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Ulster County Cemeteries

Ulster County Cemeteries was published in 1992 using information compiled in the 1970s and 80s. The information provided is from the headstones, not from church records, so only what is carved in the stone is listed. Cemetery locations and descriptions vary depending upon the compiler. The TOC lists the Townships and the cemeteries in them. This book contains records from operating cemeteries in Ulster County. 343 pages 8.5x11 Hardcover. This index is presented for your convenience. I do not sell the book itself. It is available from the Ulster County Genealogical Society.

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************ K ************** K-he,Peter Kahlert,Anna M Kahlert,George Kahlert,Margaret Kahlin,Annie Kahn,Arthur L Kahnlund,Emma Kahnlund,Silverth Kain,Joseph Kalamucki,Jean Kalamucki,Michael Kalhof,Annie Kalleberg,Kornellia Kalleberg,Peter A Kannesson,George Kanvin,Barney Karvonen,Maria Kastner,Charles Kastner,Mary Kaufman,Conrad J Kaufman,Edith Kaufman,Eldon C Kaufman,Hos--- Kaufman,Jacob Kaufman,Jacob Kaufman,Jacob Kaufman,Mary Kaufman,Rose M Kaufman,William M Kavanaugh,Charles H Kavanaugh,Jennie M Kavanaugh,Loretta R Kay,Margo Kaywood,Margaret W Keaster,Mina K Keaster,Myrtle Keator,Abigail Keator,Angevine Keator,Angevine Keator,Ann Keator,Asa Keator,Bessie B Keator,Boice Keator,Catharine Keator,Della Keator,E Caroline Keator,Edward Keator,Edward Keator,Eliz F Keator,Elizabeth Keator,Elizabeth Keator,Ella Keator,Ethel Keator,Florence Keator,George Keator,Golden Keator,Harold V Keator,Harry W Keator,Helen Keator,Henry Keator,Henry D Keator,Ida Keator,Irena Keator,Irene M Keator,Jeremiah Keator,John Keator,John E Keator,John F Keator,Julia A Keator,Lewis T Keator,Mary E Keator,Mary Jane Keator,Minnie Keator,Peter H Keator,Phebe A Keator,Rachel Keator,Rachel C Keator,Roxie Keator,Roxie Keator,Samantha Keator,Sarah Keator,Sarah Keator,Sarah L Keator,Silas Keator,Simeon Keator,Stanley W Keator,Stephen Keator,Susan Keator,Tovka Keator,Vernon Keator,Vernon Keefe,--- Keefe,Catherine F Keefe,Charles E Keen,Frank Keen,Frank J Keenan,Margaret Keener,Thomas H Keim,Catherin Keim,Mary C Keim,Urlan Kelder,Abraham Kelder,Abram Kelder,Addie S Kelder,Alice Kelder,Arker Kelder,Arthur W Kelder,Bradford Vernon Kelder,Catherine Kelder,Celia J Kelder,Christina Kelder,Clarence H Kelder,Cornelia Kelder,Edna B Kelder,Eli R Kelder,Elias Kelder,Elias Markel Kelder,Elizabeth Kelder,Elsie Kelder,Emma Kelder,Fanny Kelder,Felter Kelder,Floyd O Kelder,Frances R Kelder,Franklin S Kelder,Freddy Kelder,George Kelder,George C Kelder,Gertrude Kelder,H Burton Kelder,Harland S Kelder,Harry Kelder,Helen Kelder,Helen M Kelder,Irena M Kelder,Jacob B Kelder,Jacobus Kelder,James H Kelder,Jane Kelder,Jenine S Kelder,Jennie S Kelder,Jenny Kelder,John W Kelder,Joseph Kelder,Joseph Kelder,Lavina Kelder,LeRoy C Kelder,Lillian H Kelder,Lloyd Kelder,Magdaline Kelder,Mar J Kelder,Maria C Kelder,Maria C Kelder,Mary Kelder,Merritt J Kelder,Mildred C Kelder,Nettie C Kelder,Orpha E Kelder,Peter Kelder,Roena J Kelder,Russell Kelder,Susie E Keller,Emma Keller,Ethel O Keller,Fred R Keller,Frederick R Keller,Heinrich Keller,John Keller,John Keller,Joseph C Keller,Katherine Keller,Maria Keller,Mary S Kellerhouse,Raymond Kellerman,Bertha Kellerman,Matilda Kellet,Karl H Kelley,Abram L Kelley,Catherine F Kelley,Charles E Kelley,Edmund Kelley,M Edward Kelley,Mary E Kelley,Mary E Kelley,Sussie E Kelley,William J Kellum,Henry D Kellum,Jane Kelly,Anna Kelly,Edna M Kelly,Eunice Kelly,H C Fay Kelly,Heman Kelly,John Kelly,Margaret Kelly,Mary A Kelly,Ned E Kelly,Nelson P Kelly,Stratten Kelly,Susan Kelly,W J Kelly,William G Kelm,Charlotte Kelm,Conrad Kelsey,--- Kelsey,Charles Kelsey,Charles V Kelsey,Gerald Harry Kelsey,John F Kelsey,Julia Kelsey,Russell D Kelsey,Susie A Kelsey,Thomas James Kelsey,William A Kemiski,Elsie Kemiski,Robert Kenoey,John Kenoey,Maria Kepler,Joseph L Kern,Charles Kern,Clara M Kern,Helen Kerney,Masten Kerr,Catherine Kerr,Ellen Kerr,Eugene Kerr,Jane Kerr,Jennie Kerr,Joseph Kerr,Richard Kerr,Theodore Ketcham,David Ketcham,David Ketcham,Edward H Ketcham,John Ketcham,Martha T Keyes,Nellie Keyes,William J Kidd,Charles T Kidd,Donald C Kidd,Fannie F Kidd,Mary A Kidney,Anna M Kidney,John Kiem,Charlotte Kiem,Conrad Kiem,John Kiersted,Alexander C Kiersted,Alexander Cock Kiersted,Alexander Cock Kiersted,Emery Kiersted,Harriet Kiersted,Henry Kiersted,Henry Kiersted,Jane A Kiersted,Margaret Kiersted,Margaret Kiersted,Mary Kiesewald,August* Kilborn,Heman Kilbourn,Julia Kimbark,Edwin Kimbark,George Kimbark,George Kimbark,George W Kimbark,John Kimbark,John M Kimbark,Leorena Kimbark,Myrtle Kindle,Augusta Kindle,Emeline King,Aaron King,Abigail King,Arron King,Benjamin King,Cornelia King,Elisha King,Ernest C King,Harriet King,Hilda King,Jane King,Julia King,Melissa King,Unes Kingsland,Emma C Kingsland,Florence M Kingsland,Richard B Kingsland,Theodore Kinney,Everett R Kipp,Ann C Kipper,Henry Kirkpatrick,William Kiss,Denes Kiss,Milla Kissock,Desdamona Kissock,Dorothy Kistner,Theodore P Kittle,Grover C Kittle,Hazel Kittle,Nathan Kittle,Peter Kizirian,Vahan Klaarwater,Abram Klein,Albert Klein,Elizabeth Klein,Margaret Kline,Maria Kloeber,Edward F Kloeber,Elizabeth M Knapp,--- Knapp,Catherine Knapp,David M Knapp,David M Knapp,Dorman Knapp,Dorman P Knapp,Edward W Knapp,Elizabeth R Knapp,Florence Knapp,George Knapp,Harry Knapp,Henen L Knapp,Isaac Knapp,John Knapp,Louisa Brown Knapp,Matilda Knapp,Melora Knapp,Newton J Knapp,Viella Knaust,A H Knaust,Adam Knaust,Catherine Louise Knaust,George Knaust,Henry Knaust,K E Kniffin,--- Knight,Burr Knight,Esther Knight,Goldie Knight,Henry Knight,Preston Knight,Sarah Knight,V W Knight,Van Wyck Knowles,Justice Knowles,Rosaltha Koch,Amalie Koch,Hedwig R Koch,Max A Koeln,Bernard E Kohler,Augustus F Kohler,Luella Kohloff,George W Kohloff,Gunhild N Kohloff,Sandra Lynn Kolb,George J Kopaskie,Gertrude Korchowsky,John Korehowsky,Helen Korff,Eleanor Korff,Hazel Kortright,Jacob E Kortright,John H Kortright,Julia Korwain,Hugo Krahnor,Christian Krahnor,K L Krahnor,Theodore J Kramer,Anna Kramer,Clara Kramer,Edward Kramer,George Kramer,Mary Kramp,Felix Kranz,Henry Kranz,John H Kranz,Mary Krauss,C Henry Krauss,Charles F Krauss,Jacob F Krauss,Paul J Krauss,Sarah E G Krickhahns,--- Krieger,--- Krieger,George Krieger,J Krieger,Karl Krieger,Margaret Krieger,R Kristeller,Frederick W Kristeller,Sarah H Kritian,Albert Krogh,Thor L Krohn,Charles Krohn,Charles W Krohn,Ellen Krohn,Emil Krohn,Hilda M Krohn,Viola C Krom,--- Krom,Alonzo Krom,Amanda Krom,Ambrose Krom,Andrew Krom,Andrew N Krom,Angeline Krom,Anna Krom,Annie Krom,Annie Krom,Artemus Krom,Arthur H Krom,Augusta H Krom,Benjamin M Krom,Bertha Krom,Bertha Krom,Bessie Krom,C Krom,Catherine Krom,Catherine Krom,Catherine Ann Krom,Catherine D Krom,Catherine J Krom,Celia J Krom,Channing F Krom,Charles Krom,Charley Krom,Charley Krom,Charlotte Krom,Chester Krom,Chester Krom,Cora M Krom,Cornelia Krom,Cornelia D Krom,Cornelis DePuy Krom,Cornelius Krom,Cornelius B Krom,Della Krom,Dimmick E Krom,Elisabeth Krom,Eliza C Krom,Elizabeth Krom,Ella Krom,Ella G Krom,Ephraim R Krom,Ermie W Krom,Ernest Krom,Estella Krom,Estelle L Krom,Esther Krom,Fenton W Krom,Florence Krom,Flossie Krom,Frank Krom,Frank L Krom,Fred Krom,Garret Krom,George Krom,George L Krom,George W Krom,Gerald A Krom,Grace Krom,H Krom,Hannah Krom,Hannah J Krom,Harriet Krom,Harry M Krom,Hawley S Krom,Hectine Krom,Helena Krom,Henry Krom,Henry J Krom,Herbert Krom,Hester Krom,Hester L Krom,Ida Krom,Infant Krom,Irene Krom,J Harold Krom,Jacob A Krom,Jacob A Krom,James Krom,James Krom,James Krom,James Krom,James G Krom,Jane Krom,Jennie E Krom,Jeremiah Krom,Jeremiah B Krom,Jerusha Krom,Joannah Krom,Johanna Krom,John Krom,John Krom,John Krom,John Krom,John B Krom,John H Krom,John I Krom,John J Krom,John V W Krom,Josiah Krom,Josiah Krom,Kittie Mae Krom,Lavinia Krom,LeRoy G Krom,Lillian Krom,Luella V* Krom,Luke W Krom,Lydia J Krom,Lydia Jane Krom,Mabel D Krom,Maria Krom,Maria Krom,Maria Krom,Maria C Krom,Maria C Krom,Maria H Krom,Maria Jane Krom,Maria L Krom,Maria L Krom,Martha D Krom,Martin Krom,Martin Krom,Martin S Krom,Mary Krom,Mary Krom,Mary Krom,Mary Krom,Mary Krom,Mary A Krom,Mary C Krom,Mary C Krom,Mary E Krom,Mary J Krom,Matilda Krom,Melissa Krom,Melissa Krom,Millard F Krom,Miriam Krom,Myrtle Krom,Nelson M Krom,Orie E Krom,Orlando Krom,Orpha Krom,Pearl Krom,Percival Krom,Peter B Krom,Peter B Krom,Peter J Krom,Rachael H L Krom,Rachel Krom,Rachel Jane Krom,Rebecca Krom,Reuben Krom,Richard Krom,Rose Krom,Samuel Krom,Samuel B Krom,Sarah Krom,Sarah M Krom,Simon D Krom,Solomon Krom,Solomon Krom,Solomon Krom,Solomon Krom,Stephen Krom,Stephen Krom,Stephen Krom,Stephen Krom,Stephen J Krom,Sylvia Krom,Tillie Krom,W H Krom,Walter Krom,Walter Krom,William E Krom,William H Krom,William Henry Krom,William Henry Krom,William L Krom,William R Krom,Wilson Krom,Wm Krom,Wm H Krom,Zenia Krommer,Helmut Krommer,Valerie Krout,Christopher Krout,Julia Krout,Katie Krout,Michael Krout,Michael Krout,Rosina Krout,William Kruger,Ella Krum,Abram Krum,Ada Krum,Agnes Krum,Anna M Krum,Arthur Krum,Catharine Krum,Charles E Krum,Charles H Krum,Christopher Krum,Cornelia Krum,Edgar Krum,Edith Krum,Ella Krum,Elmer R Krum,Emma R Krum,Emory B Krum,Ephraim Krum,George W Krum,Grace M Krum,Harry R Krum,Henry W Krum,Hester Krum,Ida A Krum,Ina Krum,James Krum,James Krum,James Krum,James E Krum,James W Krum,Jane Krum,John H Krum,John J Krum,John R Krum,Katherine Krum,Lilly Krum,Nathan Krum,Nathan Krum,Phebe M Krum,Rachel Krum,Rebecca Krum,Rosina Krum,Sarah J Krum,Simon Krum,Thomas Krum,Uriah Krum,Wm H Kuhlman,John H Kuhlman,Murlie L Kuhn,Anna M Kuhoupt,Emma A Kuhoupt,George Kuhoupt,May* Kuhoupt,W W Kunka,Ksenia Kunka,Tanka Kunst,Theodore Kuriger,George C Kurtz,Kurtz Karl Kurtz,Robert Karl Kuttner,Gustave Kyp,Rosetta

******************* L ***************** L'Wynne,Ruth LaBelle,Catherine LaBelle,Louis LaBuda,James F Lacy,Edna Lacy,Timothy Ladew,Archie Ladew,Hannah Lagoa,Stella Laidlaw,G Laine,Rudolph J Lainis,--- Lake,Albert E Lake,Caroline Lake,Christina Lake,Cornelia Lake,Cornelia Ann Lake,Frances Lake,Francis P Lake,Hannah J Lake,Harmen Lake,Helen Lake,Jessie Lake,Lewis Lake,Mary Ann Lake,Myrtle Lake,Olive Lake,Reuben Lake,Ruth Lake,Sarah Ann Lake,Sarah M Lake,Schuyler Lake,Wells Lambert,Catherine J Lambert,Elsay A Lambert,Floyd L Lambert,George Lambert,Ira Lambert,Ira Lambert,John B Lambert,Levi T Lambert,Mary E Lambert,William LaMent,Addie LaMent,Blanche LaMent,F W LaMent,Frank W LaMent,Theodore S Lamoree,A B Lamoree,Aaron B Lamoree,Franklin Lamoree,Hellen A Lamoree,Mary Ann Lamoure,G Edwin Lamoure,George S Lamoure,Hattie O Lamoure,Ida M Lamoure,James W Lamoure,Mary Lamoure,Orson A Lamphere,Clarence Landers,Charles Spencer Landphier,Eunice A Lands,Phebe A Lane,Aaron Lane,Addie Lane,Alfred B Lane,Alonze Lane,Alsup Lane,Alsup Lane,Anderson Lane,Arthur Lane,Charles Lane,Charles Lane,Elma M Lane,Ernest Lane,Hannah Lane,Harvey J Lane,Henry S Lane,Ida J Lane,Irena F Lane,James J Lane,Joshua Lane,Louisa Jane Lane,Lucinda Lane,Margaret Lane,Marion C Lane,Martha C Lane,Martin F Lane,Mary J Lane,Oscar Lane,Richard L Lane,Robert E Lane,Velma P Lane,William Lane,William Lane,William L Lang,Jacob Lang,Katie Lang,Louise M Lang,Maria Rosina Lange,Jacob Lange,William P Langendyke,Joel Langendyke,John Langendyke,Mary Langendyke,Sarah Langfield,John Conrad Lansing,John H Lansing,Phebe A Lapo,Edith J LaPoet,Emma J LaPolt,Burr E LaPolt,Delilah LaPolt,Isaac LaPolt,Lesley L LaPolt,Mary A LaPolt,Valentine LaPolt,Valentine LaPolt,Valentine W Larcom,Clyde Larcom,Phebe Lasher,Clara Lasher,Eliza C Lasher,Elizabeth Lasher,Frank Lasher,Glen Lasher,Glenford O Lasher,Jennie A Lasher,John J Lasher,Lavina Lasher,Luella E Lasher,Matilda Lasher,Maud V* Lasher,Paul Lasher,Ruth Lasher,William Lasher,William Lasky,Abraham Latham,Fred S Latimer,Elizabeth Laurence,Mary Lauriti,Italo Lauriti,Rose C Lauriti,Umberto Laux,Anna M Laux,Catherine Lavarack,Gracia Lavey,Bernard Lavey,Ellen Law,Catherine Law,Cyrus A Law,Elizabeth H Law,Emma K Law,John H Law,Madison T Law,Mary Ella Law,Norma J Lawhummer,Helen Lawrence,Agnes W Lawrence,Annie L Lawrence,Bertha Lawrence,Caroline Lawrence,Catharine A Lawrence,Charles H Lawrence,Cora Lawrence,Donald E Lawrence,Dorothy H Lawrence,Elizabeth Lawrence,Elsie Lawrence,Ephraim C Lawrence,Esther Lawrence,Florence Lawrence,George Lawrence,George H Lawrence,Grace Lawrence,Hannah Lawrence,Harry H Lawrence,Jane Lawrence,John Lawrence,Jonathan Lawrence,Jonathan Lawrence,Josephine B Lawrence,Julia Lawrence,Katherine M Lawrence,Katie Lawrence,Kittie Lawrence,Lucy Lawrence,Luther H Lawrence,Margaret Lawrence,Mary Lawrence,Mary Lawrence,Mary E Lawrence,Perlina Lawrence,Preston Lawrence,Ralph T Lawrence,Sarah Lawrence,Sarah Lawrence,Simon J Lawrence,Thomas Lawrence,Thomas Lawrence,Thomas Lawson,Cora Elizabeth Lawson,Ida Lawson,Joseph Lawson,Mary E Lawson,Moses Lawson,Rachel Lawson,Sarah J Lawson,Wm Layman,Isaac Layman,Melissa Ann Layman,Sara Layman,Theodore Albert Layton,Julia Lazarus,Catherine J Lazarus,John Leacock,John Leahy,Anne Leahy,Bernard Leahy,Bernard Leahy,Charles Leahy,Ellen Leahy,Howard Leahy,James Leahy,James Leahy,James Leahy,James J Leahy,Joseph L Leahy,Margaret Leahy,Mary Leahy,Mary Leahy,Mary Leahy,Mary A Leahy,Mary M Leahy,Michael Leahy,Nicholas Leahy,Stephen Leahy,Thomas J Leake,Albert J Leake,Edward F Leake,Florence G Leake,Helen Leake,Henry F Leake,Henry F Leal,Beatrice Leal,Catherine Leal,Eliza E Leal,James Leal,Robert Ledden,Anna Leddin,Friedbrigh L T Leddy,Francis C Leddy,James H Lee,Charles E Lee,Herbert J Lee,Jennie Lee,Oren Lee,Robert E Leek,Jennie LeFever,Ada LeFever,Albert V LeFever,Alonzo LeFever,Andrew S Lefever,Carrie LeFever,Catherine Maria LeFever,Cornelius LeFever,Delia Ann LeFever,E LeFever,Edward LeFever,Eliza C LeFever,Elizabeth LeFever,Elizabeth C LeFever,Ella LeFever,George W LeFever,Gussie LeFever,Hellen LeFever,Henry LeFever,Isaac LeFever,Isaac H D LeFever,Jane LeFever,Jane LeFever,Jane LeFever,John I LeFever,Lillie May LeFever,Maria LeFever,Mary Jane LeFever,Milton E LeFever,Newkirk P LeFever,Peter C LeFever,Peter E LeFever,Philip L LeFever,Rachel LeFever,Ralph LeFever,Reuben DeWitt LeFever,Sarah LeFever,Sarah LeFevre,Chester LeFevre,Clifford LeFevre,Cornelia LeFevre,Edward LeFevre,Elizabeth R LeFevre,Evelyn LeFevre,Gertrude M LeFevre,Jesse Omer LeFevre,Josiah P LeFevre,Katherine LeFevre,Loretta LeFevre,Magdalen LeFevre,Mary LeFevre,Milton LeFevre,Newkirk LeFevre,William H LeFevre,Wm Hamilton Legg,Carrie A Legg,Cornelius W Legg,William Legg,William H Lehmann,Hedwig Leipold,John G Leiser,Elsie Leiser,Frank J Lemme,Christine LeMunyan,Benjamin Lennon,Caroline M Lennon,Carrie Lennon,Carrie J Lennon,Edmon V Lennon,Edward S Lennon,Elbert Lennon,George E Lennon,John Lennon,Lydia Ann Lennon,Margaret D Lennon,William H Lennox,--- Lent,John H Lenz,Felicitia Lenz,Frank Leonard,Catherine Leone,Margaret Leone,Renato Leone,Sonia LeRoy,Charles H LeRoy,John LeRoy,Marie Leroy,Michael Leroy,Phebe Lever,Catherine E Lewis,Addie Lewis,Ann Lewis,Cole Lewis,Cole W Lewis,Dorothy Lewis,Eliza C Lewis,Ferrel V K Lewis,Frank R Lewis,Harry Fox Lewis,Jerry R Lewis,Joel Lewis,Leslie Lewis,Llewellyn J Lewis,Marjorie Ann Lewis,Mary E Lewis,Mary L Lewis,Richard Lewis,Sarah Lewis,Solomon Leyman,Frances Libbos,Frederick M Lichtenberg,Catharine Lichtenberg,D M Lichtenberg,J P H Lichtenberg,Pauline Lilley,John Francis Limeburner,Andrew Linderbeck,Anna Linderbeck,F Marie Linderbeck,Uriah Lindhurst,Julia Lippman,Rudl Litts,Angeline Litts,Grace Litts,Mary Ellen Litts,Simon Litts,William H Litvinoff,Basily Litvinoff,Lydia Litvinoff,Vera Lloyd,Jack W Lloyd,John F Locke,Alice G Locke,H Carlton Locke,Harvey W Locke,Harvey W Locke,Hugh Locke,Hugh Locke,Jennie S Locke,Jennie S Locke,John H Locke,John H Locke,Lucienne A Locke,Lydia Locke,Margaret Locke,Russell G Lockwood,Abi F Lockwood,Abijah Lockwood,Ann Lockwood,Anna Lockwood,Asenath Lockwood,Caroline Lockwood,Daniel Lockwood,Eananajah Lockwood,Edith E Lockwood,Elizabeth Lockwood,Elmira Lockwood,Ephraim D Lockwood,Frank W Lockwood,Isabel D Lockwood,Jeheads Lockwood,Leon H Lockwood,Linus Lockwood,Lydia Jane Lockwood,Mae Lockwood,Melinda Lockwood,Otella Lockwood,Russel K Lockwood,William Lockwood,William E Loether,Irving Long,Anna S Long,Cynthia Longendyke,Catherine Longendyke,Christina C Longendyke,Elizabeth Longendyke,Emma Longendyke,Hannah Longendyke,Hiram Longendyke,John Longendyke,Mary Longendyke,Peter Longendyke,Peter Longendyke,Peter P Longendyke,Rachel Ann Longyar,Angeline Longyar,John Longyear,Elijah Longyear,Elizabeth Longyear,Francis D Longyear,Irving H Longyear,John B Longyear,M Emily Longyear,Manasseh Longyear,Peter Longyear,S Emma Longyear,Theodore B Loomis,Jennie Loomis,Leonara C Looms,Alice Loow,Jane Lopez,--- Lord,Dwight Lord,Effie B Lord,Frank D Lord,Mary A Lorent,Jerome Lorenz,Paul J Lortz,Mary C Lory,Margie Loster,John L Lothrop,Marie J Lott,A G Lott,Adelbert Lott,Alexander Lott,Jane Lott,Maria Lounsbery,Agnes M Lounsbery,Cornelia Elti Lounsbery,Esther Lounsbery,Isaac Lounsbery,James H Lounsbery,Mary J Lounsbery,Peter Lounsbery,Richard Lounsbery,Sarah Lounsbury,Albert Lounsbury,Anna Lounsbury,Frank E Lounsbury,George V Lounsbury,Sarah Lovell,Catherine Lovell,John Lover,Martha Lovrich,Julia Low,Catherine J Low,Jane Low,John I Low,John M Low,Margaret Low,Salley Lowa---,Catherine Lowa---,Lewis Lowe,Abram Lowe,Abram A Lowe,Abram A Lowe,Abram A Lowe,Ada Lowe,Belinda Lowe,Benjamin Lowe,Bertie Lowe,Emily Lowe,Giles H Lowe,Harry C Lowe,Helen Lowe,Helen Lowe,James I Lowe,James T Lowe,John H Lowe,Libbie Lowe,Margaret E Lowe,Willie Lowery,Hugh Lowery,Samuel Lown,Blandina Lown,John Lown,Mary Lown,Richard Lowry,Wm R Lozier,Elmore P Lozier,Frank E Lozier,Gordon H Lozier,Helen Lozier,Ruth V* Lucas,Evelyn Lucht,Charles R Lucht,Henrietta Ludde,Edith M Ludde,Henry J Luib,Julius Luib,Mina Lundequist,Anna Lundequist,John W Lutz,Catherine Lutz,John C Lux,Paul M Lydenberg,Ann Lydman,Hansine A Lydman,John Jacob Lymon,Walcott Lynch,Cornelius Lynch,Denis Tilden Lynch,Florance M D P Lynch,James Lynche,Perry Lyngved,Charles L Lyngved,Nellie Lynson,John S Lynson,Salinda Lyon,Isaac H Lyons,Abraham S Lyons,Anna M Lyons,Augustus Lyons,Chester A Lyons,Dorothy M Lyons,Ernest B Lyons,Ethel J Lyons,Francis V Lyons,George M Lyons,Hannah A Lyons,Hardy Lyons,Hazel Lyons,Henry Lyons,Henry D Lyons,Henry D Lyons,Isaac Lyons,Jasen L Lyons,Jennie Lyons,John Lyons,Lincoln Lyons,Louisa Lyons,Margaret Lyons,Martha Lyons,Mary E Lyons,Michael Lyons,Minnie Lyons,Minnie B Lyons,Minnie J Lyons,Orrie Lyons,Rachel Lyons,Sherman Lyons,Sherman Lyons,Simon P Lyons,Simon P Lyons,Theresa J

****************** M ***************** M,H M--,E M Maben,Daniel E Maben,Elnetta J Maben,Harold Lewis Maben,Henry E Maben,Ivan Maben,Jansen Maben,John R Maben,Lawrence Maben,Leslie Maben,Martin V Maben,Maude Maben,Percy Maben,Sarah Maben,Shirley Maben,Willard C Maben,Willard C Mabie,Egbert Mabie,Samantha S MacBeth,Carri MacClaren,Catherine MacFarland,David MacGregor,Agnes MacGregor,Gregor MacGregor,I MacGregor,Isabella MacGregor,Jennie May MacGregor,John MacGregor,Mitchell MacGregor,S Y MacIver,Rachel Mack,James R Mack,James S Mack,Lester Mackey,Amy Mackey,Andrew Mackey,Archie T Mackey,Carmi Mackey,Clayton T Mackey,Daisy O Mackey,Edgar S Mackey,Ellen P Mackey,Elmira Mackey,Floyd A Mackey,George H Mackey,George H Mackey,Hannah E Mackey,Henry W Mackey,Herbert Mackey,John Mackey,John Mackey,Julia E Mackey,Katharine Mackey,Lillian Mackey,Mary Mackey,Mary Jane Mackey,Mary P Mackey,Milton G Mackey,Minnie Mackey,Oscar Mackey,Rachel B Mackey,Rachel J Mackey,Reuben Mackey,Sylvia F Mackey,Thomas Mackey,Thomas H Mackey,Thomas H Mackey,Thomas M Madden,Edward Madden,Ellen G Madden,Mae Madigan,Edward Madigan,James P Madigan,Lizzie Maedler,Alwine Lina Maedler,E Richard Magee,Edwin Magee,Jacob Magee,Jacob Magee,Jesse Magee,Mary Maggiore,Vincent Maggiore,Vincenzo Maginnis,Jane Magnusson,Albert J Magnusson,August* Major,Kathryn L Malakoff,Pierre G Malcolm,Bertrand F Malcolm,Flora M Malcolm,Francis Malcolm,Jennie M Malcolm,Laura Malone,Catherine Malone,James Malone,Julia Malone,Mary A Malone,Michael C Malone,Thomas Mangounie,Anna Mangounie,Azniv Eunice Mangounie,Eglantine L Mangounie,Shamiram Manley,Frank D Mann,Bell V Mann,Isabella Mann,James H Mann,James H Mann,James H Mann,John Mann,John Mann,John Mann,John Mann,John Mann,John Mann,John Townsend Mann,Lizzie Belle Mann,Nehemiah Hallock Mann,Nehemiah Hallock Mann,Nettie Mann,Phebe Mann,Phebe Mann,Phebe H Mann,Sarah Mann,Willie H Manning,Anna J Manning,Thomas E Mapes,Ruth Maracle,Jacob H Marchise,Mario L Maricle,William P Markel,Laura Markle,Abigail Markle,Abraham Markle,Abram Markle,Addie Markle,Alfred Markle,Almira Markle,Alvin R Markle,Andrew Markle,Anna R Markle,Aurielia Markle,Benjamin Markle,Benjamin K Markle,Calvin Markle,Carrie Markle,Catharine Markle,Catharine A Markle,Catherine Markle,Catherine E Markle,Celia Markle,Charles Markle,Charles K Markle,Claude J Markle,Cordelia Markle,Cornelia Markle,Cornelia A Markle,Cornelia J Markle,Cornelius S Markle,Cornelius S Markle,Daniel H Markle,Deborah Markle,Dinah Markle,Dinah V Markle,Edgar D Markle,Edith Markle,Edith Markle,Eleanor Markle,Elias Markle,Elias A Markle,Elias D Markle,Elias J Markle,Elinor A Markle,Eliz H Markle,Eliza Markle,Elizabeth Markle,Elsie Markle,Emma Markle,Ephraim Markle,Ernest Markle,Eva D Markle,Flora Markle,Florence Markle,Flossie Markle,Fred Markle,Frederick Markle,Freeman M Markle,George Markle,George E Markle,George Nathan Markle,Golden Markle,Hannah M Markle,Henry Markle,Hestina Markle,Hiram R Markle,Ira D Markle,Isaac Markle,Isaac Markle,Jacob Markle,Jacob Markle,Jacob Markle,Jacob Markle,Jacob E Markle,Jacob F Markle,Jacob W Markle,James Markle,James O Markle,James O Markle,James S Markle,Jane Markle,Jennie Markle,Jerome Markle,John Markle,John C Markle,John D Markle,John J Markle,John J Markle,John J Markle,John J Markle,John James Markle,John L Markle,Joseph Markle,Julia C Markle,Leah Markle,Leonard Markle,Lillian Markle,Lizzie Markle,Lydia Markle,Malinda A Markle,Mamie Markle,Maria Markle,Maria G Markle,Marshall Perry Markle,Martha J Markle,Martin Markle,Mary Markle,Mary Markle,Mary E Markle,Mary E Markle,Molly Markle,Morgana Markle,Myron Markle,Nelly B S Markle,Norris E Markle,Oscar Markle,Oscar Markle,Phebe E Markle,Phebe Eliza Markle,Rachel A Markle,Rebecca Markle,Rebecca Markle,Richard B Markle,Robert J Markle,Rosa May Markle,Roscoe C Markle,Rosewell Markle,Sarah Markle,Sarah Markle,Sarah E Markle,Solomon Markle,Stephen Markle,Sylvia Markle,Vernon Markle,Vernon Markle,Virgil D Markle,W D Markle,William Markle,William Markle,William A Markle,William D Markle,Willie J Markle,Wm H Maron,Anna Marquard,Emma A Marsh,Alan Marsh,Deborah Marsh,Dwight S Marsh,Glenda A Marsh,H Marsh,Harriet Marsh,Laura Marsh,Linda Marsh,Margaret Marsh,Margaret Marsh,Margaret E Marsh,Maude Marsh,Moses Marsh,Phebe Marsh,Sturilly Marsh,Wilbur H Marsh,Willard H Marsh,William Marsh,William Marsh,William Marshall,Claudia Marshall,Elizabeth Marshall,Henry Marshall,James Martell,Paul C Martell,S Martin,Annie Martin,Charles A Martin,Ernest C Martin,Frank Martin,George W Martin,Jemima Martin,Jennie Martin,Joyce Martin,Joyce A Martin,Judson Martin,Kath Martin,Lloyd G Martin,Louise Martin,Peter Martin,Phillip J Martin,R Garrison Martin,Ruth Martin,Sarah Martinez,Benita Martinez,Ciprian Marvin,Henrietta M Mason,Ada Helen Mason,Ellen P Mason,Mary E Mason,Susan Mason,William U Mason,Wm H Maston,Mary Mathews,Soffie Mathews,Stephen Mathiesen,J Christian Matson,Emily Mattes,Carrie Mattes,Catharine Mattes,Christina Mattes,Christina Magdal Mattes,Margaret Mattes,Margaret Mattes,Peter Mattes,Philip Mattes,Philip Mattes,Philip Mattheus,Ida Mattheus,Katherine Matthews,Isabell Mattoon,Ella D Mattoon,Fannie Fern Mattoon,Helen M Mattson,Luise Mattson,Ralph Mauceri,Bartholomew Maugg,Alma E Maughter,A T Maughter,Cath Maughter,Margaret Mauterstock,Sally Maxan,Joseph Maxim,Ella Maxim,Jennie Maxim,L F Maxon,--- Maxon,Emily M Maxon,Horace S Maxson,C J Maxson,H Maxson,Horace Maxson,Jean Maybohn,Harry Maybohn,Marie Mayes,A A Mayes,B Mayes,E Mayes,Gertrude E Mayes,Glena Mayes,Nata Mayes,Phoebe C Mayes,W Mayher,Catharine Mays,Adison Mc Caffrey,Catherine Mc Caffrey,Charles Mc Caffrey,Edward Mc Caffrey,Elizabeth Mc Cann,Alice G Mc Cormack,Anna S Mc Cormack,Daniel P Mc Creery,Judson D Mc Gowan,Catherine E Mc Killip,Catharine L Mc Kinley,Geraldine Mc Kinley,Helen Mc Kinley,John Mc Lean,Albert McCaffray,Eliza McCaffrey,Charles McCaffrey,Charles McCaffrey,Edward A McCaffrey,Helen McCaffrey,Mary McCaffrey,William H McCaffrey,William T McCall,Mary B McCall,Sarah E McCall,Susan McCann,Joseph McCann,Mannie McCann,Robert McCarthy,Dennis J McCarthy,John McCarthy,Kathrine McCauley,John McCauley,Nettie McCauliff,Cornelius McCauliff,Thomas McClelland,D Barnett McClelland,Gordon C McClelland,Mary McClelland,Robert McClelland,Ruth McComb,Arthur McComb,Frederick McComb,Hannah McComb,James R McComb,Vrooman V* McComb,Wm McCord,Lillian McCoy,Betsey McCreery,Amos McCreery,Catherine McCreery,Elisabeth McCreery,Emily McCuffle,Anthony McCullough,Oscar McCune,Mary Jane McDole,Abigail McDole,James McDonald,--- McDonald,--- McDonald,Ella McDonald,Mary McDonald,Owen McDonald,Patrick McDonald,Terrence McEvoy,Hugh McEwan,Henry McEwen,Cora McEwen,Orson McGill,Lawrence T McGinn,Bernard McGinn,Sarah McGinnis,Charles M McGinnis,David Samuel McGinnis,Hugh McGinnis,Isaac McGinnis,James C McGinnis,James W McGinnis,Mary McGrath,Elmira McGrath,Elmira McGrath,James McGrath,James McGrath,Mary E McGrath,Thomas McGrath,Thomas E McGreevy,Mary B McGuire,Ann McGuire,James T McGuire,Lawrence McHale,Glenda McIntyre,George R McIntyre,Louise McKechnie,Anna McKechnie,Jessie I McKechnie,Joseph W McKelvie,Christopher McKelvie,Cornelia McKillip,G B McKillip,George Wm McKinley,Mary McKinley,William J McKittrick,Betty W McLean,George A McLendon,Charles Rogers McLendon,Ella Louise McMahon,Edward McMahon,Julia A McManus,Felix P McManus,Pearl McMillin,Andrew McMillin,Edna McMillin,James McMillin,Robert McMullen,Osamusi McQuiston,Louise McRoberts,Ralph Harold McSherry,Mary McSpirit,Alice M McVey,William Mead,Alice G Mead,Winfield S Meade,Charles G Meade,Mary A Meakin,--- Medal,Einar Medal,Margit Meehan,Bertha J Meehan,Ellen A Meehan,John J Meehan,P J Meehan,Walter M Meinhardt,Tecla P Mekeel,O H Melrose,Jacob Melrose,John W Melrose,Margaret Melroy,Alonzo A Melroy,Ella J Melroy,Wm Mericle,Amy T Mericle,Clarissa J L Mericle,DuBois Mericle,Erastus Mericle,Fanny Mericle,Frederick M Mericle,Jane Mericle,Mary E Merihew,David Merihew,Delia Merihew,Della Merihew,Matias Merihew,T D Merihew,Truman Merikle,C Lewis Merikle,Eve Merikle,George H Merikle,Louise V Merkle,Anna M Merkle,Daniel H Merkle,Elizabeth Merkle,Mary Merrihew,Aaron B Merrihew,Abram Merrihew,Alexander Merrihew,Alonzo Merrihew,Amanda Merrihew,Andrew Merrihew,Ann Adelia Merrihew,Augusta Merrihew,Benjamin Merrihew,Benjamin T Merrihew,Bertha Merrihew,Catharine Merrihew,Charles Merrihew,Cora W Merrihew,David Merrihew,DeWitt D Merrihew,DeWitt E Merrihew,Elisha Merrihew,Eliz Merrihew,Eliza C Merrihew,Emory Merrihew,Emory J Merrihew,Erma B Merrihew,Eva Merrihew,Floyd E Merrihew,Geo H Merrihew,Gordon B Merrihew,I Levan Merrihew,Ivan C Merrihew,Jane Merrihew,Jane Merrihew,Jane Merrihew,John D Merrihew,John D Merrihew,John H Merrihew,Josiah Merrihew,Lena Merrihew,Lillian A Merrihew,Lulu Merrihew,Luther S Merrihew,Mary Merrihew,Mary Merrihew,Mary E Merrihew,Mary R Merrihew,Merye Merrihew,Mildred W Merrihew,Minerva Merrihew,Minnie M Merrihew,Oren Merrihew,Peter S Merrihew,Phebe Merrihew,Phebe E Merrihew,Polley Merrihew,Rebecca Merrihew,Rebecca Merrihew,Robert E Merrihew,Robert J Merrihew,Russel Merrihew,Sarah Merrihew,Sarah J Merrihew,Sarah R Merrihew,Sarah S Merrihew,Simon Merrihew,Stephen Merrihew,Stephen Merrihew,Stephen D Merrihew,Stephen D Merrihew,Susanna Merrihew,Virgil R Merrihew,Wm Merrihew,Wm Merritt,Abram D Merritt,Bernard W Merritt,Blandina E Merritt,George Merritt,Ida Merritt,James O Merritt,Jeremiah Merritt,Jeremiah Merritt,John W Merritt,Lilly H Merritt,Mary J Merritt,Mervin H Merritt,Myron Merritt,Nellie Merritt,Nellie H Merritt,Rachel Merritt,Rebecca W Mert,--- Mertine,Alexander Mertine,Arena E Mertine,Catherine Mertine,Cornelia J Mertine,Cornelia J Mertine,George Mertine,Heman Mertine,Henry Mertine,Henry R Mertine,Minnie Mertine,Sarah E Mertine,William E Mertine,William E Mertine,William E Merwin,Arthur Merwin,Eber Merwin,Edith Merwin,Hedwig Merwin,Jerry M Merwin,Julia Merwin,Julia A Merwin,Lucy E Merwin,Olive Merwin,Samuel Merwin,Tirzah Meshejian,Haig Garabed Metcalf,Abram J Metcalf,Ethel B Metcalf,George Metcalf,George A Metcalf,LeRoy Metler,George H Meyer,Mae G Meyer,Mattie Meyers,Sally Michael,Jenifer Michelsen,Hans L Michelsen,Ingrid Michitsch,Joseph Middagh,Alice M Middagh,Anna M Middagh,Carelie Esther Middagh,Carrie M Middagh,Catherine Middagh,Charlotte Middagh,George Middagh,Henrietta C Middagh,Henry Middagh,Henry Middagh,Jerome Middagh,John H Middagh,Lemuel Middagh,Marie Middagh,Mary Middagh,Mary E Middagh,Mary Jane Middagh,Polly Middagh,Samuel Middagh,Samuel Miggins,--- Mikesh,Carl Mikesh,Kristine Miller,Abraham Miller,Abraham Miller,Abram L Miller,Aida Miller,Anderson Miller,Angeline Miller,Carlton Uriah Miller,Carrie Miller,Chas H Miller,Chester L Miller,Coral Miller,Cornelia Miller,Cornelia Miller,Davis Miller,Deroy Miller,Desdamona Miller,Didama Miller,Dillon Miller,Eli H Miller,Elisabeth Miller,Ellsworth E Miller,Elsie Miller,Ethel L Miller,Florence Miller,Floyd E Miller,Frieda Miller,Geo S Miller,George R Miller,Gilbert Miller,Hattie E Miller,Henry Miller,Hiram W Miller,Ida C Miller,Irene Miller,Jane Miller,Janet Miller,Jemima Miller,John Miller,John A Miller,Jonathan Miller,Joseph H Miller,Joseph J Miller,Katie Miller,Kenneth L Miller,Lavina Miller,Leah B Miller,Mariah M Miller,Martha Miller,Mary Miller,Mary B Miller,Maude Miller,Phebie J Miller,Philip Miller,Rachel Miller,Rachel A Miller,Roxie Miller,Russell M Miller,Ruth Winifred Miller,Sarah E Miller,Sarah J Miller,Susan Miller,Susan Miller,Thomas Miller,Wallace Mills,Ananias Mills,Julia Mills,Nancy J Milts,Lina Minard,Grace Minard,Jennie B Minard,William C Minard,William W Mingl,Mary Minnert,Regina Misneer,Mathew M Misner,Anna R Misner,Catherine Misner,Charley Misner,Conrad Misner,Cora Misner,Elizabeth Misner,Elnor Misner,Frances I Misner,George Misner,George Misner,George S Misner,Henry W Misner,Ida Misner,Jennie Misner,John Misner,Laura Misner,Margarette Misner,Mary E Misner,Matie Misner,Susan Misner,Susan Misner,Thomas Misner,Thomas C Mitchell,Catharine J Mitchell,Edwin F Mitchell,Helen Mitchell,Margaret Mitchell,Margaret F Moch,Mary M Mockovcak,Stephen Moe,Catharine Moe,James W Moe,John R Moe,Maria E Moe,Mary L Moe,Olive Moe,Rebecca Moe,Sally Mohr,Emma A Moir,George D Moir,George E Molyneaux,George Molyneaux,John Molyneaux,Levi Molyneaux,Lewis Molyneaux,Mary Molyneaux,Mary Molyneaux,Orlando J Molyneaux,Pearl C Molyneaux,Revillo H Molyneaux,Thomas Monigan,Anna Monroe,Alice Monroe,Dorr O Monroe,George E Monroe,Grace Monroe,John Monroe,John R Monroe,Pearl Monroe,Sarah M Montague,Evelyn Montanye,Cornelia Montella,--- Moon,John J Moore,Abigail Moore,Alanson Moore,Catherine Moore,Elmer Moore,Ervin E Moore,George Henry Moore,Jacob H Moore,John Moore,Joseph L Moore,Lafayette Moore,Mary Moore,Mary J Moore,Roxana Moore,Sally Moore,Sally Moore,Samuel Moore,Samuel J Moore,Sarah F Moore,Viola Moore,Weller C Moorehead,Agnes Moose,Henry Moose,Sarah A Moran,Addie E Moran,Grace E Moran,Lucinda More,Grace More,John M Morehouse,Ann Morehouse,Elizabeth Morehouse,Jessee Morehouse,Luther M Morehouse,Samuel Morehouse,Thomas J Morey,Agnes Morey,Emma Morey,Hannah C Morey,Jane Ann Morey,Jesse M Morey,Julia A Morey,Julia M Morey,Lawrence Morey,Lewis W Morey,Libbie Morey,Mary F Morey,Victor Morey,William H Morey,Wm A Morgan,--- Morgan,E F Morgan,Elijah D Morgan,Elizabeth Morgan,Ethel Morgan,Robert Morgan,Ruth Morgan,U S G Morrell,Harriet A Morrill,Timothy Morris,Lucinda Morris,Verna Morrison,Matthew C Morse,Daniel Morse,Etta Morse,Lucinda Morton,Clara B Morton,Clara W Morton,Henry Morton,Henry Morton,Henry Samuel Morton,Laura A Morton,Quincy Ludlow Moschen,Susan Mosher,Charity Mosher,Samuel W Moshier,Freland Orr Mosier,Abram M Mosier,Mary O Mouden,Charlotte Mouden,Richard Mount,--- Mount,Esther Mount,Gershom H Mount,Josephine Mount,Lillian Mount,Margaret Mount,Oscar E Mount,Wendell H Mouton,Harriet Mouzithras,Cathy Mouzithras,Simos Mouzithras,Tony Mowell,George Mowell,Petronella Mower,Annah Mower,Catharine Mower,Elizabeth Mower,Frankie Mower,Hannah M Mower,Harry L Mower,John Mower,John Mower,Jonas L Mower,Leonard Mower,Leonard Mower,Mary Ann Mower,Mary C Mower,Noah L Mower,Peter L Mower,Pliny C Mower,Rachel R Mower,Rachel R Mowl,David H Mowl,Henrietta Mowris,Elizabeth Mowris,Henry Mowris,Jane L Mowris,Jane Lucretia Mowris,John Mowris,John Mowris,John D Mowris,John D Mowris,Peter Moxham,Mary Moxham,Robert W Muhlbauer,Frank S Muhlbauer,Renata K Mulford,Bertram G Mulford,Hannah J Mulford,Josephine Mullen,Aura A Mullen,James Mullen,Philip Muller,Anne Muller,Auguste Muller,Carl G Mulligan,John G Munch,Walter G Munroe,Hannah Munroe,John Munroe,Sally Munson,Bella Munson,J Ivan Munson,John E Munson,John E Munson,Mary Munson,Susie Murphy,Alice Murphy,Dennis Murphy,Elizabeth Murphy,Elizabeth Rose Murphy,John Murphy,John Murphy,John Murphy,Mary E Murphy,Michael J Murphy,Thomas Murphy,Thomas E Murray,A E Murray,Ann Murray,Catherine Murray,George Murray,Goldia Murray,Margaret Murray,Sarah J Myer,Abram E Myer,Ann E Myer,Anna Mariah Myer,Arabella Myer,Benjamin Myer,Benjamin S Myer,Beverly A Myer,Blandina Myer,Charles B Myer,Cora O Myer,Elinor L Myer,Ethel M Myer,Henrietta M Myer,Hezariah Myer,Jane Alice Myer,John H Myer,Leighton Myer,Leonard Myer,Margaret Myer,Margaret E Myer,Minard W Myer,Minard W Myer,Peter E Myer,S Catharine Myer,Samuel I Myer,Sarah M Myer,Sarah W Myer,Titus Myer,Titus Myer,William Myers,Allen J Myers,Anise Myers,Delilah Myers,Delilah C Myers,Elizabeth Myers,Ella Myers,Elmer H Myers,Ephraim Myers,Esther Myers,Francis Myers,Frederick Myers,Frederick Myers,Harry R Myers,Henry A Myers,Henry J Myers,Henry J Myers,Kelly Shawn Myers,Lillian E Myers,Margaret Myers,Mary A Myers,Mary G Myers,Myrtle Myers,Newman P Myers,Peter T Myers,Sally Myers,Sarah Myers,Sarah C Myers,Sarah E Myers,Selon C Myers,Simon Myers,William J Mytody,Eva

******************* N *********************** Nabor,John Naccarato,Fedele Naccarato,Theresa Nakelski,John Natoli,Charles Natoli,Nancy Natoli,Phyllis Nawe,Henry Nawe,John J Nawe,Marila Nawe,Rosina Neal,David C Neal,Joan M Neal,Joan M Needes,Anna B Needes,Claude L Needes,Huldah S Needes,Ralph Neenan,Alice Neenan,John Neenan,Nora E Neenan,William Nelson,Bessie Nelson,E T Nelson,Everett Nesbit,Henry Nestlen,Anna M Nestlen,Anna M Nestlen,George H Nestlen,George Herbert Nestlen,Jacob Nestlen,Jacob Nestlen,Julia Fredrika Nestlen,Mary Magdalen Nestlen,William A Neuffer,Emilie Neuffer,John C Neuffer,Maria Neuffer,Sarah M Neugebauer,Hide Newcombe,Emma Newell,Jennie C Newell,Jennie M Newell,Mary F Newhall,Edna Newkirk,Anna Newkirk,Christopher Newkirk,Ephraim H Newkirk,Georgia Newkirk,James H Newkirk,James H Newkirk,John Newmaker,Florian Newmaker,Genogea Newman,Amelia Newman,Barclay Moon Newton,Edith M Newton,Edward Nicholas,Charles Nicholas,Grace A Nichols,--- Nichols,Albert L Nichols,Delilah Nichols,Delilah Nichols,Dorothy D Nichols,Ira Nichols,Ira L Nichols,John J Nichols,Josiah M Nichols,Josiah Morse Nichols,Josiah Morse Nichols,Mary E Nichols,Mary Elizabeth Nichols,Maude Nichols,Milton Nichols,Robert Nichols,Sarah Jane Nichols,Wilford Nicholson,Catherine Nickerson,Maria Nilsen,Emma Nilsen,Inga Z Nilssen,Carol Nilssen,Guttorm Niver,Amy C Nobes,--- Noel,Augustus P Nolan,Josephine Nolan,Margaret Nolan,Margaret Nolan,Margaret Nordos,Wilbur R North,Abel North,Abel North,Albert North,Albert North,Anna North,Anna North,Betsey North,Brooks North,Catherine North,Clark North,Debbie M North,Earl C North,Early North,Ella H North,Erastus North,Florence North,George North,George S North,Gilbert North,Hilda North,Jacob North,Jennie A North,John North,John S North,Judith North,Justus North,M Augusta North,Mary Ann North,Matilda North,Minerva North,Robert North,Robert North,Roscoe North,Samuel North,Sarah Maria North,Walter Norton,Thomas Edgar Norwig,Christiana Nowaczek,Frank Huxley Noyes,Leah Noyes,Mary D Nuton,Edward Nutting,Alfred Nutting,Rebecca

********************** O ************** O'Brien,David T O'Brien,Elizabeth O'Brien,Ellen O'Brien,Eric O'Brien,Hannah E O'Brien,John O'Brien,Lance O'Brien,Mary A O'Brien,Nellie E O'Brien,Patricia O'Brien,Pierce O'Donald,Catherine O'Donald,John O'Donnell,Anna O'Donnell,James O'Donnell,James O'Donnell,John O'Donnell,Roger O'Hara,Helen R O'Hara,James O'Hara,Katie O'Hara,Thomas J O'Neill,Gerard Oakley,Abby Oakley,Abner J Oakley,Ada Oakley,Ada Anna Oakley,Anna D Oakley,Armeda Oakley,Branson K Oakley,Cath Oakley,Effie Oakley,Elisha Oakley,Elson S Oakley,Emma Oakley,Ethel Oakley,Ethel Oakley,George Oakley,Harry Oakley,Hewitt Oakley,Howard A Oakley,Ira P Oakley,Isaac Oakley,Isaac Oakley,Isaiah Oakley,Jasper J Oakley,John Oakley,John Oakley,Leah R Oakley,Mabel Oakley,Martin D Oakley,Martin D Oakley,Marvin A Oakley,Mary Oakley,Mary O Oakley,Merry Oakley,Millie C Oakley,Moses Oakley,Nellie Oakley,Rachel Oakley,Rebecca Oakley,Rebecca A Oakley,Richard Oakley,Sarah Oakly,--- Obermeyer,Hattie M Obrine,William Odell,Donald Ogden,Florence Ogden,Samuel Ogilvie,Elizabeth Ogilvie,George D Okely,Ifaias Okely,Rachel Okly,Ebby Okly,Ifea Okly,Martin Dubois Olds,Elizabeth Olds,Helen Olds,Hiram C Olds,Katie M Olin,Russell Olin,Virginia G Oliver,Anna Oliver,Arabella Oliver,Helen Oliver,Rufus Olmstead,John O Olmstead,Mary L Olmstead,Morgan E Olmsted,Esther M Olmsted,Ira E Olsen,Anna Olsen,Gladys Olsen,John Olsen,John Olsen,John E Olsen,Marie Olsen,Otilie Olsen,Viola Olsson,Agnes K H Olsson,Clara S Olsson,Erik Y Olsson,Ivar H Oltman,Fred Oltman,Frederick N Oosterhoudt,Fred Orna,Rose Osborn,Benjamin Osborn,Florence E Osborn,Henry W Osborn,Hewitt F Osborn,John D Osborn,Luella M Osborn,Mary Jane Osborn,Thomas Osborne,Laura Oschmann,Christian F Oschmann,Valeska Osterhoudt,Abraham M Osterhoudt,Adaline Osterhoudt,Alida M Osterhoudt,Amelia C Osterhoudt,Ann F Osterhoudt,Arthur C Osterhoudt,Augustus F Osterhoudt,Benjamin Osterhoudt,Calvin Osterhoudt,Carrie L Osterhoudt,Catharine Osterhoudt,Catharine Osterhoudt,David Osterhoudt,Edith Osterhoudt,Edward Osterhoudt,Eliz Osterhoudt,Elizabeth Osterhoudt,Elizabeth E Osterhoudt,Ella M Osterhoudt,Elmer J Osterhoudt,Elsie Ann Osterhoudt,Emily J Osterhoudt,Emma K Osterhoudt,Ermine Osterhoudt,Estella Osterhoudt,Eva Osterhoudt,Evelyn G Osterhoudt,Florence Osterhoudt,Florence M Osterhoudt,Frederick Osterhoudt,Genevieve S Osterhoudt,Golden Osterhoudt,Hannah Osterhoudt,Harry N Osterhoudt,Helen W Osterhoudt,Jacob Osterhoudt,Jacob Osterhoudt,James C Osterhoudt,Jane S Osterhoudt,Jeremiah Osterhoudt,Jesse Osterhoudt,Jesse Osterhoudt,Jesse Osterhoudt,Johannes Osterhoudt,John Osterhoudt,John G Osterhoudt,John J Osterhoudt,John W Osterhoudt,Julia F Osterhoudt,Karl H Osterhoudt,Kryneus Osterhoudt,Laura Osterhoudt,Laura C Osterhoudt,Luther Osterhoudt,Martha L Osterhoudt,Mary Osterhoudt,Matilda Osterhoudt,Maude Osterhoudt,Nathan Osterhoudt,Nellie Osterhoudt,Nellie Osterhoudt,Orville Osterhoudt,Peter Osterhoudt,Peter Edmond Osterhoudt,Peter L Osterhoudt,Peter L Osterhoudt,Philip Osterhoudt,Philip Osterhoudt,Rachel Emily Osterhoudt,Raymond A Osterhoudt,Ross Osterhoudt,Roswell Osterhoudt,Ruth M Osterhoudt,S Osterhoudt,S Osterhoudt,Sarah Osterhoudt,Sarah Osterhoudt,Sarah Osterhoudt,Sarah Osterhoudt,Sarah B Osterhoudt,Sarah Jane Osterhoudt,Thos Osterhoudt,Unis Osterhoudt,Ward H Osterhoudt,William Osterhoudt,Willie Osterhoudt,Willis Osterhoudt,Yvonne L Osterhout,Abner H Osterhout,Abraham F Osterhout,Alice Osterhout,Alvah Osterhout,Anna M Osterhout,Anne Osterhout,Charles D Osterhout,Cornelius Osterhout,Cornelius Osterhout,David O Osterhout,Ella Osterhout,Ella A Osterhout,Ellen Osterhout,Flossie V* Osterhout,Goldie Osterhout,Hannah H Osterhout,Henry Osterhout,Herman B Osterhout,Jacob Osterhout,Jessie Osterhout,Jonathan Osterhout,Joseph Osterhout,Joseph H Osterhout,Kathryn M Osterhout,Kenneth Osterhout,Lena Osterhout,LeRoy Osterhout,Mariah H Osterhout,Martha Osterhout,Martha J Osterhout,Mary E Osterhout,Mary Ellen Osterhout,Melissa Osterhout,Molly Osterhout,Nellie Osterhout,Phebe Osterhout,Rushmire Osterhout,Samuel Osterhout,Thomas Osterhout,Thomas D Osterhout,Wm Ostrander,Alexander Ostrander,Alice M Ostrander,Alwilda Ostrander,Anna M Ostrander,Catherine Ostrander,Catherine Ostrander,Chauncey Ostrander,Chrissie Ostrander,Cora Ostrander,Daniel Ostrander,Deborah Ostrander,Deborah Ostrander,Edward W Ostrander,Elijah Ostrander,Elisha Ostrander,Elizabeth Ostrander,Florence M Ostrander,Gladys E Ostrander,Harvey B Ostrander,Harvey G Ostrander,Ida Ostrander,Isaiah Ostrander,Jacob Ostrander,James Ostrander,James R Ostrander,Jennie M Ostrander,John J Ostrander,John W Ostrander,Jonathan Ostrander,L J Ostrander,Labin Ostrander,Lottie Ostrander,Marcus Ostrander,Marcus Ostrander,Margaret Este Ostrander,Mariah Ostrander,Mary Ostrander,Mary Ostrander,Mary A Ostrander,Millie B Ostrander,Milton Ostrander,Morris Ostrander,Moses Ostrander,Nehemiah Ostrander,Olive Ostrander,Oscar W Ostrander,Petrus Ostrander,Petrus Ostrander,Philip Ostrander,Sarah Ostrander,Sarah Ostrander,Sarah Ostrander,Sarah A Ostrander,Sarah C Ostrander,Wm Blake Ostroem,Bertha Ostrom,Sarah E Otis,Jacob Ott,Bertha M Ott,Edward S Otto,Catherine Overbagh,Benjamin Overbaugh,Catherine Overbaugh,William G Overbough,Benjamin Overfelt,Katie Overocker,Frank Oversti,Andrew Oversti,Ida Owen,Adelaide Owen,Howard Owen,Lavina M Owens,Clark C Owens,Mary Owens,Nora E Owens,Stephen C Owens,William

****************** P ************* Paba,Flora Paba,Saul Pagan,Henry Wallace Palace,Emma Palen,--- Palen,Adelia Palen,Alexander Palen,Anna Palen,Anna C Palen,Annie Palen,Charles E Palen,Charlotte Palen,Cornelius Palen,David Palen,David Palen,Dorothy Palen,Edgar Palen,Edith Palen,Elizabeth Palen,Elizabeth Palen,Elizabeth H L Palen,Emma Palen,Emma M Palen,Ernest Palen,Esther Palen,Esther Palen,Eunice Palen,Eveline Palen,Ezra D Palen,Fern Palen,Florence J Palen,Florence N Palen,George Palen,George Palen,Gordon Palen,Hannah Palen,Hannah C Palen,Harry S Palen,Ida Palen,Isaac H Palen,James M Palen,Jane Palen,Jeremiah Palen,Jessie Palen,John H Palen,John H Palen,John H Palen,Jonathon Palen,Joseph Palen,Josephine Palen,Julia Palen,Kate Palen,Lewis Palen,Lucas Palen,Lula Palen,Margaret Palen,Maria Palen,Maria C Palen,Mary Palen,Mary A Palen,Mary H Palen,Mary V* Palen,Matilda H Palen,Melissa Palen,Moses Palen,Nora Palen,Pauline Palen,Peter Palen,Peter Palen,Peter F Palen,Phebe O Palen,Rachel Palen,Rachel C Palen,Ralph Palen,Richard Palen,Rose Palen,Russell L Palen,Sarah A Palen,Sarah A Palen,Sarah E Palen,Sarah H Palen,Sarah J Palen,Sarah J B Palen,William Palen,Zachariah Palmateer,Bessie Palmateer,Lorin Palmater,Minne L Palmater,Minnie L Palmater,Nancy Palmater,Nancy Palmater,Peter Palmater,Peter Palmatier,Alexander W Palmatier,Alexander Wilson Palmatier,Ann Eliza Palmer,Charles Palmer,Charles S Palmer,Chas S Palmer,Eber G Palmer,Emilie K Palmer,Emma Palmer,Emma H Palmer,Evelyn Palmer,George H Palmer,Helen C Palmer,Lillian Palmer,Mae Palmer,Marion Palmer,Nettie J Palmer,Ward Palmer,Wm R Palmitear,Eliza Palmitear,Robert H Palmitear,William Palmitear,Willson Palmiteer,Lyda Palmiteer,Lyda Palmitier,Hannah Mariah Palmitter,Alaby Palmitter,Julia Palmquist,Clarence A Paltridge,Adrienne L Paltridge,Alice V* Paltridge,Amy E Paltridge,Byron Paltridge,Byron F Paltridge,Claudine Paltridge,Clementine M Paltridge,David Paltridge,David Paltridge,Edith Paltridge,Edmund Paltridge,Emma Paltridge,Esther Paltridge,Eugene Paltridge,Eva Paltridge,Freston J Paltridge,Gladys Paltridge,Harold Paltridge,Harry Paltridge,Harry Paltridge,Henry M Paltridge,James E Paltridge,Joseph H Paltridge,Kenneth A Paltridge,Lillian Paltridge,Mary J Paltridge,Myron E Paltridge,Noah M Paltridge,Orcelia Paltridge,Percy Paltridge,Rachel Paltridge,Richard Paltridge,Richard Paltridge,Samuel Paltridge,Samuel Wayne Paltridge,Sarah Paltridge,Susie Paltridge,Thomas Pangburn,A H Pangburn,Hannah Pardee,Edward J Pardee,Fred Pardee,Nellie E Parisi,Amanda Pariso,--- Parker,Charles Golden Parker,Emma Cordelia Parker,Everett Parker,Jewett Parker,John Parker,Lydia Parker,Lydia Jane Parker,Mary Alice Parkes,Carrie E Parkes,George L Parkes,Jane A Parkes,Katryn F Parkes,Percy Parkes,Rebecca Parkes,Roxie Parmater,Emily Jewett Parmater,Nancy Parmater,Peter Parmatier,Hannah Maria Parmetier,Eliza Parmetier,Robert H Parmetier,Wilson Parodi,Decio F Parodi,Emma D Parrott,Addison Parrott,Eliz R Parrott,George Parrott,John Parrott,John Parrott,Marvin R Parrott,Mary Parrott,William Parsell,Abraham Parsell,Hannah Parslow,Anna E Parslow,George Parslow,George C Partridge,Elmira Patterson,Christine E Patterson,George Patterson,John Patterson,Matilda A Patterson,Sarah J Pattison,Abram Pattison,Almira Pattison,Anna Amelia Pattison,Anna Melia Pattison,Ezra Pattison,Frank Pattison,Moses Pattison,Moses Pattison,William S Paul,Ann L Paul,Earl C Paulson,Martin Pauson,Alice B Pavan,Rosalie Payne,Hiram Payne,Mary L Payntar,Bernice Peapcore,Mary Pearson,Cora A Pease,Leila Pease,Leila Peck,Charles Peck,Earl Peck,Frances Peck,James H Peck,Jennie V Peck,William Pedersen,Charles W Pedersen,Elvira I V Pedersen,Roger P Pedersen,Wilhelmine Pederson,Soren Peet,Allice E Peet,Cath S Peet,Goldia Peet,Lory Peet,Nathan C Peet,Nathan S Peet,Nellie B Peet,Vera Pelham,Ray Peloubet,Elizabeth Peloubet,Isaac Peloubet,Martha Penning,Mary M Penny,Atkinson Penny,Ellinor Penny,Robinson Perison,Beverly J Perkins,Anne Eliza Perkins,Hester A Perkins,Stephen Perrine,Alfred Perrine,Cath E Perrine,Charles H Perrine,Charles H Perrine,Emily Jane Perrine,Harry D Perrine,Infant Perrine,Jeanne Perrine,John Perrine,Lee P Perrine,LeFevre P Perrine,Lizzie C Perrine,Marius D Perrine,Mary E Perrine,Nathaniel Perrine,Rachel Perrine,Rolla C Perrine,William H Perrine,Willie H Perry,Annie Perry,Annie Perry,Bessie B Perry,Dallas W Perry,Egbert C Perry,Eli Perry,Ella Perry,Hugh Perry,James Perry,Louisa Perry,Mary Ann Perry,O N Perry,Orlando N Perryman,Arthur Perryman,Winifred Personeus,Gould Personeus,Henry Persons,Cora M Persons,Earl Persons,Harold R Petchke,Alma H Petchke,Arthur Peters,--- Peters,Benjamin Peters,Catharine Peters,Eliza B Peters,Elmira Peters,Harry B Peters,Henry J Peters,Herman Peters,Herman Peters,Ida Petersen,Alice Petersen,Beatrice D Petersen,George P Petersen,Olena Petersen,Petra Petersen,Theodore Petersen,Thomas Peterson,Brigetta Peterson,David B Peterson,George W Peterson,Gustav Peterson,Lars Peterson,Marth J Peterson,Minnie Peterson,Soron Petito,Rose Petrie,Ella Petschke,Arthur Petterson,Carl Peuter,Catherine Pfisterer,Alfred H Phalen,Ellen Phelan,Mary Phenix,Jane Philips,Anjeline Philips,John Phillips,David W Phillips,Jane Phillips,Jemima Phillips,John Phillips,Martha Phillips,Mary Jane Phillips,Richard Phillips,William D Phillips,William D Piccirello,Joseph N Pickel,Caroline Pickel,Ellen Pierce,Edna Pierce,Edward P Pierce,George H Pierce,Harry Pierce,Minnie Pierce,Norman F Pierce,Sarah C Piercy,David Piercy,George H Piercy,Joseph Piercy,Sarah J Pieret,Ellen Pieret,Margaret Pieret,Thomas Pine,Andrew D Pine,Claude Pine,Effie Pine,Marguerite Pine,Theodore Pine,Verna Pink,Stewart R Pink,Thelma Pinkenstein,Wilhelmina Planck,Maurice Plant,Frank D Plant,Gussie Plass,Wm J Plate,Jeannette Plate,Peter Platt,Harriet Platte,Marion Plimley,Jennie Plimley,John W Plog,Roy W Ploss,Anna Ploss,Jessie Ploss,Robert K Ploss,William J Ploughman,Charlie Ploughman,Cora Ploughman,Cora Ploughman,Dorma Ploughman,Grace M Ploughman,Ruth Ploughman,Walter Ploutz,--- Plue,Elvina R Poen,Martha M Pohl,John Pohl,Lewis Pole,Lillian Pole,Michael Polhemus,Charles Polhemus,Julia A Pollock,Eva Elizabeth Pollock,William J Pomeley,Clara Pomeroy,Robert B Pomeroy,Sarah A Porter,Absolom Porter,Alonzo Eugene Porter,Andrew Porter,Benjamin Porter,Elva Lois Porter,George Porter,Hester Porter,Jemima Porter,Katherine Porter,Mary E Porter,Virginia Post,Ada Post,Anna Post,Catherine Post,Edward M Post,Elmore Augustus Post,Emma Post,Estella Post,Frances H Post,Jacob Post,Jennie F Post,Jeremiah Post,John H Post,Julia Post,Mabel Post,Maria Post,Maria C Post,Marietta Post,Mary Post,Rosina Post,Rowena J Post,Samuel Post,Ulysses S Grant Post,Verna Miriam Potter,Andrew Potts,Edward Poucher,--- Pough,William F Pratt,Arthur Pratt,Bennie Pratt,Julia Pratt,Susie A Pratt,Waldo Emerson Pratt,William Pratt,William Prescott,Frieda Presler,Anthony Presler,Nancy Preston,Jane Prindle,Charles Prindle,John Profet,James H Profet,Marietta Profit,Grace Profit,Isabelle Profit,Rutherford J Prokupeck,Charles E Prokupeck,Ethel C Proper,Elizabeth Proper,Gennie Proper,Louie Proper,Robert Proper,Robert Sidney Propper,Fred Propper,Lesa Propper,Philip Propper,Stanley Prosser,Blanche B Prosser,Jennie Pruden,Julia E Puff,Addie M Pulver,Ruhannah Purcell,Charlotte A Purcell,Eliza A Purcell,Leona Purcell,Mildred M Purcell,Millicent W Purcell,William Putnam,Arthur

************** Q ******************* Quase,Charles F F Queseda,Jose A Quick,A Quick,Abigail Quick,Adelia Quick,Albert Quick,Amanda Quick,Antje Quick,Art Quick,Arthur Quick,Augustus Quick,Augustus Quick,Bell Quick,Benjamin R Quick,Bertha E Quick,C H Quick,Carrie Quick,Carrie M Quick,Cath Quick,Catharine J Quick,Celia Quick,Chancellor Quick,Charlotte Quick,Charlotte R Quick,Chester A Quick,Cora E Quick,Daniel Quick,David Quick,David B Quick,E Quick,Edith Quick,Edmund S Quick,Edward Quick,Elizabeth Quick,Elizabeth Quick,Ella N Quick,Ephraim Quick,Esther Quick,Esther K Quick,Frances R Quick,George W Quick,Guy Quick,Hannah Quick,Hannah B Quick,Helena Quick,Hiram Quick,Hiram Quick,James Quick,James I Quick,Jane Quick,Jennie C Quick,John Quick,John Quick,John B Quick,John E Quick,John F Quick,John F Quick,John H Quick,John P Quick,Joseph Quick,Lavina Quick,Lena May Quick,Leona I Quick,Louis Quick,Luther Quick,Luther Quick,Margaret Quick,Martha Quick,Martha Quick,Mary Quick,Mary Quick,Mary E Quick,Mary E Quick,Mary J Quick,Mary S Quick,Meeker G Quick,Millie Quick,Morgana Quick,Nelson Quick,Ophelia Quick,Paulina Quick,Peter Quick,Phebe Quick,Philip Quick,Philip Quick,Rachel A Quick,Rennie Quick,Rhoda M Quick,Roswell Quick,Simon P Quick,Theodore Quick,Theodore M Quick,Theodoric Quick,Warren Quick,William Quick,William B Quick,William M Quicks,J L Quimby,Florence A Quimby,George Quinn,Martin

***************** R ************* R--,J A R--,M R--,M R Radcliffe,Doris A Radcliffe,John T Radcliffe,Kathryn M Radcliffe,Margaret S Radcliffe,Nelson Rand,Emma A Randal,Eliza Randall,Agnes Randegger,Theresa Randegger,Victor Randolph,Willson Ranft,Florence Ranft,Fred Ransom,--- Ransom,William A Ranson,Mary Rapp,John Rappelyea,Gertrude Rappleyea,Ella Rappleyea,Ernest Rappleyea,Frederick Rappleyea,George W Rappleyea,Guy Rappleyea,Nora Rappleyea,Sarah B Rapplyea,Ida Rasmussen,Dagmar Rasmussen,Otto Rath,Daniel Rathbun,Mercy Rathgeber,Christian Rauhauser,Katherine L Ray,Tomicinie Opal Reardon,John B Recktenwald,Clementine Redfield,Jane Ann Redmond,Bessie M Redmond,Catherine M Redmond,Gilbert C Redmond,Gilbert E Redmond,James O Redmond,Mathias A Redmond,Sarah A Redmond,Virginia A Reeb,M Elizabeth Reed,Clara M Reed,Clifford Reed,Elvatine Reed,Henry B Reed,Ida Reed,Lillian Reed,Maria B Reeder,Janet Mae Reel,Frank Reeve,James Reeves,Bertha Reeves,Byron Reeves,Charles H Reeves,Francis Reeves,Frank Reeves,George Reeves,Sarah K Reeves,Willie Regan,Thomas Reid,Alexander Reid,Grace V Reiner,August* Reiner,Augusta Reiner,Fred Reiner,Fred R Reiner,Rudolph Reinhard,Freddie N Reinhard,Joseph W Reinhard,Joseph W Reinhard,Julia Reinhard,Julia M Reinhard,Willie Reisinger,Margaret Reisinger,Moses E Reiter,Johanna Rekert,J Estelle Relyea,--- Relyea,Andrew A Relyea,Caroline Relyea,Catherine Relyea,David C Relyea,Effie Relyea,Fred S Relyea,Leoline Relyea,Lizzie Relyea,Mary E Relyea,Melissa D Relyea,Minnie Rennesson,George Rennie,William Requa,Mary Elizabeth Requa,Sarah B Requa,Smith Resseguie,Elmer P Resue,Emma C Reuhl,George J Reuner,Emilie Reynolds,--- Reynolds,Adelia Reynolds,Amanda Reynolds,Daniel Reynolds,Ella Reynolds,Emeline H Reynolds,Etta J Reynolds,Florence Reynolds,George Reynolds,Jesse Reynolds,John Reynolds,John Reynolds,Mary Reynolds,Myron Reynolds,Peter Reynolds,Pheoby E Reynolds,Phoebe J Reynolds,Richard Reynolds,Samantha S Rheal,Frank J Rheal,Kathryn M Rheymell,Caroline Rhinehart,Addie I Rhodes,Eber Rhodes,Ethel A Rhodes,Gordon J Rhodes,Jane Ann Rhodes,Zadoc G Rianhard,Charles Wm Rice,Albert L Richards,Angie Richardson,Esther Richardson,J W Richardson,Matthias Richardson,Nancy Richley,Eve Richley,Jacob Richley,Jacob Richmond,Abel S Richmond,Chiofalid Richmond,Elizabeth Richmond,Elizabeth Richmond,Henry Richmond,Henry Richter,Emil F Richter,Klara W Ricks,Alice Ricks,John Ricks,William Ricks,Willie Rider,Alice Rider,Allison Rider,Ann Rider,Benjamin M Rider,Briggs J Rider,Byron H Rider,Calvin H Rider,Cathleen Marie Rider,Cleveland Rider,Cora O Rider,Daisy Rider,Daniel Rider,David Rider,David H Rider,Eliza C Rider,Ellen H Rider,Elsie Rider,Emma A Rider,Erastus Rider,Erastus Rider,Eunice Rider,Everett Rider,George W Rider,Gertrude Rider,Granville Rider,Hannah E Rider,Harry B Rider,Hiram Rider,Hubert Rider,Ida L Rider,James A Rider,James A Rider,James A Rider,James J Rider,Jennie Rider,John Rider,John Rider,John B Rider,John W Rider,Julia Rider,Katie Rider,L Etta Rider,Lillie Rider,Mahala Rider,Margaret Rider,Maria J Rider,Maria M Rider,Martha Rider,Martha Rider,Mary Rider,Mary E Rider,Meniery Rider,Monroe Rider,Moses Rider,Norman Rider,Oscar Rider,Oscar Rider,Percy B Rider,Permelia A Rider,Phebe Rider,Phebe B Rider,Phebe B Rider,Phoebe A Rider,Sadie H Rider,Sarah Rider,Sarah M Rider,Stephen Rider,Thelma Rider,William Ridgeway,--- Rieck,Charles E Rifenburg,Clifford Riggins,Albert Riggins,Charles B Riggins,Charles G Riggins,Charles S Riggins,Clara Etta Riggins,Cornelius Riggins,Dealva Riggins,Eva Riggins,Harry D W Riggins,Henry Riggins,Henry C Riggins,Jennie Rightmeyer,Elizabeth Rightmyer,Amanda Rightmyer,Joel B Rightmyer,Peter H Rightmyer,Peter H Rightmyer,Sarah Ann Rikert,Norman W Riley,Daniel C Riley,Florence B Riley,Oriel M Riley,Robert D Ripley,Ada L Rippel,Henry Riseley,Anna B Riseley,Arthur J Riseley,Edmund Riseley,Eliz Riseley,Esther Riseley,George B M Riseley,Grace Isabelle Riseley,Henry Griffeth Riseley,Jennie Riseley,Jeremiah S Riseley,Joseph H Riseley,Joseph H Riseley,Joseph H Riseley,Katherine B Riseley,Maggie S Riseley,Mary E Riseley,Ora V Riseley,Rebecca Riseley,Wm Ritchie,William Ritter,Mary C Rivenburg,John Rivenburgh,Elizabeth O Rivenburgh,Ruben Rivers,Henrietta C Rivers,Lewis W Robert,Dunn Roberts,Edna C Roberts,John B Roberts,Russell Robins,Anna M Robinson,--- Robinson,--- Robinson,Benjamin Robinson,Caroline Robinson,Frances Robinson,Fred Robinson,H Robinson,Joan Robinson,Louise Robinson,M Robinson,Maria H Robinson,Robert Robinson,Sarah Robinson,Sarah Jean Robinson,Theron L Robinson,Wilfred Robinson,Wilfred Robinson,Willis R Robison,Abraham Robison,Abraham Robison,Abraham Robison,Ariatte Robison,Catharine Robison,Christina Robison,Henry Robison,Isaac A Robison,John Robison,Louisa Robison,Permelia Robison,Sarah Robison,Sarah C Robison,Sarah Ellen Robison,Thomas DeWitt Rockwell,Anna Mae Rockwell,Edna M Rockwell,Gilbert DuBois Rockwell,James Rockwell,Mary E Rockwell,Ralph Roe,--- Roe,Austin P Roe,Catherine Roe,Daniel J Roe,Daniel J Roe,Effie Roe,Elias Roe,Elting A Roe,Frank D Roe,George Roe,Hattie Roe,Jennie H Roe,John S Roe,Laura L Roe,Murning Roehl,Emil R Roehl,Louis Roehl,Walter F Rogers,Helen May Romer,Charles A Romer,Marion F Ronk,--- Ronk,--- Ronk,David Ronk,Emma J Ronk,Eva E Ronk,George E Ronk,Herbert A Ronk,Laura M Ronk,Mary E Ronk,Nellie Ronk,Richard Ronk,Vera E Rooney,Alexander J Rooney,Carrie M Rooney,Margaret D Rooney,Peter J Roosa,Abram Roosa,Abram Roosa,Abram D Roosa,Albert Roosa,Alvena Roosa,Andries L Roosa,Caleb C Roosa,Caroline D Roosa,Carrie R Roosa,Catharine Roosa,Catherine Roosa,Charles H Roosa,Cornelia D Roosa,Earl J Roosa,Earle Roosa,Effa M Roosa,Eliza C Roosa,Elizabeth Roosa,Emanuel Roosa,Emma Roosa,Ethel M Roosa,Eugene C Roosa,Flossie Roosa,Frank Roosa,Grace Roosa,Hanna Maria Roosa,Hannah M Roosa,Harriett J Roosa,Hattie L Roosa,Hazzie K Roosa,Helen Roosa,Ida M Roosa,Isaiah D Roosa,Jacob H Roosa,Jacob J Roosa,Jacobus A Roosa,Jason C Roosa,Jennie Roosa,Jennie L Roosa,John M Roosa,John M Roosa,John T Roosa,John Z Roosa,Josiah H Roosa,Katie E Roosa,Leah Roosa,Leander Roosa,Levi Roosa,Levi C Roosa,Lewis Roosa,Louisa H Roosa,Luke Roosa,Luke B Roosa,Luke J Roosa,Mary Roosa,Mary Roosa,Matthew H Roosa,Maude Roosa,Mirah Roosa,Ophelia Roosa,Peter S Roosa,Rachel Roosa,Rachel A Roosa,Ralph I Roosa,Rebecca Roosa,Rebecca A Roosa,Richard Roosa,Sarah C Roosa,Sarah M Roosa,Sherman J Roosa,Silas Roosa,Simeon K Roosa,Stanley Roosa,Tryntje V W Roosa,William T Roosa,Wm T Rosa,C Merrit Rosa,Fred L Rosa,Garret N Rosa,Hector W Rosa,Hyman Rosa,Maria Rosa,Martha Rosa,Rebecca Rosa,William Rosakrans,Blandinah Rosakrans,Hannah Rose,Addie Rose,Agnes V Rose,Albert Rose,Allen G Rose,Anna Rose,Anna Rose,Arthur E Rose,Beatrice A Rose,Benjamin J Rose,Carrie Rose,Catherine Rose,Charles W Rose,Charlotte A Rose,Clarence H Rose,Clayton M Rose,Clayton M Rose,Elbert Rose,Elsie M Rose,Emma C Rose,Emma C Rose,Emma J Rose,Frances M Rose,G E Rose,George H Rose,Herbert Rose,Herman H Rose,Ida M Rose,James W Rose,Jane Rose,John Rose,John Rose,John Rose,Joseph D Rose,Judy Rose,Leah Rose,Lemuel Rose,Leon R Rose,Letitia G Rose,Lewis Rose,Lucy A Rose,Lyman C Rose,Malinda Rose,Mary Rose,Mary Ellen Rose,Mildred Rose,Minnie B Rose,Ora L Rose,Raymond J Rose,Roswell Rose,Roswell J Rose,Russell Rose,Ruth A Rose,Ruth E Rose,Samuel Rose,Sarah Rose,Sarah M Rose,Silas Rose,Wardie L Rosecrans,Jermiah Rosecrans,Nettie Rosekrams,E Christina Rosekrams,James T Rosekrans,Frank M Rosekrans,Grace Rosekrans,John S Rosekrans,Thomas Rosen,Alexander E Rosencrans,Louisa Rosenkrams,Albert Rosenkrams,Cora R Rosenkrams,Goldie E Rosenkrams,Herman Rosenkrams,Maggie E Rosenkrance,Benjamin Rosenkrance,Margaret Rosenkrance,Vina S Rosenkrans,Herman Rosenkrans,Jennie L Rosenkrans,Mary Etta Rosenkrans,Virdinelle Rosenkranse,Cora Rosenkranse,Herman Rosenkranse,Hyla Rosenkranse,Jessie Rosenkranse,Minnie Rosenkranse,Peter Rosenkranse,Russell Ross,Dulcie H Ross,Hannah Ross,James Ross,Kathryn E Ross,Mary Ross,Robert Rosselly,Walter Rothe,Charles E Rothe,Charles J Rothe,Eleanor Rothe,Emil Rothe,Lillie Rothenberger,Alvin Rothenberger,Edith Rothman,Elsie Rothman,Louis Rothrock,Olivia A Rothrock,Wilfred L Rouse,Trudy Rowe,Alice E Rowe,Amey L Rowe,Basil L Rowe,Carl J Rowe,Chester Rowe,Clarence Shultis Rowe,Edward C Rowe,Ephraim Rowe,Frederick P Rowe,Garold Rowe,Gerald Rowe,Jane Rowe,John Rowe,John E Rowe,John F Rowe,Loretta Rowe,Lutie H Rowe,Marion Rowe,Minnie Rowe,Ray W Rowe,Satie L Rowe,William Rowland,George M Roy,Earl Rugar,Grace Ruge,Otto Ruger,Ann J Ruger,Rachel M Ruhnau,Edward Rundle,Anna M Rundle,Isaac Rusk,Hannah J Rusk,John Rusk,Seymour Russel,Geo M Russel,Josephine Russell,Abel D Russell,Adam Russell,Adam Russell,Alfred Russell,Alice Russell,Alida Russell,Charles D Russell,Eliza Russell,Elizabeth Russell,Evadora Russell,George H Russell,Harriet Russell,Harriet Russell,Jacob D Russell,James Russell,James Russell,James A Russell,Lambarche Russell,Mary Russell,Phebe Russell,Sally Russell,Susanna Rutherford,Anna Rutledge,Edward S Rutsen,Jacob Ryan,Catherine L Ryan,Thomas Ryder,George B Ryder,Helen Ryder,Helen L B Ryer,Theora B

******************** S ************* S--,John D Saam,Maria Sadler,Alice Sadler,Matthew Sage,Catherine Sagendord,Georgie A Sagendorf,--- Sagendorf,Daniel Sagendorf,Ella B Sagendorf,Frank Sagendorf,Hannah Sagendorf,Louise Sagendorf,Montgomery Sagendorph,Adam N Sagendorph,Elizabeth Sahler,A Sahler,Ann Eliza Sahler,Louis D Sahler,Mary Sahler,Mary Ellen Sahler,Sarah C Sahler,___ Saile,Charles Kenneth Saile,Chas H Saile,Evelyn E Saiter,Ann Sammons,Cornelius Sammons,Elizabeth Sammons,Jacob Sammons,Jacob C Sammons,Lena Sammons,Maria Sammons,Mary C Sammons,Rachel Sampietro,Elizabeth Sampietro,Mary Rose Sampietro,Theodore Sampsen,Arthur Sampson,--- Sampson,Alice Sampson,Alice E Sampson,David Sampson,Mary Ann Sampson,Naomi Sampson,Samuel Sampson,Sarah Sanchis,Frank Sande,Bertha Sannen,Albert G Sannen,Andrew Santagata,Helen Santagata,Louis Sarine,Adaline Sarine,James H Sarine,Jonny Sarine,William J Sarle,Stephen Sarle,Tammy Sarles,Staphen Satterlee,Sarah Catherine Sauer,Martha A Savage,Alfonso C Savage,Helen Savignano,Darlene J Savignano,John B Savignano,Matilda Savoye,Mary E Saxton,Elizabeth Saxton,Isaac Saxton,John Saxton,Margaret Saxton,Sarah A Schaffer,George Schaffer,Maude S Schaffer,William E Schaffer,William E Schall,Elizabeth A Scharf,Dorothy Scharf,Harold Schaus,Gustav A Schellenbarger,Horst Schellenbarger,Marie Schellman,George A Schenck,Isaac A Schenck,Lavinia Schenck,Martin L Schepmoes,Lillie Schermerhorn,Eva J Schermerhorn,Mary Ann Schermerhorn,Sadie Schick,Frank H Schick,Ronald F Schiebel,Milton E Schildt,Dorothy Schindler,Frank Schindler,Joseph Schirmer,Emelie C Schirmer,M Ruth Schmeltz,Charles F Schmermund,John Schmidt,Dorothy Schmidt,Elizabeth Schmitz,Helen M Schmitz,Violet T Schmitz,Walter M Schneider,Franz J Schneider,Gerald Schodlbauer,Erwin Wenzel Schoeller,Edward Schoenthaler,Philippine Schoonmaker,--- Schoonmaker,--- Schoonmaker,Abraham Schoonmaker,Abraham Schoonmaker,Abram Schoonmaker,Abram E Schoonmaker,Addie Schoonmaker,Albert E Schoonmaker,Albertina M Schoonmaker,Alfred H Schoonmaker,Alfred Van Ake Schoonmaker,Andries Schoonmaker,Anna B Schoonmaker,Anna L Schoonmaker,Anna Maria Schoonmaker,Anna Maria Schoonmaker,Annatje Schoonmaker,Benjamin Schoonmaker,Benjamin Schoonmaker,Benjamin Schoonmaker,Catherine Schoonmaker,Catherine Schoonmaker,Charles B Schoonmaker,Charles H Schoonmaker,Charles L Schoonmaker,Charles S Schoonmaker,Charlotte Schoonmaker,Cora O Schoonmaker,Cornelius Schoonmaker,Cornelius Schoonmaker,Cyrus Schoonmaker,David Schoonmaker,David Schoonmaker,Egbert Schoonmaker,Egbert D Schoonmaker,Egbert D Schoonmaker,Eliza Schoonmaker,Eliza Schoonmaker,Eliza Schoonmaker,Elizabeth Schoonmaker,Elizabeth Schoonmaker,Elizabeth Schoonmaker,Elizabeth A Schoonmaker,Ellison Schoonmaker,Elting D Schoonmaker,Erving J Schoonmaker,Eve Schoonmaker,Ezra Schoonmaker,Fields Schoonmaker,Frederick Schoonmaker,George Schoonmaker,Grace Schoonmaker,Hannah B Schoonmaker,Harold S Schoonmaker,Harriet E Schoonmaker,Harriett Schoonmaker,Hattie E Schoonmaker,Helena B Schoonmaker,Henry W Schoonmaker,Hiram D Schoonmaker,Ida Schoonmaker,Ida M Schoonmaker,Isaac Schoonmaker,Jacob Schoonmaker,Jacob H B Schoonmaker,Jacob I Schoonmaker,James E Schoonmaker,James F Schoonmaker,Jane Schoonmaker,Jane Schoonmaker,Jane Schoonmaker,Jane H B Schoonmaker,Jemima Schoonmaker,Jennie Schoonmaker,Jennie Schoonmaker,Johanis S Schoonmaker,Johannes Schoonmaker,Johannis D Schoonmaker,John A Schoonmaker,John B Schoonmaker,John B Schoonmaker,John B Schoonmaker,John B Schoonmaker,John H Schoonmaker,John L Schoonmaker,Jonas Schoonmaker,Joseph Schoonmaker,Joseph L Schoonmaker,Lavina Schoonmaker,Levi Schoonmaker,Lucy G Schoonmaker,Luella Schoonmaker,Lydia Schoonmaker,Margaret Schoonmaker,Margaret Schoonmaker,Margaret Schoonmaker,Margret Schoonmaker,Maria Schoonmaker,Maria Schoonmaker,Maria Schoonmaker,Maria C Schoonmaker,Maria H Schoonmaker,Maria H Schoonmaker,Maria J Schoonmaker,Martin Schoonmaker,Mary Schoonmaker,Mary Schoonmaker,Mary Schoonmaker,Mary Schoonmaker,Mary Ann Schoonmaker,Mary E Schoonmaker,Mina Schoonmaker,Moses Schoonmaker,Nancy Schoonmaker,Olive Schoonmaker,Percy Schoonmaker,Phelin Schoonmaker,Philip Schoonmaker,Rachel Schoonmaker,Rachel A Schoonmaker,Rachel Elizabe Schoonmaker,Robert S Schoonmaker,Rosanna Schoonmaker,Ruth Schoonmaker,Ruth Schoonmaker,Sarah Schoonmaker,Sarah Schoonmaker,Sarah Schoonmaker,Sarah A Schoonmaker,Sarah Elizabet Schoonmaker,Sarah Ellen Schoonmaker,Sarah Frances Schoonmaker,Silas Schoonmaker,Silas Schoonmaker,Silas F Schoonmaker,Stephen Schoonmaker,Stephen B Schoonmaker,Thomas Schoonmaker,Thomas R Schoonmaker,Thresher Schoonmaker,Wells L Schoonmaker,Wilhelmina Schoonmaker,Wilkin Schram,James Edward Schram,Nicholas Schram,Sarah Schram,William Schreiner,Anton G Schreiner,Ludwig H Schryver,Ezra Schryver,Herman Wallace Schryver,Minnie Schryver,William Schultz,Amelia Schultz,Emma L Schultz,Eula Schultz,Herbert L Schultz,J Louis Schultz,John L Schultz,Margaret J Schultz,Mary C Schultz,R Schultz,Sadie M Schulz,--- Schumann,Frances Schumann,Lena F Schumann,Oscar F Schupelack,Arthur Schupelack,Michael Schupelack,Thomas Schupp,George A Schupp,Harriett E Schutt,Abram H Schutt,Andrew Schutt,Delia Schutt,Ella M Schutt,Elmyra Schutt,James Schutt,Julia Schutt,Laura Schutt,Lewis Schutt,Margaret Schutt,Martin Schutt,Solomon Schutt,Solon Schutt,Stephen Schutt,Uriah Schutt,William Schwab,Charles E Schwab,Charles S Schwab,Sadie M Schwarz,Anna Schwarz,Anthony Schwarz,Wm T Schweinler,Hazel Schwerdtfeger,Marie U Schwerdtfeger,Wm E Sciffidi,Marie Scism,Charles Scism,Nata Scofield,--- Scofield,Asenath Scofield,George Scofield,Mary Scott,--- Scott,Daniel Scott,James Scott,Levi Scott,Mary Scott,Millard Scott,Phebe Scott,Theresa Scott,William R Scully,Sally M Scully,William P Seabert,Ellena Seager,Eber Seager,Elizabeth Seager,Hiram Seager,Tirzah O Seager,Watie M Seaman,Abigail Seaman,Jessie F Seaman,John Seaman,Lucinda Seaman,Miller Seaman,Ophelia A Searing,Isabel Searlas,Emma Searlas,Frederick Searlas,Julia Searlas,Sophia Searle,Stephen Sears,Arthur Sears,Harold Sears,John Secor,Annette Secor,Edwin D M Secor,Elizabeth Secor,Idella Secor,John H Secor,John J Secor,Robert Sedgewick,Mary J Seidel,William Seidl,Joseph Seifts,John Seifts,Katie Seigrist,Rosina Seiple,Bertha Senger,Adele Senger,William Seward,Florence Seymour,Alexander P Seymour,Alvah Seymour,Alvah Seymour,Arthur J Seymour,Celia Seymour,Charlotte Seymour,D A Seymour,Daniel W Seymour,David Seymour,David A Seymour,Ella Seymour,Ella Seymour,Ellen A Seymour,George F Seymour,George H Seymour,Henry M Seymour,Hiram Seymour,Isaiah Seymour,Isaiah Seymour,Jane Seymour,Jane E Seymour,Jehiel Seymour,Jennie B Seymour,Julette Seymour,Laura J Seymour,Mary A Seymour,Mary E Seymour,Orville D Seymour,Oscar Seymour,Priscilla Seymour,Rebecca Seymour,Rhoana Seymour,Rosanna D Seymour,Sarah A Seymour,Sarah E Seymour,Susan Seymour,Theodeous W Seymour,Theodore W Seymour,Timothy Seymour,Wilbur H Shadduck,Martinus Shadduck,Mary Shadduck,Thomas Shader,Abraham Shader,John H Shader,Leah G Shader,Margaret Shaffer,Gertrude Sharon,Frederick C Sharp,Hannaliza Sharp,Jane Sharp,Revilo L Sharpe,John Sharretts,Lucinda Shaver,DeForest Shaver,Larry Shaw,Andries R Shaw,B S Shaw,Benjamin S Shaw,Cornelius Shaw,George H Shaw,Jacob Shaw,Jacob A Shaw,Jacob A Shaw,Jane M Shaw,John Shaw,John B Shaw,Mary A Shaw,Susan M Shaw,William Shaw,Willie W Shay,Catharine A Shay,Mary She-nich,Frederick Shea,Agnes M Shea,James J Sheehan,Agnes Sheehan,Agnes Sheehan,Bridget Sheehan,Daniel Sheehan,Dennis Sheehan,Dennis P Sheehan,Edward Sheehan,Gertrude Sheehan,Hannah Sheehan,Helen Sheehan,Marguerite Sheehan,Mary A Sheehan,Patrick Sheehan,Thomas Sheeley,Addie Sheeley,Alonzo Sheeley,Dayton Sheeley,Ellen Sheeley,Ellen E Sheeley,George L Sheeley,George W Sheeley,George W Sheeley,Hannah M Sheeley,Isaac V W Sheeley,Jane Sheeley,Janie Sheeley,Josephine Sheeley,Mary Sheeley,Mary Sheeley,Mildred Sheeley,Ruth A Sheeley,Victor Sheffel,Fern Sheffield,John Sheffield,Rebecca Sheffner,Mary J Sheldon,Alvina Sheldon,Elizabeth V* Sheldon,Emily J Sheldon,Friend H Sheldon,George H Sheldon,Homer B Sheldon,Janettie Sheldon,John Sheldon,Mary A Sheldon,Sarah B Sheldon,Venus Sheley,Alberta Sheley,Bryon Sheley,Bryon C Sheley,Catherine A Sheley,Cora M Sheley,James Sheley,James C Sheley,John H Sheley,Maggie Sheley,Margaret Shelightner,Mattie Shelly,Amy Shely,Hester C Sherhandt,May* Sheridan,R P Sherman,--- Sherman,--- Sherman,Ann Sherman,Caroline Sherman,Eber H Sherman,Hannah Sherman,Hannah Sherman,Harry T Sherman,Isaac Sherman,James Sherman,Myron J Sherman,Nancy Sherman,Townsend Hallock Sherman,William Sherman,William P Shern,Emily L Sherrard,James H Sherwood,David Sherwood,M Sherwood,Margaret Sherwood,Nathan Sherwood,Sally Sherwood,Sarah Shields,Fred Shimer,Bertha Mae Shimer,George D Shipman,Alonzo Shipman,Richard Shoemaker,June F Shook,Floretta Short,Abram H Short,Amasa Short,Eliza A Short,Estelle M Short,Luella M Short,Mary L Short,Peter F Shortall,Nora Shortall,Richard Shortall,Timothy Shortell,Catherine Shortell,James Shortell,Mary Shortell,Nicholas Shortell,Nicholas Shortell,Thomas Shoub,Catherine Shoub,Ira Shoub,Lodawick Shoub,Peter P Shoub,Vernon Shourds,Emma Shriver,Susan Shuart,--- Shufeldt,Lucinda Shultis,Almira Shultis,Angeline Shultis,Berton G Shultis,Catherine J Shultis,Chauncey Shultis,Chauncey M Shultis,Daisy Shultis,E Caroline Shultis,Edgar Shultis,Edgar Shultis,Edgar T Shultis,Edmund F Shultis,Ella N Shultis,Esther F Shultis,Esther F Shultis,Flora M Shultis,Florence B Shultis,Florence B Shultis,Frank L Shultis,George F Shultis,Gertrude Shultis,Gertrude Shultis,Hazel E Shultis,Jane A Shultis,John W Shultis,LeGrand Shultis,Linda Shultis,Lucinda Shultis,Luella Shultis,Luella Shultis,Martha Shultis,Martha A Shultis,Martha J Shultis,Mary A Shultis,Mary A Shultis,Maude E Shultis,Myron L Shultis,Peter W Shultis,Peter William Shultis,Rachel A Shultis,William H Shultis,William L Shultis,Willie Shurter,Anna T Shurter,Anthony Shurter,Asaph Shurter,Clara Shurter,Delight Shurter,Effie M Shurter,Elijah H Shurter,Elizabeth Shurter,Elizabeth R Shurter,Esther Shurter,Eugene Shurter,Hannah A Shurter,Harry Shurter,Herman Shurter,Isaac Shurter,J O Shurter,Jesse Shurter,Jessie Shurter,John Shurter,L Shurter,Lawrence Raymond Shurter,Lawrence V Shurter,Marindia Shurter,Martin Shurter,Mary C Shurter,Mavis M Shurter,Merry Shurter,Rachel Shurter,Virgil Shurter,Willerbell Shute,Abraham Shute,Benjamin B Shute,Clarissa Shute,Harriet L Sickler,Edward J Sickler,Elma Sickler,Elnora W Sickler,Emma May Sickler,Francis J Sickler,Ira Sickler,Lena R Sickler,Lewis Sickler,Lizzie M Sickler,Mae Sickler,Mary J Sickler,Philip C Sickler,Phoebe Sickler,Seymour Sickler,Walter Side,Mary Ann Sievert,Pauline Sign,Rachel Signer,Charles Signer,Kenneth F Silberhorn,Arthur J Silberhorn,Elly M Silkworth,Adelia Silkworth,Amanda Silkworth,Benjamin Silkworth,Benjamin F Silkworth,Cornelia Silkworth,Edward C J Silkworth,Elisha Silkworth,Francis E Silkworth,Gladys B Silkworth,Henry Silkworth,Henry Silkworth,J Howard Silkworth,James Silkworth,James H Silkworth,John H Silkworth,Martin Silkworth,Marvin Silkworth,Mary J Silkworth,Minerva Silkworth,Nancy Silverman,Jacob Simmen,Elsa Simmons,Catherine Simmons,Gladys M Simmons,John N Simmons,Julia Simon,Bessie M Simon,Frederick Simon,Lawrence Simons,Emory Simons,Lucinda Simons,Mary J Simons,Moses G Simonson,Betsy A Simonson,Marion Simpkins,Anabel Simpkins,Fletcher Simpkins,Hester A Simpkins,Margaret Simpson,--- Simpson,Abigail Simpson,Albert L Simpson,Albert V Simpson,Andrew Simpson,Andrew Simpson,Anna M Simpson,Annie Simpson,Burton Simpson,Carrie Simpson,Chas A Simpson,Delia Simpson,Dorothy C Simpson,Drusilla Simpson,Elaine Simpson,Eliza C Simpson,Georgia A Simpson,Harry Simpson,Hershal R Simpson,Jeanette L Simpson,Jeremiah Simpson,John M Simpson,Laura Bell Simpson,Lena Simpson,Lewis H Simpson,Martha Simpson,Ophelia Simpson,Ophelia Simpson,Pauline D Simpson,Raymond W Simpson,Riley J Simpson,Viola Sinclair,Peter Siperly,Mary I Sirnes,Ethel Sirnes,Jens Sisti,Frances S Sisti,George R Sitzer,Earl Sitzer,Elizabeth R Sitzer,Jane A Sitzer,M Augusta Skidmore,Caroline Skidmore,Frances Emma Skidmore,Henry Hoyt Skidmore,Isaac Skidmore,Margaret Skidmore,Mary Skidmore,Thos O Skinner,Clarence H Skinner,John D Skinner,Martha Skoglund,Katie Skokan,Anthony E Skokan,Eileen M Slater,--- Slater,Adam Slater,Alfred Slater,Alfred Slater,Arthur Slater,Charles Slater,Chauncey Slater,Chauncey Slater,Clarence A Slater,Dora Bell Slater,Elenora Slater,Eliza L Slater,Elizabeth Slater,Elizabeth Slater,Guernsey W Slater,Hubert Slater,J M Slater,Jennie C Slater,Jeremiah Slater,Jon M Slater,Martha J Slater,Mary Ann Slater,Melinda Slater,Myra Slater,Phebe Slater,Vestalina Slater,Walter B Slator,David Slator,Lavina Slator,Vestalina Slay,David Slay,Mary M Sleight,Eliza Sleight,Paulina M Sleighter,Daniel Sleighter,Sally A Slightom,Shirley Sliter,--- Sliter,Catharine L Sliter,Vera Sliter,William Sloan,Christine Sloat,Daniel Sloat,John Sloteman,Ann Eliza Slusser,Celina Small,Alfrow W Small,Annie Smedes,Augusta C Smedes,David Smedes,George M Smedes,Harrison Smedes,Josephine Smedes,Lucinda A Smedes,Margaret Smedes,Mary E Smedes,Violet A Smedes,William K Smith,--- Smith,Abigail Smith,Abraham Smith,Abraham Smith,Abraham D Smith,Abram Smith,Adelaide Smith,Adelaide Smith,Agnes Smith,Agnes Smith,Agnes F Smith,Alanson Smith,Albert Smith,Alonzo Smith,Alvin K Smith,Amalie G Smith,Andrew Smith,Angeline Smith,Anna Smith,Anna Smith,Anna Bell Smith,Anna M Smith,Annabel Smith,Annah Belle Smith,Ashton Smith,Augustus Smith,Augustus Smith,Augustus Smith,Aurelia Smith,Basil Smith,Basley W Smith,Beatrice Smith,Benjamin Smith,Benjamin S Smith,Benjamin S Smith,Betsy Smith,Beulah L Smith,Brian Smith,Burton Smith,C S Smith,Carrie Smith,Carrie E Smith,Carrie E Smith,Cath Smith,Cath Smith,Catherine J Smith,Charles Smith,Charles Smith,Charles Smith,Charles E Smith,Charles S Smith,Charles W Smith,Charlott Smith,Chas J Smith,Christina Smith,Clarence Smith,Clarissa Smith,Clement T Smith,Clifford Smith,Colin L Smith,Conrad Smith,Cornelia Smith,Daniel D Smith,Darwin L Smith,Delvan Smith,DeWitte Smith,Eber H Smith,Edna M Smith,Edward Smith,Eleanor E Smith,Eleazer C Smith,Eliz Smith,Eliza Smith,Eliza M Smith,Elizabeth Smith,Elizabeth Smith,Elizabeth Smith,Elizabeth Smith,Elizabeth Smith,Elizabeth Smith,Ella Smith,Ella Smith,Ellen Smith,Ellen Smith,Elmer Smith,Elmira Smith,Elroy Smith,Elton J Smith,Emma E Smith,Emma W Smith,Esther Smith,Ethel Smith,Ethel M Smith,Eva Smith,Eve Smith,Everett Smith,Ezra P Smith,Fay Smith,Floyd Smith,Frank C Smith,Frank J Smith,Fred J Smith,Fred M Smith,Friend P Smith,Furdinand Smith,George H Smith,George W Smith,Georgie Smith,Georgie A Smith,Gertrude C Smith,H V L Smith,Harold V Smith,Harriet Smith,Harriet A Smith,Harry Smith,Harvey Smith,Helen Smith,Helen Smith,Helen Jocelyn Smith,Helen L Smith,Henrietta M Smith,Henry Smith,Henry Smith,Howard Smith,Iona Smith,Isaac Smith,Isaac Smith,Isaac J Smith,J Jacob Smith,Jack Smith,Jacob B Smith,Jacob C Smith,Jacob D Smith,Jacob H Smith,Jacob I Smith,James Smith,James D Smith,James Dumond Smith,James N Smith,James O Smith,James William Smith,Jamie I Smith,Jane Smith,Janet H Smith,Jared Smith,Jennie Smith,Jeremiah Smith,Jesse Smith,Jesse R Smith,Jessie Smith,John Smith,John Smith,John Smith,John Smith,John A Smith,John A Smith,John C Smith,John D Smith,John D Smith,John E Smith,John H Smith,John J Smith,John M Smith,John M Smith,John O Smith,John R Smith,John Scott Smith,John W Smith,Joseph S Smith,Josephine Smith,Josephine C Smith,Julia M Smith,June E Smith,Katherine Smith,Katie Smith,Leslie Smith,Lester Smith,Lila Smith,Lillie Smith,Lizzie Green Smith,Lottie Smith,Lucas K Smith,Lucas K Smith,Lucy Smith,Lucy Smith,Lydia Smith,Lydia Jane Smith,Macel J Smith,Mamie I Smith,Margaret Smith,Margaret Smith,Marguerite A Smith,Mariah C Smith,Martha Smith,Martha A Smith,Mary Smith,Mary Smith,Mary C Smith,Mary C Smith,Mary E Smith,Mary E Smith,Mary F Smith,Mary F Smith,Mary Mildred Smith,Mary O Smith,Matilda M Smith,Maude Smith,Maude Smith,Melissa Smith,Meta M Smith,Minerva Smith,Moses H Smith,Nancy Smith,Oliver Smith,Orile Anne Smith,Orlando W Smith,Oscar Smith,Oscar R Smith,Paulina A Smith,Peter D Smith,Peter K Smith,Philip C Smith,Rachel A Smith,Rachel H Smith,Ralph J Smith,Raymond Smith,Rebecca Smith,Rebecca Smith,Reuben K Smith,Richard Smith,Richard Smith,Richard Smith,Richard W Smith,Robert Smith,Rosa L Smith,Rosanna Smith,Rowland Smith,Roxcie M Smith,Russell P Smith,Ruth Smith,Ruth Smith,S Emma Smith,S L Smith,Sadie E Smith,Samuel Smith,Sarah Smith,Sarah Smith,Sarah Smith,Sarah Smith,Sarah Smith,Sarah Ann Smith,Sarah J Smith,Sarah Jane Smith,Sarah M Smith,Sarah M Smith,Solomon Smith,Sophia Smith,Susan Smith,Susie Smith,Tammie Smith,Tampson Smith,Thomas Smith,Thomas G Smith,Thomas Y Smith,Uriah Smith,Vera P Smith,Vernon Smith,Vernon R Smith,Virginia Smith,W Scott Smith,Walter R Smith,Warner H Smith,Warner H Smith,William Smith,William Smith,William Smith,William Smith,William Smith,William Smith,William F Smith,William H Smith,Willie Smock,Elsie B Smythe,Edward L Smythe,Estelle B Smythe,Robert C Snedeker,Elizabeth Snedeker,Nathaniel R Sneeney,Hannay Snelling,Joseph A Snelling,Mary Edna Snow,Frances C Snow,Grace Snow,Mary A Snyder,Adaline Snyder,Albert Snyder,Andrew Snyder,Andrew Snyder,Andrew Snyder,Arthur Snyder,Arthur E Snyder,Benjamin Snyder,Catharine Snyder,Christopher Snyder,D Myer Snyder,David Snyder,Edgar Snyder,Egbert Snyder,Elias Snyder,Eliphalet Snyder,Eliza B Snyder,Eliza M Snyder,Elizabeth Snyder,Elizabeth I Snyder,Ernest L Snyder,Flossie V* Snyder,George Hixon Snyder,H Snyder,Helen Snyder,Henry Snyder,Ida Snyder,Ida M Snyder,J J Snyder,Jacob Snyder,Jacob Hasbrouck Snyder,Jacob L Snyder,Jane Snyder,Jane A Snyder,Joel Snyder,John Snyder,John Snyder,John J Snyder,John James Snyder,Julia Snyder,Kate Snyder,L Chester Snyder,Laura Snyder,Leonard Snyder,Leroy Snyder,Lida M Snyder,Lillie R Snyder,Lily M Snyder,Louis Snyder,Lucy Ellen Snyder,Lydia Snyder,Margaret Snyder,Martin Snyder,Mary Snyder,Mary A Snyder,Mary C Snyder,Mary V* Snyder,Morgan L Snyder,Orville F Snyder,Otis B Snyder,Peter W Snyder,Rachel Snyder,Rachel Snyder,Rachel A Snyder,Raymond Snyder,Raymond T Snyder,Rebecca Ann Snyder,Rebecca Ann Snyder,Rebecca L Snyder,Sarah A Snyder,Sarah Jane Snyder,Simon Snyder,Snyder Snyder,Thomas Snyder,W J Snyder,William Snyder,William V B Solutycky,Theodore Somerville,Earl Somerville,Gladys Somerville,Henry G Somerville,Jean Somerville,Mary Sommerfield,Sadie Soper,Caroline V* Soper,Chester L Soper,Eliza J Soper,Everett M Soper,Everitt M Soper,George E Soper,Granville Soper,Lindsley Soper,Merritt Soper,Sally A Soper,Walton B Soper,Wilhelmina Sopher,Jane E Sorensen,Bernard Sornborger,Ada A Souchu,Emilie B Soule,W Souser,Birdie Southard,Alice Southard,Isabell Southard,Mary Southworth,Clara Ann Southworth,Gideon Sowle,David Sowles,Deliah Spahn,Pauline Spahr,John M Sparling,Charles G Sparling,George W Sparling,Helen M Sparling,Jane Sparling,Mary A Sparling,Mary Ellen Sparling,Mary H D W Speenburg,Hazel Speer,C A Speer,Joseph A Spence,James H Spencer,George D Spencer,Lila E Spencer,Margretta Spencer,Mary L Sperling,Sam Spielman,Elizabeth Spielman,Harvey Spielman,Jeremiah Spielman,John Spielman,Mary A Spielman,Nathan Spielman,Sarah Spies,Otto Sping,Elsie Sping,Ida Sping,John H Sping,W M Sping,William Spoonhauer,George Sprague,--- Sprague,--- Sprague,E Sprague,Jerry Sprague,Levi H Sprague,Maude Sprague,William Springer,Oscar A Squire,Barbara Jean Squire,Rachel M St. John,Rhoda St.John,Charles St.John,Mary St.John,William Stahlnecker,Edith P Stall,Helen Stang,Catherine Stang,John Stanton,Delila Stanton,Delila C Stanton,Delila C Stanton,Emma E Stanton,George Stanton,Harvey L Stanton,James H Stanton,James H Stanton,James Harvey Stanton,John D Stanton,Rose Ella Stanton,Rose Ella Stanton,Sarah J Stanton,Walter D Staples,Elenor Staples,Eliza A Staples,Harriet J Staples,Irena Staples,John Staples,Lewis Staples,Lewis Staples,Rachel Jane Staples,Stephen M Stapleton,Mary Stark,Jacob Starr,John Starr,John Starr,Mary Starr,Mary Starr,William Stauss,Ernest Stauss,Magdalene Steadman,Desire Steadman,George H Steadman,Robert Steel,Eva Steele,Charles E Steele,Jeanne K Steen,Blandinah Steen,DeWitt Steen,Elizabeth Steen,Ida Steen,Matthew Steen,Samuel S Steen,Sarah M Steen,Stanley Steffens,Henry Steffens,John N Steffens,Louisa J Steffens,Rheina Stegmaier,Frieda Stegmaier,Otto Stehle,Bertha Stein,Geraldine Steinard,Carrie E Stephans,John Stephans,Mariah Stephens,Hannah Maria Stephens,Jennie Stephens,Wm H Stern,Katherine Stevens,Hannah Mariah Stevens,Wm H Stevenson,Anna Steward,Carrie Steward,George N Steward,Hannah Steward,Hattie Steward,Henry Steward,William Steward,William H Stewart,Anna C Stewart,Carrie Stewart,Charlotte Stewart,Eliza Stewart,James O Stewart,John Stewart,Mabel Stewart,Margaret Stewart,Oscar Stewart,Priscilla Stewart,Sarah J Stewart,William Stewart,William Stiansen,Laura Stillwell,Caroline Stillwell,Stephen B Stivers,Matilda Stokes,Abigail Stokes,Abram Stokes,Abram Stokes,Agustas Stokes,Alexander Stokes,Alexander Stokes,Ann Stokes,Anna E Stokes,Anson B Stokes,Carrie Stokes,Carrie Stokes,Catherine Stokes,Catherine Stokes,Catherine E Stokes,Catherine J Stokes,Claude Stokes,DeWitt Stokes,Edith May Stokes,Edna Stokes,Edward Stokes,Edward L Stokes,Elisabeth Stokes,Ella R Stokes,Elzina Stokes,Ethel Stokes,Festus Stokes,Festus Stokes,Floyd Stokes,George Stokes,George W Stokes,Hannah M Stokes,Hattie Stokes,Helena Stokes,Hiram Stokes,Hiram Stokes,I P S Stokes,Isabell Stokes,Jacob Stokes,Jacob Stokes,James M Stokes,James M Stokes,James Monroe Stokes,James R Stokes,James R Stokes,Jane Stokes,Jane Stokes,Jane A Stokes,Jane Catharine Stokes,John Stokes,John Stokes,John F Stokes,John F Stokes,John H Stokes,Lucinda Stokes,Lucinda Stokes,Lusenda Stokes,Margaret Stokes,Margaret Stokes,Margaret Stokes,Maria M Stokes,Mariah M Stokes,Marvin Stokes,Mary S Stokes,Melvin Stokes,Minnie I Stokes,Nettie Stokes,Nicholas W K Stokes,Oliver P Stokes,Peter R Stokes,Peter R Stokes,Peter R Stokes,Philetues Stokes,Philetus Stokes,R Stokes,Richard Stokes,Richard I Stokes,Sarah Stokes,Sarah D Stokes,Silas Stokes,Simon Stokes,Simon W Stokes,Solomon Stokes,Susan M Stokes,Susanna Stokes,Uriah Stokes,Viola Stokes,W B Stokes,Warren Stokes,Wesley James Stoll,Anton Stoll,Rose E Stone,Edward Storey,Eva M Storey,Marshall W Storie,Ettie Story,Angie Story,Charles Story,Irving Story,William H Stout,Eloisses Stout,John Stout,Nancy Stoutenberg,Lauren Lewis Stowe,Ida A Stratton,Addieson Stratton,Oliver Stratton,Peter J Straub,Katharina Strawbridge,Lawrence Street,Maria M Stricker,Alfred Stricker,Elsie Strickland,Abraham Strickland,Cynthia Strickland,Ebenezer Strickland,Elmer Strickland,Hannah Strickland,Jacob Strickland,Jonathan Strickland,Mary Strickland,Ruth Strickland,Sarah M Strong,---hington Strong,Betsy Strong,Silvester Struber,Julia Struber,Myrtle Struble,Frank W Strumpf,Charles M Stryker,Helen Stryker,William L Stuart,Mabel Stubbs,Anna Margaret Stubbs,Mary Jane Stulb,Mary Louise Stulfauth,Mary A Stumpf,Wendel Styles,Amy Frances Styles,Amy Sheila Styles,Benj L Styles,Jimmie Styles,Judson L Styles,LeRoy Styles,Mabel H Styles,Madeline C Styles,Pauline M Suarez,Benigna Suarez,Manuel Suarez,Silverio Suepfle,Elizabeth Suepfle,Ernst Sugrue,Brigid Sukunda,Keith Sullivan,Dorothy M Sullivan,Edward O Sullivan,Mary Sullivan,Ralph S Sullivan,Thomas Sullivan,William F Summers,--- Summers,Mary I Summers,William Sutherland,Calvin Sutherland,Edgar Sutherlyn,Gitty Sutton,Carrie S Sutton,Charles P Sutton,Ellsworth Sutton,Elma M Sutton,Eva Sutton,Fanny B Sutton,George W Sutton,Homer G Sutton,Jane F Sutton,John A Sutton,John C Sutton,John C Sutton,Lemuel Sutton,Lillian Sutton,Maria R Sutton,Mary E Sutton,Samuel A Sutton,Silas Suydam,Henrietta Suydam,Infant Suydam,John Svennevick,Albert Svennevick,Olga Svenson,Christian Svenson,Wilma Swanson,Jack L Swanson,Johanna Swart,Benjamin Swart,Benjamin Swart,Sally Swarthout,Ella M Sweeney,--- Sweeney,Charles Sweeney,John Sweeney,Patrick Sweet,Anne Swibold,John E Swibold,Mary E Swibold,Norman H Swibold,Tressa M Sylvester,Alfred M Symes,Thomas George Symond,Catherine Symond,Jacob Symond,Jacob Symond,Maud V* Symond,Nettie Symonds,Alice Symonds,Charlotte A Symonds,Deborah A Symonds,Eliz T Symonds,Heman Symonds,Henry Symonds,Horace Symonds,Ishmael Symonds,John Symonds,John Symonds,John Symonds,Maria Symonds,Mary Symonds,Mary J Symonds,Phoebe Symonds,Phoebe Symonds,Sarah J Symonds,Susanna M Symonds,Wm Syuard,Eleanor Syuard,Henry Syuard,William H

**************** T *************** Taber,Albert F Taber,Elaine A Taber,Harriet A Taber,Mildred H Tack,Hannah Tacke,Christiane Tacke,Georgine Tacke,Katharina Tacke,Maria Taft,Augusta J Talcott,Eliza J Tanner,Amos Tanner,Hartley R Tanner,J Hartley Tanner,Reuben A Tappan,Susan Marie Tattersall,Robert J Taylor,Annie Taylor,Effie M Taylor,Geo B Taylor,George B Taylor,Marie M Taylor,Richard Taylor,Sarah Teas,Abbie Teas,Benj F Teas,Benjamin Teas,Elmira Teas,Esther Teas,Hester Teas,Hester Teas,Jane Teas,John Teas,Mary E Teas,Rufus Teas,Sarah L Teas,Stephen H Teas,William Tease,Abram Tease,Abram Tease,Abram Tease,Arthur C Tease,Edgar Tease,Ellen Tease,Esther Tease,Goldie Tease,Harriett B Tease,John Tease,John Tease,Nelley Tease,Nora Tease,Phebe Tease,Phebe TeBow,Edward Tedrow,Richard L Teesel,Ann Teesel,John Tefft,Geo Tefft,Nettie Temple,Floyd Temple,James W Temple,Lylvia D Temple,Maude Ten Hagen,Jacob R Ten Hagen,Rutser J TenBroeck,Wessel TenEyck,Ada H TenEyck,Catherine TenEyck,Charles R TenEyck,Cornelia W TenEyck,Cornelia W TenEyck,Francis W TenEyck,Francis Wessels TenEyck,James P TenEyck,Jane TenEyck,John TenEyck,S Francis TenEyck,Samuel TenEyck,William B TenEyck,William W TenHagen,Grace D TenHagen,Harmiene TenHagen,John D Tepe,Anna M Tepe,Catherine Tepe,Henry Tepe,Henry F TerBush,Jacob TerBush,Maria Eclson TerBush,Robert L Terhune,Rachel A Terhune,Sarah Terpening,Adele Terpening,Aimee Terpening,Albert Terpening,Amanda Terpening,Arthur T Terpening,Carrie Terpening,Charles T Terpening,Chauncey Terpening,Chauncey Terpening,David D Terpening,Duane Terpening,Edith Terpening,Edna Terpening,Eliza Terpening,Eliza A Terpening,Elvina Terpening,Emery Terpening,Eugenia Terpening,Francis A V Terpening,Frank Terpening,George E Terpening,George W Terpening,Hellen Terpening,Jacob Terpening,James Terpening,Jane Terpening,Jennie Terpening,Jeremiah S Terpening,Jeriman Terpening,John Terpening,Kitty F Terpening,Lacy Terpening,Leonard Terpening,Lucinda Terpening,Lucinda Terpening,Lyman Terpening,Mamie Terpening,Melissa Terpening,Nelson M Terpening,Percy W Terpening,Rachel C Terpening,Richard Terpening,William S Terpenning,Abraham Terpenning,Deborah Terpenning,Edgar Terpenning,Grace Terpenning,Mary A Terpenning,Sarah C Terwillegar,Alexander R Terwillegar,Jeremiah Terwillegar,Sarah Mariah Terwilliger,--- Terwilliger,--- Terwilliger,Aaron B Terwilliger,Abby Terwilliger,Albert Terwilliger,Alfred Terwilliger,Allen Asa Terwilliger,Amos Terwilliger,Ann E W Terwilliger,Augustus Terwilliger,Benjamin Terwilliger,Blanche Terwilliger,Carrie Terwilliger,Catherine Terwilliger,Catherine Terwilliger,Chester S Terwilliger,Clara Terwilliger,Clara Terwilliger,Cornelia C Terwilliger,Cornelius Terwilliger,Cornelius Terwilliger,Daniel Terwilliger,Daniel Terwilliger,Daniel Terwilliger,Daniel Hand Terwilliger,Delia Terwilliger,Delia Terwilliger,Delia Terwilliger,Derick Terwilliger,Eli Terwilliger,Elisa C Terwilliger,Elizabeth Terwilliger,Emeline Terwilliger,Emma Terwilliger,Emma G Terwilliger,Emma O Terwilliger,Frank Terwilliger,George Terwilliger,Gilbert Terwilliger,Grant Terwilliger,Harold Terwilliger,Harriet C Terwilliger,Harriett Terwilliger,Hector Terwilliger,Hiram Terwilliger,Hiram S Terwilliger,Isaac Terwilliger,J Terwilliger,Jacob Terwilliger,Jacob Terwilliger,Jacob A Terwilliger,James Terwilliger,James Terwilliger,Jane Terwilliger,Jane Terwilliger,Jane A Terwilliger,Jennie M Terwilliger,John S Terwilliger,Joseph Terwilliger,Josiah Swuaby Terwilliger,Laura Terwilliger,Lenora Terwilliger,Lenora Terwilliger,Libbie A Terwilliger,Lucinda Terwilliger,Lula Terwilliger,Luther Terwilliger,Luther H Terwilliger,Maria Terwilliger,Martha C Terwilliger,Martha J Terwilliger,Mary Terwilliger,Mary C Terwilliger,Mary M Terwilliger,Meeker Terwilliger,Meeker G Terwilliger,Melinda M Terwilliger,Nancy Terwilliger,P M Terwilliger,Peter Terwilliger,Peter Terwilliger,Phebe Terwilliger,Priscilla Terwilliger,Priscilla Terwilliger,Rachel Terwilliger,Rachel Terwilliger,Rachel Catheri Terwilliger,Sarah Terwilliger,Sarah Terwilliger,Sarah J Terwilliger,Serbelia E Terwilliger,Silas Terwilliger,Silas Terwilliger,Sylvia Terwilliger,Tilleran Terwilliger,William Terwilliger,William Terwilliger,William Terwilliger,William Terwilliger,William P M Terwilliger,Willie H Terwilliger,Willie W Terwilliger,Wm H Teuber,Emma H Teuber,Paul R Theimsen,Helen Thienel,Joseph Thomas,Eliza Thomas,Jacob Thomas,John Thomas,John Thomas,Mary J Thompson,Adeline Thompson,Anthony Thompson,Anthony Thompson,Barbara J Thompson,Benjamen Thompson,Carolyn Thompson,Charles Thompson,Ella Thompson,Etta Thompson,Eugene Thompson,George Thompson,Grace M Thompson,Hector Thompson,Ira Thompson,John Thompson,Matthew Thompson,Matthew E Thompson,Myron G Thompson,Nelson Thompson,Nora P Thompson,Philip Thompson,Rachel Thompson,Ralph B Thompson,Richard Thompson,Robert F Thompson,Susie Thompson,Tabitha Thompson,William Thompson,William C Thompson,William C Thompson,William C Thorn,Sarah Thorne,Anna M Thornton,J Thorp,Margaretta Thorp,Peter Thorpe,Mary G Thuestad,Karine Thunblom,John M Tice,Addison P Tice,Evelyn F Ticefeldt,Walter A Ticefelt,Bulah Bell Tierney,Dorothy Tiesfelt,Alice Tillson,Charlie Tillson,Mary M Tillson,Oliver J Tillson,Phebe Tillson,Timothy Timmerman,Eliza C Tinker,Naoma G Tisch,Mary Anne Tjaden,--- Todd,Cora M Todd,Emma F Todd,Esther E Todd,Harold W Todd,Harvey Todd,Ida Todd,Mary H Todd,Reginald O Tomasson,Johannes Tome,Irma Tompkins,Christian Tompkins,Frances C Tompkins,Mahala Tompkins,Robert Tompkins,William C Toms,Fred G W Toms,Richard Newberry Tongue,Laura Tonhagen,John H Tonhagen,Mary E Tonhagen,Willie H Tonneson,Martin Toohey,Lena E Tooker,George A Tooker,Jennie O Tooker,Luther Tooker,Mary Topping,Clarence Topping,Jeanette C Torres,Rosa Townsend,--- Townsend,Absalom Townsend,Benjamin Townsend,Benjamin F Townsend,Bradley Townsend,Carl Townsend,Carl E Townsend,Carrie Townsend,Diadama Townsend,Eber Townsend,Eber Townsend,Edgar Townsend,Edith Townsend,George Townsend,Jacob Townsend,Jacob P Townsend,James Townsend,Jason E Townsend,John Townsend,John B Townsend,Malinda Townsend,Mary Ann Townsend,Mary Ann Townsend,Mary P Townsend,Ora W Townsend,Ransom T Townsend,Sally Townsend,Sarah J Townsend,Sylvanus Townsend,Walter Townsend,Walter Townsend,Willard H Townsend,William Traphagen,Addie Traphagen,Mary Traphagen,Mary S Traver,Alton Traver,Benjamin Richardson Traver,Bertha Traver,Ernest Traver,Homer Traver,Jane Traver,John Traver,John Traver,Sally Travis,E Travis,Elijah Travis,Mary Travis,William Myer Tremper,Francis G Tremper,Hazel H Tremper,Sarah Troue,Albert Troue,Metea Trow,Magdalene Trowbridge,Alonzo Trowbridge,Alvina Trowbridge,Anna Trowbridge,Arthur E Trowbridge,Constantine Trowbridge,Egbert Trowbridge,Elizabeth Trowbridge,Ellen Trowbridge,Emily Trowbridge,Ernest Trowbridge,Ethel Trowbridge,Freeman Trowbridge,George Trowbridge,George Trowbridge,Goldie Trowbridge,Granville Trowbridge,Isaac Trowbridge,Isaiah Trowbridge,Jacob E Trowbridge,Jemima Trowbridge,John H Trowbridge,Joseph Trowbridge,Joseph Trowbridge,Joseph Trowbridge,Kate Trowbridge,Lucas Trowbridge,Luther Trowbridge,Lyda Trowbridge,Lylvia D Trowbridge,Margaret Trowbridge,Mary Trowbridge,Mary Esther Trowbridge,Mary L Trowbridge,Mina Trowbridge,Mina Trowbridge,Nelley Trowbridge,Nelly Trowbridge,Odis H Trowbridge,Peter Trowbridge,Peter Trowbridge,Rachel Trowbridge,Rhody Trowbridge,Rhody Trowbridge,Russel Trowbridge,Sally Trowbridge,Simeon Trowbridge,Simeon Trowbridge,Simeon Trowbridge,Simeon M Trowbridge,Victor Trowbridge,Wm H Trumbull,Flora E Trumbull,Lena May Trumbull,Stephen G Trumpbour,---gh Trumpbour,Ann C Trumpbour,Ann E Trumpbour,Ann G Trumpbour,Carrie E Trumpbour,Elizabeth Trumpbour,Elizabeth Trumpbour,Infant Trumpbour,Jane C Trumpbour,John D Trumpbour,Mary Trumpbour,Mary C Trumpbour,Minnie Trumpbour,William Trumpbour,William H Trumpbour,Wm Tubbs,--- Tubbs,--- Tubbs,Albert Tubbs,Alice Tubbs,Chauncy Tubbs,Gertrude Jane Tubbs,Gloria Mae Tubbs,Harriet Tubbs,James Tubbs,John B Tubbs,John B Tubbs,John S Tubbs,Myrtle Tucker,Delilah Tucker,Elmira Tucker,Hannah Jane Tucker,Ira Tufel,Fredericka Tupper,Elizabeth M Turck,Lucy A Turner,Benjamin Turner,Benjamin Turner,Carrie Turner,Catherine Turner,Charles Turner,Emma Newcombe Turner,Ethel Turner,Freelove Turner,Freelove Turner,Granville Turner,Ira Turner,Jacob Turner,Jacob Turner,Jane A Turner,Jane Ann Turner,Josephine Turner,Josiah Turner,Josiah Turner,Laura Ann Turner,LeRoy Turner,Louisa Turner,Luther Turner,Minnie Turner,Oscar Turner,Polly Turner,Sarah Turner,Selina Turner,William S Tuthill,Ann Tuthill,Fred Tuttle,Abraham Tuttle,Charlotte Tuttle,Edward C Tuttle,Fred G Tuttle,Henrietta Tuttle,Mahala E Tuttle,Martha Tuttle,Maude L Tyler,Burton B Tyler,Carrie Tyler,Carrie T Tyler,Edna Tyler,Edward Tyler,Ella B Tyler,Frank R Tyler,George N Tyler,Mary E Tyler,Nancy J Tyler,Nelson

************** U **************** Ulatowski,Conrad Ulatowski,Mary L Ulett,Jennie M Ulett,Joshua Ulnick,Henrietta G Umpleby,Joseph F Umpleby,Joseph F Underhill,Mary J Unholz,Emilie Unholz,Jacob Unholz,Mary Upesleja,Juris Urell,Delia Utzinger,Michael

************* V ************** V W,Johannes Vack,Catherine Vacke,Fredrika Vail,DeWitt C Vail,Eleanor Vail,Martha A Valborg,--- Valk,Aaron Valk,Benjamin H Valk,David Valk,Hannah M Valk,Jacob Valk,Jenny Valk,John Valk,John Jacob Valk,May C Valk,Peter Valk,Sally Valk,Susan Valkenberg,Jane Maria Valkenberg,Maria Valkenberg,Wm Valkenbergh,Eve Valkenburg,Catharine Valkenburg,Rachel Valkenburgh,Eva Valkenburgh,Eva Valkenburgh,Eve Valkenburgh,Eve Valkenburgh,Jane Valkenburgh,Jane Marie Valkenburgh,Johannas Valkenburgh,John Valkenburgh,John Valkenburgh,John Valkenburgh,John Valkenburgh,Maria Valkenburgh,Rebecca Valkenburgh,Rebecca Valkenburgh,William Valle,Jose A Valle,Zulima B Van Aiken,May* Van Aken,--- Van Aken,A Wesley Van Aken,Agnes Van Aken,Alfred Van Aken,Alfred H Van Aken,Angia Van Aken,Anna S Van Aken,Archie Van Aken,C H Van Aken,Catherine M Van Aken,Celia Van Aken,Charles Van Aken,Chauncey A Van Aken,Clarence A Van Aken,Clarence I Van Aken,Cornelia Van Aken,Elizabeth Van Aken,Elizabeth Van Aken,Ella J Van Aken,Ella M Van Aken,Emma F Van Aken,Etta A Van Aken,Evelyn Van Aken,Floyd Van Aken,Floyd Van Aken,I DeWitt Van Aken,Ida B Van Aken,Isaac D Van Aken,Jane Van Aken,Jane A Van Aken,Jane Augusta Van Aken,Jeremiah Van Aken,Jesse Van Aken,Jesse Van Aken,Jessie Van Aken,John Van Aken,Jonas Van Aken,Jonas A Van Aken,Joseph Van Aken,Leon Van Aken,Lillie A Van Aken,Maggie J Van Aken,Martha Van Aken,Mary Van Aken,Mary K Van Aken,Matthew A Van Aken,Matthew A Van Aken,Millard Van Aken,Rachel Van Aken,Rachel M Van Aken,Richard G Van Aken,Ross Van Aken,Sara C Van Aken,Sarah C Van Aken,Sylvan T Van Aken,Theron Van Anden,Sadie M Van Anden,William C Van Bramer,Ernest Van Bramer,Maria Van Bramer,Thos H Van Bumble,George Van Bumble,James A Van Bumble,Lestia Van Bumble,Marinda Van Buren,Albert C Van Buren,Cornelius D Van Buren,Dewitt Van Buren,Elizabeth Emma Van Buren,Harris Van Buren,Harris Van Buren,Henry Van Buren,Irene C Van Buren,Irwin Pardee Van Buren,Joseph Van De Mark,Cira Van De Mark,Darius Van De Mark,Elizabeth Van De Mark,Jane O Van De Mark,Lawrence Van Demark,Andrew S Van Demark,Angela Van Demark,Byron Van Demark,Chauncey Van Demark,Chauncey Van Demark,Cornelia Van Demark,Elias Van Demark,Elmer Van Demark,Everett Van Demark,Granville Van Demark,Granville Van Demark,Harriet Van Demark,Hattie M Van Demark,Hiram Van Demark,Isaiah Van Demark,James A Van Demark,James F Van Demark,James P Van Demark,James P Van Demark,John H Van Demark,Lester Van Demark,Lester Van Demark,Lucinda Van Demark,Luther Van Demark,Mamie Van Demark,Mary Van Demark,Mary E Van Demark,Moses H Van Demark,Moses H Van Demark,Phebe C Van Demark,Rachel M Van Demark,Sarah E Van Den Burgh,Estella Van Dermark,Margaret Van Dervoort,Loraine Van Deusen,Donald Van Deusen,Herbert T Van Deusen,John Van Dusen,Millie Van Duser,Alexander Van Duser,Amos Van Duser,Charles W Van Duser,Ethel B Van Duser,Margaret Van Duser,Ralph A Van Dyck,Cath Van Dyke,Carrie Van Etten,--- Van Etten,Abigail Van Etten,Abraham Van Etten,Ann Van Etten,Archie Van Etten,Celia L Van Etten,Cornelius Van Etten,Daniel Van Etten,Don C Van Etten,E Van Etten,George Van Etten,George O Van Etten,Jenny Van Etten,John H Van Etten,Levi Van Etten,Lucy E Van Etten,Maria Van Etten,Maria Van Etten,Mary Van Etten,Mathenay Dan Van Etten,Nellie Van Etten,Nellie Van Etten,Sarah Van Etten,Silas Van Etten,Silas Van Etten,Standley H Van Etten,Uretta B Van Gaasbeck,--- Van Gaasbeck,A H Van Gasbeck,Elizabeth Van Gasbeek,Bishop Van Gorder,Courtland Van Keuren,Armenia N Van Keuren,Elizabeth Van Keuren,Ella Van Keuren,Levi Van Keuren,Lizzie A Van Keuren,Marenus E Van Keuren,Mary Van Keuren,Mary Van Keuren,Viletta Van Keuren,William Van Kleeck,Abram Van Kleeck,Abrose W Van Kleeck,Alonzo Van Kleeck,Ambrose W Van Kleeck,Amerlia Van Kleeck,Anna Van Kleeck,Anna D Van Kleeck,Barnard Van Kleeck,Celia A Van Kleeck,Celia Ann Van Kleeck,Chency Van Kleeck,David Van Kleeck,David Van Kleeck,Dora Van Kleeck,Edna Van Kleeck,Edward L Van Kleeck,Egbert Van Kleeck,Elizabeth Van Kleeck,Elta Van Kleeck,Emma Van Kleeck,Eva Van Kleeck,Everett Van Kleeck,Everett J Van Kleeck,Gamaliel Van Kleeck,George Van Kleeck,Hannah Van Kleeck,Hannah Van Kleeck,Hetty Ann Van Kleeck,Jeremiah Van Kleeck,Jerry D Van Kleeck,Jesse Van Kleeck,Leonard Van Kleeck,Levi Van Kleeck,Lily Mae Van Kleeck,Mannie Van Kleeck,Mary Van Kleeck,Mary A Van Kleeck,Mary E Van Kleeck,Nellie Van Kleeck,Ole Van Kleeck,Peter H Van Kleeck,Peter W Van Kleeck,Ralph Van Kleeck,Roena Van Kleeck,Sarah C Van Kleeck,Thomas Van Kleeck,Viola O Van Kleeck,Virgil Van Kleeck,Virgil Van Kleeck,Willis Van Kleek,Celia Amelia Van Kleek,Hetty Ann Van Kleek,Janet Van Kleek,Peter Van Kleek,Robert T Van Korn,Alvaretta Van Korn,Benjamin Van Korn,Sarah Van Korn,Stephen Van Kuren,Lydia Van Leuvan,Adeline Van Leuvan,Amanda Van Leuvan,Daniel B Van Leuvan,George M Van Leuvan,Jeremiah Van Leuvan,John Van Leuvan,John Van Leuvan,Levi Van Leuvan,Levi Van Leuvan,Lucinda Van Leuvan,Mary Alice Van Leuvan,Phebe Van Leuvan,Sally Van Leuvan,Simon W Van Leuven,Aaron H Van Leuven,Benjamin Van Leuven,Catharine L Van Leuven,David Van Leuven,Elmira Van Leuven,Elmira Van Leuven,Ezra Van Leuven,Ezra Van Leuven,Hattie Van Leuven,Ida F Van Leuven,Katie M Van Leuven,Levi Van Leuven,Mary Alice Van Leuven,Mary E Van Leuven,Melissa Van Leuven,Melissa Van Leuven,Milton Van Leuven,Moses Van Leuven,Moses Van Leuven,Nelly Van Leuven,Rachel Van Leuven,Sarah A Van Leuven,Sarah L Van Leuven,Sarah L Van Leuven,Wesley Van Leuven,Westley Van Loan,Howard Van Luvan,Mahettable Van Luvanee,Arlene L Van Luvanee,Jerrold N Van Luven,Mariah Van Name,Karla Van Nostrand,--- Van Nostrand,E Margaret Van Nostrand,Elias T Van Nostrand,Eliza Van Nostrand,Marenius Van Nuys,Florence Van Orden,--- Van Orden,Agnes Van Orden,Cornelius L Van Orden,Gertrude E Van Orden,Margaret Van Orden,Sarah Mae Van Orden,Solomon Van Sickle,Charlotte Van Sickle,Cornelius D Van Sickle,George L Van Sickle,Ida W Van Sickle,Jennie Van Sickle,Maria Van Sickles,Lewis M Van Steenberg,Anna Van Steenberg,Jennie Van Steenberg,Matilda Van Steenberg,Nettie Van Steenbergh,Cath Van Steenbergh,Matilda Van Steenbergh,Wesley Van Steenburg,Gertrude Van Steenburgh,Marry Van Steenburgh,Mary Van Steenburgh,Nancy Van Steenburgh,Sarah D Van Valkenburg,Roy Van Valkenburg,Sarah Van Valkenburgh,Anna Van Valkenburgh,Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh,Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh,Ida Van Valkenburgh,Jacob T Van Valkenburgh,Johny B Van Valkenburgh,Madeline Van Vatrou,Caleb Van Vatrou,Elvina Van Velsan,Elijah Van Velsan,Elizabeth Van Velsan,Jonathan Van Velsen,--- Van Vlierden,Abram H Van Vlierden,Alida W Van Vlierden,Alida W Van Vlierden,Lola Van Vlierden,Minnie Van Vliet,--- Van Vliet,Amanda Van Vliet,Benjamin Van Vliet,Benjamin Van Vliet,Charlotte Van Vliet,Christ Van Vliet,Claude Van Vliet,Daniel S Van Vliet,Delilah Van Vliet,Dorinda Van Vliet,Elizabeth Van Vliet,Elmer Van Vliet,Frank Van Vliet,Fred Van Vliet,Ira Van Vliet,Irving Van Vliet,Jason Van Vliet,Joseph Van Vliet,Joseph Van Vliet,Josephus Van Vliet,Louisa Van Vliet,Lucy Van Vliet,Luther Van Vliet,Margaret M Van Vliet,Maria Van Vliet,Marie Van Vliet,Mary Etta Van Vliet,Olie Van Vliet,Tracy M Van Vliet,Winslow Van Voorhis,C A Van Voris,Alveretta Van Voris,Benj Van Voris,Benj. Van Voris,Benjamin Van Voris,Sarah Van Voris,Sarah Van Voris,Sarah Van Voris,Shaller B Van Voris,Smather B Van Voris,Stephen Van Wagenen,A T Van Wagenen,Abram Bruyn Van Wagenen,Abram L Van Wagenen,Alice Van Wagenen,Arrenthe Van Wagenen,Arthur Van Wagenen,Aurt Van Wagenen,B Van Wagenen,Bell Van Wagenen,Benjamin Van Wagenen,Blandinah Van Wagenen,Catharine Van Wagenen,Catherine Van Wagenen,Claude S Van Wagenen,D Van Wagenen,David Van Wagenen,DeWitt Van Wagenen,Edgar Van Wagenen,Edna S Van Wagenen,Elijah Van Wagenen,Elizabeth Van Wagenen,Elizabeth Van Wagenen,Elizabeth Van Wagenen,Emily A Van Wagenen,Emma Van Wagenen,Ephraim D Van Wagenen,Ernest H Van Wagenen,Esther A Van Wagenen,Ethel Van Wagenen,Eva Van Wagenen,Frank Van Wagenen,Geo F Van Wagenen,George Van Wagenen,George F Van Wagenen,Gilbert Van Wagenen,Grace Van Wagenen,Hannah C Van Wagenen,Harriet Van Wagenen,Hellen Van Wagenen,Henrietta Van Wagenen,Hiram H Van Wagenen,I D Van Wagenen,Ina Van Wagenen,Ina Van Wagenen,Isaac H Van Wagenen,Israel Van Wagenen,Jacob D Van Wagenen,Jacob I Van Wagenen,Jacob R Van Wagenen,Jacobus Van Wagenen,Jane Van Wagenen,Jane Van Wagenen,Johannes A Van Wagenen,Johannis B Van Wagenen,Johannis S Van Wagenen,John Van Wagenen,Joseph Van Wagenen,Joseph Van Wagenen,Kate S Van Wagenen,Katherine Van Wagenen,LeGrand Van Wagenen,Lewis Van Wagenen,Lewis Van Wagenen,Lucinda Van Wagenen,Luther Van Wagenen,Mahaley Van Wagenen,Margaret Van Wagenen,Margaret A Van Wagenen,Maria C Van Wagenen,Martha J Van Wagenen,Mary Van Wagenen,Mary Van Wagenen,Mary A Van Wagenen,Mary E Van Wagenen,Millie Van Wagenen,Pauline Van Wagenen,Percy R Van Wagenen,Permelia Van Wagenen,Peter P Van Wagenen,Sarah Ann Van Wagenen,Sarah C Van Wagenen,Sarah R Van Wagenen,Simon Van Wagenen,Simon Van Wagenen,Simon V W Van Wagenen,Susan Van Wagenen,Victor Van Wagenen,Virgil Van Wagenen,Ward L Van Wagenen,William Van Wagenen,William Van Wagenen,William D Van Wagenen,William J Van Wagener,Abraham Van Wagener,Isaac H Van Wagener,Jacob A Van Wagener,Joyce Van Wagener,Joyce Van Wagener,Mary Van Waggoner,Eliza Van Waggoner,Isaac H Van Waggoner,Jemima Van Waggoner,John Van Waggoner,Mary Harriett Van Wagner,John B Van Wagner,Leon Van Wagner,Phebe Van Wagonen,Anna M Van Wagonen,Aurt Van Wagonen,Edwin Van Wagonen,George H Van Wagonen,John H K Van Wagonen,Rachel Van Wagonen,Verne Van Wagonen,Virgil Van Wagoner,Delia A Van Winchell,Jonathan Vandeburgh,James E Vandemark,Addie H VanDemark,Alzina VanDemark,Anna VanDeMark,Annette VanDemark,Anthony VanDeMark,Charles VanDeMark,Charles VanDemark,Charles B Vandemark,Eliza M VanDemark,Ellen P Vandemark,Elsie M VanDeMark,Emma VanDemark,Fred VanDeMark,Frederick VanDeMark,Gilbert VanDeMark,Hannah VanDemark,Hannah A VanDemark,Helen Ruth VanDemark,Henry VanDemark,James VanDeMark,James R VanDeMark,Jenette VanDeMark,Jennie VanDemark,John VanDeMark,John Vandemark,Lavinia VanDeMark,Leah VanDemark,Levi VanDeMark,Luther VanDeMark,Lydia VanDeMark,Martin VanDemark,Mary VanDemark,Mary VanDeMark,Mary A VanDemark,Mary A VanDeMark,Mary C VanDemark,Myron Stevin VanDemark,Nancy VanDeMark,Nellie E VanDeMark,Rodney J Vandemark,Sarah VanDemark,Sarah C VanDemark,Sarah D VanDeMark,Sylvia VanDeMark,William F Vandenburgh,Elizabeth Vanderberg,Edward Vanderberg,Luetta Vandermark,--- VanDerMark,Carrie Vandermark,Cor. VanDermark,Darwin C VanDermark,Eliz Vandermark,Elizabeth VanDerMark,Grace VanDermark,John VanDermark,Leah VanDermark,Martin VanDermark,Mary Alice Vandermark,Pearl VanDermark,Peter VanDerMark,Sally VanDermark,Sarah E Vandermark,Stella G Vanderveer,Charles E Vanderveer,Christina Vandervoort,Catharine Vandervoort,Dennis Vandervoort,James Vandervoort,Lizzie Belle Vandervort,Mary Vanzile,Mary Varela,George VenDemark,Cornelia Vennoy,Andrew V* Vennoy,Hester Vernon,Evelyn Vernooy,Abraham Vernooy,Leah C Vernooy,Maria Vincent,Bertrand J Vincent,Charity Vincent,Cornelia Vincent,Harold Vincent,Karen Vincent,Marilyn J Vining,Clifford Vining,Earle Vining,Ethel Vining,Lester R Vining,Philip Vitaly,Gregorievich Poulof Vitarius,Mary Vogel,Mary Vogel,William Vogel,Wm D Voght,George Vogt,Elizabeth Vogt,Francis Vogt,George Vogt,Gottlieb Vogt,Herman Vogt,Louisa Vogt,Mary Vogt,Mary Vogt,Rosina Vogt,Samuel Voigt,--- Volkers,Jack S Voll,Christopher Von Betz,Amelia Von Kennel,Leopold Von Kennel,Marie Charlotte Voorhis,Gertrude M Voorhis,Jacob Voorhis,Nicholas Vosburg,Sally A Vosburgh,Hannah Voss,Charles J Voss,Clarence T Voss,Ethel M Voss,Ida Voss,Richard O Voss,Sylvia E Voss,Theodore A Votee,Jerome A Votee,Julia Vradenberg,Sarah M Vradenburgh,Aaron Vradenburgh,Augustus K Vradenburgh,Edmund J Vredenburgh,Carrie Vredenburgh,Carrie L Vredenburgh,Elizetta E Vredenburgh,James L Vredenburgh,James T Vredenburgh,James T Vredenburgh,Olive Vrooman,Christian R Vrooman,Edmond Vrooman,Ellen A Vrooman,L Vrooman,Lucretia Vrooman,Rachel Ann

*************** W ************ W--,E C W--,Irah--- Wacker,Otto Wackerhagen,Augustus Wackman,Mary Wager,Abram D Wager,Alonzo Wager,Anthony C Wager,Augustus Wager,Barbara J Wager,Belle D Wager,Bertha A Wager,Carrie H Wager,Charlotte E Wager,Chester Wager,Craig E Wager,Daniel C Wager,Daniel G Wager,Edith C Wager,Edna Wager,Effa M Wager,Elizabeth A Wager,Ernest E Wager,Ethel Wager,Etta M Wager,Flossie Wager,Fred D Wager,G Wager,George Wager,George H Wager,George H Wager,Goldia Wager,Harold W Wager,Hazzie Wager,Helen Wager,Irven G Wager,Isaiah J Wager,Isiah Wager,Jane Wager,Jesse Wager,Jessie Wager,Johanna Wager,John J Wager,John M Wager,Katherine E Wager,Katie J Wager,Leo V Wager,Lester A Wager,Louisa H Wager,Lulu M Wager,Maria C Wager,Marian Wager,Mary L Wager,Mattie K Wager,Naomi D Wager,Ransel J Wager,Verna M Wager,Walter P Wager,Wm A Wagoner,Anzelett Wagoner,Charles G Wagoner,Emma Cordelia Wagoner,Ethel May Wagoner,Lydia Wagoner,Lydia Jane Wagoner,Mary Alice Wagoner,William Nelson Wagoner,Wm N Wait,Clarissa Wakefield,Manville B Wakeman,Augusta Wakeman,Caroline Wakeman,Frelie Wakeman,John Wakeman,John W Wakeman,Theodore F Walbroehl,Anne M Walker,Angia Walker,Caroline Walker,Charles Walker,Jacob F W Walker,James Walker,John J Walker,L C D Walker,Mary Walker,William R Walkter,Charles W Wall,Ann Eliza Wall,Joseph Wallace,James R Wallevik,Mary I Wallevik,Otto A Walsh,Evelyn Walsh,Frank T Walsh,Hannah Walsh,John Edwin Walsh,Margaret Walsh,William J Walz,William Wamsley,--- Wamsley,Prudence Wamsley,Sophonia Wamsley,William A Wands,Claude S Wands,E E Wands,Hylah D Wands,Jerome Wands,John H Wands,Lucius L Ward,Abigail H Ward,Augusta Ward,Cora P Ward,Daniel H Ward,Elmer G Ward,Emma H Ward,George Ward,James Ward,James H Ward,Jennie Ward,Leander Ward,Mabel Ward,Phebe G Ward,Rulleof Ward,Sarah E Wardell,Sarah Wardell,William E Warner,--- Warrall,Louise E Warren,Addison S Warren,Austin I Warren,Charles Warren,Clement H Warren,Elizabeth Warren,Nellie G Warren,Samuel Allen Warren,W L Warren,William Appleton Waterbury,Elizabeth Waterfall,Ellen Waterhouse,Frederick B Waterman,A Melvin S Waterman,Albert Waterman,Albert Waterman,Albert Waterman,Alida Waterman,Annora Waterman,Eddie Waterman,Edgar D Waterman,Elizabeth Waterman,Ella Waterman,Harriet S Waterman,Nelson Waterman,Phebe A Waters,--- Waters,Jane C Watkins,Rowena Watkins,Sidney Watson,Annabelle Watson,Eunice I Watson,Jane E Watson,Jane E Watson,Kittie Watson,Mell Watson,Nathan W Watson,Nathan W Way,Angeline Way,John W Way,Rebecca Way,Richard G Weaver,Elizabeth Weaver,Peter Weaver,Rebecca Weaver,Sarah H Webb,Gladys E Webb,Rhoda Webb,Russell L Webb,Thomas E Webber,David B Webber,Ruth Webber,William Webber,William P Weber,Edna J Weber,Jennie Y Weber,Margaret E Weber,Paul W Wedvik,Walter N Weed,Ellis Weed,Eva D Weeks,Almeda Weeks,Amey Weeks,Andrew L Weeks,Anna Weeks,Arminda F Weeks,Betsy A Weeks,David D Weeks,Edgar F Weeks,George W Weeks,Grace D Weeks,Henry Weeks,Henry A Weeks,Henry M Weeks,Jane Weeks,John J Weeks,Julia A Weeks,Mary Alice Weeks,Mathias Weeks,Nelson Weeks,Nettie Jane Weeks,Priscilla M Weeks,Sarah A Weeks,Thad Weeks,Theodore Weidner,Charles Weidner,Charles H Weidner,Chase H Weidner,Fred L Weidner,Harriet M Weller,Elizabeth Wells,--- Wells,--- Wells,Abby C Wells,Adam C Wells,Alfred Wells,Alton B Wells,Anna Wells,Annie Wells,Arthur C Wells,Arthur M Wells,Belinda Wells,Chester Wells,Chester L Wells,Clyde C Wells,David J Wells,Della Wells,Elmer E Wells,Emily Wells,Emma D Wells,Ethel C Wells,Eugene C Wells,Floyd B Wells,Frank Wells,George Wells,George Wells,George Wells,George Wells,George W Wells,Gertrude Wells,Henry J Wells,Herbert Wells,Horace Wells,Ida Wells,Isaac Wells,James Wells,Jane Wells,John Wells,Joseph Wells,Joseph T Wells,Lavergne Wells,Lester M Wells,Lillian Wells,Lucinda M Wells,Lyman Wells,Mamie A Wells,Margaret Wells,Margorie Mae Wells,Margorie Mae Wells,Mariah C Wells,Mary A Wells,Mary B Wells,Mary E Wells,Milton Wells,Nettie Wells,Peter W Wells,Roxie Wells,Sibel C Wells,Susan C Wells,Sylvester Wells,William A Welsh,Tillie A Wendt,Herman H Wentworth,George A Werner,C E Werner,Ida M Werner,Olivia Frances Werner,William F West,Carrie M West,Harold M West,Ida M West,Oscar Westbrook,--- Westbrook,Catherine Westbrook,Dyoscar Westbrook,Ella Westbrook,Harris Westbrook,Jacob Westbrook,Jonathon Westbrook,Joseph H Westbrook,Maria Westbrook,Mary Westbrook,Mary E Westbrook,Sarah Westbrook,Sarah J Westbrook,W E Westbrook,Wallace Westcott,Guernsey K Westcott,J Smith Westcott,John K Westcott,Mary G Westcott,Oscar P Westmiller,Mary Weston,Karl Wheat,John Wheat,John Wheat,Lisula Wheaton,Edith Wheeler,Harace Wheeler,Harriet Whipple,--- Whipple,Agnes Whipple,Bettie J Whipple,H E Whipple,Libbie A Whipple,Lorinda Whipple,Rebecca J Whispell,Anthony Whispell,Dora Whispell,Edgar W Whispell,George Whispell,George Whispell,Isaac Whispell,Melissa Whispell,Peter Whispell,Susanna H Whispell,Wm Whisple,Violet E Whitaker,Alice Evelyn Whitaker,Allen A Whitaker,Alonzo M Whitaker,Catherine Whitaker,Charles Whitaker,Charles Whitaker,Christina Whitaker,Daniel T Whitaker,David Whitaker,Edith Whitaker,Elizabeth Whitaker,Harry Whitaker,Hellena M Whitaker,James Whitaker,John Whitaker,John Whitaker,John H Whitaker,LeRoy Whitaker,Lucy Jane Whitaker,Margaret Whitaker,Margaret Whitaker,Margaret Whitaker,Margaret Whitaker,Margaret H Whitaker,Mary Whitaker,Maude Whitaker,Merritt Whitaker,Pearl A Whitaker,Peter Whitaker,Peter Whitaker,Peter Whitaker,Rosetta Whitaker,Rosetta O Whitaker,S E D Whitaker,Theodore R Whitaker,Wm M Whitcomb,Augusta H White,Abie White,Andrew White,Charles M White,Clarence C White,Daniel E White,David E White,Georgianna White,Jane C White,Lettie A White,Robert F Whitehead,Marion Whiten,Jessie B Whiting,E B Whiting,Elizabeth C Whiting,Leroy Whiting,O J Whitlock,Agnes Whitney,Adelaide Whitney,Albert Whitney,Angeline D Whitney,Catharine Whitney,Charles W Whitney,Delilah Jane Whitney,Egbert Whitney,Eli Whitney,Elizabeth M Whitney,Ely Whitney,Ersula J Whitney,Flora E Whitney,Frances C Whitney,George Whitney,George A Whitney,Giles Whitney,Giles Whitney,Helen J Whitney,Herbert S Whitney,Hiram Whitney,Hiram F Whitney,J S Whitney,Jacob Whitney,Jeremiah Whitney,Jerry S Whitney,Margaret J Whitney,Maria C Whitney,Marion F Whitney,Marshall G Whitney,Mary Whitney,Mary Whitney,Minnie Whitney,Nellie C Whitney,Phoebe Whitney,Rensslaer R Whitney,William H Whittaker,Alonzo Whittaker,Asaph D Whittaker,Joanna Wickery,John B Widerstrom,Mary E Wiest,Eliza Wiggins,James W Wiggins,Mariah Wilber,--- Wilber,Abigail Wilber,Andrew Wilber,Charlotte Wilber,Helen O Wilber,James Wilber,Julia Wilber,William H Wilcox,Marion Wilkie,Fred Wilkie,John Alan Wilklow,Aurielia Wilklow,Carrie Wilklow,Chauncey Wilklow,David Wilklow,Denton Wilklow,Edgar Wilklow,Edgar Wilklow,Friend Wilklow,Hannah Wilklow,Jane Wilklow,William D Williams,--- Williams,Ann Williams,Anna Williams,Benjamin Robert Williams,Catherine Ann Williams,Catherine J Williams,Charles Williams,Charles Williams,Charles G Williams,Crawford Williams,Dennis Williams,Dorothy M Williams,Edith Williams,Ellsworth Williams,Ernest D Williams,Herbert P Williams,Herbert W Williams,Hudson Williams,Irving R Williams,Isaac Williams,Isaac D Williams,Jacob G Williams,Joseph Williams,Josephine V* Williams,Lenora M Williams,Lucy Williams,Luella Williams,Mae Williams,Maria J Williams,Mary E Williams,Mary E Williams,Mary F Williams,Nellie Williams,Nevada Williams,Peter C Williams,Raymond G Williams,Robert Williams,Sarah Williams,Wilbur Williams,Wm Williamson,Carol Williamson,Walter Willm...,William H Wilmont,John W Wilson,Charles G Wilson,Effie Wilson,George W Wilson,Gussie Wilson,Josephine Wilson,May D Wilson,Nettie L Wilson,Orson M Wilsy,Patience Wiltse,Maude Winchel,Helen Winchell,--- Winchell,Abram Winchell,Abram Winchell,Addie Winchell,Almira Winchell,Azarias Winchell,Benjamin F Winchell,Carrie Winchell,Catherine Winchell,Charity Winchell,Charles Winchell,Chester Winchell,Clyde A Winchell,D C Winchell,Daisie B Winchell,Delia Winchell,Delia Winchell,Delphine Winchell,Edward Winchell,Elijah Winchell,Elizabeth Winchell,Elizabeth Winchell,Ellen Winchell,Elnora W Winchell,Elsie Winchell,Elvatine Winchell,Elwyn Winchell,Emily Winchell,Franklyn N Winchell,Grover Winchell,Harold Winchell,Isaac H Winchell,J V Winchell,Jacob Winchell,Jacob Winchell,Jacob Winchell,Jacob B Winchell,James Winchell,John Winchell,John A Winchell,John A Winchell,John L Winchell,Josephine Winchell,Josephine Winchell,Josiah Winchell,Julia S Winchell,Lemuel Winchell,Lemuel E Winchell,Lemuel F Winchell,Lila Winchell,Lillian Winchell,Loomis Winchell,Lottie M Winchell,Margaret Winchell,Marry Ann Winchell,Mary Winchell,Mary Winchell,Mary Winchell,Melissa Winchell,Mildred Winchell,Nancy A Winchell,Nancy R Winchell,Orville Winchell,Otis N Winchell,Peter J Winchell,Sally Winchell,Sarah Ann Winchell,Stephen H Winchell,VanGaasbeck Winchell,Verna I Winchell,Willabelle Winchell,William Winchell,William M Winckelbach,Raymond R Windrum,John G Windrum,Margaret E Windrum,Neil R Windrum,Thomas Windrum,Thomas Windrum,Tracy F Windrum,Tracy H Winfield,Alonzo Winfield,Ann Eliza Winfield,Bennie Winfield,George G Winfield,H Winfield,James Winfield,James R Winfield,Jared Winfield,John D Winfield,John I Winfield,Morgan L Winfield,William R Winfield,___ Wing,Abraham Wing,Cornelia Wing,David Wing,Hannah Catherine Wing,Marshall Wing,Mary Winkler,Gustav A Winkler,Irma E Winne,Abby Jane Winne,Abram Winne,Albert J Winne,Benjamin Winne,Clarissa R Winne,Elvira J Winne,Eugene Winne,George H Winne,Jennie Euphema Winne,John H Winne,Katie Winne,Libbie Winne,Maria Winne,Mary Winne,Mary Winne,Mary Winne,Mary Winne,Mary Winne,Mary H Winne,Neva A Winne,Oscar C Winne,Peter G Winne,Peter P L Winne,Richard A Winne,Ruth Winne,Solomon Winne,Solomon Winne,Solomon Winne,Solomon Winne,Solomon Winne,Sophia Winne,Thomas E Winne,Vernon Winne,Vincent M Winne,Wm P Winnie,Charles Oscar Winnie,Georgia A Winnie,Margaret Winnie,Margaret Winnie,Minnie Winnie,Peter Winslow,Zeckariah Winter,--- Winter,Emily Winter,H R Winter,M E Winter,Nettie Winters,Bessie M Winters,Daniel T Winters,Jennie E Wismer,Rudolf Withers,Minnie B Woelber,Herman M Wolcott,Dorothy Wolcott,Lymon Wolcott,Minerva Wolf,Marie Wolfe,Charles Wolfene,I Wolff,Beatrice Wolven,Abr-am Wolven,Abraham Wolven,Abraham Wolven,Abram Wolven,Abram Wolven,Abram Wolven,Abram Wolven,Agnes Wolven,Alonzo Wolven,Andrew Wolven,Andrew Wolven,Andrew Wolven,Ann Wolven,Anna Wolven,Anna Wolven,Anna Wolven,Anna Wolven,Catharine Wolven,Catherine Wolven,Catherine Wolven,Charles Wolven,Christina Wolven,Christina Wolven,Christina Wolven,Christine Wolven,Claudia R Wolven,Cora Wolven,Cora A Wolven,Cora G Wolven,Cornelius Wolven,Egbert Wolven,Eli J Wolven,Elizabeth Wolven,Elizabeth O Wolven,Emma Wolven,Emma J Wolven,Emma J Wolven,Ethan Wolven,Flora Wolven,Francis C Wolven,Fred W Wolven,Gilbert Wolven,Gilbert Wolven,Hannah Wolven,Hannah Wolven,Harriet Wolven,Henrietta Wolven,Henry Wolven,Herbert M Wolven,Ira Wolven,Isaiah Wolven,Jacob Wolven,Jacobus Wolven,James H Wolven,James J Wolven,James J Wolven,Jennie Wolven,Joel Wolven,Joel Wolven,John Wolven,John L Wolven,Junis Wolven,Lana M Wolven,Lucas Wolven,Lynn Wolven,Margaret Wolven,Margaret Wolven,Margaret Wolven,Margaret M Wolven,Maria Wolven,Maria Wolven,Maria Wolven,Maria Wolven,Martin Wolven,Mary J Wolven,Marya Wolven,Nathan Wolven,Norman Wolven,Obadiah Wolven,Oscar Wolven,Peter Wolven,Peter Wolven,Peter Wolven,Rosa Wolven,Sally Wolven,Samuel Wolven,Samuel Wolven,Silas Wolven,Simon Wolven,Willey S Wolven,William Wolven,William E Wolven,William H Wolven,William J Wolven,Wm H Wonderly,Todd J Wood,Abram Wood,Ada L Wood,Adam H Wood,Almira Wood,Alvin Wood,Anna L Wood,Arthur Wood,Arthur S Wood,Arthur T Wood,Bennie Wood,Branson K Wood,Calvin B Wood,Caroline Wood,Charles E Wood,Charles E Wood,Cynthia Wood,David Wood,David Wood,Deborah Wood,Deborah Wood,Edna Wood,Effie Wood,Elish O Wood,Eliza A Wood,Elizabeth Wood,Ella M Wood,Elsie Wood,Emma F Wood,Frances G Wood,Hannah Wood,Hannah Wood,Hannah J Wood,Hannah J Wood,Hannah Lois Wood,Harriett A Wood,Henry Wood,Henry D Wood,Henry M Wood,Henry M Wood,Inez Wood,Irene M Wood,J B Wood,Jacob Wood,Jacob M Wood,James Wood,Jane Wood,John Wood,John Wood,John Wood,John Wood,John Wood,John H Wood,John J Wood,John P Wood,Joseph Wood,Kate Wood,Katie Wood,Kittie Wood,Leah M Wood,Lemuel W Wood,Lena Wood,Liby Wood,Mabel Wood,Margaret Wood,Maria Wood,Maria Wood,Maria O Wood,Marie O Wood,Mary Wood,Mary Wood,Mary Wood,Mary Wood,Mary Ann Wood,Mary J Wood,Melissa J Wood,Melissa Jane Wood,Oliver Wood,Peter Wood,Ray Wood,Rosette Wood,Rosina Wood,Rosina Wood,Sarah C Wood,Sarah C Wood,Stephen H Wood,Thomas Wood,Thomas Wood,Thomas Wood,Uriah Wood,Wallace E Wood,William Wood,William Wood,William D Wood,William J Woodard,Charles Woodard,Charlotte Woodard,Earnest Woodard,Nicholas P H Woodmansee,Ann Eliza Woodmansee,Catharine Woodmansee,Maribah Woodmansee,Phebe Woodmansee,William Woodruff,Charles Woodward,George Woodward,Silas Woodward,Theodore J Woolheater,Semour Woolsey,Anna Maria Woolsey,Charles E Woolsey,Ellen J Woolsey,Elmer Woolsey,Elting Woolsey,Jane Elizabeth Woolsey,Joanna Woolsey,Lucretia Woolsey,Mary E Woolsey,Merritt Rosa Woolsey,Phebe Woolsey,Robert Woolsey,Sarah Ann Woolsey,Selah Woolsey,Seymour Woolsey,Thomas Woolsey,Walter A Worden,Asa Worden,Becka Worden,Ernest Worden,Fred W Worden,George Worden,John Worden,Lewis Worden,Milissa M Worden,Stele Worden,Walter Worden,Zipporah Wordon,Edmond Wordon,Sarah Worster,Fred William Worster,Luis Worster,Teresia Wppd,Catherine Wright,Addison Wright,Albert B Wright,Alexander Wright,Alice M Wright,Alpheus Wright,Amanda Wright,Aminda Wright,Andrew Wright,Anna May Wright,Archie E Wright,Benjamin Wright,Carrie Wright,Celestia A Wright,Charlotte Wright,Chauncey W Wright,Christa Wright,Cora Wright,Daniel P Wright,Deliah Wright,Earl Wright,Earl Wright,Edith Wright,Goldie May Wright,Henry Wright,Henry Wright,Howard W Wright,Ira A Wright,James Wright,James Wright,James E Wright,John Wright,Josiah Wright,Lizzie Wright,Lorin Wright,Lucretia Wright,Lucretia Wright,Lucy E Wright,Manley Wright,Marinda Wright,Mary C Wright,Matthew T Wright,Mattie T Wright,Norma Wright,Sarah Ann Wright,St. John the Divine Wright,Susan Wright,Sylvia A Wright,Valentine Wright,Viella Wright,Wallace Wright,Wallace Wright,Walter H Wright,William H Wurster,John George Wurster,Luis Wurster,Teresia Wurts,Esther Wurzburg,Lillian F Wyatt,A I Wyatt,Harriet E Wygant,Elizabeth Wygant,Hannah Wygant,Hannah Wygant,Loretta Wygant,Michael Wygant,Michael Wyman,Hazel A Wyncoop,Howard Wyncoop,Roscoe Wynkoop,Abraham Wynkoop,Adolph Wynkoop,Anna R Wynkoop,Derrick C Wynkoop,Eliza S Wynkoop,Elizabeth Wynkoop,Ella Mae Wynkoop,Hattie Wynkoop,James D Wynkoop,John Wynkoop,Lorin Wynkoop,Sadie Wynkoop,Samuel Wynkoop,Sarah M

************* X **************

************** Y ************* Yager,Alton Wolven Yager,Anna Maria Yager,Barnhardt Yager,Charles Yager,Ida M Yager,Jerrie Yager,John Yager,Lavina Yager,Lucy Yager,Sarah Yager,Sarah E Yager,Sophronia A Yager,Theresa Yamaoka,Henry Yeadon,Sarah M Yeager,Essie D Yeager,Henry E Yeaple,Adam Yeaple,Alvenia Yeaple,Amanda Yeaple,Amanda Yeaple,Cora E Yeaple,Deborah A Yeaple,Elen Yeaple,Eli Yeaple,Ellen M Yeaple,Eve Yeaple,Hiram Yeaple,Jasen Yeaple,John J Yeaple,John J Yeaple,Joseph Yeaple,Julia E Yeaple,Lydia F Yeaple,Mahala Yeaple,Mahaley Yeaple,Maria J Yeaple,Philip Yeaple,Phillip J Yeaple,Rachel J Yeaple,Richard Yeaple,Sarah Yeaple,Saul Yellig,Eva Yellig,Henry Yellig,Mary Yellig,Mattie Yemiz,Louis Yerry,Elizabeth G Yerry,George E Yerry,Gertrude Yerry,Gordon O Yerry,Margaret H Yess,Wm Yoll,Cristopher Yoll,Eliza Yoll,Julia Ann York,Augustus York,Charles L York,May* You---,William Young,Abram Young,Esther Jane Young,Frank W Young,James H Young,Jane Young,John Young,Leroy C Young,Mae Young,Mae Young,Martha A Young,Mayo Young,Phebe S Young,Sarah Young,William Young,William M Zachary,Mary Zaharchuk,Alexander Zanger,Anton Zeaman,Frederick Zeman,Charles Zeman,Dora Zeruhn,Wilhelmine Zeth,Oscar E Zieger,--- Zieger,Caroline Zieger,Herman Ziegler,Catherine Ziegler,Charles R Ziegler,Dorotha Ziegler,Fred Ziegler,Frederick Zillman,Arthur B Zimmer,Emma Zimmerman,Eva Zimmerman,Louise

************** A - J ***********