the earliest sources of water on Manhattan Island and the efforts, as the city grew, to provide fresh water from distant sources. He includes the efforts of Christopher Colles, the Manhattan Company of 1799 and other projects that brought water to a city then confined to the southern tip of Manhattan, and he provides detailed information on the vast Croton project, which began in 1837, and served Manhattan for many years. He also discusses sources of water for the other boroughs. But it is the Catskill Aqueduct project, completed shortly before his study, that is most absorbing. This vast conduit brought water 125 miles from several Catskill region watersheds to New York City. Hall discusses its engineering, methods of construction, the workers who built it, and the people who were displaced by it, as well as the governmental measures that brought it to life. The system has expanded since 1917, and many more upstate valleys have been flooded. More recently, federal and state clean water acts have compelled the city to decide between building a plant to purify its water or utilizing state law to protect the system from the insults of upstate residents. NYC’s water needs from the first settlers through the construction of the Catskill Aqueduct 24 b&w photos 124 pages paperback $12.50

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Revolutionary War Chronology & Almanac by Harv Hilowitz

When the author couldn't find a concise account of the Revolutionary War, he wrote one! History teacher Harv Hilowitz chronicles the war battle-by-battle, campaign-by-campaign, for an easy understanding of this complex subject. With maps by the author, and from Lossing's Revolutionary War, this is a must for every student of history.

50 page paperback $7.50 "an incredible reference . . .a MUST for students . . . brings the war into focus"

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Lighthouses of New York

by Jim Crowley. At last - all the lighthouses, light towers and light ships of the Hudson River, New York/New Jersey Harbor and Long Island, including Long Island Sound, are collected in one book. Author Jim Crowley, a professional photographer and avid lighhouse fan, photographed the lighthouses and collected their history and interesting facts in this comprehensive tour of New York's sentinels. Each of the existing 45 lights is represented in a full-page photo which faces a page of descriptive text, and additional archive photos were used to illustrate their changes over the years. Complete access and contact information is provided for those who are more than "armchair travelers" and wish to view and/or visit these historic landmarks. Rounding out the book is a section of illustrated lighthouse history and lore, covering the origins and early life saving techniques used by the forerunner of the United States Coast Guard. The famous, the hidden and the long-forgotten . . . all gathered in this beautiful oversized maritime history of New York State lighthouses.
8.5x11 4 color cover 128 pages 60 b&w illus Paper   $15.95  

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Easy Origami Ornaments



by Anita Barbour

"one of the best primers ever written on origami basics and folding techniques"

In a font designed from her own handwriting, author Anita Barbour
presents a collection of delightful and easy to create decorations for winter holidays. These easy to make ornaments were developed during years of teaching Saugerties children the art of origami at our annual Village Open House. The book includes 65 mostly original designs, and 40 pages of the "basics" in the art of paper folding to provide everything you need for hours of fun - except the paper! 8.5x11 120 pages filled with line drawings of each step in the process, Paperback $14.50 

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    Books featuring origami ornaments are not exactly a dime a dozen. Now to this rarity add hand-drawn diagrams; color photographs of folded models; a typeface in the author's handwriting; "how-to" tips on threading, beading, stringing and hanging ornaments; techniques for folding foil paper; a 34 page origami primer and even a glossy bookmark and you will have the embarrassment of riches contained within the pages of "Easy Origami Ornaments", Anita Barbour's valentine to paperfolding

    Anita wrote "Easy Origami Ornaments" for beginners and it  features over 60 of her original designs. But its artful and sophisticated mix will interest folders of all levels. 

    Along with holiday-themed models: silver bell, candle, icicle, snowman and snowlady, star, elf, Christmas stocking and 4 Santas - including a fun finger Puppet Santa for enterprising thespians - are Anita's pleated and twisted variations, some of the loveliest single-sheet decorative folds in origami.

    The versatility of Anita's ornaments are part of their charm. Besides tree decorations, they can be folded into jewelry (brooches, earrings, charm bracelets), greeting cards, party favors, placecards, gifts tags, package decorations and even the occasional accessory for your pet!

    But there's more! "Easy Origami Ornaments" features one of the most amazingly detailed and illustrated introductions to origami notation, bases and folds ever published!

    Hardcore origami addicts take note: Anita's exhaustive explanations leave no stone unturned. Where else could you find a seven-page discussion of the crimp fold, which Anita has further divided into four radial crimp folds and an inside and outside parallel crimp!!

    Noted origami author and designer, Gay Merrill Gross, calls Anita's 34 page text, "one of the best primers ever written on origami basics and folding techniques".

    "Easy Origami Ornaments" is clearly a labor of love and reflects Anita's passion for origami and teaching. Her diagrams are clear and informative. Anita has even devised a folding-friendly bird base that completely eliminates the daunting petal fold which often discourages newcomers. It's a clever and elegant sequence experienced folders will appreciate as well!

    All in all, reading and folding along with "Easy Origami Ornaments" is like having a master class with a gifted teacher and artist. And that alone is worth the price of admission!!

"Easy Origami Ornaments" by Anita F. Barbour, 116 pages, ISBN 0-910746-35-4, Jane Street Press.

by Dorothy Engleman

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Old West Hurley Revisited

A Nostalgic Tour  
Allen Rowe, with an introduction by his daughter, Candy Rowe. "Old West Hurley Revisited" is a 200 page history of the village before New York City's Ashokan Reservoir waters buried it in 1917. The first part is an imagined tour which includes 65 black and white photos of various businesses and houses, (most previously unpublished) with descriptions of life at work and at home on a typical day in the early 1900's. There are four maps with a key to identify each lot and each building on it. They are cross-referenced with the photos for an easy understanding of the village layout. Then, the remaining 2/3s of the book contains a brief section of Methodist Church records and over 80 pages of a year-by-year listing of all the newspaper articles about West Hurley. This is truly a detailed examination of the life of a community now lost. With a full index, large 8x10 format, 200 pages. Paperback $20.00.

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Walking Through Yesterday in Old West Hurley

DuMond, Frank L. Reminiscences of a way of life in one of the towns flooded to make the Ashokan Reservoir by a man born there to a family that had settled there generations before.  Charming pencil sketches illustrate the 163 pages with a bound-in, fold-out map from Beer’s Atlas of Ulster County Paperback $12.50



Tall Tales of the Catskills  

Also by DuMond, Frank L. This charming collection of classic tall tales is connected by the narrative thread of his visits with his grandparents in West Hurley and what homelife was like for them. $12.50

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A Post Card Portrait of John Burroughs

By Dorothy Unruh Bloodgood. April 3rd, 2017, was the 180th anniversary of John Burroughs' birth. He always considered April "his" month because he also got married in April, and his son was born in this month. But mostly he liked April because of the return of Spring, and with it his beloved birds and flowers. In his lifetime John Burroughs was the best selling, most photographed, and best-loved author. His poems were learned by every student, and his nature essays used to teach them science. Teddy Roosevelt called him "Uncle John", and they frequently traveled together. Roosevelt, an expert bird watcher, praised him saying, "No bird escaped John Burroughs's eye; no bird note escaped his ear." Burroughs annually camped with his good friends Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and Henry Ford. When Edward Harriman gathered the top minds of the Victorian era for his famous 1899 Expedition to Alaska, John Burroughs was one of the honored guests. Generations of Vassar girls idolized him. 

    You get the picture - John Burroughs was an institution, and very much a literary presence in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains. This is his biography, illustrated with post cards from the author's extensive collection. It is a lovingly compiled account of his life, with a warm introduction by his granddaughter, Elizabeth Burroughs Kelley. I am really pleased to bring it back into print. The cover is illustrated with rare full-color photos of Slabsides and Woodchuck Lodge, both interior and exterior, taken from the Hope Farm Press collection. 5.5x8.5 48 pages sepia photos Paper $11.95

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Reminiscences of the Revolution or Le Loup's Bloody Trail

New York's Washington Co, General Burgoyne's barbarous Indian alliance and the death of Miss McCrea are described in this reprint of the 1859 booklet about the Indian atrocities that rallied the Patriots against the Crown and led to Burgoyne's defeat at Saratoga. 24 pages saddle-stitched 5.5x8.5 $6.50 BUY NOW


The British Occupation of New York City
Reprinted from the 1885 Centennial Celebration with a new index and introduction, this booklet recounts the intrigues and maneuvers surrounding the two years after the Revolutionary War ended before the Treaty of Paris. 24 pages saddle-stitched 5.5x8.5 $6.50 Buy Now

Hughes, Meredith. A beautifully illustrated extension of the Rip Van Winkle legend, this captivating story takes place on the Hudson River near Kingston, and is the 1990s return of Henry Hudson to the replica Half Moon, and the treasure he seeks. 54 pages P $9.95
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Woods, Ron.. A complete history of the City parks and recreation buildings including the baseball, basketball and boxing that made Kingston famous. From the playing fields of the Esopus Indians to the Academy Green, from sandlots to the newly renovated Dietz Stadium, Ron Woods delves into the rich history of the parks of New York States' first capitol. Lots of Great vintage and modern color + B&W photos. Kingston was filled with parks. 101pp P $14.95 Buy Now 



Summering In Colorado

This book was written anonymously in 1874 as a tour guide but is now appreciated as an historic look at the then emerging state of Colorado. If you can visit Colorado - go. I went after reading this - (beware the lure of the Rockies!) - and couldn't believe how beautiful it was. If you can't go, by-all-means read this and dream.

Review - "The author describes mining towns, scenic vistas and other impressions, often with a dry sense of humor. . . "One of the final chapters was a devastating eye opener for me. . . After reading about the Utes (indians) being described as 'human dirt and vermin,' I put the book down in disgust and disappointment. But I couldn't stop thinking about it. . . . Sometimes we need a shock to shake up our complacency."
from the Daily Freeman

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An exciting and authentic 1874 touring guide with gold rushes, stage coaches and Indians.158 pages $12.50


A Brief History of Saugerties Buy Now or email

By Michael Sullivan Smith. In the early days, the area now known as Saugerties was part of the Kingston Commons, one of the first municipalities in the colonies to be governed by an elected body. The town's history was shaped by industry. In the nineteenth century, bluestone quarries and paper and lead mills drove its economy. A century later those industries were gone, or going fast, and Saugerties became a bedroom community for IBM plants located next door in the Town of Ulster, and elsewhere in the Hudson Valley. This is a chronicle of that rich history. 6x9 158 pages, index 65+ b&w photos, maps and illustrations. $21.99


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