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Unknown Cemetery Off Rt 28 near Woodland Valley

Mt View Cemetery Saugerties NY 

Old Dutch Church Cemetery Records Kingston NY


Town of Esopus Cemeteries
    Terpenning Family Ground
    Freer Family Ground
    Port Ewen Cemetery
    Ascention Church Ground
    Beaver Family Ground
    Ulster Park Community Cemetery
    St. Remy Cemetery
    Rifton Community Ground
    Freer Family Ground
    Lawrence Ground

Town of Hurley
     Hurley cemetery, older portion
    Old Hurley burying ground

Town of Gardiner
McKinstry family ground
    DuBois family ground
    Constable family ground
    Enderly family ground
    Unnamed ground
    Denton family ground
    Fuller-Hunt ground
    Fowler family ground
    Davis family ground
    Le Fevre family ground
    Deyo family ground
    Alsdorf family ground
    Schoonmaker family ground
    Hasbrouck family ground
    Freer family ground
    Hardenbergh family ground
    Jenkins family ground

City of Kingston
First Reformed Dutch Church Ground
     Cemetery on Albany Avenue
     Grave of Thomas Chambers
     Houghtaling cemetery

Town of Marbletown
Brodhead ground
Delamater ground
Ennist ground
Unnamed ground
Bush ground
Smith ground
Kyserike cemetery

Accord cemetery, older portion
Stokes ground
Winchell ground
Fairview cemetery, older portion
Marbletown Reformed Dutch Church Ground

Town of Marlborough
Riverside Cemetery
Lattingtown ground
Quimby ground
Old Presbyterian burying ground
Friends' ground 1 & 2
Carpenter ground
Anning Smith ground

Town of New Paltz
Teller ground
Auchmoody ground
Freer ground
Friends’ ground
Ean ground
Elting ground
New Paltz Rural Cemetery, older portion
Put Corners grounds
Le Fevre ground
Merritt ground
Lefever ground
Old Huguenot ground
Louw ground
Unnamed ground
Elting ground
Freer ground
Terwilliger ground
DuBois ground

Town of Olive
Davis-Elmendorf Ground
Krumville Cemetery


yw_new.gif (147 bytes)TOWN OF PLATTEKILL
New Hurley Reformed Church ground
Friends' ground
Friends' ground at Clintondale, N.Y
Ground adjoining Friends' ground, at Clintonda1e, N. Y
East Plattekill M. E. Church ground
Modena cemetery
Lefever ground
Seymour ground
Ostrander ground
Ostrander-Esterly ground
Unnamed ground
Plattekill Valley ground
Dusinberre ground
Nottingham ground
Unnamed ground
Relyea ground
Hunt ground
Hasbrouck ground
Unnamed ground

yw_new.gif (147 bytes)Town of Rochester
Whitfield community ground, older portion
Frost ground.
Rochester Reformed Dutch Church Ground
Pine Bush ground.
 (The caretaker and owner of the Pine Bush Cemetery is Val Pancione and he can be reached at 845-626-7386.)
Pataukunk community ground 
Osterhoudt family ground
Baker family ground
Dunn family ground.
Baker family ground. #2
Baker family ground. #3
Depew family ground
Osterhoudt family ground.
Schoonmaker family ground
VanGesbeck family ground
Rochester Center Cemetery
De Witt family ground


yw_new.gif (147 bytes)Town of Rosendale
LeFevre family ground
Hardenburg ground
Rosendale cemetery, older portion
Friends' ground.
Schoonmaker ground
Coxing ground
Colonel Jacob Rutsen ground
Tilson ground
Freer ground
Tilson ground.
Keator ground
Snyder- Van Wagenen ground
Coutant ground
Lefever ground
Bloomingdale Reformed Dutch Church ground


yw_new.gif (147 bytes)Town of Saugerties
Osterhoudt ground
Backer ground
Winne ground
Wynkoop ground
Mountain View cemetery
Blue Mountain cemetery, older portion
Myers ground
Manorville community ground
Wolven ground
Hommel ground
Schoonmaker ground
Mower ground
Finger ground
Wolven ground #2
Mt Marion Cemetery
West Camp Lutheran Church ground
Glasco ground
Myer ground
De Witt ground
Mower ground #2
Gay ground
Brink ground
Dillon ground
Langendyke ground
Low ground
Unnamed ground
Trumpbour ground
Osterhoudt ground
Giles Isham ground
Unnamed ground#2
Asbury Methodist Church ground
Mower ground#3
West Camp community ground
Fatbush ground
Trinity Episcopal Church ground
Hommel ground
Deyo ground
Palatine Lutheran Church ground
Cole ground
Mower ground#4
Dederick-Vrooman ground
Lasher ground
Wynkoop-Griffin ground
Shoub ground
Dederick ground
Van Leuven ground
Winne ground
Young ground
Myer ground
Katsbaan cemetery

yw_new.gif (147 bytes)Town of Shandaken
Markle family ground
Unnamed community ground
Pine Hill Cemetery in part
Shultis family ground
Winne family ground
Jansen family ground
Chichester community ground
Unnamed community ground
Shandaken M. E. Church ground
Coons ground
Ashokan removals
Hudler community ground, old portion
Oliverea Church ground
Shandaken Rural Cemetery too modern

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yw_new.gif (147 bytes)TOWN OF WEST PARK
St. Cabrini Home


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