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History of the Church of the Holy Spirit in Rondout and contributions by Ulster County Listers

Names of (?last) trustees, pastor and bishop of the Church of the Holy Spirit (1852-1969)
Photography by Marilyn Soper
Other Pastors
Rev. Thomas Burrows (1839-1919) was Rector of Church of the Holy Spirit (1896-1903). Rev. Burrows was born in Ireland and died in Poughkeepsie after receiving many callings all over the country, beginning as a missionary in West Africa. His second wife Saphronia Adams (1845-1898 or 1899), mother of all his children, was the daughter of Maybee Dingee Adams (1804-1845) who was born in Putnam Valley, lived in East Fishkill and died in Ohio. Saphronia's mother Rachel (Turney) Adams Merrill died in Rondout and was buried in Marion Ohio. Rev. Burrows died in Dutchess County where Robert Dingee, Sophronia's g.5-grandfather, settled in 1714 and built the Brett House in Beacon. Rev. Burrows brings this family full circle.

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